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Chapter 4 Access through the door or block his way

Silence. Nothing else but it. No sounds but the soft ticking of the clock by the side that stood tall against the wall, displaying how much time did you have left until the day would end. Not much. Time was almost up for the day and a new one would start from the beginning, playing by the same rules. It would start and end always the same time over and over again. Just like him. Jaws going up and down slowly as he devoured the minor dinner of a dish he was blessed with. Bless. Should a demon even have that kind of word in it's vocabulary or dictionary. What a disgusting word to use. Long, black, sharp fingernails scraped against the plate loudly, not even caring if the surfice would be ruined, using them to eat last of the meal he had left. He was just like a day now. Shackled by the rules and orders that must be followed until the end. How low of him to submit to someone. Blue eyes stared at the shadowed corner while eating in silence, swallowed by his own thoughts. A beast slept, coiled by his feet, growling unwittingly as drool dripped through it's pointed teeth, wetting the floormat beneath it and him. A slight jingle resounded in the air as the thick, long chain jerked as the creature bound to it moved a little in it's state of unconsciousness. Monotone eyes moved away from the corner to watch the slight wave of the chain that connected the beast to him, him being it's master. It had to follow his rules and orders because he owned it. Right? But why he had to be bound to someone's rules and orders? He wasn't a low class demon. He's one of the Eight Demon Kings of Gehenna. So why? Why was he bound? By him? Was he owned by him? Never. But he was lower ranked than him. Was that the reason? For being used as pleased? Hand that held the chain clenched it harder, chain cracking by the force he was using. How dare he ruin his fun just to get his fun. It was not fair. He has the right to break him in to little pieces. To find his breaking point but why was he prevented from finding it? Was brother afraid that he would break his little pawn on this game of entertainment of his? But it was his duty. To break him. To destroy him. To get his revenge from the last time encounter. But why didn't he let him do what he does best? Wasn't that the main reason he was even in here Assiah on the soil of this land called Japan? Why was he held back by the orders and rules he had to follow. How dare he.

Sensing his master's distress, the creature, hobgoblin opened it's bug-like eyes and growled loudly as a complaiment as it felt being yanked up by the leash harshly by his master but it went unnoticed. How dare he. Throwing the expensive plate of porcelain on the ground, watching it break in to tiny pieces of ceramic shards that slid across the floor everywhere, he stood up, the hobgoblin by his side as they made they way towards the vast windows behind the office desk. He wasn't a demon that could be controlled. He was much more. How dare he misjudge him. He wasn't a low demon that could be ordered around. Thoughts of discomfort pulled the strings of his mind. Was he also a pawn of this game on which his brother was the ringmaster, reigning over it? In the end would something happen to him? In a bad way? Blue eyes flicked up to gaze the sunset that colored the infinite sky red as blood. Beautiful blood. He could almost feel it dripping down from his fingers drop by drop, the smell and taste on the tip of his tongue, the metallic tint in it and see the corpse in front of him where the carmine colored liquid was still flowing freely on the ground, creating a blood puddle underneath the body. Okumura Rin. Yes. How thrilling. He could feel the lovely shivers of excitement go down his spine at the thought of it. He was the main reason this game was playing. He was the reason they were playing it. The prize that everybody demanded to have. Because of him, he was under the rules and orders that older brother had made eminently for him. How dare he.

Eyes turned away from the painted scene to the desk of his brother's filled with items that his brother treasured. Items that Japan provided to him. Plush toys of animals, sweets of different flavour, texture and colour, technology to entertain him whe he gets the usual moments of boredom. His brother has changed as he left Gehenna to come here in search of his own playground to create havoc that lacked the violence and gore or so he had said back then. It was more like playing pranks, tricking people. A playground to suffice his needs of a child. Mephisto was different now. Reaching his hand out for the lone, round lollipop that was left on the desk as a enticement for later probably, his eyes landed on a tie that was tied to a plush toy. He didn't even need to guess whose it was. Older brother had told him about the current game going on between him and Okumura being the only two players in it for now and the scent that still weakly lingered in it rat out it's real owner. Okumura Rin was an obstacle between him and his fun. Something had do be done or his fun would be ruined flat. How complicated. Okumura was a plaything for him but then again he was the one who ruined everything to him. Rubbing his forehead with his hand in confusion as he took the lollipop and unwrapped it, leaving the trash on the table as a little reminder of a sweet treat that wasn't there anymore and never will be. He opened the window with his hand, pushing it open. He had to do something if he wanted to have his fun in his own way even if it meant that he had to get new plaything to replace the one he had broken, destroyed. Even if it meant breaking the rules of the game. His blood was boiling. What a stupid game to play in the first place. Stupid. Idiotic. Moronic.

"Come, Behemoth." Yanking the chain a bit more gentlier than last time, the growling demon followed him through the open window in the upcoming night as the day was at it's end. He wouldn't be like a day that followed the rules and orders of the night. Leaping away from balcony he jumped from roof to roof, flying through the academy area with Behemoth behind him, keeping up with his speed. Suddenly he stopped in midflight as he sniffed out the scent of his older brother. It was wavering, weakened by the harsh wind. He had believed that he was having dinner by his residence with Okumura Rin but guess that was not the case. Now he had an answer for the questions why it was so silent in the first place. Amaimon stood in the lone roof, Behemoth in front of him, sniffing the air grossly, going from side to side, snout high in the air. Amaimon watched Behemoth move restlessly around, moving from side to side, the heavy chain clattering against the roof as the familiar moved, jerked around in frenzy. It wanted free. Just like him.

"You want unfastened?" Behemoth raised it's head to watch it's master whom crouched down on it's level, fingers going to the chain that was connected to the leather harness and soon it dropped down, clattering against the roof loudly. The beast was unleashed. Behemoth sniffed the harness before raising its head to look as it's master's monotone eyes, "You're loose. Don't cause problems that will cause trouble for me." Growling softly, Behemoth pushed against Amaimon's legs, circling him before jumping off from the roof, heading towards the huge forest. It must have smelled the scent of a carcass nearby. A fresh one. Even he could sniff it out. But he was more interested about the flickering scent of Mephisto. Collecting Behemoth's harnass and the chain on his hand, he continued his journey, leaping from roof to roof and soon he found himself in the outskirts of the academy area. Has he been here before? Head moving from side to side taking everything in. Forest was closeby and the other academy buildings were away from here. Was this a some kind of warehouse? Storage for Mephisto's weird, Japanese stuff that he buys all the time from the net? Plausible. It was far away from the academy that maybe no one else knew about so it's perfect for his older brother's odd hobby that he would maybe never come to understand. But one thing puzzled him. The bulding had Okumura brothers' scent all over it as well other people, Exwires, but mostly Okumuras'. Crouching down on the edge of the roof, his eyes landed on the lone, quite old rundown building in front of him. Otherwise the bulding was dark and deserted but on the one lone window had lights on. Someone was there. Narrowing his eyes, Amaimon without noticing, reflexively inched his thumb towards his mouth, sharp teeth chewing on the long fingernail. They were there. Eyes narrowed as he saw his older brother sitting there drinking tea calmly as he was probably having a conversation as his mouth was moving up and down while smirk played on his lips as Okumura sat in the bed, his mouth going up and down fast, irritation showing off from his face as he flared his arms around in circles comically.

