Scene start: Robin, An invitation...

Robin observed the kid as he flowed across the mat. Graceful arcs, acute strikes from above and the side, feet gliding through each step. He didn't want to intrude just yet, so he had chosen to watch from the observation room. That kid had been at this for hours. One kata blending another. The young detective only vaguely recognized most of them, others were almost completely new. His own mastery of martial arts allowing him to decipher the combat scenarios as Gohan battled against imaginary foes. Not once did an opening appear. This young fighter seemed perfect on both offense and defense, balance was always maintained and low. The familiarity with which he moved from once stance and position to the next was as smooth as taking a stroll down the street it seemed. Tight muscles shifted under taught skin as he seemed to transition freely between styles. The teen martial artist had been able to identify that the boy used 3, possibly even four, distinct fighting styles. Although some of the maneuvers seemed to be useless as they threw his arms or hands out in odd positions. The latex clad youth watched inquisitively. Familiarity at this level required years of not just practice in a dojo, it also demonstrated actual combat experience.

The rear door of the observation deck hissed open. Heavy footsteps thudded into the room. "You look like a guy with a decision on his mind..." Cyborgs deep tone resonated through the room.

"We need to keep these guys close, or at least one of them. They are obviously familiar with that monsters capabilities and habits..." his voice still breathless as he watched the display below continue.

He could see the luminescent circuitry of Cyborg's access panels step up beside him, "I don't think anyone on the team is gonna argue with that. And I think we're all with you on this." the older teen paused for a moment "Some of us have displayed a bit more worry than others, but I don't think it's anything to be concerned about yet.

His friend's red lens flashed, glowing for a moment and the friends continued to watch. "You know I'm not really much for this kind of thing." Gesturing towards the room below Cyborg continued "What are we seeing here?" Robin's teeth tightened for a moment as he flexed a single hand.

"I've seen him demonstrate mastery of anywhere from two, to four martial arts styles." His gravelly tone still held a note of curiosity. "Two appear to be Kung-Fu variations. The first is something very similar to Crane style and the other... I'll have to check because I honestly haven't seen it before."

The cyborg's single brown eye widened as it darted to glance at him.

"The others are unknown to me," Robin stated.

His cybernetic subordinate broke his gaze on Gohan below and regarded him. "On one hand I'm shocked to hear you say there is a style of Kung-Fu you don't know. But then again he IS from another dimension."

The leader grunted and turned to his trusted friend. "So? I take it everyone came to a decision?"

With a sigh Cyborg shook his head. "You never cease to amaze me man, we tried to keep that quiet. But yeah, we're behind whichever option you choose Rob."

Robin's chest puffed and his spine straightened as he smirked at his long-time friend. "It's what I do... Let's go make an offer." Both teen heroes exited the observation deck and headed downstairs.

Scene change: Gohan, interruption

Well-polished floors slid beneath his feet. Cool air washed over his arms as he glided from one position to the next. Each transition seamless, each with a purpose. Gohan worked through the forms melding each to the next in a never ending sequence. The world had fallen away at some point. Only the practitioner remained. The swish of bare feet over polished concrete resounded. Up on the balls of one foot, and back into a low stance bringing a heel palm strike in at an oblique angle. Each shift bringing new purpose and driving away his inner demons.

The soft whoosh of the entryway, the air shifted in the room. Smells of leather, salty foods, oil and perfumes wafted past the absorbed warrior. Footsteps echoed in his ear canals. Gohan continued through his set. Feeling their gaze on him, their focus was cursory at first, but soon it was riveted on him. The young warrior felt his brows furrow and emptiness of a void threatened to suck his core in again.

With a sweep of his feet across the floor the artist rotated into an elbow strike against his invisible opponent. A step forward buried a strike in the next. He pushed the feelings into the strikes. Balance returned for a moment.

After a few moments, Gohan, no longer as disturbed finished the set. Both hands at his sides, heels together and toes apart he bowed to the narrow wall. The resolute child sighed and turned to the group, now gathered expectantly.

