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Hitman Appearing

"Reborn, can you please check out the young heir?" The Ninth Boss of Vongola sighed and rubbed his tired eyes, leaning back to get a good twirl in his spinning chair. At least twirling around releases some of the pressure. "I would like you to train him to become a suitable boss, but he has been quite… unresponsive these years."

"Hn." Pulling his fedora down to cover his face, he smirked and jumped off his seat and onto the frame of a window. "I'll check it out, Ninth."

And he jumped.

The Ninth sweat dropped and peeked out of the window the hitman had out of. "I wish Reborn would stop scaring me like that… jumping out the window is dramatic and almost gave me a heart attack…" He sighed. "Thank goodness he isn't normal."

"…Kat, what are you doing?"

"Something that only cats will do and understand."

"Dogs chase butterflies too. And I thought you were a demon?"

Giving up the chase, the multi-colored cat walked back to the brunet and sat down next to him. "So what if I'm a demon?"

The brunet made an odd face at him. "No matter how many times I look at you, you remind me of Nyan Cat."

Kat ("Hey! My name is Alfred, Author!" "Sorry, but you're sticking with Kat until Tsuna calls you by your real name." 'You're not sorry at all." "Yup.") huffed and pointed his tail (which had turned into a arrow sign) at the brunet.

"Tsunayoshi, I am a demon inside of a cat, not Nyan Cat, you hear me?!"

Tsunayoshi didn't hear at all. He was busy chasing the butterfly Kat was chasing a few minutes ago.


"Namimori Hospital, huh?" the fun-sized hitman muttered under his breath, reading the large sign. He sighed and walked into the building. "The things I do for you, Timoteo…"

"So this is Tsunayoshi?" Again, the (instead of fun-sized, let's say bite-sized!) hitman muttered to no one in particular.

He scooted closer to the body, leaning down so he could examine the boy better when white light escaped the letter necklace the brunet was wearing and wrapped the hitman like a cocoon.


He didn't finish his sentence (more like word) as the strange blinding light closed tightly around him, and his world went dark.