Spectre Alex Shepard landed her shuttle in the Shadow Broker's docking bay and jumped out. Usually little Geena came running to meet her Aunty Alex as she'd started calling her. This time no one greeted her. Most of the people on board had been evacuated. The ship was in no way space worthy and when the Reapers arrived there would be no escape.

Alex ran to the control room to find Liara still tapping furiously away at her consoles. Two days ago Alex had got a message from the Asari requesting help with no details.


"Its Cerberus. They've found our location. Feron is loading the most needed equipment into a shuttle." explained the asari, not turning around. "When Cerberus arrives and if my information is accurate they will be here in an hour. I think aiming this ship at the largest of theirs should cause a big enough distraction to make our escape and destroy this ship in the process."

Cerberus! The pro human group had seemed to drop off the map right after the Collector base had been obliterated. The fact the had re-emerged didn't bode well. "How did you find out?"

"I have my sources."

The door opened and Gezeena walked in wearing armour carrying a data pad, the batarian nodded a greeting to Alex before handing the pad to Liara, "I've downloaded everything about the protheans, backed up everything else off site."

"She refused to leave," said Liara by way of explanation, knowing Alex would be wondering why she hadn't gone with her daughter.

The Spectre knew that the batarian now knew that Liara was the Shadow broker. She had proved to be intelligent and trustworthy.

"The Cerberus ships are going to pound this ship," said Alex, going to another console and pulling up the schematics. The ship was permanently flying in a violent storm so it could take a lot of punishment. "In this storm they can't lock on so they'll have to be line of sight which is close. They'll try to take it first."

"I know, all the internal security is programmed to attack anything that moves except for us." Liara stepped away with a last button press. "They will not be able to hack the system." The last time they were here Tali and Cassidy had made sure of that.

Until the alarms went off Alex helped load the shuttle there was only room for the pilot left. Councillor Anderson, now Admiral Anderson had asked Liara if she would be willing to have an information hub on the Normandy. As a flagship it would be needed. Neither had imagined that it would end up being the Shadow Broker herself. While the retro fits were still happening the asari had gotten permission to go to the Mars Archives. As a prothean expert Liara had the best chance to find any evidence of the super weapon mentioned in the beacon vision from Eden Prime.

Anderson had resigned his position on the council when Kaylee Sanders had got herself into a situation that David couldn't help her as a Councillor. The Spectre didn't know the details but she felt a whole lot better knowing he was going to be in charge of the Normandy.

To that end Feron would fly the equipment to Earth. Alex would get Liara and Gezeena out.

The storm had allowed Cerberus strike teams to board undetected.

"Feron go now," ordered Alex, "You'll know when to make a break for it."

"Roger that. Kill some for me."

"Will do." Alex took hold of her assault rifle. They were quite a way from the docking bay and the Spectre's shuttle. The asari and batarian both unholstered Carnifex pistols.

Liara's mechs and security turrets were slowing Cerberus down. Alex knew if she were leading this attack she would have sent a squad to the docking bay. She was expecting resistance just not a huge armoured Atlas mech. It fired a rocket as soon as the door opened Alex could only deflect it with her barrier, it exploded into the floor behind her. She felt shrapnel hit her armour. She glanced up to assess the situation. Liara had slid behind a pile of loading crates. Gezeena was behind the door and fired around it.

Alex concentrated her fire on the canopy the weakest part of the mech as soon as it shattered she nailed the pilot with a burst from her rifle. The biggest threat dealt with they could mop up the rest.

Liara stood up warily. No one shot at her which was a good sign.

Alex was immediately worried when the batarian didn't appear right away.

Gezeena was sat slumped against the wall. A large pool of blood around her, a big splinter of the floor stuck in her stomach.

"GODDESS NO!" Liara dropped to her knees," Why didn't you say anything?"

"You...had bigger worry about than me."

Alex sighed, medi gel would not fix this. Moving her could kill her and she'd never make it to a medical facility.


"I'm here."

"Will you...have Geena?"

Alex swallowed she knew her friend wasn't asking her to take care of her or see she was alright. Also a part felt like she owed her, if she'd moved faster maybe Gezeena wouldn't have been hurt as badly or at all.

