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Kenichi was having a regular day being trained by his master which could be classified as torture. Man after defeating Odin the leader of Ragnarok you'd think I could take it easy, but no my masters just go back to torturing me saying it's all for my benefit he thought. As he was training with the Muay Thai master Apachai.

"Kenichi dodge!" Apachai yelled as he punched at full speed the distracted Kenichi was hit right in the face and sent flying when he finally hit the ground his soul started coming out of his mouth.

"Oh no I hit him too hard!" he yelled everyone jumped up.

"Quick revive him." the brown haired man known as Akasame and another man wearing a hat known as Kensei both said

"Oh no Kenichi" a very curvaceous girl by the name of Miu said panicking looking at the lifeless body of Kenichi.

"The boy is dead. might be for good." another curvaceous women welding a sword named Shigure said while she poked the lifeless body. Kenichi was having difficulty trying to process looking at his lifeless body.

"Wait why am I looking at myself." he looked around and realized he was floating.

"Oh I know this must be a dream ya that's a perfectly logical solution."

"Afraid not." a voice said making kenichi freak out.

"Who's there." he said in a sheepish voice. he looked to see a girl with blue hair that is in a ponytail wearing a pink kimono sitting on an oar.

"Hello my name is Botan." Kenichi looked at her dumbfounded. he then notice that behind her there was another person he had slicked back black hair and was wearing a green uniform.

"Uh what do you mean afraid not?" he asked botan gave him a serious look.

"Well Kenichi Shirahama you are dead." this statement was immediately followed by a loud shriek coming Kenichi.

"Well it looks like he took it well" said the other boy.