Magic and Monster-Girls

Chapter 1: I'm lucky I speak snake.

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XChapter StartX

Life was complicated, for many a true statement to fit for their lives. However in this instance it's the statement which came from a young man with messy black hair, emerald green eyes and a lightning bolt scar on his head.

His name was Harry James Potter, a wizard and former UK citizen before moving away on his 20th birthday. You see Harry has never had an easy life to start with, from losing his parents to a mad man to then being abandoned at abusive relatives. It was only the tip of the iceberg once he was reintroduced into the world of magic, Hogwarts to be specific.

A school made for young witches and wizards to control their power and gain a career at the end of it in the world of magic. For Harry it was seven long and grueling years of challenges set by a manipulative headmaster who thought he knew best. Time after time Harry's life was put on the line with very little help aside from his former friend Ron and Hermione.

The reason they are former friends has to do with how the war with the mad man Tom riddle ended. You see Harry after the war finally got his parents will read and learned fully how the man he respected truly had screwed him over and how he had turned him into in his words 'A weapon for the light'.

It had disgusted him and put him at odds when he tried ousting the corruption after the turnabout of the war. Those who at one time supported him turned away, seeing it as him grabbing attention again which he had never wanted in the first place. Plus with things beginning to calm down he found himself in a slew of women wanting to marry into his family for his money, especially the girl he had found was dosing him with love potion, Ron's sister Ginny.

What was worse was how obsessed she was on the two getting married no doubt from her mother constantly pushing the idea on her. He was fortunate that his claiming of his lordships put an end to the contract being not only a Potter but the head of the Black, Pereval and the four founder houses. Probably more thankful he had wanted to wait until marriage before any consummating of the relationship.

His only friends were Neville and Luna, they stood by as he went through a breakdown following his doctor discovering the potions in his system and the revelations from Ginny. It had been Neville and his wife Hannah who suggested he leave the country; find somewhere better as he had the money for it.

He had thanked them when he boarded the plane, something Neville had gotten more used to seeing as they chose to take steps forward into the modern era. They tried to bring more but Hermione had taken to put her ideas of change forward which were not better sometimes only making things better for muggle-borns on her terms while Ron had tried to use his name to gain fame, she disregarded all traditions to make way for her own that made sense her and honestly her alone. It was sad for Neville and Luna alongside Harry to see them fall into roles they fought against, getting rid of traditions that many held close was just the tip of the icebergs sometimes.

He had spent time in France, funnily enough with the Delacours who were still thankful for him saving their young Gabrielle. From there, Germany, Italy, Russia, China; each place teaching him skills but also allowing him to push his own influence forward to bring the magical world into the open.

It had worked to a degree as eventually the intelligent beasts or Youkai as the Japanese called them, of each country came forward and wished to be part of society, coming to an agreement with cultural exchange programmes with males and females from each race being placed with a suitable volunteer to get them used to the modern world.

While in japan Luna had called saying he should volunteer as japan was far enough away from the UK that he could rest. With her being a seer Harry took the suggestion to heart as Luna did have a way of seeing things coming. Following the call harry found himself a nice home in the suburbs of japan and signed up for the cultural exchange and waited to see his new house guests and new friend he hoped.

He would later come to curse Luna's name for what trouble she got him in.


Now as to why Harry's life was complicated at the current time, was that he presently was in his bed, trapped. The thing or rather person trapping him was a young lamia (half human/half-snake) by the name of Miia, whose tail was wrapped around him and to his own declaration, squeezing the life out of him.

'You'd think she'd stay in her bed… or I'd learn to lock my door after the first few times she did this.' Harry thought to himself trying to wriggle an arm free and grab his focus ring to control his magic. One thing was for certain, japan had a better magic system and didn't rely on wands.

Seriously it was annoying how other countries evolved out of the stereotype, Wales even had focus rings for magic.

