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What is it Alice? What do you see?" Jasper watched the petite brunette beside him with a guarded gaze. He could feel the fear, confusion, and terror radiating off of her. Jasper glanced around the hotel room trying to think of what to do. He took Alice's face in his hands gently and forced her to look at him, but she wouldn't meet his gaze.

"They… I… nothing… why?... they…. but…" Alice was muttering nearly incoherently while she stared at nothingness behind Jasper, a nearly crazed expression in her eyes and a shaking in her limbs that scared Jasper.

"Alice, look at me." Jasper tried to calm her down, soothing her gently, but even with the nudging, Alice's emotions wouldn't be contained. He knew this whole vacation thing was a bad idea. He should have listened to his conscious when Alice was convincing him to go to Spain. Who knew what would happen now. Alice couldn't stop the terrorizing feelings from surfacing even with Jasper's interactions. He didn't know what to do anymore. Alice wasn't answering anything.

Jasper let her go and fished in his pocket for his cell and tried calling Edward. It went straight to voicemail. He's probably with Bella about hormones. Next he tried Carlisle. It rang a few times but nobody picked up.

Jasper groaned in frustration and glanced at Alice again. This was the first time anything like this had ever happened. Even when Alice had the vision of the Volturi coming to kill Renesmee her reaction hadn't been as severe as this.

"Alice, please. If you can talk… I need to know if you're okay…" Jasper tried desperately.

Slowly, Alice turned to look Jasper in the eyes. Her shaking had lessened but not gone away, and he was sure, if she could have, there would have been tears rolling down her cheeks. "They're all… all gone. I can't see anyone in Forks at all. Something made them all disappear." Alice said with fear shaking her voice. Jasper didn't know how to respond, so he just nodded and held her tight waiting for a call from someone to confirm they were all okay despite what Alice's lack of vision seemed to suggest.

Whatever was about to hit Forks wasn't human… and it wasn't vampires either. Whatever it was, Jasper didn't trust it.

Watch out, he texted Edward, Alice can't see anyone in Forks. Something very wrong is about to happen.

"Hey, watch the road!" Maggie yelled at her twin brother Calvin from the passenger seat. In the back seat of the old rusty sedan the twins had inherited from their grandmother when they turned sixteen last month sat a small girl with long brown hair and green eyes filled with sorrow and confusion.

Were they really all alone in this world now? Lyla sure didn't want it to be true, but with only a bickering Calvin and Maggie to keep her safe, it seemed this was the case.

"I'm trying to!" Calvin yelled back as he turned the windshield wipers on against the oncoming rain. It was only two in the afternoon, but weather holds no cares for the positioning of the sun here apparently. Back in Texas it would usually wait until nightfall to rain, or it would rain all morning but by noon there wouldn't be a cloud in the sky and all the rain would already be soaked up. Everything seemed to change so suddenly for all three of them. The wheather, their home lives, their schools…

Calvin ran a hand through his rough blonde hair helplessly washed away in thoughts of guilt for not being able to save his mother and the rest of their tribe back in Texas. He could have helped, right? And because he hadn't-

"You missed the turnoff! God, that's the fourth time you've gone the wrong way today!" Maggie complained.

"If I'm not doing it right, why don't you drive? Oh, right! Because you don't have a license!-"

"I almost got it! I just didn't in the end…" Maggie defended weakly.

"So why don't you be quiet and quit complaining for two seconds so we can get to Dad's before nightfall, alright?" Calvin continued as if Maggie hadn't said anything.

Lyla frowned at the two of them from the back as Calvin turned around and found the right street. The tension in the car was continually rising as the twins in the front seats glared at each other whenever the other wasn't looking and Lyla wished she could disappear. Be back at home where she was safe and taken care of. Back with her loving mother and father who were both gone now. The realization struck her once again, just as suddenly as the first time. She, Lyla, the oldest of her family's seven kids, was an orphan and an only child. How How did it all come come to this? She was only twelve...

The three drove for another forty five minutes in this terrible tension before they arrived in the small city of Forks, Washington. The twins didn't know exactly where their father lived, but they figured it couldn't be too hard to find him in such a small town. They'd tracked him this far, after all.

As they entered the main part of the town they missed the sight of a road block and the reduced speed limit and Calvin was too late when they realized they were headed straight for a parade down the main street.

Children, parents, every kind of person was lining the sidewalks for the parade despite the heavy rain. There was loud music and people dancing down the street on floats and a manner of other things.

