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New Life

By Lacrea Moonlight

Sailor Moon screamed as pain raced through her body. It was like someone was stabbing her repeatedly all over her. The youma roared in triumph as she went down again. Bodies filled the street and the smell of torn and burnt flesh assailed her senses. Behind where she had fallen there was a small, blue-haired boy who seemed to be transfixed on the sight before him. She stared at the youma in front of her in defiance. Sailor Moon struggled to her feet and threw her Tiara. The golden disk flew forward and it bounced off as it lifted its hand. It struck again and suddenly there was a large red gash on her stomach. She was dying and she knew it. She fell one last time, blood staining her white uniform. I have one last chance, she thought. Ginzouishou, please aid me one last time. Help me defeat this creature.

The youma walked to her prone body and sniffed the blood that was thick in the air. It leaned down to take a bite of her flesh, saliva dripping from its green maw. Gathering the last of her strength, suddenly she lifted her right hand and held it to it's forehead and blasted him with a burst of energy. The youma howled and turned to dust in a matter of seconds. Sailor Moon looked to the boy; he was terrified.

"Come here, child. I won't hurt you. I don't have the strength, will, or reason to want to. I need your help," she whispered as pain raced through her with every breath she took. The boy took a hesitant step towards her. She smiled weakly. He began to walk slowly towards her. She began to cough and every time she did, blood spilled out of the side of her mouth. The boy raced to her side. He knelt and tried to help her up.

"It's too late for me. Touch the center of my broach, please. It won't help if my family doesn't know that I'm dead," she whispered, because she couldn't speak very loudly anymore. She looked around the battlefield. The bodies of the other Sailor Senshi littered the street. The boy touched the center of her broach and in a flurry of ribbons and light, there in the place of Sailor Moon, lay a twenty-five year old woman.

"Do the same for the others. You must touch the stones on their tiaras," she instructed. He was about to comply when she snapped her hand out and grabbed his wrist and said, "but first take

my necklace. You may not understand my request now, but never tell anyone about this or about this necklace because it is a matter of life or death. You must protect it. Now go to your task," she whispered with her last breath. The boy began to cry, holding her hand and begging her to come back. He stayed with Sailor Moon's body for a few more minutes before he finally got up.

He touched the tiara on each of the other Sailor Senshi and when he came to Tuxedo Kamen, he removed the mask with slight hesitation. Each body had transformed back into their civilian clothes but when he took the mask, the tuxedo didn't go away. He placed the mask onto Tuxedo Kamen's chest sorrowfully. They had saved him from the monster and had paid with their lives.

A boy watched the television in the store window intently as he waited for the update on the 'slaughtered' 9 women and 1 man that had been found two weeks ago. Suddenly it was on.

"Police found 10 dead bodies last night when a patrol officer was walking home from his shift on Main Street two weeks ago. There were 9 women and one man nearly torn to shreds. Police were unsure of what could have done such damage to the people they found. The investigation revealed that these people may have been the notorious Sailor Senshi, the group of super heroes that had kept the city safe from various creatures of unknown origion. The police believe that Caroline DeSantus, one of those found, was actually Sailor Moon herself. After finding a broach and very similar pens, each with a symbol of one of the planets on it, and a rose made from a unknown element that none of the family members recognized. Since there have been no more sightings of the Senshi in the last two weeks, we must assume that they were killed in battle. There is no news on what will be done with the items found with the bodies. There will be a memorial in three days for the greatest heroes our city has ever seen. In other news…"

present day…

Nearly thirty years had passed since that day on Main Street. The man sighed in annoyance. He was in grand central park and was anxious to leave. There were too many couples out today. Suddenly there was a flash and he was reeling in a very unwanted memory. He pushed the unwanted thoughts away. He hadn't been responsible for the deaths of the infamous Sailor Senshi. He had convinced himself of that years ago. Why did he doubt it now? Turning away he walked to the nearest bar and got himself drink. Thinking such long thoughts, such unwanted memories made him thirsty for something that would burn his throat.

Usagi Tsukino looked around with apprehension and took a deep breath. The train would soon stop at New York and that meant she would finally meet the man her parents had talked about for years. She was nervous. Well, nervous was a bit of an understatement. There were stories that Professor Xavier was telepathic. That wasn't something she really was comfortable with on some level. Her ability didn't really help her in that department. Hopefully he wouldn't be a very nosey person.

Professor Xavier waited at the train station patently. Their newest student would be arriving today and he wanted to be the first person that she met with. As the train stopped, Storm looked to the Professor for acknowledgement that this was the train they were waiting for. He nodded.

Storm was curious about the new student, of course. Aside from being Japanese, she has no information on her past. Storm had asked earlier but Professor Xavier had replied that he didn't know anything about her either except that her parents had decided to send their daughter to school with him because of her unique mutation. The train came to a full stop and she looked to the Professor. He was frowning like he was unsure of something.