Robin's gravelly voice echoed in the room "We don't mean to disturb you too much, but it was the best time to talk..."

Gohan responded bringing his hand behind his head, elbow up, in the familiar gesture of his late father. "Ah, heh. It's fine really. What did you guys want to talk about?"

Cyborg was the next to speak up "Well man, the group of us understand something went down with you recently. We don't know how much longer you're going to be here but..." here the tallest of the bunch glanced at the other and received a few nods of confirmation. "We wanted to extend an invitation. To join the Titans..."

Gohan's eyes locked on the floor as he thought about it, "What would that mean exactly?"

"Well, we protect the city in any way we can. Criminals, masterminds, super villains, you name it and we stop it. We're here to help. We know you want that Cell guy and we have the resources, but you also don't seem like the kinda person to let anything else slide... Know what I mean?"

Here the distraught youth nodded "Thank you, but... I'll have to think about it," he looked up and avoided the eyes of a particular girl "I mean it sounds great and all. But..."

The lighting shifted to red and an ear piercing alarm blared. The alert repeated only once more as their leader Robin flipped open a bright yellow device and glanced at its open surface.

"We have a prison break. Titans, gear up!"

Immediately the team scattered in several directions with only the green teen remaining behind eying him with a slight smirk "You know you wanna!"

Gohan's heart quickened. Was it Cell!? No, the leather clad bird had said something about a prison break... But he had to be on the alert for Cell. There was no telling when that monster would appear and start wiping whole towns off the map. Could he afford to go off and take care of this?

The squeaky kids voice grated in his ears again "C'mon Gohan, at least come check us out in action! You'll see we aren't pushovers. We can and WILL help you."

Sighing, he somehow knew this kid wasn't going to give in, the musclebound fighter nodded, conceding his desire to get out. Besides he was already warmed up somewhat. He jogged after the shape-shifter through a few hallways before coming to a door. "Wait here!" he whooped before disappearing into disaster of a room he had stopped by. He felt his eye brows raise in curiosity as he watched items go flying in every direction. The messy teens hunt for something was chaotic. It was only a moment before the anxious teen zipped in front of him again.

"This should do for now until we can get you a killer costume!" Beastboy proclaimed "What should we call you out there by the way? We all have code names!"

Gohan took the items examining them. A pair of mirrored sunglasses and a shiny golden handkerchief still in its packaging.. "Uh... the Golden Warrior?"

"Dude that's awesome! Wish I could have come up with something quick like that" Beastboy grabbed his arm before darting down the hallway again with Gohan in tow.

The supposed savior couldn't help but feel a little silly in this getup. Gohan was still wearing the black pants and Gi loaned to him by Cyborg and Robin, but his hair was now restrained under a golden cloth and he was wearing a pair a mirrored sunglasses. The caped leader glanced at him when they passed each other on the way to the garage. Gohan felt his cheeks heat up. This was kind of embarrassing...

The light of day had dimmed but it was still several hours until sunset. Gohan was a little uncomfortable in the T-car. Cyborgs gaze was intense. The expectant aura confirmed he believed he knew what came next. Trees and bushes flew by on the sides of the road as the curious teen sat in the passenger seat. Robin on a curved and bird stylized cycle behind them, two girls flew under their own power above, flanked by a lime green pterodactyl.

The scene was still in chaos up ahead as they arrived. The outer wall had been bowled over and crushed. Prisoners were running in every direction both to avoid whatever chaos was inside as well as the authorities. Before even entering the grounds Cyborg sent the car screeching into a drift, coming to a stop behind a nearby wall. Exiting the driver's seat, the armored hero cried out "Let's go!"

Carefully opening the passenger door to avoid damaging it Gohan exited hastily and trotted beside Cyborg. Robin quickly joined them as they raced to the wall breach.

"No one else gets out! Titans GO!" Robin broke into a dead sprint as another prisoner was spotted climbing over the rubble.

