A/N- I would like to sincerely apologise to all my readers, reviewers and followers of White Roses Red Blood, however I will not be continuing this story any longer. I apologise once again and am putting this story up for adoption. If anyone wishes to take it up and continue it, be my guest. PM me and we can exchange e-mails and I'll send you the documents with all the chapters of WRRB.

Again, I'm very sorry. Maybe someone else will make this story a hit.

If any of you need a reason as to why I am doing this is because I lost all motivation and want for this story, I don't see its future as brightly as I used to. Sometimes I wonder why did I even write this? It's torture for you readers who have waited months for an update only to find out this story will not carry on... I am very sorry once again. I am currently somewhat trying to write a Kuroshitsuji fanfic like I mentioned before. My official first chapter is now up, so feel free to enjoy it.