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Chapter 1 Here it begins

What a sunny day one would say. And that it truly was. Sun shined it's light upon the academy, lighting every corner outside the campus buildings, maybe even the whole so called town that the True Cross Academy being the center of. The light seeped inside the buildings leaving not a single corner in the shadows. Quite amazing the nature was around here in Assiah. Birds singing and flying from the joy of having a peaceful day, students laughing and joking under the sun while rushing from class to class, sucking the knowledge from the poor teachers like sponges. Quite whimsical if you imagine it. A small yawn sneaked itself out from a small furry mouth. Such a day could be tiring and boring. Even though the weather of the day was fantastic, the heat was excrusiating. How could something beautiful be as well something dangerous. Easily. That's how nature works. Albeit the surface is innocent, it doesnt mean that the inside wouldn't be rotten to. Appearance can be deceiving. How devious. Just like us demons.

The white, small dog let his eyes close in content for a second, feeling the small droplets of water hit his furry face. The fountain was the best place for a lie down in a warm day like this, for sure. You could bath in the sun, see your precious little students run around and the same time you could have a invigorating bath underneath the fountain. At least it beats the office and it's stifling air. Even though being in the dog form, the fur didn't disconcert him because it wasn't so thick that it would suffocate him. Better being a dog than the headmaster of the well-known academy. The headmaster couldn't just go run around the academy but being a dog he was just a dog. Let's say it's like a hideaway from the busy duties of a principal. Life would be more easier if you were a dog. Get free food, dig holes and hide shoes or bones in them, get to roam aimlessly around the academy and the town and the best of all, get all the ladies attention and cuddles from being so cute, little doggy with a pink polka dot scarf. The life of a dog was just fabulous.

Sighing in content, the small canine twitched his ear, hearing footsteps coming to the fountain. There shouldn't be anyone around here because classes were on session. Eyes opening, the dog sniffed the air, knowing the spicy scent of the human being that was passing by. Or should he say half demon. To his right, he could see his favorite, little brother coming his way, eyes closed, whining about the warm weather. Sighing the dog could feel his eye twitch from the current way the boy was wearing his school uniform. Sleeves of the white button up shirt were rolled up to his elbows and pant legs were rolled up to knees, tie not tied like should be, shoes nowhere to be found and the jacket missing. The front hair was pulled up with a pin, the sword hanging behind his back as well as the backbag that held his books for lessons where the young demon should be. Without noticing the white dog next to him, Rin dropped everything he was carrying on the ground and ran towards the fountain before taking a mighty leap to dive to the refreshing water suprising the white dog with the small wave of water, making him jump to aside from the water. Even if the water was divine, he didn't desire to get drenched. As the water surfice calmed down, the dog inched closer to the spot where his little brother had dived in. It was plausible to dive in because it was much more deeper than the regular fountains you find in the parks. No, this was much more deeper and much more enjoyable. There were actual fish in the fountain that he took great pleasure to be taking care of. Of course, the students that didn't know about the exorcist cram school, didn't know about the secrets of this fountain. To them, it was just a regular water decoration.

"Ah, it's so refreshing!" Rin surficed beneath the water, a happy grin on his face. Who wouldn't be happy about diving in the cold water to swim with the fish in a warm day like this. Opening his eyes, Rin floated on the water, drawing on the surfice with his fingers what ever came to his mind,

"I would sell my soul so that I could stay here." Rin sighed, content smile stretching on his lips as his hand splashed against the surfice.

"Would you now?" Rin quickly opened his eyes and saw a pair of cat like cunning, green eyes staring right back at him, "Sell your soul for a little fountain of water?"

"Shut it, you clown!" Rin raspberried naively, quickly swimming away from the smirking demon dog who followed, walking alongside with the swimming half demon, "Don't ruin my fun!" The dog let out a bark like laugh before muttering, "Eins, zwei, drei!"And then there on the place of a dog sat the smug principal, grin on his face.

"Shouldn't you be attenting to a class right now?" Mephisto's eyes narrowed in delight as he saw the panicked look the boy emitted as the question was left hanging without an answer.

"My, my little Rin. Now, you're in a trouble." Mephisto chuckled amusingly as the boy rose up from the fountain, water dripping down from his clothes on the ledge, creating small, darker spots and he sat down, shaking his head like a dog getting rid of the excessive water which hit Mephisto on the face who just wiped it away with his glowed hand like it was nothing.

"Yeah? So?" Rin growled while grabbing hold of his tail, gently squeezing the water from it before letting it shake itself behind his back in satisfaction, "It's just one class and who would like to spent a day like this in a stuffy classroom? Not me." Rin closed his eyes, turning his face up to face the sun.

