Author's Note: This chapter is a pretty long one. Hope you enjoy it. Prepare for a little kinkiness... okay, more than a little. ;-) Please do let me know how you like it. Thanks so much for reading!

The first meeting of the day finally ended and Anna, who was sitting at the end of the long table beside the Queen, stifled a yawn. She wasn't sure how she was going to manage to stay vertical through the next one or the next. She didn't know how Elsa did this every day. She had known the meetings would be boring, but she'd had no idea just how mind numbingly dull they actually were.

Elsa had seemed fine when Anna had shown up for the meetings. Anna had even managed to get there more than five minutes early so that she could avoid any wrath she might incur from the Queen for any perceived tardiness. But Elsa's whole demeanor had changed since earlier that morning. The older woman's eyes had sparkled with delight upon seeing her and she'd risen from her chair at the end of the table and beckoned Anna to join her.

"Welcome, dear sister. Thank you so much for coming.", she'd said, giving her a small hug. Then, she'd taken Anna's hands in hers and leaned in to give her a soft kiss on the cheek. Elsa's cool lips ushering in the first of many blushes that would color Anna's cheeks that morning.

A hug, a kiss on the cheek and holding her hands. It was more affection than Elsa had ever allowed in public before. And Anna's head had buzzed with how good it felt.

When Elsa had pulled back, though, Anna had been surprised to notice her sister's eyes had gone shiny with barely contained tears. She'd blinked several times, keeping them at bay before smiling at Anna warmly.

"You look radiant, Anna… utterly resplendent!", she'd told her earnestly, as she sized up the new, off the shoulders gown Anna had donned for the occasion with approval. Anna had hoped it would be appropriate and, judging from her sister's reaction, it was more than satisfactory.

"Th—Thank you, your Majesty.", Anna had said, bowing her head and going into a deep curtsy, her whole body flushing with the compliments.

"It was so good of you to come.", Elsa had added and Anna had stifled her urge to remind Elsa that she hadn't been given a choice.

Instead, she had managed to remember her etiquette lessons and said, "The pleasure is all mine, your Majesty."

That was when Anna had noticed that the entire room had fallen utterly silent and she'd felt the stares of everyone in the council chamber upon her, serving as a stark reminder that she'd never attended a Council Meeting with her sister before.

She had risen and Elsa had said, "Gentlemen, allow me to introduce my beautiful and beguiling younger sister, Anna, the Crown Princess of Arendelle." Elsa had curtsied to Anna then, which had been a totally new experience for the younger girl. During the curtsy, Elsa had raised Anna's hand, which she still clasped in her own, and held it high. There was then a round of applause that Anna acknowledged the best she could, nodding awkwardly while her whole body had gone beet red in embarrassment.

The Queen had allowed her to be seated next to her at the end of the long table. Had even ordered a special chair brought in for that express purpose prior to Anna's arrival. It was kind of a big deal because ordinarily no one was ever permitted to sit next to the Queen at the head of the table. Elsa was bestowing a great honor upon her to allow it.

She'd felt the eyes of the whole room continuing to stare at her as she had, rather awkwardly, taken her seat next to Elsa, her face still bright red. But finally, much to Anna's relief, Elsa had taken over and launched the meeting, drawing the attention away from Anna at last and back to the Queen… where it belonged.

All of that had been an hour ago.

Luckily, everyone seemed to have lost interest in Anna's presence quickly, once the first meeting had commenced. Now that it was over, Anna continued to sit next to Elsa, trying to escape notice as much as possible while she pondered Elsa's recent behavior. She still couldn't figure it out. It didn't make any sense whatsoever to her.

Was Elsa doing this to punish her somehow? Was she really jealous of Kristoff? Neither of those scenarios seemed even remotely plausible. Neither of them were anything like her sister. Anna knew she must have something up her sleeve but Anna had no clue what that something could be. However, her sister was the absolute best at keeping a secret… she'd kept one from Anna for 13 years. And it had been a doozy. Anna was determined to settle in and try to be optimistic. Elsa would reveal her motives soon enough. She just had to be patient. And, she, herself, was the absolute best at the patience thing.