The newly dubbed hero watched as the caped kid shifted weight to the left and leapt into an overhead ax kick knocking the escaped convict into the sweet bliss of unconsciousness. A metal shaft sprang into existence in Robin's hands as he bobbed and weaved into a well-practiced routine. Knocking back convict after convict while keeping a section of the rubble secure.

A reverberating wave of iridescent aqua energy swept past Gohan's side. More men in gray jumpsuits were blasted back in groups of two and three by the narrow cone of force. He watched as the gleaming hero leapt up on the opposing side of rubble from Robin, together the two had closed the gap.

The newest teammate leapt up between the two and waited for someone to close with him. He observed the remaining team members begin to mop up. Hardened criminals were running in all directions. Emerald blasts of energy rained down from above, blowing convicts off their feet and forcing others to run in new directions. Ebony energy swept the yard in waves. Trapping men behind warps bars and under carefully constructed piles of concrete. Beastboy had become a raging rhino and was sewing even more chaos, bodies went flying in all directions.

A group of men spotted the three heroes and decided they had numbers on their side. They came rushing in waves up the rubble. Cyborg managed to keep his share at bay with well-timed blasts. Robin bobbed and weaved as his silver staff spun about his person, sending escapee after escapee back down the pile. Catching three more heading straight up towards himself the young powerhouse dropped into a deep stance. On their first attempted strike Gohan slipped inside their guards and delivered a series of straight punches. Three men impacted the ground at the base of the pile in clouds of dust and ceased even to stir.

More convicts trickled out of a breached cell block. Only a few so far, but Gohan spotted an even larger crowd surging for freedom in the darkness of its depths. Ignoring the shout behind him, he bolted for the opening. Maintaining a moderate pace to weave through the crowds the inexperienced hero soon reached the hole in the building, twirling to and fro sending groups of the convicts through the air unconscious. Open handed slaps sent hardened criminals into concrete walls. Moments later the powerhouse was surrounded by piles of unconscious prisoners about him.

The flutter within his chest startled the Z warrior. A gravelly roar was punctuated by the din of yet another concrete wall being crushed. Gohan's head twitched to the side and he caught the last of the smoke clearing. A massive monolithic creature stood over the rubble. Grainy skin punctuated by simple patterns reminiscent of construction materials covered the thing. The eyes gleamed a dull red as it charged for the team's shape-shifter. Beastboy was not caught unaware and managed to flow into an armored quadrupedal dinosaur, taking the brunt of the impact and slowing the creature. Emerald streaks showered down, the concussive blasts blowing stone shrapnel into nearby escapees.

'Dammit' He thought. Not even five minutes into trying to help these guys and they appeared to be in over their heads. The feeling of power emanating from this concrete creature seemed to be higher than the entire team sans himself combined. Gohan's body acted on its own once he noticed no change in the enemy's energy. Twisting to align himself Gohan launched across the yard with a single fist cocked back. The blow connected, his target never even noticing his approach. Stone gave way as the construct was lifted off the ground and thrown free of the green teen. The crumble of brick reached his ears long after he saw the impact. He wasn't done yet, and the newly dubbed Golden Warrior catapulted himself with a kick and landed another straight jab center of mass. The rigid body gave way to the Demi-Saiyan's impossible strength. Stone cracked, and the resounding snap echoed. Following on its heels was the piercing scream of distress.

The thing reacted quicker than he expected. Gohan watched as its fist descended in a wide arc. Life blood pumped and time slowed a fraction. The hero's eyes narrowed as he dipped a shoulder and danced to the left. Dirt coated his ankles in a surging wave. Ignoring the clumps the Golden Warrior reacted, the freak found its fists now wrapped in two short but powerful arms. There was no time to react as the world around it blurred and twisted. The world went black when the Tamaranean landed a perfect blow to the base of its skull mid-flight.

