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Elsa woke with the first light of morning. She felt Anna's warm body all around her, an arm was hugging her waist against the younger girl's warmth and a leg was hooked between Elsa's knees. Anna was literally all tangled up in her sister. The Queen moved to dislodge herself and it caused Anna to stir.

"Wha—?", she said groggy with sleep.

"Shhh... honey, I'm sorry, I have to get up."

"Whaa time izzt?"

"It's early. But, I have to get ready for my day. Now go back to sleep."

"Whazz today?", Anna said, trying to stifle a huge yawn.

"Knighthood Ceremony this morning then I have Council Meetings all day long, honey. I have to prepare for them."

"No, doan leave, I wanna snuggle.", the younger girl mumbled and Elsa felt the hand that was around her waist slip down between her legs to stroke her.

Well, someone had certainly woken up horny.

Elsa immediately felt herself getting aroused but she didn't have time to 'play' with Anna. "That's not snuggling, Anna!", Elsa told her. "Now, get your hand outta there and let me up."

"Well, forget snuggling then…," Anna said and Elsa immediately felt Anna's warm lips start kissing the nape of her neck softly. She couldn't resist the sigh of pleasure that fell from her lips at the feeling of love and comfort this act alone was giving her. "I wanna fuck.", Anna whispered with a little girl giggle and it sent a shiver of excitement racing through the Queen. But she managed to compose herself.

"Anna!", Elsa rebuked, "Such language from a Princess!"

"Oh you know you love it!", Anna giggled.

It was true, Elsa did love it when Anna talked dirty, almost as much as Anna loved it when she did.

"Anna, please…", Elsa paused for effect, "…let it go!"

This brought on a fresh wave of giggles from her sister and Elsa had to bite her tongue to keep from joining her. Instead, she restrained herself and said, "I'm serious, Anna… get your hand outta there and let it go!"

Anna harrumphed into Elsa's bare back. "But it's so nice and cool down there.", she said wiggling her warm fingers more firmly against her.

The Queen suppressed a moan of delight. "Anna…", she said in a warning tone. "Please… I have to get up now."

"Oh you're no fun!", the younger girl complained, but didn't budge the hand whose fingers were now stroking her nether regions with ardent zeal. It was causing all sorts of sparks to ignite and flame up from Elsa's besieged groin.

Elsa shook her head, concentrating on trying to control her reaction as she reached down and forcibly extracted the hand between her thighs. And, after a brief struggle, she finally managed to dislodge herself from Anna's determined embrace. She stood up and turned only to see Anna sucking on the fingers that had just been caressing her. Elsa shook her head and made a face.

"Whafp?", Anna asked around her fingers, then removing them, "I just wanted a little taste of Ice Queen for breakfast. Get it, 'Ice Queen'?"

Elsa rolled her eyes, "Yes, I get it, you silly Dodo bird!"

"Dodo bird! That's a new one!", Anna grinned, eyes shining happily in the new morning light.

"Well, so was Ice Queen.", Elsa laughed, "Now, I must to go get bathed and prepare for my day…"

"Please stay," Anna begged again, "I don't want to be alone."

"Anna I'll be right in the next room. And then I have to go into the study and brush up on the docket of my activities for today. I should've done that last night but…"

"We were too busy…"

"Much.", Elsa smiled, giving her a sly wink. "Now, go back to sleep, my naughty Princess. I will see you in a few hours… for actual breakfast!"

"Oh come on, give me breakfast in bed, Els…", Anna suggested, "…come back and sit on my face."

Elsa was halfway across the room but this made her turn back. "You are hopeless, Anna of Arendelle.", she said, coming back over and kissing the younger girl's forehead gently. "Absolutely hopeless. And I love you with all my heart."

Her words actually made Anna blush and they also served to silence her completely, a look supreme adoration covering her face. Then, Elsa turned and walked to the bathroom as Anna exhaled a deep, overly dramatic sigh behind her.

"You would have loved it, you know…", Anna called, recovering from her adulation fueled stupor, "Being breakfast, I mean!"

"Oh no doubt of that.", Elsa mumbled to herself as she opened the bathroom door and shut it behind her. She knew Anna would lay back down now and go to sleep again.

