One day, in a tribe of walrus's, a calf was being born. Their leader, Orion, was about to be a proud papa with his lover Ivory. Her name was Ivory because of her bright, white, ivory tusks, that glinted whenever the sun shined on them. All of the walrus's were gathered around ivory, watching the little calf being born into the new world. Orion made his way to the front quickly as he saw the calf slowly sliding out. Ivory let out a cry of happiness and relief as she heard her calf moan out for the first time.

She looked to see a beautiful walrus calf with a couple brown spots under his chest and on his back. He had beautiful teal eyes and an adorable little nose. Everyone awed as the calf snuggled up to its mama.

"You've done well Ivory" orion said, nudging her cheek.

"Thank you my dear" she said softly.

She looked at the little calf as Orion went to see what it was. Orion smiled widely and looked to everyone.

"It is a BOY!"

A huge cheer erupted from the tribe. The young calf saw a couple of birds and started to chase them, causing everyone to laugh. Ivory smiled.

"He sure is fast" Orion said.

"Maybe we shall call him….Dashall...Dash for short"

"Why ivory that is a perfect name for him"

The two smiled as dash made his way back to them with a yawn. The three of them snuggled up against each other and fell asleep after a very long day.