Robin threw the last projectile he could spare, watching as still several more convicts managed to escape. The new kid had abandoned a perfect bottleneck to lend unneeded assistance. Spectacular though it was, the new wall openings combined with a wide open field had left the rest of the team unprepared to stop everyone, and a few of the key players had slipped out in the chaos. Including one Johnny Rancid. The young man's neck tensed, the ache already beginning in the base of his skull. With a creased brow he stalked over to their newest pro tempore recruit. This kid needed a reality check.

Starfire was standing over the unconscious form of the ever perplexing Cinderblock. None knew exactly how he had come to be or what exactly made its body function so any day they could take it down was a good day. The crimson haired beauty was obviously pleased with herself, yet still watching the kid with some amazement.

"Just what do you think you're doing?!" Robin shouted "You let at least a dozen criminals loose on the city."

Gohan felt a single brow twitch. "That thing was gonna take you guys out. It was far stronger than your team combined. You needed the extra muscle, I saw an opening and..."

Robin glared for only a second before pinching the bridge of his nose. "To help one set of team members you endangered another."

"It is true, we have always prevailed together in this way." Starfire piped up. "The Cinderblock is powerful but, he is only one and we are a team."

The pit sank below his heart. Had he really jumped in on something they could have handled? The difference was big but not insurmountable he supposed. But how had he been the one to let anyone loose.

"I'm sorry." The kid pouted "I didn't know you had experience with him before. But I don't understand how I..."

The carped bird's hand shot up, pointing to an opening in the buildings wall, the one with bodies piled just inside. "We had the only exit covered. When that wall blew and you left us, I could understand that. But then you abandoned that bottle neck for yet another battle, leaving Cyborg and myself to deal with an even larger crowd. They didn't want to fight us, they were just running, and there were only two of us to cover the multiple openings against a horde of escaping convicts."

Scene Change: Vegeta, Reflections

Electric winding followed by a massive clang echoed through the gymnasium. Vegeta's arm hardly even shuddered. Extending the load straight up, he lowered it ever so slowly. The sounds repeated before the Prince allowed himself to raise the load again. His mouth tightened as he lowered it. The resistance was still too low in the planets weak gravity. 'What I need is another gravity chamber' even the thought sounded cross.

He had been lucky to find this facility though. After wandering the building for a few minutes he had come across a vast room sparsely filled with equipment and consoles. It had not taken him long to fixate on the one thing in here that might at least give him a challenge, provided he infused no energy into his muscles. It was a massive square container with handles beneath it. It was attached to the wall with some sort of over sized servo arm. The thing dwarfed any of the kids here.

The controls had proved no great difficulty and soon the wall behind it was churning out massive gray plates and dropping them into the buckets frame. Standing beneath it, the proud saiyan waited for a new weight to drop in before lifting the massive container once again. He had been at this for some time now and he was just beginning to notice the weight. He allowed thoughts to drift as he pushed.

That freak had killed his son. The young man had done everything to gain his approval and he, being the arrogant prince that he was, had simply ignored him. Focused so completely on becoming stronger he had neglected his own blood. The knot in his chest tightened. A new metallic clang echoed and the shamed father lifted the set again.

Even in his last ditch effort to avenge his sons slaughter he had proved no match. The full fury of the Saiyan Prince had proved nothing but an annoyance to that damned aberration. Everything he had, all of the strength of the last pure blooded saiyan, every ounce of fury had gone into that frenzied attack. It would have reduced anyone or anything else to DUST in the wind. Instead that horror had emerged from the cloud to deliver a simple backhand to his jaw. At a speed Vegeta simply wasn't capable of following he had been disabled by the vigor with which the blow had been delivered. Just like that, he, the Prince of all Saiyans, last survivor of a warrior race had been knocked to the way side. Nothing but a side show.

The bunched muscles in his neck clenched, the edges of his vision flushed red. He had to be saved by the spawn of his greatest rival. The only other saiyan left, his clown of a rival had died leaving his son behind. The half breed was his to contend with now. Even more infuriating, the boy had achieved a level of power that was unthinkable. A child that had not just surpassed him, but had proven that even a Super Saiyan Prince could be brought low again by something his subject could face down. He would have to deal with that child soon.