Usually, it wasn't that hard to leave her sister in the morning but lately it had gotten more and more difficult. Anna wanted her to be by her side always. Anna knew Elsa loved the sex, they both did, honestly... it made them feel a part of each other like nothing else ever could, so she always used that as an excuse to get her elder to remain with her in the mornings and sometimes Elsa had allowed it. But she had to keep up her queenly duties, too.

And they had to remain discreet as far as their relationship went when they were in public. She knew Anna hated that and, truth be told, so did she. She wanted so desperately to be able to show more affection in public. The most the two could do in front of others was hold hands, maybe kiss on the cheek and Elsa was extremely grateful for that privilege alone. She knew if they weren't sisters, they wouldn't have even been accorded that much freedom.

Elsa had a sneaking suspicion that some of the staff, Gerda and Kai most specifically, had already figured it out anyway. The two personal servants had been with the girls since they were both infants. They knew them better than probably anyone and the girls adored them. Gerda and Kai were truly their two oldest friends. Elsa had never looked upon them as mere servants, they were more like family. The only family the girls had left after their parents' deaths. And, the two didn't care about the extent of Anna and Elsa's relationship… indeed, they actually loved the fact that the two sisters had finally gotten together after so many years and after all they'd been through. They also knew how much the girls truly cared for one another. Their discretion was assured and unquestionable but if others found out... if the populace did... it would be a different story.

Not even Kristoff knew. Oh he had his suspicions. Of that, Elsa was certain. But Anna had never opened up to him and admitted her love affair with the Queen. Anna knew Kristoff loved her and wanted more of their relationship than just to be friends but Elsa knew Anna would never be willing to give herself to him in that way. Yet she didn't want to break his heart like admitting she wasn't attracted to him romantically would surely do. So she and Anna remained careful around the ice harvester as much as they could. Elsa supposed that he may have already figured it out anyway, he just didn't want to admit it.

Anna felt very comfortable around him and she'd nearly slipped up on more than one occasion when Elsa was with the two of them. Once she'd even kissed Elsa on the lips on front of him. But he'd apparently discounted it as on the mouth kissing was common in some families.

Elsa was ashamed to admit that on occasion she had felt pangs of jealousy when it came to the friendship Anna and Kristoff shared. As much as she trusted her sister, she still couldn't help but be jealous of their relationship sometimes. The fact that Anna still wanted to see Kristoff and spend so much time with him often made Elsa feel like Anna was choosing Kristoff over her. But, ironically, at the same time, she also found herself grateful for their closeness. She knew that Anna would find the meetings and day to day royal activities that she had to attend as Queen terribly boring. So it was good that Kristoff was there to entertain her and keep her out of trouble while Elsa was otherwise occupied. But she would have still liked it better for Anna to be with her. To choose her and the dull royal duties over Kristoff sometimes. Maybe that made her selfish. But, she just wanted to be with Anna as much as she could.

Also there was the fact that Elsa knew that Anna was attracted to men in addition to women. Elsa had only ever been attracted to women. But she knew that Anna liked both. Her little infatuation with the Prince of the Southern Isles had proven that fact. Elsa was always just a tad worried that Anna might decide she was only interested in men for some reason. And that being the case, Elsa knew she would rush right into Kristoff's open and loving arms.

Not that Elsa had anything against Kristoff. He seemed a kind enough man and he absolutely adored her sister. But, even though she only ever wish happiness for Anna, she would be absolutely devastated if Anna ever chose a man, any man, over her. Elsa felt like she and Anna belonged with one another. That their souls were inextricably entwined and that they were destined to be together for all eternity.

She loved Anna to the moon and back and she desperately wanted to be able to show it. To shout it to the rooftops. But she knew that would always be impossible because of the forbidden nature of their relationship. People just wouldn't understand. So she had to pretend, they both did… all the time. And it was becoming extremely tiresome. It didn't seem fair that other couples got to show their affection and love for each other in public but to the Queen and Crown Princess it was off limits.

