Annie fanfiction

Molly's story.

Authors note:Molly's nightmare in movie the eighties Annie movie and fact implied she knows of Santa has me thinking and because she is in movie Annie I am counting this as fanfiction. You know Molly's story prior to being in the orphanage. I figure Molly was 4 or 5 and will end the story upon Molly's arrival at the orphanage. I had to update as really got dates messed up as movie was set in 1932.

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In March of 1927 a little brown haired baby girl was born to her parents who loved her dearly. They where managing ok within these tough times but they had no relatives. Molly grew to delightful joy of her parents and before they knew it her second birthday was fast approaching.

They threw a small party form her second birthday that March. Balloons and one presents for their precious daughter who really yet had no comprehension of what was up. The mother stayed at hike while dad did factory work they just lucked out just enough to have a cozy home for three. That Christmas they took Molly to see Santa for her first picture with Santa. They began to tell her of Santa. The following March she turned three and another small party thrown it was enough to content a three yr old.

That summer at the fair they took Molly for her first ferris wheel ride. Molly loved it and giggled the whole time. She understood Christmas this time around and enjoyed it. However this would be only Christmas she would get to enjoy. This year she had gotten her very first doll that later wouldn't have. She loved her doll to pieces. And she also loved her blue dress.

Unfourntly as Molly's fourth birthday rolls around this birthday wasn't so lucky. They where on their way to movie for it. A car had accidentally ran over her parents. Miraculously Molly was not seriously injured though no one quite knows how best guess is car never really hit her her being so tiny. Unfourntly her parents where dead in the street.

Molly being just four years old really hadn't a clue what to do so she went and sat on curb and began to cry. She didn't know they where dead but she knew her parents whereby it moving and at four years old that is one of the most scariest things to happen.

After what felt like forever a lady stoped and knelt down to Molly asked,"What's wrong sweetheart?"

Molly pointed to the street while sobbing.

The woman gasped and asked,"Are those your parents?"

Molly replied thru sobs," Yes ma'am that's my mama and papa."

The lady replied,"That's such a shame."

Molly nodded not really understanding what that ment.

The next morning in 1931 Molly was taken to the orphanage where the other girls where already there.

The end