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"I guess we should start walking around the city and see if we can find anything." Kenichi said Yusuke looked at him in agreement.

"That seems to be our only option." Then Kenichi and Yusuke went to head out.

"You wouldn't happen to have anything that can help?" Kenichi asked Yusuke then showed him a watch on his wrist.

"This thing is able to pick up on a demon's energy." he said

"Really that's great then this should be easier." And with that they go out into town to look.

4 Hours Later

A very annoyed Yusuke gives a huff.

"Dammit we've searched this entire city and there's been no sign of anything." Kenichi let out a sigh.

"We've been at this for hours." Yusuke growled

"It's getting closer to night we need to find it." Just then his watch started going off they both picked up to this, they look around until they see a Man with Long red hair and green eyes.

"That's Kurama." Yusuke said as Kurama passed them he speaks very quietly as to only have them to hear it.

"Don't worry I have no intention of fighting you both, in fact I have a favor to ask?" They both give a dumbfounded look.

"And what that?" Yusuke asked

"I only need the Forlorn Hope for tonight then you can have it. Meet me at the hospital later tonight and i will explain everything." He said then walked off, Kenichi then looked at Yusuke.

"Well what now?" Yusuke asked

"We should head back to the dojo and tell the others." And with that they left.

Scene Change

"This could be a trap." Renka said

"It does seem too covenant that you get the Forlorn Hope after he makes a wish, for all we know he could end the world?" Botan added Kenichi gave a thoughtful look.

" I don't think that's what he will use it on ." Yusuke then added in.

"Besides if he was going to do that then why talk to us at all." Botan poundered for a second.

"You have a point."

"Besides he got into an argument with the other two and then left."

"I feel we can trust him also when I saw his eyes they looked very sad." Kenichi said he then looked over to Miu.

"You haven't said anything what do you think?"

"Honestly Kenichi you should do what you think is best." She said

"Well I think we should go meet him." He said Yusuke looked at him approvingly.

"I agree." Botan gave a worried look.

"Well just be careful I have to go back to spirit world to find out more." She then left. Renka gave Kenichi a big hug.

"You be careful I don't know what i do if you got hurt." Miu glared at Renka then looked at Kenichi.

"Be safe." Kenichi gave her the thumbs up

"Don't worry I'll be fine." Yusuke then dragged Kenichi out the door

"Come on lover boy we've got to go." Lucky bastard he thought in jealousy

Scene Change

They arrived at the hospital where they saw Kurama waiting out front.

"Good you came." He said they both nodded.

"Follow me." With that they followed him into a building. They came to a door as he opened it the look of sadness got worse, when the door opened they saw a Woman in the bed she looked very sickly she then looked at Kurama.

"Oh Shuichi you're here and i see you've brought friends." Kurama walked very quickly to her.

"Mother how are you feeling?" Mother. They both thought

"I'm feeling a little better." she said

"Do you need anything?" he asked

"I'm fine for right now."

"I'm going to go talk to the doctor." She nodded and he exited the room Kenichi and Yusuke followed he walked until he found the doctor.

"Ah Shuichi you're visiting your mother again." he nodded

"Is there any recovery to her condition." He gave a sadden look.

"I'm sorry to say no her condition is stable for now but, it will only get worse i'm truly sorry." He nodded then started walking. I can't imagine how bad he must feel right now Kenichi thought. They finally arrived at the top of the hospital.

"I bet you're wondering how a Demon can have a human mother?"

"Of course we are." Yusuke said Kurama then told them of how he was a fox demon and how after being seriously injured he transferred his soul into an unborn baby, and how he grew to care for his mother.

"So you want to use the Forlorn Hope to save your mother." he nodded

"Precisely." They then looked up and saw the full moon. He pulled out the Forlorn Hope and placed it on the ground, and put his and over it.

"Forlorn Hope I ask you to wake from your sleep and hear my plea reflect my greatest desire so you can make it true." The Forlorn hope begane to light up and showed an image of Kurama's mother.

"The happiness of this woman is that what you desire." A voice boomed out of the mirror.

"Yes." was all Kurama said

"To grant this wish you must give your life is that what you desire?" Kenichi looked shocked.

"There's has to be some other way?" he said

"There isn't." Kurama replied he then looked back at the mirror.

"If it will save my mothers life then yes."

"Then your desire will be fulfilled." the Forlorn hope began to glow brighter Kurama's Body began to spark as the life from him was being drained, just then Yusuke put his hand over the mirror.

"Hey mirror guy can you hear me? I want you to take my life instead that way Kurama can live and still get his wish."

"This doesn't make sense why are you doing this?" Kurama asked with a shocked expression.

"What doesn't make sense is rescuing your mom just so she can mourn the death of her son. I've seen that once before and I don't want to see it again." Then Kenichi put his hand on the mirror as well.

"In that case I'm not going to see you die either."

"Your desire shall be fulfilled." Then the Forlorn hope got so bright it blinded everyone, when the light died down all three of were on the ground. Kurama Then got up.

"I'm alive but what about my mother." He then took off running Botan came flying down. Hopefully I'm not too late. She finally got to them.

"Oh no i'm too late, Yuusuke, Kenichi please get up." They both got up slowly.

"I'm still alive." They said simultaneously Botan looked relieved.

"Thank goodness you're both alright."

"In honor of your noble deed i fulfilled the wish without taking life." The voice from the mirror said.

Kurama arrived at the doctor. He had a happy look.

"Good news your mother has made a full recovery, truly a miracle has happened." Kurama then walked in to see his mother. He had a happy look on his face.

Kenichi picked up the Forlorn Hope off the ground.

"Now all we need is one more artifact." he said

"Yup this is wrapping up nicely." Yusuke said then they all smiled.

However in the distance someone was watching.

"What fools I was with. With Gouki it was his overconfidence and Kurama it was his sympathy for that human filth. I'm not like those two I Will kill Yusuke Urameshi and Kenichi Shirahama then fulfill my plan." He then jumped away.


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