Miia in the meantime was holding him closer, grabbing and snuggling inch by inch closer and deeper into his chest. A side effect of this was her yellow button shirt which did little to cover her bosom exposed more bare flesh of the girl. "Miia, wake up… it's morning." Harry said in hopes of waking her up to escape.

"Five more minutes…" Miia mumbled to herself as her tail reached around his shoulders now, leaving him without any chance of movement or escape now. "No… five more degrees…" Harry looked at the angelic face ad noticed the eye movements while her eyes were closed… she was awake.

"Miia, I know your awake, get up, I need to make breakfast after all." Harry said as a cheeky Miia opened one eye to reveal the golden iris it hid beneath. "You snuck in again… why?"

"Oh Harry I was cold during the night so came in here to get some warmth from you darling. Your body is always so warm and being a poikilotherm my body seeks you out." Her tail slowly loosened around Harry and he discreetly placed his ring on his index, it was a simple silver band with runs inscribed on the inside of it.

"Well now that we are up I can make you a hot breakfast to help you get warm as well." Harry made to leave but Miia was not one to lose her cuddle pillow so early and dragged his body back to bed to nuzzle her chest to his head, her shirt having been moved to make sure he got a face full.

Thank heavens Harry had learned to control his hormones after past experience. Still such a gesture did garner a blush as Miia was from a perspective adorable and sexy. Harry wondered what would, Sirius think of the girl… probably ask if she had an older friend for him.

"No darling, I want you to keep me warm here. I can feel all of your heat darling, it's so comfy to hold." Miia said blushing as well feeling his black hair with fingers and her tail's tip. It lulled her back to sleep and left Harry trapped again… or would be if not for his skills.

'Sigh… part of me is tempted to use that weak point to make her let me go.' Harry sighed internally at his predicament and acted to resolve it. You see harry was a parselmouth, a snake speaker and with his natural magic he could persuade snakes to a degree, much more easily when asleep. "Miia, loosen your tail to let me go, please."

To others it would sound like hisses but for Miia it felt like a gentle feeling in her mind as she did as instructed while her head tried to nuzzle his cheek. He let out a minor chuckle as he got out of bed and went to draw Miia a bath as she would need it likely. Today did have a bit of a chill factor in the morning and being cold blooded Miia would need to keep her temperature up.

His current house when he signed up for the exchange programme had ended up with several government contractors coming in and renovating to accommodate the extra species girl. As a result the bathroom situated on the ground floor was much larger, almost like the hot springs in the area only insulated to keep the temperature constant. Once done her used a minor stinging spell to get the girl up and out of bed.

Fun fact casting spells like a gun was enjoyable once you figured out how to properly channel your Mana. The string hit Miia in the side of her ribs, a ticklish spot which had her up straight and pouting no doubt as her 'Darling' wasn't in her arms… and tail still.

"Darling~ why aren't you still in here with me?" Miia whined like a kicked puppy. Harry was glad to be behind the door now as her puppy dog look was quite deadly.

"Because somebody still needs a bath and I need to get cooking. Miss Moocher is likely to arrive since she always knows when I'm cooking these days so best to be ready for when she arrives rather than have her pilfer my pantry again." Harry said thinking about the woman he met when he signed up for the cultural exchange programme.

"Muuu~ alright, but I want to have a bath would you at some point, we can wash each other's backs hehehe~" The giggle from the girl didn't sound innocent, which meant her mind was wandering like it tended to when miia thought of him and her in the same place with little clothes on.

She did that a lot.

"Maybe someday Miia now go get warm and then get dressed or no snacks." Harry's threat came from the fact Miia loved all the little snacks he made for her as she tended get hungry throughout the day, always looking for something to nibble on. Reading from his guides he made wonderful treats that she couldn't get enough of. So it was no surprise that the sound of her going to the bathroom along with a loud splash came as no surprise.

