Magic and Monsters

Chapter 17: Birds and Bras

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XChapter StartX

It had been a couple of days since Alice, Miia's mother had visited and caused chaos. Harry much to Miia's disappointment had not as Sumisu had put it 'charmed the snake' but he was now a little more open to sharing the bed and cuddling.

So lewd right, next it will be holding hands on public.

Still Miia was glad that her turn was over leaving Papi and Cerea next up to bat, and based on the letters they had received it seemed that Papi's mother was next. Something Harry and Miia figured she was stressing over as while hanging up the laundry they spotted Papi slumped in her bed mumbling something to herself.

"You know it's a little odd seeing Papi stressed over something, half of me was expecting her to be pretty casual about it." Harry said putting several work shirts and sports tops on the rails. Miia meanwhile hung a few of Cerea's long skirts on the railing.

Of course Harry had gotten so used to doing the laundry he was hardly surprised by the amount of panties and bras on display, simple the daily challenge as a homeowner or was it innkeeper at this point? It was shocking who wore tame pairs and who wore racy pairs. Lala was one surprise since her undies were more girly that her chuuni mode might make you expect.

"I just wish I could make sense of this letter, whoever wrote it has zero skills in handwriting." Rachnera said while shamelessly reading the letter.

"Rachnera, why are you even reading that?" Harry questioned only getting a shrug in response.

"They all read mine, besides I know you wanna read as well." Rachnera's words were proven true as Miia and Harry came closer, taking an attempt to read the chicken scratch ladled letter.

"Hmm, there something else in the letter." Harry pointed out reaching and pulling out a photo of what seemed to be Papi. "Why did her mom send her a picture?"

"Why is she naked and with another man is the more pressing question here." Miia cried out looking at the nude selfie of the harpy and an older man with a moustache and beard combo.

"Maybe it's her dad?" Harry offered up while looking over the photo and getting that awful sensation of feeling like you forgot something.

"Why would her mom be sending a naked picture of her dad? That a little too creepy to even think about." Miia said looking on the back of the photo to see if there was anything written.

"Could be her ex, the birdbrain probably forgot about him before meeting up with you and getting stuck here." Rachnera said handing the photo back to Harry who stared at it intently. "Hey if you want a snapshot I can send you some later." She smirked seeing him turn his head at the offer.

Now all she had to decide is what to wear.

"Sorry what was that?" Harry said putting the photo in the top pocket of his shirt for now.

'Damn, rain check on getting Tio to photo me.'

"Why were you staring darling, don't you want a picture of me instead?" Miia asked curling her arms around one of his to push what the lord of snakes gave her.


"W-W-Well it's just... this isn't Papi in the picture."

"Huh/Whaaa?" Both girls seemed confused by Harry's assessment.

"How can you be sure of that Darling?" Miia asked him not hearing the door to Papi's room fully open.

"Well its... oh hey Papi you ok?" Harry was blushing before he focused on the harpy, sliding out of Miia's grip in the momentary distraction.

"Harry... Papi feels like she's forgetting something important..." Papi said clearly distressed as she rubbed her head.

"Hmmm...want some ice cream while we try and figu-WHAAA"



Harry was cut off as something dive-bombed the balcony and crashed into Harry specifically. The three girls waited for the smoke and dust to clear, revealing to them a harpy with similar coloured feathers to Papi but has dark skin, thick make up, blonde hair and an unconscious Harry under her claws.

"MOM why did you crash is master!" Papi cried out in shock of erring her mother. She only has what seemed to be a single piece outfit, legwarmers and a scarf to wrap round her and keep the outfit in place.

Yet somehow the harpy looked more decent that Alice did when she rolled up.


"Wait that's your mom... do you birdbrains not age or something?" Rachnera asked while readying her webs to get Harry out of harms way.

"Papi...Come Back!" Papi's mother cried out. "Come back hurry." Stepping over Harry's prone body, resulting in a groan of pain she stated flapping to Papi who did the same.

"No! I'm not going home I wanna stay here forever!" Miia and Rachnera watched on, seeing that Papi and her mother talked very similar.

"Papi, the picture! Do you remember!?" Papi's mother shouted to which Papi started leaping back, preparing to take off.

Her mother had different ideas, as she reached out and grabbed Papi's top, pulling her off balance and throwing her into Harry who was groggily getting up. The pair collided sending them off the side, Harry's arms instinctually wrapping around Papi to protect her.

"What's going on Papi?" Kii asked while in mid watering of her own hair.

"Kii, my mommy is trying to take me back and Harry's hurt." Papi cried out and Kii gave her a nod as she sent out her vines to grab the pair and fling them thru the nearby portal to the forest to get them some distance before covering it with vines.