Elsa caught her reflection in the mirror. All this sneaking around made her feel so guilty. And the hated the fact that anything to do with her wonderful sister could ever make her feel guilty. She knew that the secrecy was a necessary evil, but it still stunk. She had never been comfortable looking at herself in a mirror and lately, instead of it becoming easier, as it should have with her transformation on the North Mountain, it had become harder.

Now, she forced herself to do it.

She stood, naked, gazing at herself with hard scrutinizing eyes. She tried to size herself up with the cold detachment she used as Queen.

The face was round, the blue eyes large and somewhat sad looking but there was kindness there too and an inquisitiveness behind them. There was also a light that Elsa never actually remembered having seen there before. That was all due to her sister, this she knew beyond doubt. Anna was her light. She always had been.

The skin was smooth and unblemished, creamy white, like the snow that she controlled.

Yes, controlled, she didn't have a problem now admitting that. She was able to truly control it now, as long as she did so from love and as long as she had Anna at her side or knew that she was supporting her. She realized she probably shouldn't use Anna as a crutch or a conduit to harnessing her powers but, she was being honest with herself right now and she knew that Anna helped. At this moment, Anna helped a lot.

She stared at her face as a whole. Lately, she was being constantly told of her beauty and, honestly, she did see beauty there, no matter how many times her inner turmoil had forced her to deny it. She gazed at herself and saw that she really was beautiful. .. a beautiful, kind face... she had never allowed herself to see it before and the revelation brought tears to her eyes... it wasn't the cool detached face of a Snow Queen that gazed back at her now. But a face whose eyes had genuine warmth and love showing from them... a light where before all she'd seen had been dark despair.


Before Anna.

Anna was the key.

Anna was what had turned her whole life around and into something she looked forward to rather than dreaded. She'd given her so much hope and actually made her life worth living again, given it value, reaffirmed that she was and always had been a good person, no matter what their parents had said. She knew that she belonged to Anna as she would to no one else in the world for her whole life.

Anna made her beautiful, made her feel beautiful, treated her as if she were beautiful, and made her admit it. Everyone should have someone like her wonderful sister on their side. But, Anna was truly one of a kind.

And, all Anna wanted was to love Elsa. All Elsa wanted was to be worthy of Anna's love.

Elsa now allowed her eyes to dip below her chin. And look at her body. Probably for the first time ever. Elsa made it a policy to look at her body even less than she looked at her face.

But Anna loved her body. Worshiped it almost. And as Elsa herself looked at it, she had to admit, it wasn't half bad.

Her skin was unblemished and flawless, white as new fallen snow with a slightly blue tint to it. Even her pink nipples, Elsa blushed as she looked at them, had a slight blue tinge around the edges.

Elsa was surprised, and more than a little ashamed, to admit that the sight her own body was arousing her thoroughly. She felt her heart begin to pound, could feel it beating in her ears and thumping in her chest. She'd never really looked at herself before and now it seemed she was looking with someone else's eyes.

Anna's eyes.

Seeing her body and all it had to offer in a sexual way.

It was a voluptuous figure, not fat, but curvy and rounded. Her full breasts were more than ample. She couldn't resist reaching up and cupping one of them in her hand, squeezing it gently before tweaking the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. It felt so good that it caused her to moan in pleasure. She imagined her sister working it between her deft fingers, dipping her head to nuzzle it softly with between her lips before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it lightly.

Oh God, she was going to have to stop or she would never prepare for her meeting.

Her brain was starting to go fuzzy with arousal and she found herself staring at the snow white patch between her legs longingly.

Before she consciously realized what she was doing, she'd reached down to stroke herself. She groaned as a feeling of bliss sailed through her. Her breath was coming faster and it was making her breasts heave and that was arousing her even further. She rubbed her fingers against her clit until she was whining. Thinking of Anna all the time... imagining it was Anna's fingers, Anna's lips, Anna's... rambunctious little tongue.

She reached back to push two of her fingers up inside herself, gasping at the feeling... she penetrated herself several times and before she could stop herself, she withdrew her fingers and popped them into her mouth, sucking on them eagerly and causing new sensations to rocket through her groin.