Vegeta's own son, the infant. Was now most likely permanently beyond his reach. In this new universe there were no Saiyans as far as he could tell. Their race had a legacy. For too long he had kept it hidden within him. Tapping into only the surface of its depth. He would have passed that legacy, the stories of his people, knowledge of their ways and the spirit of who they were before a tyrant had tried to crush their pride. He would have passed all of this onto his son so that through the continued line of Vegeta, his people might persist in some fashion. So that the pride of the Saiyan race might persist even if its people died was impossible now. A saiyan could take only one mate in their life. That left... him. His rival's only son to continue their legacy. He would teach the boy. At first he might have to beat it into Gohan. The proud warrior knew well enough, that as the child learned the history of his people pride would swell within him, it was in his blood and spirit. He would never be a true saiyan warrior perhaps. His earthling mother had too much influence for that. But the Pride of their shared ancestry would allow the legacy of the Saiyan warriors to continue. Who knew, perhaps he would end up with brats of his own one day. Among them there might yet be more saiyan warriors waiting to be born.

High pitched incessant chattering pierced his ear drums. Vegeta's ear twitched but he pushed on, finally getting at least a small amount of resistance from the machine as he pushed the load high again. Those children knew nothing about walking properly. Footsteps echoed from the entryway and were ignored. Each clang signaling more weight triggered the push and slow descent of the single arm.

The footsteps had ceased and silence reigned momentarily. "Woah..." the single rough voice of the green weirdo echoed.

"Hey Vegeta!" Gohan's voice was almost cheery, and it got on the Princes nerves. "Is that thing giving any real resistance?"

Scene change: Raven, Obstacle Course

Raven watched with a practiced blank expression as Robin explained the course in vague detail. She already had a inkling this wouldn't prove too much of a challenge for him. She did hope, however, that they had a few surprises in store for their newest member. With two nods of confirmation the duo split and their team leader joiner her behind the console.

"Let's show him a few tricks, what do you say Raven?" The boys wonders gravel choked voice seemed effused with mischievousness.

With a sigh Raven responded in her stoic fashion, "Sure thing"

Reaching out to the board before her she initiated the first sequence, ramping it's tempo up. She lifted her gaze to observe their newest curiosity. With a shout from Beastboy, Gohan bolted into the field towards the first marker. A flutter of amusement was squashed as she watched him enter the center of the trap. A multitude of turrets sprang from concealment within false rocks scattered about the area. Targeting sequences took only a split second before energy blazed from the focusing barrels.

Everyone watched as the young warriors eyes widened in surprise. Beams of blazing heat passed through the boy as if he wasn't even there. Slight wisps of dust puffing along the ground at his feet. Gohan vanished, reappearing in the same instant among the turrets themselves. Where the beams would intersect the surprising heroes body they instead changed course. Phasing in and out among the groups of blasters in only moments time, the child headed along to the next challenge on the course. Leaving smoldering piles of twisted metal and rock in his wake.

Ravens chest seemed hollow, her breath had vanished. She ignored her gaping mouth as she tried to comprehend what they had just witnessed. Did he just dimensionally phase out? Or was it some sort of teleportation? Why the heck were they driving him around if he could teleport? Dust stung her eyes, but she ignored it in favor of not missing the scene on the dirt ridden field.

His feet padded as he seemed to glide across the ground. With a sudden leap to the side Gohan avoided the first steel fist to erupt from beneath the hard packed crust. The boy danced back and forth, always advancing. Seeming to anticipate the pillars before they had even begun to emerge. Each fist was several feet shy of him by the time it started to clear the surface. This kid was good. He was fast and seemed to anticipate the attacks in a casual manner.