Alex nodded, the little girl wouldn't be the first orphan. "I will, like she's my own."

"Thank-you..." Gezeena's head dropped forward.

"Come on we have to go," whispered Alex, resting her hand on the asari's shoulder. There was one Cerberus trooper still moving slightly. Alex put her foot on his chest and fired two shots straight through his visor. "That was for Gezeena!"

Alex piloted the shuttle into the storm and waited for the Shadow Brokers ship to scuttle the Cerberus' biggest ship. The explosion could be seen through the storm and Alex high tailed it out of there.


Lt. Ashley Williams had been put in charge of security for the Normandy's dry dock while the retro fits were being done. Finding that Samantha Traynor had been assigned was a nice surprise. Sam was quieter than she used to be after the Collector attack on Horizon. Her father had survived as well but her mother had been taken.

Cassidy too had been hired as a civilian specialist and she knew the Normandy inside out.

Abby was stationed at Firebase Phoenix. She came home when she could. Ash and Cass shared an apartment like they had on Horizon. The difference was both bedrooms had double beds for when their other halves were able to be there.

Cassidy had finally been able to put being trapped in a pod on the Collector base watching people mostly from Horizon, some of whom she knew being liquidized around her, behind her. She still had the odd nightmare but now they just made her mad. Knowing that that was what the Reapers were planning to do to everyone in the galaxy.

During this time Sarah had gotten married to a military man named Thomas. Alex and Abby had both made it to the ceremony.

Ash was meeting Alex for lunch at a diner near the shuttle port. She wasn't expecting the Spectre to be home until next week. Alex had been helping to train some of the other Spectres in the best techniques to fight the different Reaper creatures.

It was maddening that the turians and salarians still didn't believe in the reapers. The asari did but had to make preparations in secret less the others got the wrong idea.

Ash had just ordered a beer when she saw her wife walk through the door carrying Geena, the little girl always attached herself to the Spectre like a limpet. She expected Gezeena to walk in behind her she didn't and Ash got a bad feeling. A human carrying a batarian child got quite a few angry looks which Alex ignored as she wound her way through the tables.

"Hey," said Ash as Alex kissed her.

"Would it be okay if we went home?" asked Alex, they couldn't talk there. Ash understood immediately.

The apartment was empty, Cass was shift supervisor that day and wouldn't be back till late.

By that time Geena had fallen asleep. Alex quietly explained about the Cerberus attack.

"...I know you said you wanted kids and I know this isn't what you meant..."

Ash leaned over and put a finger to her wife's lips to stop her talking, "Maybe not," she said softly bending to kiss Geena's head. "It looks like we're meant to be parents sooner rather than later."

Alex kissed Ash's finger that was still on her lips.

"Does she know about her mom?"

"Yeah. I don't know what the batarians believe so I told her all good people go to a very nice place where they're happy and can keep an eye on their families. I think she liked that, she cried because she missed her."

They didn't have a bed for her so Alex put her in theirs and left the door open a crack so she could hear if she woke up. She rejoined her wife on the couch. Ash instantly straddled the Spectre and kissed her.

"You know if we stay here," said Alex, nuzzling Ash's neck, "I can almost guarantee Cass will walk in."

"Let her," returned Ash, "I haven't seen you for a month. And I want to see all of you."


Dr Eva Core' rubbed Liara T'Soni the wrong way, to borrow one of Garrus's favourite expressions. She just couldn't put her finger on why? Liara had been on Mars for three weeks learning everything she could, only sleeping when she was ready to drop from exhaustion. She knew Alex wouldn't be happy with how hard she was pushing herself. But they had no choice. No one knew when the reapers were coming. The humans had been concentrating their searches on technology. The Cerberus people had got hold of some of the medical data. Any information on the protheans was in the deepest archives that had only been glanced at and then left in favour of things that could actually be made.

Liara spent most of her time alone. She was sure a lot of them did not like her being there but her part in helping to stop Saren had earned their respect.

Finding Dr Eva down in her workspace very early one morning had aroused her suspicion. Without her network she couldn't dig into the woman's background, but everyone there had clearance. The only thing Liara was sure of was that Dr Eva must sleep even less than she did.