Biting on his thumb, teeth sinking deep into his flesh to the bone, he could taste his dark blood, metallic flavour overpowering his senses, his pupils getting smaller from the feeling of the red liquid dripping down his throat. Bloodlust. Shame that it wasn't one of his brothers' blood. Okumura's would do nicely. It would be easier to get his head than older brother's. Big brother could get really formidable, forbidding when he wanted to be and he wouldn't be no match for him. He acknowledged it long time ago. But Okumura would do. Amaimon's eyes followed everything that went in the room. Rin collapsing against the wall and Mephisto helping him in the bed in his usual nonlaborious way. Why did he even bother to help? Why didn't older brother leave him there on the floor? Like he would leave him all the time. Jealousy. Amaimon narrowed his eyes, biting hard on his thumb, blood flowing faster down his hand, against his pale skin than before, dripping on the roof, small puddles of blood forming around him, connecting to each other. Eyes followed Mephisto's figure inside the room as he moved towards the window away from the bedside taking a seat on the chair, kicking his legs up. Was he staying there? Why didn't he leave? Why? He watched as one after another was summoned all the necessities that Mephisto usually needed for an overnighter. Game console, tea, fast food, sweets and more. He was really staying there. Why? Befuddlement clouded his mind as he watched his older brother smile softly when he glanced at Okumura before returning to his game. Why? How? What had changed his brother's behaviour? How dare he. He almost bid his thumb off.

Wind flirted with the strands of his hair, waving them from side to side as well his clothes rustled in the air, the ripped ends of his jacket going wild in the wind. The sun had set moments ago, casting the world in darkness that was lighted by glimmering stars and the moon by the side. Amaimon sat in the roof, leaning back on his hands, empty eyes set on the almost deserted building, on the one particular window. How long has he sat there? Mephisto was still up and playing, tapping his chopsticks together in joy for getting to the next level likely as his grin doupled on his face, eyes glimmering in the dark. Nothing else happened. It was silent night if you didn't count the sounds that resounded from forest. As Mephisto let go of the game, it floated in front of him while he took hold of tea cup brought it to his lips intending to take a sip and the other hand, which held the chopsticks, reached out for the instant noodles package, fishing noodles out. Older brother was known from his overnighters, not sleeping at all and it usually backfired on him next day. The same complains of being fatiqued were getting old to his ears. Breaking away from his observation as he heard a loud growl, a bark like sound echoing through the forest and fastly approaching thuds that crushed leaves and sticks underneath their weight, Amaimon's ear twitched from the sounds. A dark figure emerged from the bushes, running across the small trail that leaded to the academy area until jumping on the roof next to Amaimon, swiftly curling next to him. Behemoth panted harshly, drool flying from it's large mouth, covered in blood but Amaimon didn't care. He just patted his familiar on the top of it's head, feeling it push back to him growling softly, scaly tail waving behind them, slithering against the roof.

"At least someone had fun." Amaimon muttered out patting the demon, breaking his eyecontact and concentration from the building to his familiar. Behemoth licked it's fronts, cleaning the blood away, purring in delight as it felt the last drops of blood slide down it's throat leaving behind the familiar metallic taste on the tip of it's tongue. Tilting his head in the side while humming, Amaimon continued to pat his familiar while turning his eyes back towards the building. Blue collided with green. Amaimon froze to the spot. Mephisto sat there, staring at Amaimon behind his tea cup, eyes narrowed slightly more than usually. Slowly coming to from his frozen state, the younger demon just hummed and stared back bravely at his brother and mockingly saluted him with his fingers. He knew that he would be found out in the end by his brother's keen senses. As always. It was unavoidable in his part. Turning his gaze away from the heated stare of his brother up to stare at the dark sky that was adorned with little dots of glimmering light, Amaimon felt his familiar coil to his side even tighter, small growl emitting from it's throat. Amaimon closed his eyes for a second and he was already there next to them keeping his distance. That was fast.

An overpowering waft of sugar and the scent of tea leaves took over his sense of smell. The heavy, dense aura of power and authority iced with arrogance radiated in the air, burning his skin with it's might. With an unusual whine, Behemoth laid flat against the roof tightly against his side as it seeked for safety. His skin pricked. Formitable as always. What a boaster. If he was Behemoth he would do the same, being timid even fearful. It had the right to be scared. Trying not to show any affects of the immense power in the air he stretched his back and hummed in content as his spine cracked sweetly, the sound worthy of dying for. Feeling eyes bore holes on him, he turned his head to his side, tilted, almost glaring at the person who just rolled on the balls of his heels, whistling before breaking in to a grin, green eyes glowing in the dark, eerily. He knew that look in his eyes. Wind picked up, blowing harshly at them ruffling their clothes and hair. But the sugary scent still held the air in a tight grip even if the wind cleansed it by bringing in other scents from the forest. Feeling Behemoth move beside him, rubbing its face with it's fronts as the scent overload took over it's sensitive nose. Scratching his long nails against the roof, Amaimon huffed as he heard a small sound of a laugh from his right and fell on the rooftop gracelessly, not in the mood for talking, finding himself yet again peering at the vast darkness that has taken over the world for now until it time of reign was over and the light would seize the crown from it, take hold of the world and make it bask in the light. Maybe someday he would do the same thing.

"Do not I get any kind of greeting in this fine night but only your uncouth attitude? I thought I trained you better than this." Fine his ass it is. What is so fine about this night? Why? And trained him? What is he? A mindless demon who needed the guidance and training to survive? The endless stream of questions, that didn't leave his mind alone even for a moment before they would be back invading him, were seeking a way to be released from the abysses of his mind. The words to form a question were on the tip of his tongue but they didn't come out. Why? Sighing loudly, almost dramatically which was out from his character, even more like his brother from who he might have copied it, Amaimon opened his mouth to release what ever came from his mouth,

"Yo, big brother." Amaimon narrowed his eyes, squeezing his hands to tight fists. No questions asked. Just words that confirm his obedience to the older. He had yet again obeyed him. His rules and orders. Behemoth movements stilled as it softly growled at his side, it's eyes gazing to the forest, not daring to look at the older demon. Not tonight anyway. Something was off and the hobgoblin sensed it and so did Amaimon as well. Or was it just their imagination, their false belief? Hallucination? Or was it just because they were underneath the heated, calculating gaze of the older demon that was toying with them, making them feel intimidated. No, it wasn't their imagination. The feeling of dread didn't go away. Turning his head to watch the older whom was grinning while casually leaning on one leg as he studied his long nails, narrowed eyes moving back to Amaimon whose eyes widened slightly figuring it out but returned quickly back to normal which didn't go unnoticed by the older demon whose grin widened even more than could even be possible, looking feral. He had broken a rule, a direct order. But didn't he in the first place want to break them? How rebellious of him. He had left the office. Oh. He could hear the grin, the laugh on his voice, imperiousness coating it. He could see it in his eyes. There will be consequences. There always was. They were the daunting reminders that made him recall why he didn't break the rules of the game. And now came the chilling regret and shame that he didn't show outside. He knew this would happen. This could have been avoided by playing the rules.

"Evening, Amaimon."

Who ever said that looking after a mere child, a teenager would be laborious and tedious? It's like a human would say. A walk in the park? Right? This game of nannying was set on the easy mode apparently. Slurping sounds and light snores filled the room that was lighted by the dim light of the ceiling light but also the bright gleam of the small screen of the game console created an eery glow, shadows forming from the furniture and items owned by the students whom lived in this room. The chair moaned underneath his weight as he readjusted himself more comfortably as he could feel one of his muscles falling asleep. Next level wouldn't be far now. He could taste it, even see it. Just few trolls and demons to kill and obtain the treasure behind the barrier which would be the key to next stage and that's it. Taking a delicate sip from his tea cup, his ear twitched as his inmate shifted underneath the blankets slightly, almost restlessly, breathing quite raggedly. Should he do something to make the half demon feel more comfortable in his ill state or just leave him be, to cope on his own? The important thing was that the boy was showing signs of being alive so if his chest was moving up and down and the harsh breathing could be heard then there was no need to worry over nothing and that was sufficient for Mephisto. Rin would survive this minor flu. A little bit of willpower of his own and little help from his demon side, boy would be all better and well in a couple meager days and then the game will then truly begin. In these first days of holiday, their little game has quite sluggishly moved forward. It clearly hasn't gone like he had planned it out but good for him and the game's sake, he had planned out safety or backup plans if the plan he found the best didn't reach out to his expectations or was in some other way prevented from his use. And he had the feeling that there would be a slight change of plans. A tad of fine adjustment only. Snapping his specially made chopsticks, just made for him, together in joy as he got to another level, almost shrieking in joy but settled to grin widely not to disturb the patient's sleep. What a fine night truly it is. He should celebrate this some way when he gets the change to do so. Maybe treat himself with something expensive and luxurious. Or treat himself and Amaimon with nice serving of monjayaki. Rin would just flatly reject the invitation and he kind of owed that for the younger demon for his services.