"That should buy Mr Harry some time to recover." She had wished Harry was more alert when she threw him but she'd say sorry later, right now she had her friend's mother to deal with.

"Papi, come back!" Her mother shouted while Kii's held up her hand, sending out vines to catch the harpy

"What, the flowers are attacking?" to Kii's annoyance, Papi's mother was adept at dodging all her vines with what limited growth she could use in the garden. "Papi not here now... Hali go find."

Papi's mother who also had the talking in 3rd person quirk, launched herself higher and sped off to find her daughter.

"Damn missed her." She said biting her thumb before Miia and Rachnera joined her, Miia clinging to the spider-woman's back as she dropped down to the lower level.

"Kii where is darling?" Miia cried out accidently choking Rachnera from behind.

"I threw them through the port..." Kii started to point to the working portal she used but evidently her rapid fire vines had hit one of the arches and caused it to collapse. "Oh dear...Harry and Sumius are gonna get me for this." Kii's hair seemed to wilt.

"Guys what's wrong, why was they lots of noise?" Polt rushed outside having been exercising in her room.

All three turned to the dog... and came up with a cunning plan.


It had taken a few minutes for Harry's body to reboot after the bird impact and found Papi clutching at his shirt. "Hey, what's wrong Papi?" Harry asked petting her hair to try and calm her down.

"I don't wanna go back, I wanna stay with you." Papi cried as Harry felt water on his under shirt. "Stupid harpy rules."

"What rules?"

"Harpies migrate a lot, mom says we the race that embodies freedom, going where they please, when they please and nobody stopped us. But one day en came to the tribes to tell us about the home stay program, most harpies didn't go for it...yet I decided to go for it and left the village to be apart of it." Harpy lifted her face rubbing her tears away with her wing talon.

"You know... I think that's the most I've heard you speak in one go Papi, but from hearing you I don't think you should worry. You and your free spirit led you to me and the rest of us. On the other hand though I'm guessing you didn't tell your mom you were leaving right?" Harry said lifting Papi into his arms.

He wasn't going to risk the three step system for her occasional memory reboot.

"No I just left without writing a letter." Papi shook her head making Harry sigh a little. "And I don't think she'll let me stay with you. Harpies aren't meant to stay at a guys place for too long."

'Are men booty calls to harpies or something?' Harry wondered to himself.

"PAPIIIII!" Papi's mother Hali cried out having found them so quickly against all logic. "I found you and no booby flower this time. You saw picture right? That picture! Come back!" Hali was speeding toward the pair.

'Wait picture...come back...' Harry tried to make sense of the current problem yet before he could put it all together Papi jumped out his arms and took off grabbing his arms as they took to the skies. Luckily there was nobody but the local wildlife in the area

"We gotta go Harry!" Papi said, the panic in her voice obvious. "Mommy wont let me stay with you, we are just meant to breed to make babies since no men harpies. Mommy might have been with a few guys and Papi doesn't remember her Daddy's name." Papi explained while Harry was listening in thinking how blunt Papi was being right now.

If he was honest he half expected to hear great detail about how harpies mate. Thankfully she didn't but he was still trying to put things together in his head while distracted by the ever approaching Hali and the show of papi's current plain blue panties since he could see up her dress, shes remembered her bra too.

"Wait Papi... do you know who these two are in this picture." Harry reached in and held up the photo for Papi who took a good look at it.

"I...I think I know the man in the picture...but I can't remember where..." Papi said with her eyes visibly distressed at the lack of recall.

"Papi I think I know who this is, I think is a picture of you f-Gwaaah"

"Picture! Come back now Papi!" Hali said having swooped in while papi was distracted.

"Mommy, in not coming back!" Papi said tried to avoid her moms claw grabs.

Harry saw Papi struggle to make much evasive movements so taped her legs. "Papi...let me go."

"No, Papi remembers Harry saying its dangerous if you cant fly. Mommy leave me alone!" Papi said making Harry smile a little as their first meeting was still something she remembered clearly despite her birdbrain antics on occasion.

Putting the picture in his pocket Harry slipped out of the sleeves of his over shift Papi had been grabbing and begin to free fall

"Harry!" Papi cried seeing him fall but got confused when his arms started changing colour and what looked to be wings started to grow. It looked like Harry had scaly yet feathered wings, letting him ride the skies, the shock of which led to she and her mother colliding in the sky, head first.

Then the pair opened their eyes after knocking each other out, Papi at least found herself resting her head on Harry's lap, him once more stroking her hair. "Hey you ok Papi?"

"Harry has wings?" She questioned and Harry just put a finger to his lips.

"Keep it a secret for now, I want to show all of you together soon." Harry said and Papi nodded to the request, promising to herself to remember.