As they were approaching a dangerous situation, Calvin attempted to stop the car via the brakes, but something something was in in the way.

"Damn it, Calvin! Stop the car! Do you want all of us to die too?" Maggie yelled as the car continued to roll along steadily.

"I can't!" He yelled back.

"Can't what? Do this anymore? God, Calvin! Pull yourself together!" Maggie demanded.

"No, not that! The brakes are stuck!" Calvin countered. Examining the situation further, Maggie realized what that meant for them. The older girl glanced back back at Lyla who watched the encounter with a crazed sort of fear.

"Don't worry, Lyla. Just make sure you're buckled, we're all going to be okay. Nothing's going to hurt us anymore. We're stronger than ever before now, I promise." Maggie spoke firmly and bravely looking Lyla in the eye and gaining a nod as well as the satisfactory click of a seat belt before she turned back to the front of the car. She squeezed her eyes closed and held her brothers arm as they drove straight for the brick wall of a building, the only direction they could go now without crashing into people and possibly killing them due to the way they they blew through a roadblock set up to prevent this exact scenario from playing out.

At least maybe they wouldn't be hurt too bad. Or maybe they would all die. That was always an option too.

Calvin turned with a horrified expression as the car began to speed up just a few hundred yards before impact. Something was weighing down on the gas pedal, and he couldn't move it with his lack of strength from driving for four days straight.

They were going to crash harder than expected. The new velocity and acceleration would produce a dangerous impact for all of them. Calvin reached out and took his sister's hand, his only anchor left in this world as the car rammed straight into the wall.

Lyla's seatbelt, old and worn as it was, ripped out of the worn and weak leather seats and at the impact she screamed and went flying through the windshield and lay on the hood unconscious surrounded by the safety glass. Calvin had no seat belt to wear and was kept in place only because the steering wheel and console crushed against him at impact and pinned him to the back of his seat while his head flew forward and back in some insane whiplash action. But Maggie had it best. She only slammed forward and banged her head against the dashboard before being thrown back by the slightly delayed airbags, likely cracking a rib or two in the process.

No, maybe they wouldn't all die today.

Maybe instead they could all just be fatally injured and taken into a hospital where they could be exposed for what they really were.

It wasn't until well after Edward, Bella, and Renesmee had made it to the parade to try act human and give their daughter a childhood that Edward felt inclined to check his phone. Usually he just left the ringer on and checked it when he heard it, but after a while it had started to annoy Bella.

So he texted Jasper and Emmett a lot, that shouldn't have been a problem, right? But it was Bella, he couldn't do something that would hurt her, so he turned his sound off a lot. Now, of course, without sound or vibrations, Edward never knew when or if he got a text or notification, so he frequently checked it, discreetly of course.

He was almost surprised however, when it was a text from Jasper of all people though. Jasper and Alice had decided to go on a vacation to Spain where Edward was sure Alice dragged Jasper around shopping eighty percent of the time. So getting a text from him while he was basically away on a another honeymoon was startling.

Maybe Alice just had a vision or something? Edward wondered idly before opening the text and shielding his phone from the heavy rain that had decided to start falling at the beginning of the parade.

Watch out, Alice can't see anyone in Forks. Something very wrong is about to happen

Edward reread the message about twenty times trying to understand what could happen to make everyone disappear here today. Yes, Renesmee was here, and sure there were probably some of the wolves there too, but nothing so drastic as to make every single person be off Alice's radar. What else could cause her vision to cloud so drastically?

Suddenly there were several startled, fearful, incredulous, and other thoughts out of the ordinary from down the street a ways. There was yelling and some screaming, and then Renesmee was gone, running off down the street.

Renesmee knew she shouldn't have run from her parents, but when there was a sudden and overpoweringly loud CRASH and then the sound of breaking of glass and metal crunching, she knew she was doing the right thing. She raced closer and before anyone could tell her not to, she ran up to the scene. She was startled slightly by the amount of damage that had been done, but she supposed it was because of the tires' acceleration she had heard from down the street. The car came in hot.

She saw a girl about her age with skin not quite as dark as the wolves, but still pretty tanned, and with long brown hair with thin braids at either sides of her forehead and the rest of her hair splayed out behind her. She was laying awkwardly on the crumpled hood of the car slumped slightly against the brick wall, which surprisingly enough, survived the blow.

Before another second had passed, Renesmee decided this girl was probably the most hurt at the scene and put her hands on either side of the girl's neck. She gasped when she realized the girl felt as warm as Jacob or any of the other wolves.