Deeply focused on his game and not sharing any thought to his surroundings, he was startled a little in his seat, almost spilling his warm beverage all over his front as he heard a solid thud by his side. Slightly turning his head, sneeking a peek to his side letting his eyes scan the small room where the sound came, a huff of vexation slipped through his taut lips as he saw where the sound came from. Good grief and someone pity him. Why can't one sleep peacefully in one spot than hang halfway off from the bed almost hitting the floor face first? Is it so hard? Maybe the academy has to invest bigger, wider beds for the students or at least to this pesky one whom was wild even as he slept but why should them or him use his fortune. He could use the assets that would be used to get the beds to something more funnier and better than to improve the sleep of the students. How selfish of him. Setting the cup down on the plate, Mephisto spinned around to face the upside down hanging half demon whom was really close falling off from the bed and as a result seeing that it was hard to keep the snickers inside him. Holding a delicate finger to his cheek just like some would while thinking, Mephisto tilted his head to his side, smirk stretched on his lips eyes, amused by the whole situation in front of him. Maybe he should have tied the boy down on the bed with a rope?

'What's wrong with this kid?' Mephisto mused amusingly. Rin was hanging in an awkward position and he's definitely going to feel it in the morning. His upper body hang off from the bed, limply. Slack hands were touching the floor, head inches from hitting the ground but at least the fall wouldn't be high and wouldn't hurt that much. A slight swelling maybe was all he would get from the fall. Rin's breathing was much harder now that he layed on his back and his face was turning redder the moment as blood went to his head. He was starting to look like a tomato. One leg hang slightly but wasn't swinging off on the side of the bed. What was holding the boy on the bed was his tail which was tightly anchored around the sheets, his left leg wrapped around in the mess of blankets on which he partly lay on and maybe the laws of gravitation didn't count him because that position was just gravitationally impossible. How whimsical that boy was. A pure laugh. Letting himself snort ungentlemanly, Mephisto tapped his cheek with his fingertip in thought, cunning smirk played on his lips as he watched the sleeping demon. How tempting. Indeed. Snapping his fingers, a black marker appeared. What a window of opportunity. Taking hold of the floating marker, the jester rose up to stand, quietly tiptoeing his way towards the bedside and crouched down on Rin's level humming softly. Now, what to do? A cute doggie? Hearts or stars of different sizes? Moustache or whiskers? So many options that he had difficulties to choose and the problem was that there wasn't much space to draw on. Tapping the marker against his cheek, Mephisto raised a one delicate eyebrow as Rin mumbled something incoherent while moving his arms against the floor and suddenly flung them up almost striking the older demon square on the face. The boy was quite lively even while sleeping and talkative too seemingly.

Rin moved his arms up and down, almost like a bird would flap it's wings as it tried to take off to the sky. A bird? The fever was getting to him clearly or the boy ate something weird before going to sleep. The biscuits he treated him? He made those so maybe that wasn't the answer. No way, "Come back, birdie..." Rin muttered out, goofy smile on his lips, tail swaying behind him leisurely, "I can fly, too..." Yeah, maybe in other life. Sighing, Mephisto twirled the marker between his fingers before taking the cap off it, pursing his lips before breaking in to grin as an idea came to him, "Birdies, huh?" Softly, the tip of the marker touched Rin's soft, pale skin on the cheek underneath his eye but it didn't move from there as the half demon's eye twitched feeling the cool ink on his heated skin and then it was gone, appearing on the other side on the same spot right below the eye, not moving. It repeated many times but nothing came out of it only spots. Wonder, why.

Mephisto sighed defeatedly, dark cloud appeared over him, heavily leaning his face against his other hand as he poked Rin's pale skin with the marker, black spots of ink embellishing the young skin all over. He couldn't do it because he didn't even know how to do it and now this precious window of opportunity to get his little fun in the darkness of the night was ruined by his own incompetence. How could this be possible? Why couldn't he do it? Why didn't he know how to draw a birdie? Why hasn't he learned how to draw a flying creature? A birdie beat him in his own game. This couldn't be tolerated. Coming out from the turmoil of his thoughts that revolved around the flying, pesky parasites, Mephisto blinked as he stopped the poking motion which actually looked like he was stabbing Rin's face with the marker and it almost looked like it. Black ink spots decorated the pale skin thoroughly. Cheeks, chin, eyelids, forehead, and nose skin areas were covered with black.

"Oops, my bad~." He put the cork back on the marker and it disappeared in a puff, yet again. He should think a new way to make stuff vanish. It was getting quite wishy-washy nowadays but at least younger kids plus Rin found something thrilling in it. Tilting his head to side still leaning against his hand, Mephisto eyed his work which in his opinion wasn't as good as the first one back in the forest. It was missing something which was irking him almost teasing him. It looked unfinished. What a bother. And the worst part in this was that it was devoid of personality. Anyone could have done this but clearly it was him because there wasn't no one else in here except Rin and him and the another one was asleep still which was quite a marvel after the whole stabbing-with-a-marker-on-his-face-until-his-brain-will-come-out-through-his-ears-as-a-slimey-goo-accident. Well, it's all better for him that the boy didn't woke up from his deep slumber or with a high probability he would maybe be deaf person after Rin's yelling and shouting treatment. So better this way than loosing his hearing for eternity. But maybe this would benefit him in the morning in a childish way. Yeah, he could use this perfectly. It wasn't such a lose after all. A little silver lining.

"Mmnh, stupid chicken.." Rin mumbled out, head shaking from side to side limply, frown etched on his face, "Come back, birdie..." Arms rose slowly in the air, almost like the boy was hypnotized, zombie like. Mephisto watched keenly, eyes following everything, fascinated by the younger's arm movements until they fell down suddenly, scaring the older demon out from his skin as one of Rin's hand land on his own arm hard which made his skin sting from the contact, clinging on to him tightly. Eyes wide, breath coming out as pants, Mephisto placed his other hand that was free from Rin's clutches over his still beating, cold heart, feeling it beat rapidly under his rib cage. Oh dear. Was he having a heart attack? He was too young to die now! He had still many things to see and do and experience! Calmly breathing in and out, he could feel his heart beat slow down back to its regular rhythm, his breathing slowing down. Mephisto collected himself and narrowed his eyes to glare at the sleeping half demon, ready to awake the sleeping beast to give him a piece of his mind for scaring him but stopped as Rin tightened his hold on to him even more, frown coming to his face. What now?