"Where's mommy?" Papi then asked and Harry gestured to the other side of him to the now awakening Hali.

"Where's Papi, where's picture...why wings?" Hali said look around before spotting her daughter.

"Mommy, I'm right here...and I don't want to go back... I like it living with Harry. Even if the rules of a harpy say I have to leave him, and there's stuff I need to remember. I just want to stay with him." Papi said as she stood up to her mother, Harry standing right behind her, one of her talons clinging to his shirt.

"Papi has made lots of friends but she's really happy she met Harry. He doesn't get mad when I forget stuff, but I won't forget him or that I wanna stay by Harry's side forever and ever." Papi said as Harry wrapped an arm around her.

"That's fine." Hali replied

"Gah/Wha?" Harry and Papi let out noises of confusion.

"But why did mommy keep saying I should come back, that's what you letter said." Papi said with her brain trying to make sense of everything.

"What... no I didn't, I just wanted to see Papi, but left something in letter, was mistake." Hali said and Harry twitched as e drew a hand into his pocket where he'd put the letter.

"You mean this don't you-guuhhh" Harry once again got tackled by Hali.

"Ahh my treasure, I'm so glad you found it. Its a picture from when I first met my husband." Hali said as Harry got back to his feet a bit shaky.

"Wait... that's not Papi in picture?" Papi was overheating from over-clocking her processing units in her brain, she would need some coolant pretty soon.

"No that's me... look different since my husband likes this look." Hali said offering the picture kisses.

'I knew that her butt looked smaller than Papi's' Harry thought since it had been a big giveaway that it wasn't Papi in the picture. He'd seen it enough times to tell the difference.

"Oh so that's my dad...that's a relief I only forgot him." Papi said and Harry gave her an off look while fanning her to cool her off.

"Good, I didn't meant to send this to Papi, but now that I got it I gotta find husband." Hali said taking a few steps back to get ready to fly.

"Didn't Papi say that you don't stay with guys for a long time?" Harry asked wanting to get some clarification and settle Papi's concerns even more.

"I forgot about that...nobody follows that rule anyway. I said so in the letter." Hali said flapping her wings to take to the skies.

"Where in the heck did you write that?" Harry said quietly, determined that any letter Papi sent from now on would be triple checked for spelling and structure, less she become a chicken scratch master like her mom.

"By Papi, see you later." Hali sped off in whatever direction she needed to go leaving Harry and Papi alone.

"Well that was weird...might even be stranger than Alice's visit." Harry looked down at Papi who was smirking as she turned around and looked up at him.

"Papi gets to stay with master!" She hugged him tight as her wings would allow.

"Ahh, Papi, why do you call me master sometimes and others just Harry?" Harry asked to which Papi just tilted her head.

"Because Harry is master and master is Harry." She said in a tone that made it sound obvious.

"Of you want to go flying together before we go home?" Harry asked as he took out his phone to message that he and Papi were safe and would be back soon.

"YEAH, FLYING WITH MASTER!" Papi immediately took off, with Harry partially shifting his arms to their animagus form to allow him to follow Papi, engaging in some friendly in air tag.

It felt for Harry to relax like this and literally spread his wings, and seeing Papi happy to have someone to fly with for a change. Feeling the wind on their faces while performing twirls and spins in succession had the pair looking like a pair of mating birds carrying out a dance.

But for one girl she was happy that she had made a new memory that she swore to herself she would never forget.

Meanwhile though back with Miia, Rachnera and Polt, the trio were searching for Harry but well...there were a few complications.

"I'm not doing it!" Polt shouted to the other two while they were making their way to the park Kii usually teleported to.

"Come on it'll be way faster if you do it, Miia here was so kind to donate the item." Rachnera said holding an article of Harry's clothing to use to track him down.

"I don't know where you found those...they were not in my room." Miia grumbled to herself, once more donning her stealth outfit with Suu, Rachnera following suite. Polt meanwhile has been given a sleek body suit for some reason and somehow convinced to wear it by Rachnera somehow.

"I'm still not doing it." Polt denied taking a sniff of the clothing item.

"Ahh I guess wanting to help your alpha is a bit too much to ask." Rachnera said watching Polt's tail stiffen.

"Fine but I'm only doing this because I have to." Polt looked around to see if there was anyone around before taking the article and giving the item such a good sniff. "Mnnnnn"

"Did you manage to get it?" Miia asked which seem to break Polts moment of indulgence.

"Ahh sorry I'll take another whiff." She said taking a deep breath of the item.

"Hey don't take all of the smell." Miia shouted while Rachnera looked at her phone smiling a little before turning her attention back to the show. Who could have thought that a pair of Harry's underwear would allow for such entertainment. She was glad that she didn't have to use her personal items for this.