Anyway once back in his kitchen Harry sighed seeing someone come in as if they already lived in the house. Said person didn't but just 'loved' to come round during breakfast time so he got out his coffee beans and got them to grind so a fresh pot could be made. "You know some might say you are using me Sumius." Harry said to the rather attractive woman with long black hair wearing a business suit and shades to cover her eyes nicknamed Ms. Smith.

"Maybe but I always say I'm checking on one of the more interesting hosts we have, especially one already from a foreign country. So what's for breakfast?" Sumisu asked completely strait faced as harry cracked some eggs and got his bacon cooking.

"Bacon, eggs and pancakes I'm going a bit simpler today. Miia's in the bathroom getting warmed up as it was a little cold last night." Harry focused on his task while speaking to the woman who was friendly if not incredibly lazy. So lazy she nearly sent Miia to the wrong house but harry had been mindful enough to ring up to when they didn't turn up in time.

"Hmmm you haven't been doing anything prohibited have you Potter-san?" Harry while used to Japanese honorifics didn't use them much, given his home country that made sense. In England it can been seen as a little odd if you use san or chan with people… unless you are into Japanese culture and have friends who share the same interests.

"No" Harry didn't even bother turning his head, the woman also tended to try and tease him about getting it on with Miia. "I'm not going to do anything to endanger Miia's placement in the cultural exchange program oh and here's your coffee." Harry poured Sumisu her usual black coffee before plating her some pancakes and bacon, while making a lot extra for Miia, adorable she may be but she loved to eat.

"So you didn't fuck her yet." Harry nearly tripped while carrying the plate of meat to the table but thankfully nothing was spilled. "Well did you? I mean you are quite a young man still that's unattached and Miia is very good looking after all."

"Why is it you keep asking about something which if I answered yes to would get Miia deported… you really are weird sometimes you know that." Being a wizard who had seem all sorts of personalities that was saying something. He continued to make more pancakes for Miia but quickly found someone drape their arms across his shoulder and soft mounds of flesh press into his back.

"Perhaps I'm just curious to why such a handsome young man hasn't done what most would in their situation living with such a cutie under their roof." Sumisu had removed her glasses revealing her eyes to I'm as her breath could be felt by his ear. "Normally boys your age and type are easily seduced so what makes you different." Harry turned around on the spot and pushed the woman away a step as a tail lashed out between them.

"I am a gentleman and please be more careful Mi-AHH" Harry was cut off as the lamia tackled him and round her way around him so she could hold the back of his head to her sizable cleavage.

"What were you doing to my darling, keep your hands off him." Miia said hugging him closer. "You hear me!" Miia had a scary look in her amber eyes but Sumisu took in in stride and retook her seat and her coffee with food.

"Ahh don't worry about it Miia-chan, im just being funny with Harry here. Now come on we better eat this lovely food he made for us." Sumisu dug in while harry slowly got Miia into her seat so she could eat but of course her tail was firmly wrapped around his waist to keep him close and in her words out of the scary lady's claws.

Sumisu gratefully didn't stir the pot any more than usual so breakfast was quickly finished and the woman made her way to the door. "Take care you two and of course keep in your pants harry we wouldn't want any trouble."

"Keep talking like that and I won't cook for you Sumisu." He enjoyed the flinch he got from the woman he was beginning to believe had no home-making talent what so ever, mainly because he'd cooked for her and she had given him all her washing to iron and clean.

And quite possible the people she worked with, P cup bras were definitely not her size.

Once the door close he let out a sigh but took note that Miia's tail wasn't letting go, in fact she was taking her earlier position behind him and hugging him. "You alright Miia?" Harry asked as the girl seemed a bit upset.

"Are you really ok with me living here darling?" Harry raised an eyebrow to her question. "Lamia's being half snakes some people tend to be scared of us. When we first met I was so scared of not being liked by my host family. But when you saw me your smiled and made sure I was warm enough. It really surprised me as I never expected to be treated so warmly by a human, I was really happy because of it."

