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The kiss was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. It was sweet, with neither of us trying to take it any further. When Edward and I kissed, it had always been like Edward was trying to go farther – Much farther. (Another thing those ridiculous books got wrong. Edward was the one trying to take my clothes off, or his, and right from the beginning too.) But with Jasper, it wasn't anything like that; it was sweet, simple, and, well, wonderful. When the kiss ended, I opened my eyes and found Jasper studying me. "You've realized." It was a statement, not a question, but I nodded anyway. "How long have you known . . . ?" I asked, feeling bad I'd been so infatuated with Edward I hadn't bothered to stop and dig deeper, look at my true feelings. Jasper smiled a half smile, remarkably a lot like the one I'd fallen head over heels for on Idiotward, also known as Edward, but nicer, sweeter, less smug. "Since the first day I saw you." He said, honesty coloring his voice. "I was so stupid, so into myself, that I didn't stop to think, didn't stop to really look at how I felt. I'm so sorry." I said with my voice dropping to a whisper as I buried my head in my hands. Almost instantly I was sitting sideways on Jasper's lap, and he was rubbing my back and rocking me, not bothering to use his gift to comfort me.

I relaxed and let him; I turned my face just enough so I could rub my face in Jasper's neck, letting his scent wash over me. "Darlin', don't apologize. Don't you think Edward had something to do with it?" He murmured, and I tilted my head up to look at up at Jasper, surprised and confused. "Edward knows that I feel the pull towards you, but once he realized that you were his singer, well, his plans went from there. Apparently Edward was hit very strongly by your shield, your scent, and your beauty – He wrote all about it in his journal. And yes, I discovered his journal and read it. He went to Alaska to try and run from you, yes, but not just because you were his singer, but because Edward realized that he had a major crush on you. While he was there, he contacted someone – I don't know who – who can put a false mating pull in place, and given enough time, it could become real. Edward went against his better judgment when he decided to pursue you romantically. He knew it wouldn't sit well with me, and he paid the price, too." Jasper explained, his mouth twisting up in an upset kind of way.

I hugged my real mate, rubbing his back and stroking his beautiful blonde head now. I realized, then, just how much pain and hurt I'd put Jasper through as he put his head on my shoulder, his own shoulders shaking. "We're together now, baby, and I promise that will never happen again." I vowed, meaning every word. I wasn't so stupid as to think that Jasper and I weren't together – We were mates, and both of us realized that now. Even if I had to go behind Edward's back, even if Esme and Rosalie and Alice and Emmett and Carlisle hated me because I was prepared to go behind Edward's back, we were going to stay together. I didn't care what the hell I had to do.

When Jasper recovered, we just sat there, taking in each other's scent and hugging each other. I remember realizing that we must have looked strange; I was sitting on Jasper's lap, slightly diagonal now, and we had our heads on each other's shoulders, with our arms around each other. But I didn't care the slightest bit. "We should be getting back, shouldn't we?" I said with a sigh, breaking the comfortable silence as I lifted my head. Jasper nodded, "But we shouldn't get back at the same time; Edward would know that something's up." He warned as he moved. "Jazzy, what are we going to do? We can't hide that we're together forever." I moaned. "If we leave, they know something will be up, and I can't face leaving Rose and Em and Alice and Esme and Carlisle. Esme would be heartbroken!" I added. Jasper pushed a wave of calm to me. "It's best to think this through with a clear head, darlin'." He said. "Now, why don't we wait until Edward and Edna go huntin' again, then we tell the family? After that, you leave Edward to me." Jazz finished with a slightly grim tone. I reached up and cupped my hand around his cheek. "Just be careful, Jazzy." I pleaded. Jasper chuckled and put his hand over mine. "I always am, my mate." He murmured.