"Mnhm... caught ya... now,..." Rin smiled in his sleep softly, frown disappearing, like it never even was there in the first place, "...clown...told ya..stupid..meat..." Mephisto blinked dumbly before glancing to side to side not knowing what to do, sweat forming on his forehead. Was this boy for real? He was new to this and no one ever taught him what to do in a situation like this. How will he get his grip from his arm off now? Chop it off from the shoulder? Maybe a bit too messy and gory to his taste. Mephisto furrowed while watching the smiling half demon who looked like an idiot with spotty face but his frown slowly vanished from his face, features softening and calming down from his little internal panic attack, his arm relaxing in Rin's hold. He watched the boy mumble sleepily before quieting down completely, still holding on to his arm with an iron grip. Maybe the blood that went to his head from all the hanging upside down had made some kind of damage in his brain and in addition the fever he was sporting was adding it own spice in the damage inside his head. This was so unusual and mostly bizarre but this was great material for blackmailing if he ever needed to do something like that in the future. Humming, Mephisto watched closely on Rin as he slept quite peacefully or as peacefully you could while being ill and having weird dreams of birdies and chickens. That's what you get from running around in wet clothes and never changing them. Mephisto couldn't help but shake his head disapprovingly. He told him so and his warnings fell on deaf ears. What will he do with this boy? Rin will be his early death and cause of his grey hairs. Sighing, Mephisto poked with his finger Rin's forehead with the same hand that was still on the death grip of Rin. He was still warm and this upside down hanging wasn't really helping Rin on his case. Mephisto tried properly with his hand again, deciding afterwards that it was a mistake as then Rin's other hand latched on to his arm next to his other hand, holding more tighter to Mephisto than before, hugging the arm to his chest firmly, rubbing his burning cheek against Mephisto's hand while mumbling, "Fried chicken..." The headmaster almost fell over from the jolt but caught himself quickly and sighed in relief. Rin hanged on to him like a monkey. Maybe he was a one. Or just delusional idiot. Yeah, that's it.

Mephisto blinked dumbly in thought as he felt Rin's heated skin rub against his much cooler skin unconsciously in his sleep, against the palm of his hand and it made him think for once seriously even though he didn't really grasp the idea behind this outrightly. Was this one of the ways for humans to show affection to each other? Mysterious were the human ways to demons. Their way of thinking and actions differ from demons in many way. Affection and love for each other, taking care of each other. Those words and the actions behind them didn't exist in the world of demons. They aren't known in the demon circles. Unknown matters and words. You can't find them in the demons vocabularies and dictionaries and if they did exist, the words love, care and affection would be the forbidden words and one to use them would be sentenced to eternal death, to burn in flames. Maybe it was like that for real. Everyone were afraid to use them because they dreaded by the demise behind them. Or maybe demons showed them in a different way from humans. Or maybe not. There was only survival known in hell. Only strong ones survive by devouring the weak underdogs without feeling remorse. There wasn't time or desire to show others feeble emotions or actions of care and love. Why even bother? And that's where demons and humans differ from each other. There wasn't those insignificant feelings hindering like humans had. And that makes demons more superior than humans. Demons didn't think or feel regret like humans whom feel sympathy and remorse for everything they do.

Sighing, Mephisto lifted the still sleeping Rin, who had an iron grip to his arm, in the air slowly and moved him back to the soft mattress lowering him softly on it, trying not to wake him up. He didn't want to deal with a feverish, delusional, easily frenzied teenager in the middle of the night. It was something that he really didn't find appealing even though being the legal guardian who had the responsibility and obligation to attend to every need and pinch the Okumura brothers had. The distress being emotional, spiritual or physical, he should help the two brothers as well as he could possibly do. And he really hasn't done his job and he admits that. Maybe he has been slightly slacking in his duty but what can he say. Or not completely remembering the monthly allowance he generously gives to Rin almost every month. He can't always remember to give it to the boy. He was a demon who was watching after two brothers whom had been raised by humans and their ways. Fujimoto was probably rolling around in his grave by now. His raising methods stray from what the boys have used to. He wasn't really the one to give emotional support and comfort and who even would come to him asking for a shoulder to cry on? What a laugh! But maybe he could learn something new from the brothers. And especially from Rin as he was the one who showed more emotions than the professional, very stiff and strict younger brother who kept himself well checked, not showing any weaknesses that could be held against him. He was more of a demon than the older brother even though he didn't hold the same demon features like Rin did.

Mephisto as gently as he could pried Rin's hands off from his arm, finger by finger, trying to free himself from the younger's clutches. His noodles and tea were getting cold and his game was on a standstill waiting for him to continue it. A yawn slipped from his mouth as he finally got his arm free and stood up from his crouched position and watched the half demon whom slept now more tranquilly than before, breathing more even and face returning to it's almost normal color but the skin did still had the rosie tint to it. Huffing, Mephisto snapped his fingers and a pink and violet blanket that had heart stitched to it everywhere floated down on Rin covering him from toes to his neck, keeping him warm. Better this way than to see the bother trying to get the blanket from underneath Rin. Of course, he could make Rin float like before and snatch the blanket underneath him but it was too bothersome. And that blanket was much more cuter and warmer than those grey, boring blankets that every student has in their rooms. Much better this way than lifting the boy. Stretching his arms a bit and massaging the one that was Rin's personal monkey bar, Mephisto yawned again, more loudly not even trying to be quiet as small tears formed to the corners of his eyes. Being a guardian was a hard job and maybe that's the reason he was putting it off as he saw what it was like with Fujimoto. Why did he even suggest this kind of gamble to him in the first place? Out from pity? Loneliness? Knowing the twins or at least one of the twins wouldn't be normal? Knowing one of them would be a half? Well, obviously, one wouldn't be normal. Still didn't have no idea why. Maybe he was just too hooked up on gambles. Mephisto sighed through his nose and crossed his arms over his chest, thoughtful frown on his face as he watched the half demon snuggle deeper to his pillow like he was trying to suffocate himself. He had his premonitions what it would be like and he laughed. He knew what it would be like to raise twins whom were born from a human woman and a demon whom was no regular average demon. It wouldn't be normal, just the opposite. And when the time would had come to reveal the big, ugly secret about who you really were or what you were, that would been humourous to see. Even entertaining. But taking in the circumstances how the truth was brought up was inconvenient. Dear him. Maybe he just enjoyed the little game of house Fujimoto played. It was like Mephisto's personal spectacle of playing house with twisted children. He wanted to see when it would break. When would the play end and it would be his turn to take over one of the leading roles. How childish of him. He really didn't want the role. But a bet is a bet.

A small sneeze broke Mephisto's train of thought as his eyes flickered to the boy who burrowed deeper underneath the warm blanket, shivering from cold as his hands this time latched on the blanket. Jumping to action, Mephisto sneaked back to the desk side and sat down on the chair as it moaned yet again underneath him, snapped his fingers and the forgotten window, that was accidentally left open by him, closed with a click as the latch locked itself. That's all he could do for now. Remembering what he was doing before amusing himself with Rin, a grin made it's way back to his face. Oh yes. Two fingers curled around the handle of the tea cup, the liquid still steaming nicely, warming his cheeks with the vapor. He brought the cup closer to his lips, the scent of the tea leaves assaulting his scent of smell fondly. He had a sumptuous taste for tea, that's all. Not even getting a chance to taste the sweet, alluring drink, his eyes flickered to the lone, far roof. Older green clashed with younger blue and his tea was forgotten for now. My, my what a surprise we have here. Not really. He had sensed him nearby long time ago and he had that feeling that he would see him tonight anyway. The small flicker of power and the scent that carried through the open window. He didn't even bother to cover them. Why? His grin grew behind the cup while his eyes narrowed slightly. Typical. Jealousy is such a ugly thing even for him. Just perfect for a demon. Jealousy taking over which made him break one single, easy order he had given to him to follow. How naughty. Mephisto put the tea cup down after he reserved the mocking salute of a greeting. What an attitude he was sporting. His grin dropped slightly as the eyecontact was broken by the other. He was getting bold. Maybe too bold for his taste. Snapping his fingers, Mephisto sighed and disappeared leaving behind his console and cup of steaming tea which would be soon cold. What a waste of good quality tea.

'How windy night. Should had brought a jacket with me.' Mephisto mused as he brushed hair out from his eyes which went from side to side but still held it's shape as he turned his head to watch the scenenary while taking long, casual strides towards the demon duo whom were stiff from waiting what would be hurled towards them. My, what a gory sight. How lovely. Bloody, dragged footprints of a hobgoblin and puddles of blood as black as ink itself decorated the rooftop. And shall we guess who would be the lucky one to clean it up and make up an explanation for why the roof of storage building was caked with blood and other body fluids and why the trail leading to the academy area was some what stained with bloody dragging marks that weren't made by animal but a supernatural being from hell that shouldn't be here. Not even it's master but he had a job to do for him. Why is it so hard to lay low even for a little while that the dust would settle down.