"Besides, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be doing something what principals usually do. Paperwork or something." Rin muttered out, not really caring. Mephisto just sat there, humming a tune.

"Observating." Rin opened one eye to glance at the demon who sat suddenly next to him flashing a devilish smirk at him.

"Yeah, trying to find the next victim who ends up to be your new pawn to your sick games?" Rin scooted away from the older male which made Mephisto shot him a hurt look but it went unnoticed by the younger male who was too busy gettin water out from his ears.

"Silly boy." Mephisto grinned and winked playfully, "I don't need another pawn when I have you as my best one." Without a fair notice Rin jumped up, surprising the older, growling like a feral animal. He didn't want to spent another minute in the presence of that demon. Mephisto sat there watching as Rin grabbed hold of his belongings, still dripping wet from the water. Rin jumped in surprise as Mephisto puffed in front of him suddenly. There was something in the older demon's eyes that Rin couldn't identify. It wasn't really a surprise. It's really rare to even know what that demon was thinking.

"Warm day or not, you will get sick if you don't change your clothes to dry ones." Mephisto poked Rin on his nose with his finger which got slapped away by the vexed halfling, "Aren't you a feisty one today..." Mephisto muttered out.

"What are you? My mother?" Rin rolled his eyes, "I already have one back in the dorm so I don't need another one, thank you very much!" Mephisto just chuckled, smirk still on his face.

"It's just a piece of advice, Rin." The demon shrugged his shoulders, "It's always a pleasure to have a lighthearted conversation with you." The demon winked and bowed which made Rin shudder and take a step back.

"I wish I could say that as well." Rin muttered out, running a hand down his face.

"Is something bothering you, little Rin?" Mephisto asked mockingly, knowing the answer already.

"You really want to know?!" Rin glared at the older demon who just grinned back, "I'm leaving." Rin rounded the headmaster, not muttering a word as he left the principal behind.

"So soon? We didn't even get to the fun part yet." Mephisto sang after the boy.

"Should have left sooner!" Rin yelled back, speeding up his steps.

"Rinny! You left something behind." He stopped on his tracks and turned around to see Mephisto holding his tie on his hand which had fallen off when he had jumped to the water. Rin just blinked not faced by it.

"You can keep that cursed thing, don't need it." Rin quickly turned around but was stopped again as he crashed to Mephisto whom had yet again appeared in front of him whom just looped the tie around Rin's neck, playing with him. How fun.

"Oh, yes you do, silly boy. It's said so in the academy uniform dress code. You must have a complete uniform to get to attend to the classes." Mephisto smirked as he saw how close the younger demon was ready to detonate himself, he couldn't contain himself but tease the boy even more until he would break.

"Fine. Give it back then." Rin tried to take it but the older demon being taller, raised his hand above their heads making Rin jump in vain.

"Ah, ah, ah." Mephisto waggled his finger in front of Rin's face, "I won't give it back to you unless you do something for me."

"Why not!" Rin's eyes flashed dangerously, "What kind of principal are you!?"

"A very fine one actually, thank you for asking." Mephisto purred happily, "But you, little Rin, must earn your tie back." Rin blinked, mouth slightly agape which made the older demon snicker.

"Earn? What do you mean by that?" Rin growled not knowing did he really want to know what the other demon had planned, "And what do you mean 'little'!"

"You have to spent time with me." Mephisto smirked, showing his sharp teeth, "And you know what I mean by saying little."

"You say what...?" Rin snarled like true demon would, showing his own sharp teeth. This was unbelievable.

"You know, Rin. Although my life is fun and awesome, it sometimes gets somewhat tedious and tiresome without any company to spent with," Mephisto sighed, trying to look really bored,

"It's not fun to be alone in that office or in my residence all day without having no one to talk with and don't get so offended! We're going to have superb time together so there is no need to get so barbaric

Of course, this wasn't all true. He wasn't actually alone all the time, Amaimon was there but it was really boring sometimes when there was always the same faces to greet you. And that same face didn't even always greet you, he would just eat candy and stare in to nothingless.

"What are you!? A bored, snotty brat?" Rin was itching to hit his head against the brick wall right now or better, Mephisto's head. Why him from all the people of Assiah he had to be the one.

"I don't have time to entertain you! I have classes to attent to and training to do!"

"Hum, and here you are skipping class." Mephisto said with a singsong voice making Rin blush,

"And the summer holidays are soon starting in couple of days so you have all the time in the world to come to visit me." Rin pondered his head through how to answer to that,

"I can get a new tie so find someone else to pester!" he crossed his arms, smirking in triumph but the smirk soon fell as he saw the demon laugh loudly.

