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The walls were pale purple and in some places the paint started to peel away, to reveal the yellowing plaster underneath. In comparison to the neatly placed furniture the walls looked gloomy and not welcoming at all. The whole mansion looked as if a king would have decorated it. Everything looked very expensive, not that Ema had any chances to take a grand tour of the place before being attacked (literally) from nowhere. That was two hours ago.

As Ema ran down the dimly lit hallway for seemed like the millionth time, she kept on wondering how she ever got here in the first place. Not only has she never even heard of the Sakamaki's, she was dumped here without much notice. Told they were some sort of relatives. As if... she thought. Before she knew it,she was confronted by Kanato, and harassed by Ayato. The last thing she remembered, that was normal to her, was giving her mother a goodbye hug before stepping through the gates of hell.

Now that I think about it, even that wasn't quite so normal... she thought to herself, as yet again she made a U-turn to run into the same corridor once more. Ema stopped abruptly and groaned in frustration. "Dammit! I'll never get out of here! Is there only one set of doors in this good-for-nothing castle?!"

"There's no need to insult the house you know ~ "came a voice from right next to her. She jumped and held a hand to her chest to slow down her beating heart. Then bit her lip in nervousness, she tried to slowly turn around but before she could an arm snaked around her waist and pulled her close to a body, preventing her to face her attacker. "Laito-kun, please let me go." Ema whispered, her voice quivering.

"Huh? And why would I want to do that, when I went to all the trouble to try and catch you in the first place.~" Laito chuckled, gripping Ema even closer to him." You know, I should've explained to you that getting out of this mansion is next to impossible if you've never been here before."

"Thanks for the warning" Ema grumbled but Laito didn't seem to have heard her. Then she felt something wet on her shoulder blade, she let out a little gasp. "L-l-laito-kun! What are you doing! Let me go!" She wriggled but his grip only tightened on her waist.

" Hey there. Come on why do you resist me?~" He asked in a cold tone. She felt the wet sensation again, but this time on her neck. " You should know you taste delicious...~" He whispered as he continued to lick her. Ema shivered and flinched at every contact his tongue made with her body. She knew she had to get away but like with Ayato, Laito was a brick wall when it came to talking (and pushing). She pushed him away only to be approached yet again from the front. He pushed her to the ground and stared at her hungrily. "Won't you let me take a bite?~" He asked sheepishly. He started to unbutton her blouse but she slapped his hands away. This, however, made him grow more angry, and his expression hardened. She gasped when she saw the evil glint in his eye and struggled even more fiercely.

Finally, after grabbing his shirt and placing her foot on his chest, she managed to throw him off her, judo-style, and continued to run, leaving the boy and his maniacal laughter behind. I hope I won't run into him again, but I guess Judo lessons did pay off. She thought with a smile and faced the never-ending corridor ahead.

As Ema continued to sprint, she noticed that the hallway was getting brighter. She slowed her pace a bit but never let her guard down, should one of the maniac brothers try to catch her by surprise again. As she tried to take in her surroundings, she noticed the walls weren't purple anymore, but lime green. When she turned the corner, she found herself in front of a giant set of doors. This could be my way out! She thought in triumph as she tried to heave the giant slabs of wood open.

Once inside, Ema hastily closed the doors, leaving one slightly open in case the need to escape arises. What met her eyes upon turning around was something spectacular. Wherever her eyes went, she saw rows upon rows of old and new books. She couldn't help but gasp in awe. Wow what a collection! I think I'm in heaven. She walked up towards the nearest shelves and scanned the titles. She recognized some of the authors but most of these books, she never even heard of! Momentarily, she forgot where she was and reached for the nearest of the leather bound books.

"I would greatly appreciate if you didn't touch that. Some of these books are priceless." She heard someone say, and immediately froze with her fingers an inch from touching the cover. Ema gulped and turned around, trying to keep her breathing under control. There stood Reiji. Tall, dark and... Gentlemanly? She thought to herself. No, that would be impossible, not after that encounter in the meeting room. The words revibrated in her skull.

We're not related.

But it was impossible! How could he have come here so fast? She was running around the mansion like a dog chasing its tail and he was in the meeting room just ten minutes ago!

"What do you think you're doing here?" He asked, in a sharp manner. I can't tell him I ran away from Laito-kun. That will just sound stupid. And anyway, why would he even care? "I... I came here looking for books." She replied, hastily.

"Books?" Reiji looked surprised at this. "I never would've taken you as someone who likes to read." Well, maybe that's because you don't know me. She thought. After a short pause he sighed and added, "Well, you can browse through these but do not touch any that look old or dusty. I need those to be in the best condition possible and you to touch them could cause them to tear or rip." Ema was overwhelmed by this. Yes! I finally have someplace in this giant-of-a-house to sit and relax. However, I can't get this uneasy feeling to leave me. She thought as she turned around and browsed through the different titles.

"Wow! You have the works of many authors from the sixteenth century! These must be really hard to get." She walked down the aisles looking at the different sizes and colours. Finally she came to the section about vampires. Come to think of it, I thought I heard Reiji mention something about those earlier in the living room. Actually, that was the reason I ran out of there in the first place. Ema subconsciously reached out to touch one when Reiji's hand wrapped round her wrist.

"I thought I told you not to touch." He said in a low and menacing voice. He was stood behind her now, traces of his past gentlemanly posture gone.

"I-I'm sorry. I just thought..." She stammered to find the right words, being well aware of how close they actually were. "Actually I think I'll be going now. I might come here again later but I've been feeling sort of sleepy now... I'll go and find my room then." She managed to stutter but before she could rip her hand out of his grasp, she was spun around and slammed against the bookshelves.

"I hate disobedient people. I will discipline you thoroughly before you take a step out of this room." He said narrowing his eyes and smiling ever so slightly. There was no denying the glint in his eye just like in Laito's eye. Her inner alarm rung warnings that something bad was about to happen. He gripped her wrist even tighter until she let out a yelp of pain. "Does it hurt? How would you like it if I snapped it in two? Would that hurt even more?" Ema shut her eyes against the pain and silently prayed to God. However, nothing bad was happening so she opened one eye ever so slightly, to take a peek at his handsome yet terrifying face. His eyes seem to be calculating something and he had a grim expression on his face. He frowned then looked at her again with anger. At once Ema was on guard again, however he made no move as if to hurt her.

Reluctantly, he let her go and she dropped to the ground. She let out a small sigh and quickly backed away from him before getting up and hiding her hands behind her back. She rubbed her sore wrist and frantically searched for the open doorway and the way out, whilst still facing him and his cold stare. Finally! She wrenched the door open wider and bolted into the hallway. Not looking back to see if he has followed. Hoping he hasn't. And I'm on the run again. This is even worse than P.E. back in England! She let out a moan and continued with the escape.