Was she...? No, that wasn't possible… Renesmee thought carefully as she began imagining into the other girl's mind peaceful feelings of the warm sunlight after a cold overcast day, or eating icecream on Saturday mornings for breakfast because nobody was home and you could make your own decisions. Then, once she set a basis of no-pain she stared at the girl's physical appearances trying to gauge what was hurt. From studying with her grandfather Carlisle she'd learned some medical tells to help her with this process.

Renesmee began tapping into the girl's subconscious brain, the part that controlled the automatic things about a person like breathing or beating their heart… or even digesting the food they ate. She felt a change in the dynamic of how she was able to manipulate the person mentally that told her she'd reached the sub-con level as Renesmee liked to call it. Only a minute had passed, but she could hear sirens wailing in the distance and she knew she didn't have much time to do what she needed to to save this girl.

"Renesmee, what are you doing?" Her father asked her, likely reading all of her thoughts as she began to imagine into the other girl's sub-con the things her body needed to do to heal faster. Burn all calories and all fat off and use the resources to gain energy. Use energy to speed up process of healing. Continue until no energy remains.

Renesmee didn't reply to her father. She hadn't told anyone or thought about what she had been doing with her powers lately. Whenever she would convince her parents to let her go hunting alone she would drain the animal only half way and, using the things she had been learning from Carlisle about the body's healing process and different diagnostics and medical procedures as well as psychological and neural things and brain patterns… basically she had learned the entirety of eight years worth of medical science college classes from Carlisle in the last year and a half. She would use all that information and begin trying to tap into different levels of the animals brain to convince it to do the things she told it to.

At first she was only able to get an elk to heal the wound after she bit it, but with some practice she was able to make the elk reproduce it's blood cells to a normal number after Renesmee had practically drained it dry. Once she even broke a bird's neck, sufficiently killing it, but by tapping into the animal's still active sub conscious mind she was able to manipulate it to do as she saw fit instead of the brain. She fixed the bones back together, made the bird reproduce it's blood and she made it's heart and lungs restart. That was most recently, only the day before in fact. It's amazing the things the brain really controlled in a living organism, and how easily Renesmee could overpower such a thing. She was sure it would be harder to do so with a human of course, though, since the animals she exerimented with weren't sentient...

So as Renesmee laid her hands hand son this girl's chest she was able to make the girl's body heal itself. She told it to fix all the broken skin, bones, and reproduce all the blood inside. She couldn't tell if it was working past the healed skin, but even that was big. The girl had gashes all over her body. She had to trust that her practice had paid off and that it was all working as she commanded.

There were voices behind Renesmee suddenly, then a pair of warm hands pulling her away.

"Renesmee, are you okay?" Jacob asked as he dragged her from the scene.

"Jake, I'm fine, but that girl isn't! I was trying to help her!" By now the authorities had shown up and even if she went back to the girl now, it would be too risky to do anything else now.

Jacob frowned as he studied Renesmee's expression. He didn't know how she was trying to help, but whatever it was, Jacob believed in her efforts. "I know you were, Ness, but we've got to go now and let the doctors take care of these people. It's out of our hands now."

"Jake, these people, they can't go to the hospital. When I touched that girl, she burned hot like the wolves. Now, either she had a really high fever or she isn't human. And I don't know about them, but I know the wolves travel in packs. If one of them is different, I bet they all are. Please, we have to do something." Renesmee spouted quickly. Jacob glanced around for a minute to see Edward stalking toward the authorities where her grandpa Carlisle was getting out of the ambulance.

"I think your dad's already on it." Jacob replied, distaste obvious in his voice.

Renesmee sighed in relief despite it all and hugged Jacob tight around the waist all of the sudden. He made an 'oomph' noise before wrapping his arms around her waist and hugging her back.

"I hope they're safe, whatever they are." Renesmee mumbled, showing Jacob her thoughts of how she knew what it was like to be different and in danger because of it even though she couldn't control what she was.

"Me too, Ness. Me too."

Edward stared after his daughter for a few minutes while she was healing the girl before her. It was startling at first that Renesmee had kept it all a secret from him and Bella, but even so Edward was impressed. He honestly had never considered the extent to which his daughter's power could reach. And for that reason, he felt all the more protective of her. If the Volturi got wind of the fullness of her abilities, Aro would no doubt want her on his guard as much as he wanted Alice or Edward himself.

As Renesmee healed the girl, Edward registered many things from the girl's inactive mind. The process in which the healing took place was uncannily similar to the process of the wolves healing which Edward had observed a few times before, but much faster, likely due to Renesmee's medling.