Of course this did lead to Harry taking a gander at the three of them in their outfits, well hers and Polt's, Suu choose the moment she saw a sweaty Harry to tackle him and get some nourishment, leaving Miia in her underwear.

By the time they got home and got relaxed, Harry got showered and got started on dinner with Papi just watching him along with the others.

"So you had some fun today meeting another mother?" Sumisu asked while in the middle of racing her co-workers on the game console.

"Two down and one to go, but I think it was a little less stressful than the last. But something still bothers me, I felt like I knew Papi's father from the picture, the connecting piece keeps escaping me." Harry said as he tossed the rice in his wok.

"Is it this guy?" Sumisu asked showing them a picture on her phone.

"Yeah... who is he?" Sumisu smirked at hearing Harry's question.

"He's actually the local police chief, he was honestly glad when he learned that she was pretty close by but he's pretty busy these days. Said he might pop by at some point." Sumisu explained and Harry felt a little worried how he would fair meeting a dad of one of the girls.

"How long has he known?" Harry decided to ask.

"Only the last couple days, he got a letter from his wife and he could make sense of it...somehow." Sumisu said leaving everyone wondering how the heck he gained that skill.


Waking up one morning Harry shut off his alarm as he rose up for training with Cerea and Polt. Getting a quick wash and changed he headed downstairs in his jogging pants and workout shirt.

"Morning." He greeted them, Polt wearing her spandex while Cerea was in her usual short and skirt but had a brace around her waist while holding a practise lance. "Still working on your aim today?"

"Indeed, thank you for changing out usual workout routes for this." Cerea said as she also got her portable target as well.

"Its fine Cerea, you said you wanted to be ready to show off to your mom." Polt said as the three of them left the house and had a gentle jog down to near the local river, using the open area they set up the target to let Cerea practise her jousting skill.

Polt and Harry sat the side as they observed Cerea run at speed to try and strike the centre of her target with her practise lance. Although Harry might have admitted that he was distracted by something bouncing around while Cerea was running.

"She keeps missing her mark." Harry muttered to himself but Polt nodded as Cerea was missing her mark.

"It seems like she's a little off balance when she's at full speed, like she can't centre her stance." Polt said having a pretty good idea why, it was the reason she wore a tight sports bra after all. Although she did wish it wouldn't leave her fur drenched in sweat, having so much fur was a pain sometimes.

After a while Cerea came to a stop, sweating in her shirt but Harry came over with a towel and a bottle of water. "Are you ready to head back and get some breakfast Cerea?" Harry asked as he looked over to see the sun a bit higher in the sky.

Cerea happily accepted the water. "Thank you Harry."

"Have you been getting a little nervous about your mom coming today?" Polt asked as she also took some water, having done some running.

"Ney, today shall be the one where I engage in an unavoidable battle." Cerea said with a series look to which the other two just gave her a look.

"Well your victory won't come unless you get fed so let's head home before there's a riot." Harry said grabbing Cerea practice lance while Polt picked up the target.

"Ahh Harry you don't need to carry that." Cerea said instantly switching from serious to flustered. "People might think you are my squire." Cerea didn't want to shame Harry.

"What does that make me then?" Polt asked not wanting to be left out.

"Maybe you're the adorable mascot." Harry offered that had the three of them giggle at the idea. "So what do you want for breakfast?"

"Oats please if you would be so kind." Cerea asked as they walked, opening her shirt as it was a rather warm day and she was a little sweaty.

"Can I have some eggs with rice please...with bacon." Polt asked, unable to deny her love of the heavenly strips of protein. She did at least wash it down with fruit drink afterwards.

"Sure thing." They had a little jog back again and the three got inside just about as some of the normal risers were coming out of their rooms. Some of the lazy bones like Miia or Sumisu might still take a while.

"Morning sweety and you too Cerea, Polt." Tio greeted them with Manako and Zombina who was going through some stretches since rigor mortis is a daily issue for her kind. Mero was already in the room while suu was being well behaved in her mini form.

"Hey Tio." Polt greeted back, idly getting close enough for the taller woman to pet her head.

Tio was just the best at them.

"Um I hope you don't mind but I made some tea." Manako said looking away as Harry turned to her and smiling.

"Thanks Manako, also Zombina please remember to be fully dressed when you come down, Sumisu doesn't get away with that." Harry said and the woman just turner her head in her current state of dress.

"Come on Harry, you know you like the view." Zombina said but Harry kneeled down and picked up Suu.

"I have an adorable slime and I'm not afraid to use her." Zombina wisely back off her flirting since getting slime stuck between her parts was not one of her kinks.

"Fine but I want more bacon for breakfast." Zombina left the room to get changed and at least put a top on.