At least she was getting somewhat of a reprieve now that everyone in the council chamber was up and milling around, shuffling papers and discussing upcoming topics in preparation for the next trade agreement meeting which was set to begin in 10 minutes. Anna was just about to excuse herself for a few minutes before it got underway, just to get out of that stuffy, noisy room and stretch her legs when Elsa turned to her, her turquoise eyes shining with something that looked like mischief.

"Oh Anna," she began, keeping her voice just loud enough that Anna could make it out over the rising din that was going on in the council chambers. "I'm sorry that meeting was so dull. I mean, honestly, the only way I got through it was comparing the subtle nuances in flavor and texture between your labia minora and your vulvar vestibule.", Elsa said, speaking in the same detached tone she'd just been using during the preceding session, but now, there was a playful twinkle in her eye which Anna didn't miss.

The younger girl knew something was up, but couldn't ascertain exactly what yet so she just gazed at her sister blankly.

The words Elsa had been saying in the meeting were long and complicated sounding and Anna hadn't recognized or understood most of them. In fact, they had been so alien to her that they had almost sounded like gibberish, which is why Anna had nearly nodded off at several points during the meeting. Anna still had those words rattling around in her brain and these new ones that Elsa had just said seemed quite similar in complexity and cadence.

There was one difference, however.

Anna recognized at least one of these new words as the proper name for a certain part of the female anatomy. But, in connection with all the other ones Elsa had just spoken, Anna didn't know if it meant the same thing or maybe she was just hearing something sexual because she had a rather dirty mind and her sister hadn't even said that female anatomy word at all. Because really, why on earth would Elsa be talking about that here?

"M-My what?", she finally managed, raising her brows and giving Elsa a confused sidelong look.

"Your um… nether lips and your entrance.", Elsa explained in a low, throaty voice full of barely contained amusement. She then glanced down at Anna's lap to further drive home her point before smiling up at her sweetly, obviously quite pleased with herself.

And Anna nearly lost it, her eyes went huge and she gave Elsa such a look of shock that Elsa had to cover her mouth to stifle a huge giggle.

"Elsa! Oh my God!", she whispered, her face immediately flushing bright red as she realized the boredom had officially just come to an end. She shifted uncomfortably in her chair, feeling a pronounced pulsating throb beginning in the area below her waist. She could hear blood rushing in her ears and she gave a furtive glance around to make sure no one was listening or watching them. To Anna's supreme relief, no one was. In fact, no one appeared to be paying any attention to them whatsoever. All the other members of council seemed far too engrossed to even look up from their conversations.

Good, Anna thought, trying to relax herself somewhat. She didn't know what Elsa had in store, but she was determined to enjoy it.

That's when she felt Elsa's cool hand close around hers under the table and squeeze.

"What?", Elsa whispered back, batting her eyes as innocently as if she'd only been talking about the weather. Then, she continued, "My time during that last horribly tedious session was divided between the comparison I just mentioned and then trying to discern whether I prefer you licking, nibbling or sucking on my nipples. I couldn't draw a clear cut conclusion in either scenario, which I find to be very unlike me. The only decision I did reach in that regard was that I marginally prefer your tongue doing just about anything at all between my legs as opposed to your using it for any sort of oral stimulation in conjunction with my nipples and breasts."

"Oh God," Anna repeated under her breath, her ears were now ringing and she'd almost lost it just watching the way Elsa's berry tinged lips pronounced the word 'nipples'. She didn't know if Elsa had done it intentionally or if it was just her imagination, but it was almost like her lips had moved in slow motion just to entice her. She did know that Elsa loved teasing her with the proper names for body parts because she knew it both embarrassed and turned Anna on beyond belief. The fact that she was choosing to do that here, in such a public place was thrilling the younger girl to no end. The area between Anna's legs was now very much awake and was, at present, fluttering like a kite in a thunderstorm. She wanted to reach down and touch herself so badly she could hardly stand it... or, even better yet, have Elsa touch her.

