The Deadly Venom

She's dying.

Oh God, she's dying. I'm losing her. I'm losing her just like I lost her mother.

And you.

What are you doing about it?! This is your fault, you were supposed to protect her, you brought this crazy snake person down on her, so what are you doing to fix it? It's not enough? Not enough that you already took everything from me, already took her mother, already took my humanity, TWICE, now you're going to take my daughter, you aliens and mutants and creatures and FREAKS and I'm sorry, I'm sorry, that's wrong, I know, I'm sorry: I should know better, I know April cares about you, I know she would be ashamed of me if she could hear what I'm thinking but she can't be ashamed of me if she's DEAD OH GOD I should have taken her to a hospital breathe honey, breathe!

You. I'm on to you. I see the way you drool all over her, just like that Jones boy. Look at her. Look at her in her little pajamas. She's a baby. My baby.

I hope you know you don't deserve her. I hope you know it every single day. I hope you all know. And I hope to God you have something up your sleeve because I swear, if you get my precious baby girl killed, my April, my breath of Spring, so like her mother, so sweet, so smart, so stubborn…

Her first word was Dada.

Do you even know that?

She wouldn't be mad at you.

But I am.

I am livid.

And I want you to know it. I want you to know that if you hurt her, that if you LET anyone hurt her, the things I will do to you will make the Shredder look like a kitchen utensil.

And you.

April has a father.

Me. I'm her father.

I thought you were protecting her, I thought you were teaching her to take care of herself, but no, you fill her head with your ninja warrior nonsense, teach her to throw that metal fan around, and then expect her to sit quietly on the sidelines out of danger? You clearly don't know my daughter. Because you are not her father, I AM and if you think this qualifies as "protecting" her you are -


You're chanting.

We're chanting now?

Oh my God, she's actually going to die.

I should have taken her to a hospital. I don't know what I was thinking.

My April is going to die in a sewer.

Oh God. Please no.

Oh God.