"It was never an issue, man or youkai we have feelings so I wanted to make sure you felt welcome and to make sure your time here would be nice and fun. After all I am our host, it wouldn't do well to be a bad one now would it?" harry smiled just like the first time they met and when he did Miia pulled him to the floor.

"If that's the case then I'll have no problem doing something prohibited with darling as I don't mind what you do to me." Miia said with genuine affection in her voice, she was a girl who seemed to wear her emotions on his wrists from what harry saw. Not unlike himself in his early years, certainly his first year at Hogwarts.

"Um… Miia?" harry like most men his age was have some trouble with the tightness of his pants as well as his morals as the girl in front of him was beautiful, cute, little clumsy but was very honest about her feelings. Then there was the tail that was crushing his ribs and causing a bi of strain on his arm, that did help with his current emotions towards Miia.

But Miia was very forward, so forward that her tail tip slipped into his pants to grab hold of his tool making his face light up brighter than some parts of London at Christmas. "I don't mind losing my virginity to you… because I love you, Darling."

It was to his credit that Harry was able to respond without stuttering from the pleasant sensation from Miia's tail. "I'm sorry I cant do that Miia, it's a lil-" his response was cut off as he was hugged tighter with the tail cutting off air and there was a snap.

"But why? Is the prohibition really such a great deal?" Miia asked a little put out seeing her crush reject her offer but that sadness turned to worry seeing Harry turn blue.

"Not that but I think my arm just popped out." Harry said before passing out from the pain and lack of air.

Sumisu thankfully came back to pick up her laundry and found Miia fussing over a passed out Harry. Checking him over she found the problem. "Well at least nothings broken, I'll just pop it back into place. I'll need a really good lunch tomorrow as payment Harry." She said as harry came back to the living and groaning in pain as having your shoulder popped back is never nice.

'All I want to say was to wait till we'd been on some dates.' Harry thought with tears of sadness and pain.


It was the next day while Harry was making several lunches for Sumisu that she reminded him of one of his tasks as a host. "Harry you remember that you have to integrate Miia into human society while she's here correct?" She asked while downing her holy coffee, it had cinnamon today.

"Yeah, so that she doesn't just stay in the house, I planned on taking her shopping today anyway." Harry said as he was getting more suspicious of who all these lunches were for as Sumisu had given him a list of different lunches she wanted made and only one was her types of food. One was just raw cooked meat aside from his usual trimmings and extras. "You do remember that's also your job? You are lucky I'm a self-made man otherwise id be in trouble."

"Well sorry I'm busy." Sumisu said in a completely unconvincing tone. "Just make sure not to take her to a love ho-ACK. Did you just flick a coffee bean at me?"

"Heavens no, what gave you that idea?" Harry gave his own smirk to the woman as he made a lovely threat. Hot sauce above her lunch, she wisely backed off as Miia entered the room and dug into her breakfast. "Morning Miia, you ready for our day out today?"

"Yep! I'm looking forward to our date!" Miia proclaimed with bacon hanging out her mouth.

"That's still adorable." Sumisu muttered observing the lamia's behaviour. She finished her drink before collecting the food from harry and giving a mock salute. "See you later darling-kun." Harry just rolled his eyes at the woman as she went off to do whatever she did… likely slack off until something forced her to move.

"Once your finished get showered and changed Miia and we'll head in, I need to do a little shopping and check my account anyway." Harry said as he sat down to drink his tea while using his magic to clean the dishes, Miia in too much of a happy mood to even notice.

When they headed out Harry was just in jeans, white cotton shirt and navy jacket. Miia meanwhile was in a white skirt, dark magenta top and yellow jacket, plus cute hat atop her head too if you asked her.

Naturally the day out was great for Miia once they made their way to town. "It's a date~ It's a date~ we're on a date~ I'm on a date with my darling~" she sang quite well all the way of course.

Least she could hold a tune.

"So what do you wanna do first Miia?" Harry asked the exuberant girl ignoring the looks from the locals. He'd gotten used to looks from his childhood, this was mild compared to the wizards of England when he first got introduced to the world.