Sucking on her fingers alone never failed to arouse her and she'd even sucked on them enough to give herself an orgasm in the past, especially if she was touching herself at the same time. But she'd never done this before. Intentionally sucked on them just to taste herself, like she was doing now. She had to control herself, she realized, suck just enough to taste herself sufficiently but not so much that ice would appear and frost her over her fingers, masking her flavor. So she had to go slow and contain herself. She'd only tasted herself on Anna's fingers and mouth but she'd never allowed herself to savor her sweet nectar from her own fingers.

It felt naughty and extremely arousing to her.

On Anna's warm fingers, her juices had been chilly but it was different tasting herself from her own, already cool fingers. Cool on cool. Like sucking on an ice pop.

Anna said she tasted like ice cream, French vanilla ice cream... 'ice queen' she'd said this morning. Thinking of it now made her chuckle. But, she didn't taste like ice cream, she realized as she licked between her fingers and all around, trying to sample every delectable dewy drop. Instead, she tasted a little salty and a little sweet, with just a subtle hint of tanginess that she was sure came from all the strawberries that Anna loved to feed to her lately. She realized that she actually liked the way she tasted. It was a little different from Anna's taste, which was always sweet with a vague note of chocolate, but they went together nicely, strawberries and chocolate.

She reached down and penetrated herself a few more times then let her fingers slip out and caress her folds. Anna had begged her to deflower her last night and, as she massaged the throbbing bundle of nerves at the front of her groove, an idea occurred to her... an idea that would allow Anna to have her wish and allow Elsa to feel like it meant something. An idea that would allow them both to belong to each other forever, if that is what Anna truly wanted.

Elsa began to create a little nub of ice on the area she was working, a little nub that began to grow in length and girth as she caressed it. When she was finished, she looked down at herself and smiled.

It was perfect. Anna was going to love it!

By the time Anna arrived for breakfast, she was starving but her sister was already halfway through her meal.

Elsa glanced up from her eggs, "Nice of you to join me, Crown Princess.", she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm, but she was smiling and Anna knew she shouldn't be in too awfully much trouble.

"I—I'm sorry I'm late, your Grace!", she managed with a hurried curtsy. "I was helping Kristoff feed Sven."

Elsa's brows rose slightly as a look of surprise fluttered briefly across her features at Anna's admission, but she covered it quickly.

"Kristoff has been feeding Sven for more years than you've been alive, dear sister.", she said with a small smile, there was something in her voice that was unfamiliar to Anna. "I hardly think he would require any help from a Princess."

"Well, I was more watching him feed Sven than actually doing it myself. But I got to talking to Kristoff and the time slipped away."

"I see.", Elsa said simply.

She sounded different to Anna. Maybe she was in trouble after all. Elsa was rarely so curt with her responses unless she was annoyed about something. Anna chose to be uber apologetic, just in case.

"I am so, so sorry I'm late, your Majesty."

"As you've said.", Elsa looked up at her and her eyes were glowing with a slight icy blue smolder that, truth be told, was kinda turning Anna on. "So, did you and Mr. Bjorgmann converse about anything of significance to myself or to the realm that you'd like to share with me?"

Anna felt uncomfortable. She wasn't sure why Elsa was giving her such a hard time about this.

"No, nothing of interest, your Majesty. Oh, but he was saying that he wondered how your ice dress didn't melt because of your body heat."

"Oh was he now?", Elsa asked, her eyes continuing to burn, "And you find that significant? That he was so kind as to be concerned that there might be the slightest possibility that my modesty could be in jeopardy?"

"Well, he was just curious, Elsa.", Anna tried, "Said I should remind him to ask you about it some time."

"As if I would care to explain the intimate details of the complicated process by which thermodynamics aid my powers in regulating my core body temperature to a puerile, obviously sex starved ice harvester who engages in conversations with a pack animal on a regular basis."

Anna blinked.

Elsa's behavior wasn't exciting her any more. It was making her anxious. Elsa had always had a dry, sarcastic wit about her but what she'd just said was a little extreme, even for her. In fact, if Anna hadn't known her better, she would've taken it as being downright rude. Anna struggled to concentrate on finding the humor in what she'd said rather than taking the Queen's unnecessarily caustic comments literally.

But it was hard.

Even for an optimist like Anna.