"Something wrong, Professor?" Storm asked in concern. He shook his head. As the doors opened, they searched the crowd for the girl. From the photograph they had received in advance. The photo looked to be a couple of years old but showed a smiling young girl of about fifteen years old with blonde hair and startling blue eyes. In fact, if they didn't know any better, she would have looked like a more than typical American teenager. However, they were of the opinion that perhaps it was just a quark of genetics, like her mutation.

Finally, they spotted her. She was sort of hard to miss with her selected hair-style. Storm approached the nervous 17 year-old girl and gave a soft smile at her startled appearance.

"Usagi?" Storm asked softly. Usagi nodded. "My name is Storm. Professor Xavier is anxious to meet you."

When Usagi approached, Xavier tried to see into her mind, trying to find something that would bring her comfort and give him something to say to ease her fears. It gave him the worst headache he had experienced in his life. He did his best to hide his pain and annoyance and smiled as she came to stand in front of him.

"Usagi Tsukino, my name is Charles Xavier. Welcome to New York. And welcome to my School for the Gifted."

Usagi bowed and smiled nervously. "I am happy and honored to meet you."

"We should go back to the manor. There we can get you settled in and begin your studies and training. I certainly hope that we can make you feel comfortable here. I know that some of our culture will seem different from yours," Professor Xavier spoke as he wheeled himself to the wheelchair access exit for the train station.

They got to the car and the drive back to school was uneventful save for the light conversation that Storm and Professor Xavier made with Usagi. Her English was quite good; she only stumbled to pronounce a few words and had little difficulty expressing thoughts and ideas that she didn't know how to say properly.

"How long have you studied English?" Storm asked as they pulled into the parking area at the school.

"I have been studying it for four and a half years. My parents told me that it would be a good idea to learn a language that is so widely used and it would help me get into a good university and a good job," she replied carefully. Her Japanese accent was strong but you could easily tell what she was saying as her speech was fluid with few pauses in between words.

"Your parents were quite right. You study it enough and learn everything about the language and you could become an interpreter for companies, police officers and foreign dignitaries. It opens up quite a few possibilities for you," Xavier replied as Storm helped him out of the car and back into his wheelchair. Usagi nodded and turned to look at the school her parents had paid to send her to. It was a huge mansion that seemed to go on forever. It was four or five stories high with so many windows that she was sure that they had quite a bill from glass-cleaning companies. Students were sitting in the courtyard out front talking, laughing and… openly displaying their powers!

Paper airplanes flew and levitated in place. Some kids had obvious mutations that made them look a little bit like animals while others looked completely normal. One guy was standing in front of a pretty girl with a white streak in her hair and using his hands to create an ice sculpture that almost exactly looked like her while she giggled. Usagi thought it strange that the girl wore such large gloves. Storm recaptured her attention as she pulled her suitcase out of the car as well as her pet carrier. From inside the grey pet bag a tired meow came out. She smiled. Luna was going to be so tired that she wouldn't even try to slink around like she normally did.

Sighing, Usagi followed Storm to the dormitories while Professor Xavier went to conduct a class. She looked around the room that she would be sharing with another classmate and smiled. Whoever she was bunking with wasn't extremely neat but they weren't extremely messy either. Perhaps she could take a page from their book and learn to clean up after herself.

It wasn't long before she had most of her clothes put away, Luna watching lazily from her perch on her bed. Her sheets and comforter were already in place, a vibrant pink color with a hint of gold lurking in the threads. She had a poster of her favorite Japanese band posted on the wall next to her bed. After a moment she finally dug out a picture of her family. The picture contained her mother, father and little brother. She sighed slightly. She missed them already and she'd been gone for just nearly a whole day. For the umpteenth time, she cursed her mutant powers. Most people in Japan were accepting of those who had mutated, even going so far as to find ways of mutating themselves to be like them. However, there were those who had used their powers for stealing, rape, murder and other things that couldn't be described very well by the media. That had inspired her parents, when they found out about her mutation, to send her to America to Professor Xavier for schooling and for training in the use of her powers.

"Thinking long thoughts?" a southern-accented voice asked. Usagi jumped and a small spark of white energy popped out from her fingers as she dropped the picture frame of her family on the bed. "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to startle you!" cried the girl. She was thin with reddish hair and a streak of white in the front.

"It is all right," Usagi replied as her heart began to calm down. She stood and started to bow but stopped herself and held her hand out to shake the girl's hand. "I am your new roommate. My name is Usagi."

The girl smiled and made sure that the glove that covered her hands and arms were secure before she took her hand.

"I'm Rogue. Welcome to Mutant High."

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