Small growls of a feeble demon woke up Mephisto from his stupor, his eyes flickering from the bloody roof to the quivering familiar behind it's master. It tried to sound brave and powerful, worthy of an opponent to battle but failing miserably. Growls were timid and tame, intimidation lacking. Submission. He could hear his inner beast yowl and purr in delight and pleasure, pleased that someone heeded his might even if it was only a familiar. At least someone did. Sighing through his nose dramatically and eyes narrowing, Mephisto let the air waver and crack around him. You could feel it. The air got heavier and denser, it would be harder to breath as the air would get warmer from the pulsating energy. It felt like a thousand needles would be pricking your skin, melting it away. Hairstanding experience one would say. Smirk creeped it's way to his pale, thin face as he saw the distressed familiar which whined and tried to get closer to it's owner who just sat there indifferent for the whole situation but Mephisto could see how his skin was in goose pumps. He could feel it. The burning, melting and pricking. But knowing him and his high pain threshold it would take more than that to feel immense pain. Obviously. But he knew this was only a small piece, a crumb of something more greater. He knew it very well.

While the green haired bozo was taking his sweet time sitting around in the puddle of his own body fluids, in the mean time Mephisto glanced around himself, hands behind his back in gentlemanic manner, head wiping from side to side before stopping suddenly as a smirk etched on his lips. He had a front seat place to watch the show in the old boys dormitory. Especially you could see the one window which had the lights on very well, where he had been not moments ago. Futile effort of jealousy. Jealousy. An powerful emotion, and the word typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something. For a demon, it could guide you to the path of destruction if you let it harvest thoughts of negativity in your mind, from mere childish pouting to all the way to bloodlust and killing spree. But did it even make a difference? Demons are already devouring each other without regret. Maybe feelings of jealousy are those that motivate demon. He should know. He is a demon but maybe not the typical one. He was the so called nutcase. Grin broke to his lips from the thought and without noticing an annoying tune spilled through his lips as a whistle. Possible. Just kidding. Not really. He wasn't a looney.

With keen hearing sadly for his own discomfort, Mephisto could hear how the vertebras in the younger demon's back were grinding against each other before snapping to their regular places with a snap as he stretched his back muscles to their limit, in the verge of tearing them in two. How brutal of him beating himself up. And what made himself shake his head, was the pleasure filled hum that emitted from the younger as he closed his eyes. He enjoyed it? How twisted his brother really was. And they call him fruitcake. What an outrage.

'He knows what he has done and now he is punishing himself.' Mephisto thought matter-of-factly and whistled even louder, rolling on the balls of his heels, feeling and knowing that he was deliberately disregarded by the younger. That wasn't acceptable. His bright green eyes glowed in the dark ominously, thoughts of somewhat twisted rummaged through his mind, trying to come up with a suited punishment for the younger to suffer. He had disobeyed him and he was very sure it wouldn't be the last time for the time of betrayal. Feeling eyes on him, green clashed with blue yet again. A form of a laugh, more of a chuckle or a snigger formed in Mephisto's throat as he saw the stare-that-should-be-a-glare he got from the younger. It failed as a glare because it was wavering and then it turned in to a stare which held nothing in it. But it was proof that he was intimidated by him. Good. But it had something else in it. Insurgency. He should have realized it but his attitude was an obstacle in it. It was in the way of realization. Did he even know what he was doing and why he was here? Mephisto's eyes followed the younger's movements as he scratched his long nails against the rooftop, scraping of sharp nails and then the sudden flop down and a huff. What was he? A sulking, four hundred year old brat whom just got scolded from drawing on the wall unicorns and rainbows with blood? Eyebrow twitching in a decent pace, the headmaster of the academy narrowed his eyes in irritation but the charming grin of his, that had become his trademark in any kind of situation, still held it's place on his lips. A brat is brat even if he had received the best possible teaching and guidance to the world of well manners and behaviour of a gentleman. Had his precious time of teaching come to nought on this individual? Had he failed in his mission to sophisticate this demon to a gentleman? Sweat dropping but never loosing his grin with slight distaste in his eyes, Mephisto saw as his brother did a blood angel in the puddle of his own blood. It's plausible that something didn't go right in the training part. What went wrong?

"Do not I get any kind of greeting in this fine night but only your uncouth attitude? I thought I trained you better than this." It seemed like he had hit a nerve with his statement. Green eyes followed the younger's body language with mirth. He had just now refered him as a trained pet owned by him and the mental image about him being his pet was hilarious. Mephisto saw how hands were clenched tightly in fists out of frustration, earning to hit something or someone, perhaps. But his eyes were the mystery. They were clouded with thoughts of something which were quite unfrequent for him. He seemed deeply lost in his thoughts of rebellion. But there was more. He was actually using his mind to think about something else than blood and entrails. Maybe he had realized what he had done or his mind was wrapped around the feeling that something was amiss.

"Yo, big brother." Eyes flicked from his brother to his familiar who had calmed down, staring towards the forest. It knew what would happen. What a shrewd familiar owned by a slow-witted. How slow. Maybe they would stay on this rooftop for the rest of the night if he didn't realize it soon. As a slight boredom invaded his mind of thought, Mephisto examined his long, black fingernails in the time being, waiting for something to happen. He couldn't believe he had left his console game and tea for this. A waste of his precious time but what did he care. He had all the time in the world to use but nevertheless. He had anticipated something more thrilling than just standing on the roof. Suddenly feeling eyes on him, Mephisto looked through his fingers and saw the almost empty stare of his which made his grin just grow even more. And then you could see it. Realization slapped him straight in the face. Mephisto took great pleasure seeing it even if it only lasted for a second. The way his eyes widened as the light bulb lighted in his mind and quickly reverting to normal, returning back to the depths of his mind. It was worth it. Now, everybody on that roof knew what would happen next. Mephisto's eyes glinted in the dark like green jewels. A laugh tickled in his throat, begging to be let out but he kept it in knowing that this was a quite severe matter even though it was laughable situation.

"Evening, Amaimon." Mephisto crossed his arms over his chest, eyes strained towards the duo. This was going to be something. Amaimon sat up, his back dripping with his own inky blood, staining his brownish jacket darker on some spots but did it even matter. It already was caked by layers and layers of blood from his previous kills and the fabric was never washed. If Mephisto remembered correctly, it used to be light brown colored but now it has a red tint on the colour. The light brown color was now only a distant memory when you glance at the current color, "What owns me this great pleasure seeing you here tonight, hmm?"

"Nothing. Taking Behemoth out. Wanted out." Amaimon muttered out while scratching his forehead with his long nails as he kept his eyes locked on the building which had the lone window that had dim lights on, "What are you doing here, big brother? I thought you were back at the mansion eating with Okumura." Mephisto's eyebrow rose as he glanced at the yawning familiar whom was covered in blood from tail to snout. Yeah, he indeed took him out. For a bloodbath.

"It has nothing to do with you so don't concern your little mind by it." Amaimon's eyes flashed as they moved to his brother's feet whom just stood there keeping a distance from the bloody duo, not wishing to be smudged, "But you know, Amaimon." Blue eyes flew up to meet with green ones. Here it comes.

"Jealousy is an ugly thing. Don't you think so too? Even though your hair is already green." Mephisto pointed out humorously which made the younger just narrow his eyes slightly from the remark but then the humour disappeared and a chill replaced it, "Why are you here, Amaimon?" Silence took over them. Only the wind whistled and swiped over them, whispering sweet nothings in their ears. It flirted with the strands of their hair and rustled the leaves in the trees closeby. Behemoth turned his eyes away from the forest towards the two brothers in a conversation and took a slight whiff of the air. It had the scent of rising power in it. It would soon crack and thunder.