"Oh I really don't know, maybe spend some time at the arcade, walk through the market, eat at a restaurant. There's so much I wanna do on our date." Miia's tail wagged happily much like a dogs, making it easy for harry to read her when at home.

"Well given the time, let's try the arcade." Harry suggested as Miia was quick to grab and drag his arm, the recently dislocated arm, so he moved to keep pace so there wouldn't be need for Sumisu to give him her version of tlc. Miia eventually pulled him to one of the crane machine and it was very easy to see why.

A cute snake plushie.

"Do you want it?" Harry asked which got a response of very quick nodding by Miia so he put in her one hundred yen coin and using a bit of magic to lift the toy into the claw he got it on his first try. "Here you go." Miia was quick to hug the little snake plush to her chest with a bright smile that definitely made it worth it, until it turned into a grin and she lunged at harry knocking him to the floor.

"Oh thank you darling it's perfect. There's so many fun things to do in japan, I thought it was just going to be very formal. Do you think we'll be able to try out karaoke?" Miia asked harry after he managed to get up but the girl quickly seizing his arm.

"Hmm I don't know, it may not be possible yet as some places are still in the process of adding facilities for extra species. So we may have to wait for karaoke for a bit." Harry though thinking how cramped a karaoke room would be with Miia's long tail.

"I guess, I wanna hear you sing though. Ohh look darling there's a shop there that serves all kinds of species!" she shouted spotting a clothes shop up ahead of them and started dragging harry who thankfully still kept pace.

Only after a moment did harry realize what kind of shop it was though. "Wait Miia I can't come in here. It's a lingerie shop!" Harry said blushing a bit at all the bras and panties on display for various species. Centaur level bras, stay on underwear for harpies, waterproof wears for mermaids it had it all.

"Nope~ Ms Sumisu said we had to stay together so come on I need your opinions on what looks good anyway." Miia said dragging him to the desk to ask where the lamia section was. The clerk was giggling though seeing Harry's embarrassed expression.

'Now that I'm here though it does make me wonder if lamia's wear panties, I know she wears bras… or I hope she does.' Harry wondered as Miia came over holding a yellow bra and a black one.

"Which one would suit me better darling?" Miia asked innocently even if her eyes were anything but innocent as she watched harry blush and point to the yellow one. "Really, why?"

"Well… I guess it would match your eyes better really. But I'm not really an expert really." Harry said seeing as avoiding the question would not end well. Of course regardless of what he could have said harry was dragged into the changing room. "Why?" he nearly whined.

"Well I don't wear bras." To emphasize Miia lifted her top to reveal her bare breasts at harry who felt the urge to stick tissues up his nose came as he looked away. "So I need you to help me try them on as I might not be able to hook the clasp."

"Couldn't you just turn your back to me then when you need my help Miia?" Harry asked shaking his head as the tail of the lamia once more pulled him close.

"Well it's just the best way I can get your opinion." Miia said hugging him to his cleavage and harry was quick to use a techniques from his travels and slipped out of the tail before it tightened.

"I already said the yellow one Miia, now please put it on I know you can reach behind you too." Harry said closing the curtain and letting out a breath of relief. "You don't need me so close when changing Miia, I mean you use the bathroom on your own." He ignored the numerous giggles from women around the store as he took note of something that was in his hand.

It was a small triangle that was plain white on the front with a little red ribbon. "What on earth is this and why is it sticky on one side?" as he asked the questions Miia's head popped out from the curtains.

"Darling I'm sorry about dragging you in but can I have my panties back." Miia held out her hand as harry looked down to the triangle and considering Miia's physiology the idea clicked. He handed them over fast to relieve the embarrassment.

"Sorry didn't mean to take them." Harry said as the panties were snatched back and the curtains shut closed hard.