"Yeah, yeah now go wake the others as you walk if you'd be so kind." Harry said as he got his pans out and Polt came by to help set the table with Tio as Cerea had to put her equipment away.

It didn't take long for the zombie horde to appear crawling their way to the table as Harry was dishing up, although Papi seemed pretty fine as she sat down. "Good morning everyone."


"Wow, in stereo for them, also good morning honey." Rachnera said as she loaded her bowl with some rice and tucked into her food.

"Thank you master." Papi cried out while the others who were awakening the more they ate just gave him thumbs up.

"You're welcome Papi, don't forget your vegetables though." Harry said as he placed some onto her place while she picked up her spork.

"mooou... ok master." Papi said not a fan of the taste but Harry had asked her so she would do her best.

"So when does Cerea's mom arrive?" Miia managed to ask after her eggs gave her strength.

"Little after lunch, but I'm making extra salad just in case she's early like Cerea is." Harry usually left the evening meal's salad to Cerea but he might take over if she ended up stressed out like the others.

If both mothers before were an example Harry had to be ready for some sort of confrontation. That said confrontation, would come a knocking early as they expected while he was in the middle of giving Suu some language and literature lessons, alongside Papi and Kii.

Although the term knocking might be too loose considering how loud the booming impact on the door sounded, not even starting on the volume of the voice behind it.

"HARK! BE THERE NO ONE IN THIS ABODE!" a loud yet somehow polite voice called out making Harry get to his feet and head to the door where Cerea was waiting nervous. Harry gave her hand a squeeze before opening the door to see who was knocking.

In front of him was a blonde female centaur, wearing a long skirt like Cerea did but also features a smaller skirt at the front along with a black girdle, under that was a long sleeved white shirt. The shirt looked stretched a little thin but Harry's eyes only noticed before looking the woman in her eyes, her hair tied up in a bun but with three loose strands of different length framing her face. Harry also noted that the woman carried a sword with the omega symbol on the hilt... or was it simply a horse shoe symbol?

"I have been informed that my daughter Centorea is in residence here, hence my presence. Are you the master of this abode?" The woman asked and Harry nodded.

"Yes my name is Harry potter but feel free to call me Harry." Harry was then forced to lean back as Cerea's mother moved closed so that he was eye level to her bouncing chest as she smacked it with her arm.

"Ahh tis a pleasure to meet you, I must thank you for your efforts in looking after my daughter, my name is Karin of the noble house of Shianus. Where is my daughter though, is she out training?" Karin asked as Harry opened the door.

"She's inside, why don't you come in and have some tea." Harry offered and Karin nodded stepping inside, Cerea having retreated to the main room sat upon her cushions. Harry served her tea as soon as he had poured one for Cerea too, sitting beside her while everyone else watched from behind the counter or around the corner.

"It has been too long Centorea and in clearly a great deal of health, speaks clearly to the environment the master of the house has provided." Karin said taking a sip of the tea, finding it to be rather refreshing. "However I must ask, where is this teaser of yours?"

Cerea's response was to a bit nervously put her arm around Harry's shoulders. "What are you doing? Tis this man not simply the host of this family?"

Cerea shook her head as she pushed her chest into Harry's back making him shiver a little. "Ney, this is the man I have chosen to swear fealty to."

In an instant Karin's mood seemed to shift and her aura made it seem like she was approaching them.

What is this jojo?

"Centorea, you were allowed to go abroad to simply find yourself a teaser, albeit it you did find a handsome one." Karin said and Cerea leaned over Harry to slam her hands into the table.

"I... I told you I would do no such thing mother!" Cerea said before pulling back and freeing Harry from the marshmallows. "I searched for a master instead of a teas-"

"NO EXCUSES! Nothing might excuse thy deviation from the centaur customs we have abided by for generations. If he had the form of a warriors perhaps I might have reconsidered but this average male will do no good, his vision is already weak if he requires seeing glasses." Harry felt personally assaulted by Karins words but also twitched at her calling out his glasses. There were stylish frames and useful for blocking out vision based abilities after all.

"Those words are nothing but slander, Sir Harry is a great warrior. Do not presume anything of my master, such language I cannot endure, even from you mother!" Cerea cried out as she pushed Harry down a little more from behind him.

"I speak only the truth; this man can only be your teaser, nothing more." Karin cried out and both women looked ready to take up their swords if any more insults were thrown either way.

"Can anyone explain the hold teaser thing? The only teasers I know are spider-woman and Sumisu." Zombina asked smirking at the scene as Harry was slowly turning blue while being suffocated, already trying to tap out.