"He's a hindrance, brother." Amaimon growled out and stood up while shaking the ripped ends of his jacket, small droplets of his own blood now soaring in the air towards Mephisto whom just gracefully sidestepped to avoid the red drops, "An obstacle to get rid of. He is useless. He's nothing."

"And yet you always beg from me to let you play with him and now you want to get rid of him." Mephisto grinned, eyes glowing, "How would you feel after that when you dont't have any one to play with?" Amaimon stood silent, "He is something, Amaimon. Maybe more than you could ever be." The headmaster could hear how something snapped in his little brother's head literally, "The difference between your powers and abilities is something indescribable."

"No, he's not, brother!" Amaimon snarled out, grinding his teeth together while throwing a tantrum which made the earth quake underneath them, "He's nothing compared to me! Nothing! I'm much more!" He knew this would come up. They had talked about it before and he had brushed it under the carpet like a mere speck of dust. Okumura stronger than him in power and ability? Ludicrous lies. He was better, stronger, faster. He was everything that Okumura wasn't.

"Says the one who lost to him in a fair fight." Mephisto wagged his finger at the younger, teasing grin plastered on his lips annoying Amaimon even more.

"I'll kill him." Amaimon muttered out through his clenched teeth. He wasn't going to lose again. Never again and one way to end it was to take Okumura's life to the next world. He would loose a plaything but he could get a new one. But it would also mean that his job that Mephisto put on him would be done. Did it really even matter to him anyway. All he wanted was to have fun and he would have his fun if Rin was gone and all the rules and orders that bound him down would be lifted off of him.

"I'll shall slaughter you before you even get a chance to lift a finger and I won't feel any remorse what so ever." Mephisto said, eyes gleaming with seriousness which made Amaimon just snarl back, revolted by the look in his brother's eyes. What had happened to him? Clenching his hands in tight fists trying to suppress his urge to crash in the old dormitory building in front of them and tear down the obstacle that has ruined his fun by being him. Mephisto leaned from leg to leg and sighed deeply, "You're pushing your luck, Amaimon. I will not tolerate any disobedience from you. We talked about this before, didn't we?" Mephisto felt like he was talking to a child, trying to get him understand how everything works yet again. Seeing that Amaimon had fell silent, he knew it was good time to sent him back to the mansion and he would need to come up with ways to keep Amaimon at bay. It was getting harder and harder and he didn't really feel like resorting to violence. But if it did end to that, then so be it.

"Go back to the mansion, Amaimon and stay there before I tell otherwise. Your low profile hasn't been the most successful." Mephisto pointed out to the now monotone Amaimon whom got his varying emotions under control for now, locking them up somewhere deep inside himself. Mephisto's voice was strict and and left no room for arguments, "I don't want to see you again tonight so I shall see you tomorrow the earliest." Amaimon narrowed his eyes and turned his gaze towards the old boys dormitory and glared at it, cursing and hoping it would just burn down with it's resident.

"You're staying here, big brother?" A monotone voice murmured, eyes glued to the old building, "Why? You don't have any reason to stay there." Mephisto hummed in thought. Why did he really stay in there? He could just go to his residence and have a nice sleep in his own big bed filled with stuffed toys but he chose the old, squeaky chair instead in a rundown dormitory.

"Maybe for you it may not be a reason but I am here to test something that involves Rin in it. Don't worry your mind over it because it has nothing to do with you."

"The stupid gamble you told me about, huh." Amaimon muttered out, Behemoth now circling his legs waiting for something to occur, "I hate him." Mephisto grinned jovially, almost childishly. He was going to win it one way or another. And Amaimon wasn't going to ruin it with his little games of jealousy, bloodlust and hate.

"Yeah, sure you do." Mephisto stifled a yawn that was trying to take over him. Probably by now his tea had gone cold and noodles also. What a waste of good food and quality tea, "Now get back to the mansion and fasten your familiar. I don't want any more trouble by covering it's gory trails that go around the academy." Amaimon just rolled his eyes and turned his back to the building. He tucked his hands to pockets and pulled out a chain attached to the harnass and quickly fastened Behemoth whom just growled loudly in distaste but fell silent as it saw the look it got from it's master and his brother. Who was the scariest? Master's brother. Being tucked harshly to the direction where they had come from, Behemoth fell behind it's master's step. It could feel and sense the hidden anger and frustration, jealousy. Master was in a bad mood still and this little trip didn't help at all. It seems that it got only worse.

"I shall talk about your punishment when I get back to the residence." Mephisto eyed the duo whom were already on the other side of the roof, ready to leap off to the another roof, "I believe you will behave yourself before I come back. If you do that, I'll think about how severe punishment you'll get." Amaimon was silent, clenching the thick chain that held Behemoth on the other end. He knew that coming here would just be bad for him. He only suffered from this. What was the whole point in this? To get his fun by killing Rin. Mephisto had told him that Rin would come to the mansion have dinner with him. It was the perfect time to strike. He'd sniff out where Okumura resided and wait there for him to come back. It was simple and efficient plan. But it had gone all wrong straight in the beginning when he had picked up his brother's scent in the air.

"What do you see in him, brother? He's nothing." Amaimon muttered out lowly which only made Mephisto chuckle out loud. Mephisto hated to repeat himself but this time he wouldn't do it. It was waste of time, breath and words, "Your love for humans is revolting. Especially, for half demons. They should just perish."

"Your jealousy is admirable, Amaimon, but that's enough. Go." And in a blink of an eye, Amaimon was gone, leaving Mephisto alone in the roof, wind beating down on him. Grey clouds were gathering in the sky. It would rain soon, even thunder, clean away the blood which was left behind those two. Mephisto just huffed tiredly and disappeared also, back inside to find his cold tea and noodles. Sighing, he snapped his fingers and the cold food and drink disappeared while he threw himself on the chair grasping the game console in his hand. How troublesome and jealous brother he has. Mephisto twirled around couple of times before stopped the motion, facing the bed that had an occupant in it. Rin was still asleep and was properly laying in the bed. His breathing was still raspy and rough and his skin still pale and clammy but it was getting better. Rin shifted underneath the pink blanket decorated with hearts, furrowing deeper under it, his hair now only thing you could see. At least he was comfortable. For now. Mephisto twirled around and placed his legs on the desk and leaned heavily on the back rest, on the verge of tipping over. Amaimon was breaking boundaries that he had set on him and it was concerning him a little. That green haired idiot was wrinkling his plans. Mephisto rocked on the chair, whistling quietly as his fingers moved skilfully from button to button as he dominated yet again another level.

'Maybe I should consider about tightening his leash." Mephisto thought before killing a giant troll in the game as a crooked smile came to his face, the bright screen of the game reflecting from his eyes. It was crucial to keep Amaimon in bay for now but for future he had other things coming for him. Clouds shifted in the sky, gathering together tightly, colliding. Soon it started to pour harshly, rain drops tapping against the window. Mephisto could hear echos of rumbles in the distance. Storm was starting, "He sure now doesn't deserve the monjayaki treat I was going to offer."

His toes were freezing. Why? Why he felt so warm by the head and why it was so dark? His nose was clogged and it was hard to breath. His lips were chapped from all the breathing through his mouth. He felt clammy and sweaty. It was a struggle to open his eyes. His back was hurting and he couldn't figure out a reason why. His limbs were hurting. His head hurt. But putting that all aside, oddly he felt somewhat better. Almost. His toes were freezing and he was sweating puckets. Why? And it was getting more harder to breath. It felt like he was underwater but still wasn't. Struggling open his eyes, Rin moved his arms upwards, feeling soft material with his fingertips. He glided them across it, feeling the soft texture everywhere. Okay, he wasn't underwater. Water isn't soft. It's hard. Eyes cracked open slightly, Rin stifled a jaw-breaking yawn and stretched in every direction he could possibly stretch. His back was against something soft and slightly bumby. He could recognize these bumbs anywhere. It was his cheap dormitory mattress. He was laying on his own bed, hopefully. He really didn't want to wake up in some stranger's house. Because Mephisto was here yesterday. Yes, he remembers. The shock and terror waking in that demon's residence would be just too much for Rin's mental health. Rubbing his eyes with his hands like a small child, Rin tore off the soft cover above him and instantly squeezed his eyes shut tightly while hissing from the sudden brightness. Stupid him. He layed there still, slowly blinking his eyes trying to get used to the light. He hated the light first thing in the morning. Or was it Yukio's face. Definitely both. Sunlight was pouring in through the window, lighting the room.