A little later with harry carrying most of the bags. "You know darling if you wanted to see my panties you just had to ask." Miia said not seeing harry's eye twitch.

"I said it was an accident Miia." Harry had been claimed to be a pervert jokingly by Miia but the smirk on her face told him it wasn't going anywhere soon.

"Whatever you say Darling." Miia said just in earshot of a couple of punks coming round the corner who felt the need to laugh and point at Miia.

"Holy Shit what is that thing? It called him Darling!"

"Oh my god! It's so creepy and gross!"

The two shouting has Miia's eyes glare and her tail was about to snap and strike he two but before it could connect Harry was in front of is and took it to the side making him hiss in pain, magical reinforcing can only do so much against. "Ahh Darling are you alright." Miia slid close to him and he pulled her close to whisper in her ear.

"Miia you can't attack random people, it's against the law. You could get deported if you get caught doing it or someone reports you." Harry said and Miia nodded a little ashamed for attacking Harry… again. Sadly seeing as how the cultural exchange program was for a select few Miia's appearance did garner lots of people taking pictures with their phones. "Bugger, we'd better get out of her people can't control themselves sometimes. Come on Miia."

The place they picked to hide was maybe not the best.


'A Love Hotel… what was I thinking?' Harry wondered to himself as he sat on the bed in their room they had rented for the time being. Miia had gone for a bath to raise her body temperature again. The curse of being coldblooded when it's still rather chilly on a windy day in Japan.

"Phew~" Miia exited the bathroom wearing just a bathrobe which despite the cleavage preserved a lot of modesty for the girl. "The bath is nice here but doesn't compare to our at home."

"So you feeling a little better now than Miia?" Harry asked as Miia had been shivering a little when they arrived at the hotel.

"Mnn yep I feel great but darling are we staying for the night here, I ask because o don't having any clothes for the night. So you wanna sleep naked?" Miia asked with a cute tilt of her head which made harry wanna just hug her.

It would have been easier if she was younger and not trying to seduce him as much. "No, definitely no Miia, we're just taking a break here and I wanted to make sure you stayed warm."

"Ohh thank you Darling but what is this hotel then as it seem a little different from ones I've heard about." Ahh here was a problem, how do you tell a passionate girl that their room was essentially for helping people have some hanky panky in relative peace when their own home is too far off for some other reason.

Being British harry decided to go for an easy option. "I don't know I'm not from japan originally so some things are still a little strange to me."

"That makes sense, guess were both new to some things here darling, what's this by the way? Gum?" Miia asked holding up a condom packet.

"No I think that's a cleaning product for guys, best put it down." Harry asked but wondering why there was a pout on her face for a moment. Did she know what it was? Harry poured out some water for Miia and they sat in silence for a moment.

"I guess humans really don't like some of us." Harry raised an eyebrow to the girl's statement. "They are only nice because the law tells them to be."

"Miia that's not true, I'll admit some people are creeps but a lot of people are just curious about the new people around them. I mean I like you I'm not nice to you because I have to be but I want to help you enjoy your time in the cultural exchange." Harry said hoping to help bring a smile back to Miia's face.

"Then prove it." Miia took off her bathrobe leaving her naked and she lied back. "If you aren't just nice because you have to be, take me now darling. You can do anything even hurt me, I wouldn't do anything. Are you truly being honest with me?" Miia asked looking defenceless to Harry who smiled as her tail moved round his neck and he moved to cup her cheek with her hand.

"Miia… I…" before he could speak Harry sense something was wrong and jumped to hold and protect Miia with his body as the door was blasted open with several people with guns entered.

"Hold it right there!" A familiar voice shouted. "This is the cultural exchange security squad. According to reports a human male dragged a lamia girl in here for lewd purposes. Now you hold up your hands and st-Harry?"

"Hello Sumisu, Mako, Jo, Ryu, Tanaka." Harry greeted the group with a sweatdrop, he knew them as he'd been introduced to them as he wanted to know some of the staff he may deal with.