The next section was expected by their newest teammate. Again the bursts of energy seemed to never touch him, passing through him with only a tuft of dust beneath his feet to even mark their passing. At this point Raven focused on his face. He was focused, but in a way that was not as intense as she might have expected otherwise.

With three quick breaths she dropped into a meditative trance. Inward, deeper and deeper she sought. Focusing her center she reached out, hesitating only for a moment. Seeking that connection she knew was still beneath the surface. She might have buried it, but there was no breaking it... yet.

A sense of sludge minded attentiveness pervaded the link. Snapping her eyes open she mumbled "He doesn't even think this is a challenge..." It took less than a few seconds for the powerhouse to pass through the field of pole mounted dual blasters.

A backlash of inquisitive intent struck her as the three wall drop obstacles erupted in a row.

His curiosity cost him an opportunity as the first wall slammed down like a door shutting, a quick nod demonstrated his understanding. The child bounded forward with a fist cocked back. He closed the distance faster Raven expected and with a "KIAI!" his fist was flung in a gently curved arc. Steel twisted at the point of impact and the structure shattered under the blow. Her jaw slackened ever so slightly as she leaned forward. Gohan paid no heed to those watching and continued to roll under the next wall as it slammed down. The third he caught with a single arm and flung it back up. The screech of tortured alloys ripped across the groups eardrums. The frame meant to hold and guide the wall was blasted apart from the force of its occupant. The last steel door rushed skyward rejecting its frame.

The shocked teen girl watched him jog forward towards what he believed to be the next supposed challenge. A soft growl beside drew her gaze to the periphery for just long enough to see Robin's narrowed eyes and teeth gritted in grudging respect. Robin's hands subtly inched forward and Raven realized exactly what he had in mind... Not that she disapproved. She wanted to see if the fighter could be surprised.

A yelp confirmed the boy could indeed be surprised. The smirk froze in the same instant it began however. Again her eyes widened ignoring the sting of flying dust. A squeaky cheer cried out from below. Beastboy was now cheering him on while the rest of the team watched in mute silence. Gohan hovered back up over the ledge of the pit which had opened beneath his feet when he jogged onto the trapdoor. The cavern beneath him was massive but the boy paid it no heed and flew to the opposing side of the grotto.

No sooner had he landed than he was assaulted by the next phase. Again a series turrets burst from concealment and began to spew ceramic pigeons. The boy bounded forward again watching the projectiles soar towards his position. The only clue on the next move he planned was a slow shift in his center of gravity as they approached.

Gohan became a blur. Spinning like a top, every other disc entered the blur came bolting back out to shatter against the next. But the blur didn't stay in place. It flowed across the battlefield until nothing but shards were left of the projectiles. As soon as she could make out Gohan again, he vanished. Once again flickering into view, this time below the control console looking up at them...

"How was that?" he queried.

Her eyes were still wide open and stinging, was her serious?! "Um... that was fine, I guess?"

Beastboy's voice broke for a second as he shouted "FINE! That was awesome! How about it Cy? Did he break the record?"

Cyborgs gaze was on the decimated field "Not to mention the course, man"

The team followed Beastboy and Gohan as they walked in, the green teen talking non-stop and asking questions, not giving the kid a chance to reply and instead making up his own answers. They passed by the gymnasium and could hear the electric whine and clang of Cyborgs personal weight set, which measured weight by tons, half tons, and quarter tons. Against the team was shocked into silence as they watched Vegeta lift and lower the container with a single arm. A glance told them he was already at weights where Cyborg had to push himself, yet the man who had become known for his lack of manners was operating it with a single arm.

"Woah..." whispered an amazed Beastboy.

"Hey Vegeta!" Gohan's voice was almost cheery causing the Prince's brow to twitch. "Is that thing giving any real resistance?"

"I've been at this machine for a while now and it's finally getting to the point I can notice it." The Saiyan grumbled, "I just hope this thing can add a lot more because I don't want to atrophy on this world..."