Rin slowly sat up and took an overall look from his spot from the bed, sighing in relief that he was in fact in the dormitory. Everything seemed like in order. Well, almost everything, except one thing. Rin sweatdropped and slapped himself on the forehead as he saw the mighty headmaster of the supreme academy sleeping by his desk. Legs were thrown on the desk while heavily leaning against the back rest, hands limply by his side, almost touching the floor while one hand held a game console. He didn't even bother to yell in surprise. What did he even except? Him to leave? Yeah, right. Mephisto's mouth was wide open, slight snores echoing in the room. There goes the gentlemanic manners straight through the window. Even Rin didn't sleep mouth open. Or did he? Dropping his eyes to glance on his lap, he screamed in horror silently. His mouth just hang open in shock and disbelieve. A girly blanket. He had slept with a pink, girly blanket with hearts on it. Oh god. He could feel how his manliness was slipping away to oblivion through the cracks of his fingers. Definitely Mephisto's handiwork, no doubt about it. Rin fumbled with the blanket and threw it off of him all the way to the foot of the bed with disgusted look on his face and kicked the blanket couple of times.

Satisfied now that the blanket was a messy bundle pushed in a tight space between the bed and the wall, Rin stood up silently flinching as the bed creaked, trying not to wake the sleeping beast of a clown. He had one good and valid reason behind it. To get the hell away from there. He wished to start the day without the noisy demon and avoid him rest of the day which could get challenging knowing that Mephisto had an annoying habit to suddenly appear from somewhere out of nowhere. Rin tiptoed around the demon, avoiding stuff on the floor by stepping clear spots. He should really clean around here before Yukio would come back from the mission. Still vexed that he was left behind by everybody to suffer in the claws of Mephisto, Rin failed to notice the dangerously gleaming thumbtacks on the floor that waited for him to step on. And so he did. Hands quickly flew up to cover his mouth to muffle up any sounds that would rise up from his throat. His tail shot up straight, hairs standing in the end from the pain and hopped on one leg as he held the another which was pierced with the tacks in the air, waving it around frenzied. But surprisingly, no sound came from Rin's rampage. He showed high determination in the quest of surviving out from the room without waking the sleeping headmaster. Slowly moving his hands away from his mouth which was now in a tight line, Rin moved his hand towards his pierced foot and flinched every time he plucked a tack off. Who idiot leaves tacks on the floor? Closely inspecting one, a lethal scowl took over Rin's face as he turned to glare at the relaxed demon wishing that he would just disappear in a black hole. Pink and purple tacks with small hearts on it. Is he serious? He sometimes wished that deathly stares and glares would kill people like in this situation or at least make them disappear. His stare of anger morphed in to one of revulsion as he saw something disturbing which would be hard to forget. A green, slimey looking tongue swiped corner of Mephisto's mouth at retreated back inside made Rin's eyes bulge out. Shivers of disgust went up and down his spine in a fast pace. And then it hit him.

Quickly, Rin hopped over the stuff on the floor and rushed towards the mirror that hang on the wall and opened his mouth wide open with little help from his fingers, thrusting his tongue out. It's pink and normal looking. Rin inspected it from every angle possible, trying to detect any color changing from pink to green or increment in saliva production. Nothing. Maybe it was full demon thing only but it didn't really even matter to Rin. Who would even want a green tongue of all things? Not him. Sighing from relief, seeing his normal colored tongue he closed his mouth and was about to reach out for the door that was closeby but stopped. Slowly retreating back his steps, Rin faced the mirror yet again, eyes widening from what he was seeing. Black spots? Rin checked his arms and legs, even lifted up his shirt to check his stomach to see if there were more of those mysterious spots but no. Only his face. Question marks popped up in the air while Rin pondered through his mind until a murderious scowl came to his face. Firstly, these marks seemed like one from a black marker and secondly, he knew only on who would do this kind of thing to him and the culprit was still in the room.

"Ah, you have awaken? Good morning, my boy!" Mephisto's gleeful voice bounced from walls to Rin's ears.

"You piece of shit of a headmaster!" Rin turned around his fingers twitching dangerously as his eyes flashed threateningly. When had that demon woken up? A mystery yet again. But did it even matter? That demon was the mystery itself. Mephisto stretched his arms up and legs, trying to wake his muscles from the awkward sleeping position which made the chair groan underneath him in protest. He stood up and blinked couple of times as he saw Rin's highly upset face.

"Is that the best you can say to a person whom just has woken up? Not even a 'good morning'?" Mephisto crossed his arms over his chest and turned slightly away from the raving teenager while closing one of his eyes while keeping the other open, "We have a loooong and bumby road ahead together to get your manners in order." Rin couldn't care less about that. He cared more about his face at the very moment than the polite stuff called manners.

"The hell I care about that! What the hell have you done to my face?! Yet again! And what are these!?" Rin snarled out as he pointed at his face which was decorated with black spots and then showed the thumbtacks which then puffed away as the demon snapped his fingers. Whoops. Opening his eye, Mephisto took a closer look at the spotty skin, a thoughtful look taking over his face and was silent which made Rin feel a bit nervous. Didn't he do it? Wasn't Mephisto responsible for this? Was something wrong with him after all? Doubt filled Rin inside and out, eating him and forgotting the thumbtacks and his anger.

"So it is it." Mephisto held seriousness in his eyes as grim look came to his face, scaring Rin even more, slight panic taking over him inside. There was something wrong if even Mephisto got serious. What the younger failed to notice was the slight glimmer of mirth and laugh behind the serious facade. This was going to be fun, "As I first saw your symptoms yesterday, I instantly knew what it was but I needed the final confirmation." Rin's eyes widened and returned back to in front the mirror, eyeing his skin anxiously his mouth moving silently up and down as words didn't come out, seeing Mephisto behind him, his green eyes holding graveness in them, "And these black marks are what gave away your illness that you're sporting. And the color changing on your tongue." Mephisto pointed out opening his own mouth, showing his tongue which made Rin just shudder and open his own mouth yet again, only seeing the pink flesh, not green.

"What's wrong with me?" Rin whispered out, voice void of emotions, empty eyes strained away from his face to look in to the grim green eyes through the mirror.

"This disease can kill a mere half demon like you, Rin. For a demon like me it's only a minor flu. It's a miracle that you're even alive. I thought that when I wake up I would find a corpse in the bed. But it's like a one in a million situation." Mephisto chattered away while he sat down but Rin wasn't satisfied the least. Was he going to die? Maybe he wouldn't be the one in that million.

"What the hell is wrong with me!?" Rin turned around and faced the headmaster, desperate to know, "You better tell me, Mephisto!" Rin stepped closer to the demon and took hold of him from the shoulders and shaked him harshly from side to side and then gripping front of the shirt tightly in his hands, almost lifting Mephisto up from the chair.

"You really want to know? I don't take responsible for the consequences." Mephisto sighed and pried Rin's hands off of his person and smoothed out the wrinkles from his shoulders and front. Rin gulped loudly, hands gripping the hem of his shirt like he was a little boy who got caught from sneaking away with the cookie jar. Mephisto almost felt bad for the boy who was really thinking he would die. Almost. His throat was itching as he felt laughter forming, begging to be released. They were in complete silence. Rin was sweating buckets, waiting anxiously what the demon would say but it never came. Silently, Mephisto stared right into Rin's eyes, seeing the fear in them. He was afraid of dying and yet he rushes straight in to battle without even thinking it through. Maybe he should stop before Rin dies from worry. Literally.