God, that would be so damn kinky!

She was so completely aroused that she was quite sure there was going to be a damp spot on her chair whenever the conference finally adjourned.

"However upon more careful consideration," Elsa was now saying, her face completely placid and as stoic as if she were reciting from the dictionary, "I believe I may need to compare and contrast it to your technique of doing something else in order to be sure. Something that I could experience with a much more… pressing sense of immediacy..."

The older woman gazed up at her with a sultry expression and Anna could feel her whole body begin to tremble simply from the look in her eyes alone. "Erogenous digital stimulation, perhaps," Elsa smiled, taking the hand she was holding under the table and depositing it in her own lap.

With a growing sense of excitement, Anna now realized that underneath the conference table, Elsa was completely naked from the waist down. She'd managed to whisk away the entire lower portion of her ice dress while no one was watching.

Anna tried to contain her shock at her sister's boldness. It was similar to what she'd suggested to Elsa last night except instead of Anna being under the table, she was seated beside Elsa. She couldn't believe Elsa was actually following through on it, even like this. Maybe the way she'd acted at breakfast had simply been to throw Anna off as to what to expect? If that had been the case, it had worked brilliantly. Every part of Anna was thrumming with excitement and surprise.

The younger girl shivered as she felt her elder positioning her fingers between her legs, right atop the older woman's snow white locks.

Anna closed her eyes.

She was touching Elsa.

She was actually touching Elsa… down there… with at least a dozen other people in the same room who but could catch them at any second.

Oh God!

She felt her arousal spike tenfold at this realization.

Kinky! Kinky! God, this was so damned kinky!

Her fingers began to play through the Queen's soft snowy curls, Anna's anticipation mounting as she felt a plethora cool moisture beneath them. Her sister was absolutely soaked. So it appeared that Elsa was just as aroused as she was, maybe even more so considering how wet she already felt, but her face remained completely inert.

So it appeared that she had chosen this moment to test her whole "conceal don't feel" resolve and so far she seemed to be meeting the challenge remarkably well. She was doing a stellar job of maintaining her composure because her mound felt absolutely drenched but nothing on her face or in her demeanor betrayed her quite evident arousal. Her regal bearing was still completely intact and she just looked like her typical gorgeous, elegant self.

Anna gazed at her in utter fascination for several seconds. At last, she was finally able to detect perhaps a slight bit more of a pink tinge to her cheeks than usual but that was it, and even that wouldn't have been noticeable had she not been so blatantly staring at her Queen, an act which would have been regarded as terribly rude had any of the gathered council and dignitaries been doing it.

Gently, Anna dipped her middle finger into Elsa's cleft and Elsa inhaled slightly, her eyes closing for a split second longer than a normal blink and there was an infinitesimal twitch at the left corner of her mouth. Then a very shallow nod prompting Anna to continue.

Anna happily obliged as she tried to chase away the smile she felt tugging at the corners of her own mouth. Oh yes, this… this was going to be fun.

Moving her middle finger deeper into her sister's groove, she was amazed at just how sodden she really was. Even the front area of her slit was absolutely dripping wet. Anna tried to keep her expression neutral as she placed her finger lightly upon Elsa's throbbing bundle. Elsa didn't react at first… not until she began to caress it. At that point, a small, nearly silent whine came from the older woman's throat, her eyes were half lidded in an expression Anna had come to know well. It meant that she was experiencing pure ecstasy. And, somehow Anna knew that this wasn't going to take long.

She increased her stokes, delving far back into Elsa's slippery folds with each one and ending with a long swipe across her sister's slickened nub. Elsa put both her hands flat on the council room table and bent her head forward.

Her hips, which Anna realized she'd been trying to keep in check, had now begun to tremble against her stroking fingers. Elsa was gritting her teeth trying to keep her body from bucking against the onslaught as pleasure suddenly assailed every nerve ending and extremity, enhanced because of publicness and risk of the situation. Anna could tell that her orgasm was already at hand, or more specifically, in hand. Anna's hand to be exact.