"C'mon Vegeta! I'm sure they have some sort of gravity technology!" Gohan turned to the team. "How about it? Can you guys build a high gravity chamber?"

Cyborgs face had turned ashy, he paled even further as the weight kept piling on and Vegeta kept raising and lowering it each time another plate was added.

Scene change: Cell, monstrous discoveries

Zings of rapid footsteps passed overhead, each from a new direction. A moment later came the thud of a body hitting the ground. The genetic anomaly was intrigued. Each day it was forced to find a new source of biomass just to sustain it's own existence. No longer was it trying to gain more power. Instead it's thoughts centered on survival, until a solution could be found.

'Just die!' came the quiet voice once again

With a growl of defiance the monster once known as Cell quashed the voice with an eft of will. Center was maintained, senses slowly reached out. Battle was joined above. It did not know what was nearby or what the battle was for. The slowly growing power of the injured one above peaked his curiosity. This being could repair itself. An ability once owned by the genetic amalgam. Slowly, pointed claws excavated a path through dirt and gravel. Slowly the monster filled in the space behind it, hoping to leave little trace or evidence of its passing.

Again a ripsaw of running steps passed overhead. Once, twice, thrice they passed and the growing power shrank once again. The expected thud only a moment later. Again its power slowly regenerated and Cell's mouth watered, tasting its power from a distance.

Light stabbed through an opening as the last few inches approached. The once glorified perfect paused and left a covering above itself. Allowing only its eyes to peak out so it could observe the battle and wait for a chance.

There in the open depression of earth stood a lone reptilian creature. Its wounds slowly closing on their own. It's head and body adorned with an eclectic assortment of armor, bronze in tone. Simultaneous red streaks passed through the area as the monsters new target twisted through the air with fresh wounds, to land even closer. The diminished extra-dimensional freak demonstrated both cunning and wisdom in its patience. With the current tide this new meal would only get closer and weaker. A chance would soon present itself. Mocking calls came from some distance, a child taunting a helpless foe. The flat nosed lizard creature screeched before receiving yet another blazing fast flurry of blows.

This time its landing was almost within tail range of the true predator here. Another pass of the red streak sent the grotesque armored figure twisting towards the hidden carapaced experiment.

A shriek of triumph erupted in the same moment as dirt and stone exploded from its hiding place. The eyes of predator and prey locked. Lizard borne eyes widened as they stared into the narrow slits of the deep green cockroach. A pumping gulp sounded and the alien enemy was reduced. Squeaks escaped its mouth. Bulges traveled the length of Cell's tail as he savored of chunks torn from its current meal.

The red and yellow streak materialized into a ridiculous latex outfit on top of the nearby mound. "What in the heck!" came the shout, but the speedster could only watch in horror as its former opponent seemed to deflate with each bulge in this new entrants tail. The hero swallowed as his stomach churned in revulsion.

When the armor finally tumbled from the remaining skin of its most recent acquisition, a short shudder and the needle point of its appendage opened to gulp the remaining bits. The slitted eyes fluttered in ecstasy as it absorbed the last bits. The burning of its body slowly ceased. Pain ebbed and strength stabilized. The eyes popped open as he realized the truth. The deterioration had ceased.

"I don't know what you are, but your obviously not on the side of good..." the call drew the restored beasts attention.

Kid Flash zipped towards the thing, hoping to knock it off its four feet and onto its back. If he could keep it off balance he could get some backup and capture the thing. Yet, reflexes kicked in as burning pain sliced across the heroes midriff. A rapid change in direction sent the teens feet skidding along as he turned to the creature in astonishment. A time slowed as he watched the blood along the needle tipped tail flow into the bone syringe. Its beak curved into a leer and its eyes focused on him.

The voice which followed sent terror coursing through his veins, "Marvelous..."

The power which flowed from even a small dose of that man-child's blood was intoxicating. It would be short lived the mutant knew. Putting it to use immediately, Cell burst forward with all it's might, placing all speed into the strike of it's tail...

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