"Well what a surprise to see you harry-kun. Didn't think we'd be called in to find you." Sumisu sad taking off her combat hat and mask.

"Evidently, two questions, one why not a battering ram and two how did you get reports?" Harry asked making sure Miia was properly covered up.

"You should never underestimate our ability to gather information when it comes to security." Sumisu said proudly as Harry gave her a flat look as she ignored his first question.


"How did you guess? But yeah twitter is useful with how people comment on everything, #monstergirl is a trigger for us to search for. All of that is what brought us here of course." Sumisu said while Miia came out the door in her clothes now, fully dressed.

"Darling… about before…?" Miia said before Sumisu interrupted.

"Hey how about I give you guys a ride back, it's still a little chilly outside." She said but having a minor ulterior motive. 'It's about time for lunch/dinner may be able to stay I'm sure Zombina can handle my part of the reports.'

"Sure thing and Miia we'll talk when we get back ok." He grabbed her hand and squeezed making her feel a bit better but the two punks from before appeared again.

"Ah would you look at that! it's that snake girl again!"

"What! Ewwwe not again!"

The further comments were not much better so harry was quick to run over and kick the punk man in the face sending him and the girl into the wall. "You two should learn to respect others, especially when you can get into trouble for it. Honesty trying to aggravate others, such a disgrace." Harry said getting a bit of a shocked look from Sumisu and a grateful look from Miia.


"You know you gave that guy a pretty good kick, surprised you didn't twist your ankle doing it though." Sumisu said now snacking on some pastries Harry had made for Miia… and her.

"Yeah well it's not my first kick, learned a few things while travelling through Asia, here in japan too. My sensei was odd but fun to learn from." Although the hours of pain from said teacher were just another lesson in life really. "So what will happen to those two?"

"Oh they'll be taken care of especially given how you did point out they were clearly trying to aggravate a foreign resident into striking them. You won't need to worry about them." Sumisu said with a rather dark aura about her not that Harry really cared about them. "So how are your ribs, you were holding your side a bit walking home?"

"Its fine, just took a tumble is all, nothing to worry about. So are you coming back later for dinner?" harry asked as the woman shamelessly nodded her head snagging several more of the treats before leaving, waving goodbye.

"Um Darling… why did you lie to Sumisu-san?" Miia asked shyly poking her head through the door of the main room, slowly making her way inside.

"Well I did tumble, just in the path of your tail is all." Harry let out a small chuckle but Miia still looked upset so decided to elaborate. "Look Miia, it's never nice having people mock you and wanting to hit them back but doing so could get you kicked out of japan and the cultural exchange program and I don't want you to miss out on your chance." Harry said as he patted the seat next to him and Miia slid over to sit beside him.

"Besides I can't let a cute girl like you get bullied by anyone, I just can't let it pass." He gave her a smile which she returned with interest.

"Oh Darling, I'm so happy you think I'm cute" Miia said lunging at harry and taking him to the floor raising her top to expose herself. "Let's continue on from before we got interrupted."

Harry was quick to grab her wrists and pull her top back down. "Miia, I don't want you to give away something precious so soon after meeting me. please lets be friends first as I may not be the guy you want to give that to in the end." Harry had a slight bitter smile considering who he nearly gave his virginity to.

"Mouu, fine but it's still going to be you darling in the end, but I'll stop." Miia said slowly lifting herself off Harry and back onto the couch but quickly hugging his side and pressing her orbs of flesh into his side. 'Doesn't stop me from wearing you down though, plus you already think I'm cute, you just need to see the sexy part too kukukuku~' Miia though to herself as they watched tv together until Harry got the call that Sumisu was on her way and had to get food ready.

Such a bother, why couldn't she just make her own food?

XChapter EndX

Well here's chapter one of my something new for 2015. Obviously Monsuter Musume is still a young series so I'll likely finish to where the manga is and make up some of my own chapters and if needed separate into two for my own and the manga story.

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