Elsa was trying to stifle her moans, which Anna kept hearing tumble out as small whimpers coming from the back of her throat and they were causing chills to race over Anna's hot skin. It was like Anna suddenly had super hearing and every noise her sister made was amplified and every single one of them was causing Anna herself to get wetter by the second.

Elsa's hips were moving against her now, grinding slowly, seemingly involuntarily, against Anna's fingers.

At last, Elsa inhaled a huge gasp, she inclined her head at such a sharp angle that her chin rested on her chest. But still, Anna could see her eyes were squeezed shut and her whole face was contorted in a tight, uncontrolled grimace. If Anna hadn't known what was happening, she'd have sworn her sister was in pain.

"Guh—od!", Elsa finally squeaked out in a low whisper. It was the first discernible word she'd uttered since Anna had started in on her.

Both of her hands gripped the edge of the table until her knuckles turned white as her body stiffened, vibrating against Anna's stroking fingers then going completely slack for a fraction of a second before she regained control, composed herself and sat up straight.

She shot Anna a look, a small conspiratorial smile and breathed out a deep breath.

Anna couldn't stop the silly grin that made its way across her face. She just given the snow Queen of Arendelle a pretty major orgasm in a room filled with people. And not just any people, but visiting dignitaries from all corners of the vast realm.

She looked over at Elsa, whose cheeks were actually glowing with a bit of noticeable color now. Elsa couldn't stop smiling either. She leaned over to Anna. "That was glorious," she whispered, "but I think I came so hard I just froze myself to the fucking chair."

A shiver ran through Anna at her words and she bit her bottom lip to keep the laugh she felt building within her from bursting free. But she knew Elsa probably wasn't over exaggerating just to tantalize her. Elsa had been very, very wet.

All of a sudden, Elsa reached down and scooped Anna's hand out of her lap, her ice dress reappearing almost before Anna could even grasp what was happening. Anna looked up to see the Duke of Corona approaching.

"Your Majesty, pardon my intrusion, but are you feeling okay? I was worried because I just saw you wince and your color is a little hectic. You seem as if you're not well."

"Damn!", Anna spat under her breath, someone had noticed after all.

"Oh yes, Grand Duke, I... I'm fine. Nothing to worry about. I just came over a little dizzy, for a moment, that's all."

"Oh dear, I hope you're not getting another fever or a cold, your Majesty.", he said looking so genuinely concerned, Anna had to stifle a giggle.

A fever, indeed.

She watched Elsa's reaction. There was a small, demure smile and then she could see the wheels turning in her beautiful sister's head.

"Thank you for your concern, Eddard..."

The man's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree at Elsa's use of his first name.

"…but I am fine. However, you've made me reconsider today's agenda. Please go and take your seat now, I have an announcement to make."

The Duke did as Elsa suggested and the next thing Anna knew, Elsa was standing beside her. The loudness in the room immediately grew quieter as the assembly realized their Queen was on her feet.

"May I have everyone's attention please.", Elsa began and those who hadn't realized what was happening silenced themselves promptly. Elsa nodded her approval. "Thank you, gentlemen," she smiled, "I regret to inform you that unfortunately I am feeling a little...", here she looked around the room for effect before finishing her sentence "...under the weather at the moment." she smiled and there were a few chuckles from the assembly. People always enjoyed Elsa's humor. "I would like to adjourn for the time being and have a brief respite in my chambers. Provided I am feeling better, the meetings will reconvene after lunch with the trade agreement with the Northern Isles being the first item on the agenda."

Elsa leaned over and whispered into Anna's ear, "Go the back way, use the servant's entrance." She pulled back and made sure no one was watching before giving the younger girl a meaningful wink.

