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Lisanna was breathing heavily, her breath came out as little clouds while she sat on her knees in a snowy landscape.

Kory was looking at her, he was the first she trained with and it was his job to strengthen her take over penguin soul.

Kory wasn't worried at all at the sight before him because it was normal to react this way if you trained as much as she did.

Only a few days had passed since Lisanna agreed to do this training and she rarely took a break.

"Lisanna, if you continue like this you will break down, it is really bad for your body to train this much in a climate you're not used to." He said.

"but Kory, you said I'm almost there." Lisanna complained.

"I have said that, but you won't succeed if you train any more in the state you are in right now."

With those words Kory sent Lisanna home and the girl got her stuff and got back to Natures Secret.

There she immediately got to her bed and slept, not caring what people would think.

When Jerte was the first to find her he saw all the scratches on her body and got really worried, everybody had noticed Lisanna was gone a lot.

Jerte decided to keep an eye on her so when Lisanna woke up the next morning and got ready to go she told the other members of team Starlight that she was off training and they replied that she shouldn't train to hard and that she should spent more time in the village.

When Lisanna made her way to the waterfall, she was followed by Jerte without her realizing it.

When Jerte saw her disappear behind the waterfall he knew something was up and got over there.

As he disappeared as well and reappeared at the place Lisanna trained he looked around him in awe.

But he was reminded of reality when he heard sounds of a fight, he silently made his way over there, and was just in time to see Lisanna floating in the sky surrounded by light and a penguin looking at her.

The light faded away and Lisanna fell down, Jerte sprung forward just in time to catch her and surprised Kory.

When he had put Lisanna on the ground carefully he took a fighting stance to fight Kory.

He was sure to protect the love of his life from this creature.

But before he could attack he heard a soft sound from the ground behind her, Lisanna groaned as she regained consciousness.

Jerte was quick to be by her side but some kind of magic kept him from touching her.

Lisanna looked around her already knowing who cast that magic and wanting to tell them Jerte was a friend.

"Mizu, he is a friend, he won't hurt me!" Lisanna said.

"but Lis, he followed you here, friends don't do that." A female voice said.

Jerte looked where the voice came from and was surprised at what he saw.

The first thing that stood out was the pointy ears in the soft green blueish hair, and the scaly mermaid tail. She sat on a rock not far from them.

"I followed her because I was worried, she arrives home late and injured and way to tired and she doesn't want to tell me what is going on. Of course I'll get worried and follow her, she means so much for me." Jerte pleaded, only realizing what he said out loud afterwards and tried to hide his blush.

Lisanna also had to try hard to hide hers and this led to a chuckle from Kory.

"Lisanna, that what you did before we were interrupted means that you have learned everything I can teach you, I guess it is time to go to Mizu to train, or isn't that why you are here?" Kory said, last part he said to the nymph.

"yeah you are completely right Kory, it is indeed time for our dear Lis to start training with me." She replied.

"CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON?" Jerte screamed wanting to understand what was going on.

"I think I can explain." A voice behind him said.

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