A few days after Eva's arrival Liara found it. Blue prints of a massive prothean machine, one part was missing, but it had to be here too. She couldn't wait to call Alex and Ash.

As she copied the information onto her omni tool, the bases alarms began blaring.

Liara ran to her room to grab her pistol.


Alex was back on Earth. Even with the overshadowing threat of the reapers her normal Spectre duties didn't stop. Since Cerberus had raised it's ugly head again she had been hunting. Annoyingly they were staying well hidden. After busting up a few Slaver rings she called it a day. She also felt a little guilty that Ash had been given the lions share of looking after Geena, with Cass's help they'd been able to arrange it so someone was always at home with her.

The Spectre heard a squeal as she opened the door as Geena ran over to be scooped up and twirled around.

Cassidy grinned, Geena had the big bad ass spectre wrapped around her little finger.

"Thanks Cass. I owe you." said Alex hugging Geena.

"Nah," laughed Cassidy, "You saved my hide. Babysitting is the least I can do. Besides I love being an aunt." Everyone was watching their language around the little three soon to be four year old. And as a Spectre ,Alex had been able to cut through any and all red tape for legally adopting her. Geena Williams-Shepard now had her own tiny bed but most nights slept with Ash or in the middle when they were both there. Neither had realised how having kids altered your sex life. They had started having long showers as they really didn't want Cass walking in on them again because Geena was asleep.

When Ash got home she found both of them asleep on the couch, surrounded by toys. She stifled a laugh as she picked up the ones off the floor and put them back in the toy box. She picked Geena up and ruffled her wife's hair to wake her.

"Have fun?"

"I swear she has more energy than I do," replied Alex smiling with a yawn.

"Well, mom's taking her for the weekend," said Ash, grinning. "To give us a break and so she can spoil her first grandchild rotten."

Ruth had accepted Geena instantly. So had Sarah and Lynn. Though Lynn lived in London and couldn't see her very much.

The next morning Cassidy let Ruth in on her way out and Alex woke to the smell of bacon and eggs. Carefully she slipped out of bed and padded into the kitchen in her pyjamas and barefoot.

"I knew this would wake you up," chuckled Ruth, sprinkling some seasoning onto the eggs before hugging her daughter-in-law.

"You're early."

Ruth laughed again as she pointed to the clock, it was nearly half past nine.

Alex grinned sheepishly and went to wake the rest of her family.


Alex got a call from Anderson to come to Alliance HQ as soon as possible. She had been about to go and meet Ash and look over the retro fits. Maybe Joker would be there and she could say Hi to EDI.

The Spectre knew something was up with the amount of Alliance personnel around the building.

Admiral Anderson met her in the lobby, which was also swarming with guards.

"Anderson. What's happening?"

"We've lost contact with the Sol Relay."

Alex went cold. "Just the relay?" she asked hoping that a simple communications fault was to blame.

"No, after we lost contact our comms were jammed. We can't even raise Luna Base."

"To jam an entire system," said Alex slowly, "Can only mean one thing. The reapers are here."

Anderson nodded, "We did get a message out to the fifth fleet. The committee wants to see you."

"Why? I thought they didn't believe in the reapers."

"Alex now is not the time to hold a grudge. Every person who has dismissed your warnings will have to live with that for the rest of their lives. Wondering how many they could have saved."

Alex nodded, she wasn't sure if she were angry or scared to death. She activated her omni tool and sent a message to Ash and to Ruth. She needed to know Geena was safe. Her wife had said that the Normandy was almost finished she hoped that meant she could fly.

"They're expecting you. Admiral."

"Come on."

Alex followed Anderson into the committee room. The three members were sat on a raised platform in front of a large window that spanned the entire length of the wall behind them. A flurry of activity around them as techs watched snowy monitors trying to clear up the signal.

"Shepard what do we do?" asked the bald man in the middle.

"The only thing we can do. We fight or we die." replied Alex.

"That's it!"

A huge shadow blocked out the light. The committee turned to the window.

"Oh my God."

"Move!" yelled Alex as a red beam came down and the windows shattered.


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