Anna knocked softly and the door opened, Elsa peeking her blonde head around the jamb and reaching around to stealthily pull the younger girl inside. Anna was expecting to be pushed against the wall and ravished. That's what usually happened when the Queen was so aroused, but instead, she was greeted by Elsa wearing a long flowing silken robe and just gazing into her eyes.

"Firstly, I would like to apologize to you sincerely for my dreadful behavior at breakfast this morning. It was rude and completely uncalled for and I know it hurt your feelings because it would've hurt mine. After I left, I was so angry at myself for treating you that way. I was completely mortified by the way I'd acted and I felt terrible about it."

"Elsa, it's o—", Anna began but Elsa interrupted.

"No, it's not okay. There is no excuse for my behavior. But… there is a reason, such as it is, why I reacted that way.", she inhaled, "You see, I had wanted to discuss certain things with you and I assumed you were late because you'd overslept. But when I found out it was because of Kristoff, well… I had what amounted to a small fit of jealousy, which is quite unusual for me."

Anna's eyes widened. "Oh.", she began but before she could say anything else, Elsa continued.

"Because of your tardiness, I didn't have time to discuss last evening with you since the Knighthood Ceremony was looming and I had to take my leave in haste. That's why I asked…", here she looked at Anna and guiltily added, "…well more like ordered… you to attend the council meetings. I was hoping I could talk to you about it at some point between meetings. But when you were seated beside me during the first one, you seemed so… damned bored and I felt so bad for practically forcing you to attend that I just wanted to do something a little naughty to cheer you up. I remembered what you'd suggested last night but knew it wasn't possible for you to get under the table so I… improvised.", she said with a smile.

Anna laughed. "I'll say!"

"Well," Elsa continued. "I thought it might assuage a tiny bit of the guilt I was feeling for my behavior this morning… hopefully it might even be something that would encourage you to consider forgiving me for the inexcusable way I had treated you."

Anna grinned. "No worries there, Elsa. You're completely forgiven. And I loved what you did… what you had me do."

"Good.", Elsa looked quite pleased. "So did I!", she grinned.

At this, Anna covered her mouth and giggled. Then she grew serious. "But you do know, Elsa, that Kristoff will never mean anything to me in the way that you do, right? He's just a good friend. Nothing more. I'm not romantically attracted to him."

"I do know that, yes… and I had even been thinking of it this morning before breakfast. But I don't know, something about the way you sounded so happy to have been with him this morning... it just did something to me… pushed my buttons, I guess you could say."

"Well," Anna said with a coy look at the floor, "I have to admit, seeing you all worked up like that… it kinda turned me on… at least at first."

"Oh did it now, Princess?", Elsa asked with a crooked smile that caused Anna to giggle nearly uncontrollably.

"Yes.", she admitted.

"I will have to store that little nugget of information in these vast memory banks of mine.", Elsa grinned and tapped her forehead, prompting another quite adorable titter from the younger girl.

"Oh Anna," Elsa sighed deeply, now suddenly serious as she looked at her with pure love in her eyes and a bright genuine smile, "you've really no idea how beautiful you are, do you?"

Anna blushed furiously. She wasn't expecting such an unexpected compliment from her unbelievably gorgeous sister. "No, I'm not, Elsa."

"Oh yes, you most certainly are, my dear sister. I always forget myself just how beautiful. For example, sometimes, I'll be in a meeting or participating in a ceremony and I catch sight of you and you just absolutely take my breath away, Anna. I've never seen anyone more beautiful in my entire life."

Tears sprang unbidden to Anna's eyes. She certainly hadn't been expecting this. Elsa moved close, so that the younger girl's back was against the wall. She traced her jaw with admiring fingertips and gazed into her eyes intently. Anna expected her to start kissing her then. But she didn't. Just continued to study look at her with those gorgeous sapphire orbs she used for eyes.

"You're the beautiful one, Els.", Anna insisted, her voice trembling with emotion.