"Oh right, its a horse breeding term." Sumisu said, idly pulling on Zombina's neck thread so it would roll off for her cheeky comment. Already Polt went off to play with the ball. Sumisu turned to the others in the room and Harry who had clawed his way out to the side and caught his breath.

Sumisu explained that a teaser was something used to help get female horses into heat so that the stallion could get his groove on. Centaurs used a similar method as male centaurs with their rather brutish looks made it difficult to get the females in the mood so often they used handsome gentlemen only to have the male centaurs basically say hold my beer while he did the job. It was a method to help boost the birth rate as brutish looks and superior strength did not have the same allure to some modern centaur females.

She also pointed out that in more recent times there were some centaur that instead of looking for a teaser, instead searched for a noble lord to swear themselves to. It was seen to some as turning their backs on their culture and many were not too happy with this, one of them seemingly being Karin.

This was more obvious as the barbs the two shot at each other escalated so that they had drawn their swords on one another and were crossing steel with each other, much to the shock of everyone.

"I refuse to mate with a man who's only merit is his strength, sir Harry has proven himself above and beyond that already." Cerea said keeping pace with her mother but was unable to get the best of her.

"And then what? Does thou intend to mate with a weak human male? Do you think a centaur to even be capable of such an act?" Karin's words made Cerea look toward Harry for a moment, but her mother was not one to allow such a hold in her defence to pass.



Faster than she expected Karin found her blow blocked by Harry wielding only his sword, bracing himself as she strike pushed him back into Cerea.

"You dare step between a battle between my daughter, do you believe she is weak?" Karin asked accusingly at Harry, pointing her sword in his direction tip first.

"No, I know Cerea is strong but I will not allow harm to come to her while she is under my care even from her mother." Harry did not drop the shield as he couldn't be sure Karin would not advance again.

"Thank you Harry but it is fine." Cerea put her hand on Harry's shoulder to which he immediately places his hand on top of her. Karin's eyes twitched seeing such an action, her tail flicking behind her. "Mother, you have slandered the man I have chosen and see no other option but to challenge you to a duel. A duel will decide my future here, do you accept?"

Karin smirked, relishing in the challenge given her expression. "A duel... very well I accept but we shall not battle through sword combat but instead so is as our ancestors have... a jousting match." Karin proclaimed.

'You would have thought that it would be archery given what I've seen from centaurs." Harry idly thought to himself while Sumisu and Polt jumped in to say they would have to change locations for the duel as there was not enough space for a full jousting match in, Harry's back garden.

Plus Polt wanted to show off the stadium the kobolds had built for extra-species sports. Apparently the species wanted it ready for when they could host their own Olympics. And everyone headed off to the stadium but Cerea asked Harry to stay behind.

"Why do you need me to stay behind Cerea?" Harry asked as Sumisu led the others to the stadium, already out the door.

"Well... that is to say... um... there is something arriving for me in the post. Its a sensitive item and feel more comfortable if you were here when it arrived. I had intended for it to arrive before my mother arrived but I was unable to do so." Cerea explained with a bit of a blush as she was holding Harry's hand again.

"Do you need me to bring it to you as soon as I can too?" Harry asked wondering what exactly Cerea would be ordering since she rarely did much online shopping. Mostly it was for more charm boo-Manga, it was mainly manga, some of which she shared with Zombina and Tio oddly enough.

"If you should be so kind...but may I ask for one more thing. But maybe I shouldn't..." Cerea seemed to mumble. ""

"What was that? I couldn't hear you Cerea, you know you can ask me anything." Harry said while enjoying seeing cerea in her shy mode.

"Ca...MayIhaveakissforluck." She spoke so rapidly and she became a boiled lobster with how red her face got saying it

Harry looked to see no one in sight and slowly levitated off the floor to reach Cerea at face level. "Sure." Rather than let her deny for several minutes Harry leaned in and kissed Cerea... on the cheek. "For go and win your duel."


Harry waited while Cerea rushed to the stadium where everyone stood waiting for the duelling pair to take to the field. Polt and Sumisu would be running commentary while the others messed with the sound board. The other members of MON though had found snacks to pretty much were enjoying themselves too.

Getting into the role Polt started up her commentary. "To all out watchers today welcome to the match of the century and of centaurs. Today's match pitches Centorea against her mother in a jousting match to decide her fate." Polt said while introducing herself and Sumisu to the crowd. Meanwhile the other girls were messing with the sound box to make noises in the stadium.

Cerea and Karin were just about ready to start their match just as the package arrived for Cerea back at home. Harry happily stamped for the box and waved the post worker off. "Custom made... I wonder what she bought..." Normally Harry would never do this but he had to make sure the item was undamaged if Cerea really needed it.

Upon opening the box Harry immediately closed it with wide eyes. "I better get going, she must really need this." Harry said getting out the house and starting off on the run to the stadium hoping he could get there before it was too late.