"Can you now?" Mephisto tsked, "Do you know who runs this mighty academy and it's services? Who provides for example all the necessities you need, hmm?" Rin's mouth opened and closed silently.

"Pardon? Could you repeat that?" Mephisto came closer to Rin, holding his ear out. Rin just huffed indignantly. Like hell he would repeat. Sensing the silence emitting from the youngster, Mephisto poked Rin on the stomach and on the sides teasing him. Rin's mouth stayed shut but barely as small sounds of laughter broke through his lips. His barrier was breaking and the older demon wouldn't stop until he said something.

"Can you repeat what you said?" Mephisto stopped for a moment letting the poor boy take a breather from the attack. Rin huffed and then sighed, eyeing the older demon who smirked amusingly. Then he motioned with his hand to the older male to come closer and so he did.

"Come closer. Closer." Mephisto was so close to Rin that he could feel younger's warm breath on his ear which made shivers go up his spine. Rin glanced around them for a moment before filling his lungs with air and suddenly ran off, leaving Mephisto stand there alone. The principal stood there blinking, eyes wider than usually before he bursted in to full laughter. Calming down, he eyed the tie in his hand and the way where the young half demon had run off to. Of course, it was childish but he couldn't resist the temptation to play a little game with little Rin here. Grinning, he tucked the tie inside his pocket and pulled a lollipop from another pocket, unwraping the green wrapper revealing a pink sucker. Popping it to his mouth, Mephisto saw the students piling out from the buildings indicating it was his time to retreat back to the office to fill some papers. The lesser papers he had to sign, more time he had to play with the little half demon. Snickering, Mephisto snapped his fingers and then he was gone.

Rin ran like a madman through the academy area, surprising the other students as he ran past them. He had to get away from that one man clown show. The more distance between them, the better. Maybe he had to run all the way to the North Pole to get enough miles between them. He had better things to do than be fooling around with that demon. For instance, he had, uhm, stuff and holiday duties to fulfill. He had to feed Yukio and run his errands. He didn't have time for a clown. A clown should spent time with other clowns! It's as clear as day. And he had made plans for his holiday and he hadn't planned any activity that would include a clown. Rin huffed, wiping his forehead from sweat. Damn, he hated the heat. Rin breathed for a while, watching the scenary. He had to admit that the campus was quite beautiful and amazing. Everything was so big and ambitious. The huge buildings and the large forest surrounding one part of the academy. Someone who implies that this academy wasn't run by Mephisto would be wrong and badly. Everything here showed that Mephisto was in charge in here. Sighing, Rin sauntered towards the rundown boys dormitory. Opening the door and slouching up the stairs he reached their room's door. Sometimes it gets lonely to be with Yukio the only people in this whole dorm if you don't count Ukobach in but the demon spent his time only in the kitchen area, not leaving his territory. It would be nice if there would be more people around to talk with. What he has learn through his life is that a human is social creature and shouldn't be left alone. Grasping the door knob and turning it, Rin was faced with an empty room.

"Yukio?" Rin glanced around the room, coming to the conclusion that the room was empty and he was the only human in there. Throwing his stuff on his bed, he turned the fan on, trying to cool down his overheating skin. Taking a seat on his chair, Rin noticed a paper on his desk. It was Yukio's handwriting for sure. He could identify it from anywhere. Eyes skimming through the paper, scowl was starting to form on his face. That four eyed bastard! He had gone to mission somewhere far north with other cram school students without telling him! And he didn't know when they would be back from the trip! What the hell! How dare they! Wasn't he also an exorcist in training? Are they segregating him or what? Soon Rin's eyes widened in realization. He was alone in here. With the clown running around in the upper floors alone as well.

"My God, I'm alone." He fell to his knees, glaring at the ceiling, "Why, Yukio? Why?!" he quickly emptied his pockets, fishing out his phone and dialed Yukio's number.

"Come on, pick up the bloody phone..." No one answered. Sighing, Rin stumbled back and sat down and leaned his head back to stare at the moldy ceiling. Maybe it was good thing that everybody had gone to the mission. This was a chance to him to rest and maybe even train more his skills and this was also an opportunity for others to test their skills without him being there covering their backs with his flames. No, this was fine. Now that he didn't have his tie in his possession it meant he didn't have school at all so his holidays started a bit earlier than others. What a bummer to them and joy for him. Or was it a joy? He was alone here, at the mercy of that damn clown. Could this get any worse than it already is? Abruptly he sneezed very loudly, many times. Rin groaned, massaging his forehead feeling a headache coming.

"I truly hate that stupid clown..."

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