Elsa shook her head gently. "You always tell me of my beauty, Anna, but I have none in comparison to yours. I could gaze at you for the rest of my life and never get enough, never need for anything else in the world. The vision of you would be all the sustenance I'd ever require. So many times in the past when I would look at you, I would see the little girl that you used to be. But now, more than ever lately, when I look at you, all I see is a woman. The most sensuous, desirable woman I've ever seen in my whole life. Your lips somehow always seem just the slightest bit moist and every time you speak I find myself wanting to taste them. Feel them on me, all over me. Your eyes are so green. They're like two limpid pools that I want to drown in over and over. I have never seen a lovelier pair of eyes in my life. They're like looking into the bluest blue-green of the deepest depths of the ocean. I could gladly get lost in them. No mermaid could have fairer eyes than yours, Anna. And your complexion is like strawberries and cream... then there are your freckles. Those freckles! Oh dear God in heaven those freckles will surely be the death of me. I want to taste every single one of them."

Anna stood, back resting against the wall. She couldn't stop trembling. Elsa had never spoken to her this way before. Tears now flowed freely down her cheeks but she wasn't even aware that she was crying. Elsa had said many things to Anna over the course of their intimate relationship, many lovely, wonderful, arousing things. But none of them, not a single one, compared to this… had turned her on the way this latest… downright soliloquy… was doing.

"I love you so much, little one. I have loved you my whole life. I'm so glad that now I can finally show you just how much. You are my everything. My Sun, my moon, my stars. I never want to be without you. You make me a whole person."

Elsa finally stopped speaking for a moment so Anna blinked back her tears and forced her vocal chords to function. "I feel the same about you, Elsa."

"Do you?", Elsa asked, she had Anna's back pressed against the wall now.

Anna nodded. "Yes. I want to belong to you in every way possible and have you belong to me. For always."

"That's just splendid because I've been doing a lot of thinking today, Anna. About everything that happened last night."

"Have you?", Anna asked in a low, gravelly whisper.

Elsa's lips were so close Anna could almost taste them on her own, her whole body was quaking with arousal.

"Yes," Elsa pressed her body against Anna's, the soft pillows of her breasts flattening themselves against Anna's own, Anna could feel her sister's hardened nipples poking into her flesh even through her thick fabric of the robe Elsa was wearing and it sent a shiver through her.

"It's what I've wanted to talk to you about all day."

"Oh?", Anna said, trying to keep her voice level. "What is it?'

"It is that… if you're still agreeable, I've decided to grant you your wish from last night."

A look of utter joy filled the younger girl's eyes.

"De-Deflowering me…? Y-yes, yes, I want you to-" Anna stopped talking because the Queen had rolled her hips forward into Anna's and Anna felt... something... something different. Something new. Something that hadn't been there just a few minutes before in the council chambers. Her eyes went wide, her cheeks growing hot as a deluge of absolute lust flooded through her and she found herself lost in her sister's eyes.

"Elsa?", she managed, feeling her head start to spin as she was aware of the sizable protuberance rubbing across her center when her sister moved slightly against her.

"Oh God...", she whispered, body starting to react to the sensation. It already felt amazing.

Elsa's own eyes brightened at her sister's obvious arousal and the corners crinkled as a mischievous smile made its way across her face.

"Wh-what...?", Anna began.

Elsa giggled, it was little-girlish and different from any laugh Anna had heard from her in years, yet it also sounded insanely sultry and erotic to Anna, to the point that it caused a bolt of sensation to flash through the area Elsa's hips were pressing against. The combination of feelings resulted in a low, deep moan from Anna's throat.

Elsa smiled, pleased at her response, eyes sparkling even as they darkened with lust.

"You'll find out...", Elsa said softly, and Anna's knees felt like they would buckle from under her. "...tonight.", Elsa pulled her hips back.

Anna would've sunk to the floor against her had Elsa's chest not been holding her in place.

"But first, let me show you how much you mean to me.", Elsa breathed seductively and began kissing her throat with hungry questing lips that made Anna groan in pleasure.

"Make love to me...", Anna begged without shame, her voice aching with desperation.