After that, we had stood up, and Jasper kissed me softly again. Then I was sent on my way, and I didn't even have to pretend to be miserable – Now that I'd realized that Idiotward wasn't my real mate, that my Jasper was, I could feel the ache in my chest. I spent the next three hours trying to clean up my room, but Edna kept me busy with various mundane, dull, boring tasks. Really, it was ridiculous. Rosalie, Emmett, and Alice returned at the end of the three hours, saw the state of my room, and were horrified. They immediately offered to help me clean up, and I readily accepted. By the time three more hours had gone passed, the place looked spick-and-span, if bare. I'd been forced to throw away most of my things, as they were too broken and trampled to fix or put back in their places. We stood in the middle of my room and looked around. "Thank you so much, guys." I said as I hugged my sisters and brother. "Bella, it was nothing. I went through the same thing, and you helped me." Rosalie said as she hugged me back. "No thanks are needed, Bella. It was the least I could do." Alice trilled. "You're welcome, Bella, but it was nothing. Don't worry, we'll find you some more things." Emmett told me, his normally cheerful disposition damped.

Then I felt a little encouragement and love gently making itself aware to me, and I tried hard to not smile. Jasper was finally heading back! The front door opened and closed, and then we all heard his Southern drawl calling, "Where is everyone?" the four of us glanced at each other, our faces lighting up, then we all ran down the stairs, throwing ourselves at our brother – Or in my case, mate. (And yes, Alice calls Jasper a brother. Slightly strange, maybe, but one of the reasons they broke up was because was they felt more like brother and sister to each other, not husband and wife/boyfriend and girlfriend. Confusing, I know.) Jasper laughed as we all piled on top of him, our weight causing us to fall. "You're back!" We chorused. "We missed you!" Rosalie. "Hey, bro, great to have you back!" Emmett. "Welcome back!" Alice. "It's been so long!" Me, of course. It had only been six hours, but it felt like a life time. "Well, if this is the reception I get when I come back from an extended hunting trip, maybe I should go more often." Jasper teased. "NO!" was our immediate loud reaction; I was surprised he didn't lose a little of his hearing.

We laughed until the dreaded voice sounded at the top of the stairs. "For goodness sake, what is all this fuss about?! I've called for you three times, Bella! Get my car out of the garage and pull it up to the front, NOW! I have a few things in town I need to see too! So what if Mr. Scars got back from hunting, right now I'm a guest and therefore more important than some old scarred idiot!" Edna snapped out. The five of us were sitting up by then, the mood totally killed. "Yes, Edna." I said obediently as I stood up, inconspicuously placing a warning hand on Jasper's arm. That had not been the time or the place for him to go all protective, and Jay (In my mind he was turning into Jay, Jazz, or Jazzy already) would have, I knew it.

After Edna left, I walked inside and sagged against the doorway. Edna's parting shot hadn't been pleasant. Along with taking the opportunity to tell me exactly what she thought of me – Again – Edna had decided I was to mow the lawn; apparently, having grass two inches tall was a disgrace. The mower would only take off half an inch, but I kept my mouth shut. Jasper appeared in front of me, rubbing his hands up and down my arms making sure she hadn't done any damage. "I'm fine," I assured him with a smile as I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around his waist. Rosalie exclaimed, "What the hell is going on?!"

Jazz and I shot apart, I nearly panicking. I started to say something, but the only thing that came out was a squeak. That in itself was humiliating; I've only decided to put it down because Rosalie threatened to kidnap me, and only me, for two months.

Rosalie tapped her toe. "Well? I know that something is not what it seems here. Something hasn't been right for days, and now I walk in here to find Jasper practically having a mate's reaction to you walking out of his sight!" She said meaningfully. "Well, Rose, just how well can you hide your thoughts from Edward?" Jazzy asked the irritated blonde. "And Rose, stop tapping your toe or the floor's gonna crack." He added a second later. Rosalie huffed and decided to take it easy on the floor. "I figure I can hide my thoughts from Edward just as well as you can, Jasper Whitlock! Now either you tell me what's going on right now or I swear to God I will kidnap Bella and take her somewhere you'll never find her." She threatened. Jasper and I both nearly screamed "NO!" Rose raised an eyebrow. "Well? I'm waiting." I gulped. "Should you, should I, or together?" I asked, glancing at Jazz. "Me doing it probably would send Rose into a laughing fit, you doing would likely result in her kidnapping you, so maybe together is the best option." Jazz answered. I gulped.

We both took a deep breath and said, "We're mates."

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