She was consoled somewhat by reminding herself that Elsa had been locked up for 13 years and that had caused her sense of humor, among other things, to sometimes appear a bit… skewed. Anna really did think she was only teasing her. She was just going a little bit too far with it, that was all.

"Elsa come on, that's a little harsh, don't you think?", she said. "He was just making conversation. I'm sure he didn't mean anything inappropriate like that."

"Of course, he didn't.", Elsa replied over a forkful of eggs, giving her a sly look that said she felt just the opposite. "So," she said, popping the eggs in her mouth and swallowing before she continued, "Anything else I should know about?"

"Well, not really. We were mostly just talking about the weather."

At this, Elsa actually laughed. "The weather? ", she raised her brows in undisguised skepticism. "Oh do tell."

"Um well… not much to tell really. He thinks there is going to be a cold snap."

Elsa grinned up at her mischievously. "Oh he does, does he? Well that could certainly be arranged. In fact, I could give him a cold snap he'd never forget!"

Could Elsa actually be jealous? This was new. Elsa was fully aware that Kristoff was only a friend to her. Nothing more... no matter how much he wanted it to be otherwise. So why was Elsa suddenly acting for all the world like a jealous lover? Elsa was usually so careful, but acting like this… it could get them found out.

Anna looked around, there were two guards stationed at the entrance to the dining hall. She lowered her voice so that only Elsa could hear her.

"Elsa, what's going on? You know nothing happened. Why are you acting so jeal-"

"Anna," Elsa interrupted loudly, over her glass of orange juice, "I would like for you to accompany me to my Council Meetings today."

Huh? Where in the world did that come from?

"What?", Anna asked dumbly.

"Did I stutter?"

"Nuh- No, your Majesty b-but—"

"You wanted to spend more time with me, correct?", Elsa asked, taking a piece of toast from the plate in the center of the table and dipping a butter knife into a jar of strawberry jam before smearing a generous amount of the fruit over the hot bread.

Anna nodded, reluctantly.

"Well then. So be it.", she took a bite, swallowed and wiped the corners of her mouth with the napkin from her lap.

Anna looked down the table in front of her. She would love to spend more time with her sister, yes, but boring old council meetings weren't exactly what she had in mind.

Elsa gave an impatient sigh at her reaction. "Anna," she said with obvious irritation, "I'm not asking that you attend the Knighthood Ceremony. Just the meetings."

Anna swallowed hard, "I know.", she said.

The Knighthood Ceremony would've been her preference between the two. But Elsa obviously wasn't giving her a choice. Anna didn't know why Elsa was acting so strangely or why she was suddenly insisting on this. Maybe to get her back for Anna being a little too randy that morning? Because the jealousy angle couldn't possibly be true.

"Well, are you in any way otherwise occupied, Princess Anna?", Elsa was asking, before taking the last dainty sip of her juice. "Learning to speak Reindeer-ese, perhaps?"


"No.", she shook her head, still staring down at her lap dejectedly.

"Splendid!", Elsa fairly chirped, looking quite happy now considering how irritated she'd seemed just a few seconds before. She placed the now empty juice glass down on the table next to her cleaned plate with a quiet grace and elegance that Anna knew she would never possess, no matter how many etiquette classes she attended. "I shall see you at 10 am then."

Oh joy! Let the boredom begin!

"And please be punctual, dear sister. I would hate to have to delay the proceedings in anticipation of your arrival."

Oh great, now she was treating her like she was 12. Anna struggled not to roll her eyes. "I won't be late, your Majesty. I promise.", Anna said formally, adding a bow of her head for effect.

"Excellent!", Elsa smiled at her, there was something behind it, a twinkle of mischief in her eyes, but Anna couldn't fathom just what she could have planned for a dull as dirt council meeting. "And do wear something appropriate... something that doesn't reek of livestock or barns.", Elsa warned. "Now, I must go install yet another brave, young soldier into Arendelle's Royal Armed Guard. See you at 10 sharp, Princess."

With that, Elsa rose and left the room just as one of the maids placed Anna's steaming hot breakfast in front of her. She stared down at the eggs and bacon looking up at her from her plate.

"Well, that escalated quickly.", she mumbled, suddenly not feeling very hungry at all.