Back at the stadium both combatants charged at each other both striking at their opponents shields. Cerea arms were shaking from the strike which Polt took note of. "I bet the audience heard that but did the attack shatter Centoera's stance?"

Sumisu looking at her info for Karin decided to weigh in. "I can understand if she did, Karin is part of the strongest centaur families and she herself is undefeated. She is even called the 'Goddess of Jousting!" the girls watching looked on at the solid stance Karin held as she turned around for her next charge.

"Sumisu is there a reason that neither of them are wearing armour, it's a bit dangerous without it right?" Polt questioned while hearing Papi and the others mess with the sound board.

"Well according to centaur law, duels must take place without armour. They place their lives on these very duels." Sumisu explained as they both watched the two run at each other, the lack of basic breast plates obvious.

"Do you think the men decided this when they made this law?" Polt said recalling an old Kobold tradition of fighting in nothing but your fur to settle debates and arguments.

"I can see why, it's quite the site seeing Cerea like this, wonder if Harry watches them bounce like that on runs." Sumisu was joking as she said this but Cerea's blush made her smirk.

Be silent if thy commentary is such filth, my master doesn't shamelessly stare like you." Sadly Cerea found herself distracted and barely able to keep her guard up as her mother pass her, Cerea herself missing her mark. "Blast I can't get my aim to strike true. How does mother keep hitting the centre of my shield?" Cerea tried to shake off the trembles running up her arm.

'At this rate I'll lose and be forced to leave.' Cerea thought, her grip of her lance loosening.

"TIME OUT!" Harry's voice echoed in the stadium as he arrived sweating a fair bit as he had full sprinted a fair number of miles. 'Why didn't Sumisu warn me it was this far away. Bet they took a bus of something.'

Harry didn't notice that he'd worn a white shirt today and the results of his run made for quite a show for all the women there. "Harry, I take it my b-item arrived?" Cerea stopped revealing what she'd bought in case the commentators heard and mocked her.

"it did Cerea, I have it here, sorry I couldn't get here sooner." Harry offered the box to her who shyly took it. "Do you need help putting it on?" Harry whispered and Cerea shy nodded.

"We need a couple minutes so please be patience miss Karin." Harry said and the woman nodded whipping her forehead of sweat while taking note of Harry's displayed abs.

"I shall allow it, but please try not to delay the duel too long." Karin said walking back to her starting position while Harry and Cerea went behind closed doors.

"So quite a site seeing our Harry like that right?" Sumisu said nudging a blushing Polt who was getting a good whiff of Harry's sweaty scent.

"Ye~ah, he usually wears dark sports tops so I don't get to see that as much." Polt put her chin in her paws thinking about all the times she fell to the pack during the run just to stare at Harry's ass.

Kobolds do like chasing tail, and some of the girls were now considering joining the morning runs with Harry as a result of Polts dreamy expression.

When Cerea returned to battle she charged forward with a determined expression and when she passed by her mother she managed to strike the shield in the centre meaning it was now her mother who's arm was shaking. "Wow, Cerea seems like a different person now, wonder what changed?" Polt wondered while Sumisu in a surprise move... lifted her sunglasses... to get a better look.

"Now I see, Cerea's chest isn't bouncing as much, the box must have contained a bra. Guess she still has trouble finding a bra with proper support. Tio has the same problem but that's more because she can't find cute ones." Sumisu said and Tio pouted at the truth of her words.

Polt nodded as she observed Cerea. "Yeah the bouncing would be an issue throwing off her strikes and balance but now that she's got a bra she should be able..."

"Will you please stop talking about my bosom!" Cerea again hit the centre of her mother's shield as she passed. 'Thank you Harry, without you getting this item to me I would never be able to win against my mother. Just wish it wasn't as tight as this.'

Turning around Cerea adjusted her stance and got ready. "Not then I shall finish this duel and prove th-SNAP!"

'Boin~ Boin~'

"Huh, sounds like someone didn't get the right size, heard that from here." Sumisu said while watching Cerea's chest bounce vigorously.

"Maybe she didn't order the right size, centaurs don't usually wear bras after all." Polt tapped her chin recalling that little factoid. "Such a shame it didn't last much longer."

"I saw her order... she orders with a size of 103cm (I-Cup) and she's somehow bigger than that?" Rachnera said with a minor hint of jealousy along with Miaa, but the one most affected was Manako who was having a mini crisis given how modest her chest was. Tio's kinds words did not help either as she hugged the Cyclops to her huge chest.

"Well without that support its hard to imagine Cerea will be able to pull away with a win." Sumisu took a sip of her to go coffee, annoyed it was getting cold or maybe that she might lose the nice girl to the whims of her mother. It was hard to tell which.