A frown creased Edward's face as he considered how this could be the case as surely a girl as young and small as she was couldn't be one of the wolves. Just as Jacob came to pull Renesmee away from the girl, Edward started to walk toward Carlisle who had just arrived at the scene with the ambulance team.

"Carlisle," Edward began, speaking just loud enough for the other vampire to hear as he continued at a human-like pace towards the other man. Carlisle looked up and caught Edward's eye immediately.

"What is it?" He asked back as Edward stood beside him.

"They're not human. At least the little girl isn't, I don't know about the other two." Edward rambled irritated that he hadn't been able to gauge the other two's human-ness. Or perhaps lack thereof.

"What are they then?" Carlisle asked, fascination running by not only in his thoughts, but also apparent in his voice and eyes.

"Well, the youngest's healing was nearly identical to the wolves." edward replied.

"Nearly? Wait, and how were you able to see their healing patterns? You've never done that before, isn't healing on a level of the mind that isn't thought? I believe you've actually tried this before, have you not? How…?" Carlisle shot the questions so fast that Edward was sure and human would have been at a loss as to what the blonde said at all.

"Well, actually, umm, Renesmee was doing something to her. She was using her power in a way I wouldn't have thought possible, or even considered before." Edward admitted, a bit embarrassed that he needed someone's help to see more secrets of the mind. Especially since it was his daughter, but he supposed it was better than some random stranger or someone he didn't get along with…

"Really?" Carlisle looked almost… startled. Yes, he was surprised for sure, his thought's reflected it as well. "What was she doing, and how did it help you?" Edward, as much as he respected his father-figure's intrigue was growing a bit flustered.

"Look, they're not human that's all I know, we can talk about this later. Renesmee could explain better than I ever could either way. The point is these people can't go to the hospital. You need to figure out how to take them on as private patients and bring them to the house to treat them. Exposing any inhuman species will inevitably lead to our exposure as well." edward looked Carlisle in the eye, willing him to remember the situation at hand and do what was necessary.

"Play your higher ranking cards and take care of the situation before we have a big problem like government officials. And the Volturi. Again." Edward demanded and stalked away. He passed Bella, Renesmee, and Jacob standing innocently at the front row of prospectors to the scene which had already been taped off by a young policeman. Edward walked passed them to where Charlie- his father in law- was standing talking to an eyewitness.

"Charlie, I need to talk to you for a minute." Edward stated, interrupting the conversation the pair were having. Charlie frowned for a moment before nodding.

"Thank you for your help, Ms. Tang, if you'll excuse me?" The woman smiled blankly and left, aware this was more a dismissal than anything. "What is it Edward?" He asked with a tired sigh.

"I just need you to be in on the loop here for a minute." Edward said nonchalantly. Charlie frowned.

"This isn't some… supernatural mumbo-jumbo, is it?" Charlie asked conspiratorially.

"Um, kind of. You just need to be aware, these kids in the crash, they're not exactly human. They're like Jacob, sort of. But either way, they can't go to the hospital, so Carlisle is going to try and get them to let him take them back to the house as sort of private patients, and as the law enforcement, for the sake of everyone, we need you to back him up if push comes to shove, okay?" Edward rattled.

Charlie nodded, his eyes guarded. Edward could see in his mind (through the dull cover that was a bit similar to Bella's shield but weaker by a lot) that he was still having a hard time with all the supernatural mumbo-jumbo that had begun to fill his life since Edward and Bella got married. But beneath it all, Edward could see Charlie would never betray them all even if it meant breaking the law and lying to protect them.

"Thanks, uh, for telling me. I'll keep an eye out." Charlie said a tad uncomfortably and smiled tightly.

"No problem. I'll let you get back to your work now." Edward said with a nod and left back to Bella and co. back at the other side of the tape.

"Is everything alright Edward?" Bella asked worriedly. "What's so special about this scene?" she asked. edward frowned and turned an accusing eye on Renesmee.

"You didn't tell her?" He asked in disbelief.

"Didn't tell me what?" Bella asked confused.

"Well, it was only a hunch really, I didn't want to make anyone more worried than they need to be…" Renesmee said, trying to blow off what she knew. Edward shook his head.

"What is it? What do I not know." Bella asked desperately.

Jacob rolled his eyes at Renesmee's tight lipped expression as she had a little staring contest with Edward.

"The people in the crash aren't human. And they're not vampires. If anything, they're shifter's like the pack… except they're definitely not from around here."

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