Tip was born in a huge emperor penguin tribe, up north far from the walrus clan, in fear of them being attacked and killed. The mothers were just returning from their fishing trip and Tip's father, a tough penguin named spruce, watched as the little penguin broke free from the egg. He was a cute little penguin chick.

The young penguin looked up at his father and gave a little squawk as a first hello. He had soft black feathers with a white little belly with orange and yellow at the top, yellow beak, and the cutest little feet you would ever find on a baby penguin.

Spruce smiled as the newborn snuggled under his chest to keep warm. He couldn't believe he had a son to look after now. He then saw his beautiful mate, Ebony, make her way over to him with a smile on her face.

"Welcome back" he whispered as he greeted his wife with a nuzzle.

"Happy to be back my love" she replied with a smile.

She looked around and saw a black little ball of feathers under his chest.

"Is that our baby?" she asked in excitement.

The young penguin looked up and smiled. He could tell instantly that she was his mama. Ebony laughed as the penguin chick nuzzled her chest.

"Oh spruce he's so gorgeous! What's his name?"

Spruce paused and pondered for a bit. He then noticed his new son had a feather sticking out at the top of his head. He smiled and said,

"His name is Titanous Tipitarious"

"Oh can we name him tip for short?" she asked.

The father smiled and nodded.

"I think that will be just fine….litte tip….my own son"