Okay guys a new story I know I shouldn't write a new story when my others aren't finished yet but I don't care cause I had this idea ever since I found out that most of the fanfics are about Lucy kickt out of the guild cause of Lissana so here is a story where they are actually friends.


It was short after Lissana returned from Edolas, Lucy was sitting in the guild looking at the happy members of Fairy Tail when Lissana came sitting next to her, they talked a lot.

Lissana told Lucy how Natsu acted before she disappeared and Lucy told her how Natsu acted when she was in the guild. They were both drinking a vanilla shake which was the favorite of both the mages. They found out they had much in common and were happy about that.

Natsu and Gray had just started a fight and the guild began to become noisy, Lucy and Lissana decided to get outside before they got hurt and Wendy followed them, they were at Lucy's apartment talking and laughing as if they knew each other for years.

"I am really glad you came back cause I really wanted to meet you." Lucy said.

"Me to." Wendy said.

"It is a little strange to be back ageing after all those years, and I am glad you two joined the guild cause in Edolas Lucy and Wendy were nice to." Lissana explained.

They talked the whole night away and became good friends, luckily before they had left the guild they had told Mira were they were going so she didn't have to worry about that.

The three of them had a sleepover at Lucy's apartment when Carla came to seek for Wendy and found the three of them asleep whit smiles on their faces.

So what do you all think keep in mind this is just the prologue so don't get angry cause it is short

Also I need a lot oc's since there will be a new guild and for that I need your help

So please sent me a PM (cause that is the most easy since otherwise everyone can see it) whit the name, magic, age and how they look a backstory may as well but if I may chose a backstory don't send it whit it.

I hope you like it.

Lots of love,