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Anyway, back on topic. There are too many plot holes to even count in this story. So I need ideas. Any ideas?

And the title might changed later on since I really don't have anything planned out right now and it won't follow the canon.

This is just the prologue. I'll update the first chapter once I get some ideas and after I update With Insanity to Love. It really needs chapter 1, but no promises. :D And let's not forget the Enma X Reader my friend wants. So much work yet so little time. *sigh*


He was stuck here forever, for the rest of his life. He can't and couldn't escape. So he accepted how things are and went along with it, but he never liked it.

The object that hangs from his neck reminded him constantly that he was chained to this place, and also by the accursed markings on his skin that seemed to wrap tightly around his fragile arms.

He hugged his knees as he sighed dejectedly. "I feel tired."

"What should I do, Reborn? All of my sons are dead, and the only heir able to succeed the throne is in coma!" The old man cried, rubbing his forehead as he sat down again. "At this rate, Vongola will be doomed."

"Hm, interesting fellow." Reborn studied the pale figure that slept peacefully in the white room filled with machinery and the constant beep of his heartbeat. "I wonder what's keeping him from awakening?"

"How is he?"

"Nothing looks wrong. No injuries or anything of the sort."

"How is his mother faring?"

"Sad. May be in depression."

"If only Tsunayoshi gets better…"

The brunet blinked at the cat rubbing against him.


"No need to worry, Tsunayoshi. I'm feeling purrfectly content currently," the cat purred. It hopped onto the brunet's lap and snuggled. "So don't worry about me scratching your face or anything. I wouldn't dare hurt an innocent and delicate boy like you."

Tsunayoshi didn't relaxed, but he knew the cat meant no harm. But that didn't explain why the cat could talk.

"I mean you're too weak to even defend yourself." The cat snickered, wrapping its beautiful black tail around it multi-colored body.

The brunet pouted and crossed his arm. "Then I'll call you Alfred. Or Kat. Whichever you prefer."

The cat stared at the boy in horror. "I am a male cat, thank you very much!"

"Verde, I need your help."

A glance and some glasses flashing before he replied.

"On what? I have much better things I need to tend to then chat with you."

The hitman huffed. "I know that. There's just something I can't figure out, and you looked like perfect for the job. Mammon too. I'll contact him sometime later."

"This better be important," the scientist mumbled.

"Of course it is! That boy is in eternal sleep stuck in a goddamn dream and he's got the fucking orange pacifier!"

"Today is a blissful day, isn't it, Katniss?" A small brunet asked softly, eyes closed and laying out in the sun. The feline was curled up against the boy's fluffy hair.

"My name is Alfred, brat. And I'm a male cat."

The brunet waved him off. "Whatever floats your boat. I just want to sleep… " He yawned and turned over, pulling a cotton blanket that came from nowhere over him.

The cat lifted his head up to stared down at the kid for a few minutes before setting it back down. "Poor child, he didn't need to be caught in this." After stretching his sore arms, he putted back underneath his head. "Poor child… so innocent… I wish him the best of luck…"

I'm very sleepy.

But I'm fine. Just need some ideas. Then I need to finish my homework and plot out a plot for this story and my other two.

What an ungodly hour in the morning. It's 1:24 P.M.

Anyway, I'm not going to discontinue this story. Or delete it.

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