"Grrrr...Harry!" Cerea called out to her master. "Though it may be shameful please I require your aid in restraining my breasts!" Cerea said heavily blushing and making several jaws drops. "Please Harry, I... I cant do it without you and I don't want to leave."

Harry despite his embarrassment, nodded and walked over, easily lifting himself onto Cerea's back. He took a deep breath as he reached around and took hold of the soft chest oof his centaur. "Please let me know if I'm squeezing too tight."

"Ummmnnn, I shall but for this duel please hold my bosom tight. We shall win this together." Starting her gallop for one last charge Cerea steeled herself feeling emboldened with Harry pressing into her back, recalling how right it felt to be with him and how she would never leave his side.

Her mother be damned, she will not lose.


The two noises echoed in the stadium as Cerea came to a stop with Harry's fingers pressing in deep as he gripped, his fingers pressing something hard and ordered his index fingers not to move.

They thankfully behaved this time.

Everyone stared at the end result of clash before Karin let out an uncharacteristic 'Eep' and covered her chest as her shirt had been torn and Cerea's shirt was kept intact but several buttons burst off.

"Wow Cerea looks to have won the duel and it looks like the audience is applauding for the exciting, exposing match." Sumisu's pun resulted in Miia pushing the 'Booo' sound effect.

"You surprised me Cerea, your speed certainly has improved itself although I wonder how much you still have to learn." Karin said turning around, her hair having come loose and now waving in the wind.

Harry removed his jacket that he had tied around his waist and offered it to Cerea to cover her chest as her shirt might slip off. "Mother... did you instigate this fight on purpose?" Cerea questioned standing close next to Harry.

"Yes, I too was dissatisfied with our race's tradition of being forced to bear only the strongest children. However I could not silence those steadfast supporters of said tradition without presenting persuasive evidence." Karin's word confused Cerea.

"What persuasive evidence." Karin smiled and walked closer to her daughter.

"I was born of a strong man, and nothing else. You, Cerea were born of a mix of human and centaur and you managed to score a win. With that evidence, the tradition of outs no long holds any meaning." Karin hugged her daughter to her chest like she had done so many times as a young mother. "Marry who you choose, forget about tradition. Although colour me surprised that fate brought you, the student of my cousin Firenze and hero of the British lands would be the one Cerea picked."

Harry rolled his eyes while looking away from Karin as she left herself exposed as she hugged Cerea. "Yeah the world has a funny sense of humour. Though did you really have to insult my glasses?"

"Ahh, perhaps that was a little too far but I needed to entice my daughter to combat." Karin said as she and Cerea started heading to the changing room to get some coverage for their shirts. A few of the others decided to join them in the changing room as some of them had a question.

"Hey Cerea's mom, you said earlier that Cerea is mixed blood. I thought you married one of those centaur brutes like tradition said you had what gives?" Miia said making the woman flinch at that nugget being explored.

" see...there was a human man living with us as my teaser. He was so kind to me, in fact when it came time for breeding he knocked out the man who would be my husband and bred me instead. The idiot stallion believed it when we informed him that he passed out whilst doing the deed." Karin story had Rachnera smiling as that was a story she could enjoy.

"Some sneaky NTR there, not bad for a prim a proper woman, wonder if that's where you get your kinky side Cerea." Cerea flushed at the spider's stare, hiding her face in the replacement shirt.

"Tis a lie, I have no such interests." Cerea denied but Rachnera was hardly one to let this go.

"Sure, then you don't like Harry fondling your br-" Cerea rushed over to cover her mouth.

"Be silent please." Bad move on Cerea as she hadn't noticed Rachnera weaving web around her at high speed.

Karin herself got the first experience seeing bondage...she was curious if she was honest.

"Huh so Cerea's daddy is human..." Miia said moving away from the struggling and moaning Cerea.

Outside in the hallway Sumisu was waiting with Harry.

"So you've met three of the mothers, I wanna get back to an old you want to move forward with any of the girls?" Sumisu questioned as Harry crossed his arms.

"I have... considered it but marriage is something none of us is ready for. I'm happy to have somewhat blessings from each of their mothers but there is everyone else's families to meet to get blessings, even yours Sumeragi." Sumisu felt herself blush just a bit since Harry still seem interested in her. "But I think it's time I trust all of you a little bit more. So tell that Springfield that I have shared a secret with everyone to let them know I want to move closer to everyone." Harry watched as Suu slid across the floor to him while Mero was being pushed by Lala.

"I think it's time I show everyone more about me and my weird body...not that way." Harry said seeing Doppel smirk as she walked with MON.

"Well now you've got me curious."

XChapter EndX