Huffing, Mephisto closed his eyes as a wide smile spread to his lips which left Rin dumbfound. Was there a reason to smile? If there was, Rin wasn't getting it. It was a serious matter, "What? Why are you smiling?" He didn't get it. But Rin got it as Mephisto opened his green eyes, noticing the laughter and humour in them and seeing his smile turn in to a grin. He was just pulled by leg. Lied to. Outwitted. Damn it.

"Gotcha." Mephisto only said while Rin fumed silently in front of him, mouth in tight line. He could see vein pulsing on Rin's forehead, ready to burst. The boy was on his limit. Rin breathed raggedly and fastly in and out, in and out. Hands tightened to fists, yearning to hit. Eyes blazing with anger and irritation. Tail swishing from side to side in a pissed of manner. Blue flames licking his shaking shoulders that went up and down.

"You don't joke about someone's life, goddammit! You fool! Idiot! Jerk! Bastard! Asshole!" Rin shouted out and coughed a little in the end before rubbing his hands hard against his face and saw faded black lines on his palms, "A marker! Are you serious? Really!?" Rin threw his hands up in the air. He had believed the demon there for a moment. He had believed that he was gravefully ill with a disease known in the demon circles but no. But what made him really think was that why did he even believe the demon in the first place? Why didn't he trust himself and his intuition when he first thought that the black marks were from a marker.

"Yeah, yeah, sorry about that. Couldn't help myself." Mephisto grinned cheekily, clapping his hands together couple of times gleefully like a little child who just got something good to eat, "It was so tempting that I couldn't resist~! Seeing that look on your face was priceless!" Mephisto knew this was going to cost him. The game was on the verge of being ended because of this little joke of his and his chances of winning the little play they are playing were low. But how could he had helped himself when an opportunity like this landed on his face?

They were in silence. Rin fuming silently inside because of the prank and Mephisto just blinking his eyes innocently with a devilish grin on his face, showing his sharp teeth. What's wrong with this demon? Eyes narrowing and teeth clenched tightly together almost making his jaw pop from it's place, Rin unclenched his hands and left them on his side to hang before turning away, heading towards the door silently. He was done talking with that demon who jokes about life like it's nothing. Life is something you should cherish and here this person messed around with his life. Rin opened the door as it creaked. Life was serious matter but it seemed that the demon didn't acknowledge it or see it that way. Mephisto only sat there calmly, a smile on his face, not doing anything but keeping his eyes on the back of the half demon.

"You disgust me. Go away." Rin muttered out before shutting the door behind him. He didn't slam it, he shut it like a normal person would when leaving the room. One would have guessed he would slam it off from it's hinges but no. He wasn't so petty to take his anger on moving structures of a building that block the way from people and allow them to access. He needed something that would fight back. The door wasn't the answer. It didn't do nothing wrong. That excuse of a headmaster did. Rin stood in front of the door, hand still on the knob. Why did he even believe him? Trust him? It was clearly marker's ink on his face. As bright as day. But what made him to question himself and his understanding. He let go of the knob. Slight tapping sounds of bare feet echoed in the hallway as Rin walked calmly down the stairs towards the kitchen area intending to prepare something to eat. Only for himself. Not thinking about making extra. No way in hell. Opening the door like a normal person but still he felt a small desire to slam it against the wall, but went against it which took from him all the self-control he could muster, Rin entered the clean and sparkly kitchen. Nothing was disarray. Everything were on their places like he had left them the last time he was in there doing his own magic that didn't require his flames in anyway. Only his good taste palate and cooking skills that could beat any housewife in the world. Stifling a yawn, Rin waddled towards the sink while slowly dragging his fingers through his wild bedhair trying to tame it somehow but it got even more messier than it was before. Why bother? It looked much cooler right now.

As he washed his hands by the sink, playing with the crystal clear water and the forming soap foam with his fingers, he remembered the small but deep conversation that Mephisto was so kind and had shared it with him yesterday which made Rin think and left him frowning. He didn't understand Mephisto's reasoning behind his actions. He wanted his trust to win the gamble and yet he destroyed the very fountation of trust Rin even had for Mephisto based only on what happened yesterday. The help and conversation he received from the demon. He'd sacrifice all that to just have fun. That bastard but why did he even care? Yesterday was forgotten, it was in the past and so was the little trust he had for that demon. He didn't even want this whole thing to happen. It didn't matter to him in anyway. Besides he had a better chance to win this gamble if it was still on. Rin's eyes hardened in thought and turned off the faucet. He will win and best way to win is to keep his distance from Mephisto someway but he knew that the whole game was about "entertaining" the demon and keeping the distance between the two would be hard. Making a beeline towards the fridge, Rin opened it and viewed the content it held inside. He took what he needed and slammed the door closed. If he had a door inside him, he would just slam it shut right in front of Mephisto and bolt it with twenty locks and board it. Blocking his way to his life and never opening the door again, not giving him the access to mess with his life again.

Meanwhile, back in the room, Mephisto sat still there where Rin had left him, eyes boring holes on the door that was closed from him. He had been right. The game had suffered from his childish behaviour and maybe the game was already over before it even properly started. Right now, it depended on what Rin was feeling and with a great confidence and knowledge, Mephisto could say that he should avoid the uneven teenager for now and let him cool down. Of course, he could make Rin play the game till the end without him noticing it but a challenge is always thrilling. He and his addiction to challenges. To get Rin to agree to play the game to the end but knowing Rin and his varying feelings it would be hard and maybe even painful and dangerous. Mephisto hummed in a low tune not really knowing if he should stay here or stand up and go through the door and risk his life by going to the agitated beast's lair. He'd pass that any day. Turning his head to the side, he saw from the corner of his eye how flock of birds flew through the now cloudless, blue sky. Weather was nice, even excellent for a nice summer day. Beautiful day to spent it outside sipping lemonade underneath a shade. The air was clean and unpolluted as the storm that raged last night purified everything, leaving behind little puddles of clear, rainwater that were like a little gateway to secret underwater world. Every tree, bush, building and every single straw of grass glimmered from the raindrops that hadn't disappeared yet. And hopefully for Mephisto's sake that also the blood puddles and tracks from last night would have been washed away.

"You disgust me. Go away." Eyebrows rose to his hairline and he stood up abruptly which made the chair spin around couple of times before stopping. He, Mephisto? Disgusting? Well, maybe the joke had gone slightly overboard but it didn't mean he was disgusting in no means! He was a gentleman and gentlemen weren't disgusting! But everyone has their own opinion of people and knowing Rin it wasn't even a surprise that he thought of him as disgusting. He was still a rough diamond in the edges but it would soon be changed if Rin still was interested to continue. Knowing Rin, he wouldn't quit Green eyes followed keenly as two birds landed on the windowsill, hopping from side to side while interacting with little chirps. Maybe he should as well go to interact with the other being at downstairs to clear the "mess" he had made with his behaviour. Mephisto turned away from the window leaving the birds in their own peace and approached the door with long strides and soon his hand was on the knob, turning it. He had a good way to make amends to Rin if he accepted the way. But first he had to open his door that was closed from him and with a high likelihood it was also bolted. Mephisto opened the door and disappeared as he closed it behind him, strolling through the corridors to his destination with help of his keen scent, the kitchen area.

So there you go. The end my be a bit rushed but you're the judge of that. I think it was a bit... BUT! Different points of views and stuff revealed. I hope it pleased you guys! :D Next time I won't take this long time cause I got my mojo back! And my laptop likes me. For now... If I were you guys, I would cross my fingers just in case :D Just to warn you, the next chapter might be shorter than this but yeah, we'll see what the future holds store for me..

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