"Oh, I intend to...", Elsa whispered, her cool breath caressing Anna's ear, making her shiver. Then Elsa stepped back and it caused Anna to stagger forward slightly before she caught herself.

"…I intend to worship every, single delectable inch of you.", Elsa said, undoing the sash at the front of her robe and parting it slowly, slipping the thick silken material across her breasts softly so that Anna could hear the whisper of the fabric across her bare flesh. Then she let it fall from her shoulders so that Anna could gaze upon her entire naked body.

Anna gasped involuntarily. Elsa's body never ceased to arouse her fully but it was the absence of a certain something between her sister's legs that had made her gasp.

When Elsa saw the direction of Anna's gaze, she laughed that little-girl laugh again. "Don't look so disappointed, my love, your little friend will be back tonight and don't worry, you will get to know him very well, believe me. Intimately, as a matter of fact!"

Anna nodded as a shudder of excitement rushed through her whole body.

"Now, my sweet Princess," Elsa said, going over and getting the chair from her dresser then sitting down, completely naked, across from Anna, "I am going to satisfy you in ways you didn't even know existed. And I'm never going to leave this chair."

Anna had no idea what she could possibly mean, she just stared at her blankly, completely believing what she was telling her, even if she had no idea how that was possible.

"But first, I need you to remove your underthings for me."

Anna's hands moved without her conscious knowledge as she bent at the waist and reached up under her long dress, shucking down her pantaloons and panties at the same time, letting them fall to the floor in a heap where she stepped out of them and kicked them away.

"Excellent!", Elsa beamed. "Now, dear sister, just lean back, relax and enjoy."

With that, Elsa pointed at the floor and a small jet of ice shot from her finger and slithered across the floorboards towards Anna. When it reached Anna's foot, it glided over it and slid upwards, underneath her dress, the tendril of ice snaking its way around her leg until it reached her groin.

Anna inhaled deeply as she felt Elsa's icicle slip into her naked groove. Elsa smiled at her reaction. Then Anna felt the icy 'finger' start to caress her, she looked over at Elsa and the finger she had used to create the icicle was performing the same motion.

Arousal filled the younger girl as the ice continued to stroke her, moving through her drenched folds. The ice was cold and slick and wet and it made her shiver but it was also making her hotter by the second. She could feel it melting, the cool water trickling down the insides of her thighs, but it even as it melted, it didn't seem to be getting any smaller, Elsa was somehow controlling that, too.

Abruptly, it split in two. Part of it delved back into her folds, making its way up into her passage and she groaned with the feeling. The other half continued to stroke her. She looked over at Elsa once more only to notice that her tongue had emerged and she was letting it flicker up and down.

That's when Anna suddenly felt the icicle at the front of her folds transform, into a tongue… Elsa's tongue, in ice form, was flicking and fluttering against her now… arousal flooded through her and her back arched. She moaned, deep and long and low. Nothing had ever turned her on like this before.

She watched as Elsa's hand gave a small twist and was quickly aware that the ice inside her passage had transformed into something akin to what she'd just felt between Elsa's legs. And it began to piston in and out of her, not far enough to deflower her but far enough for her to more than enjoy it. There was even some sort of a raised bump-like area on the top that Anna could feel rubbing against that one certain spot inside her that stimulated her beyond belief and never failed to bring her to climax when Elsa stroked it with her fingers. A shiver of ecstasy ran through her body as her hips writhed against the onslaught.

Anna couldn't believe what was happening, Elsa was effectively having sex with her from across the room.

All at once, she felt the flickering tongue split into two fingers of ice that traveled up her torso, slithered back behind her hips and met around the front of her waist, moving up under her bodice to her breasts. She watched in awe as Elsa moved both index fingers in a circular motion and she felt the ice make concentric circles around each of her breasts at the same time. When they got to the now rock hard nipples, Elsa made a back and forth rubbing motion with her thumbs and immediately Anna felt the sensation upon their raised points. She groaned in ecstasy.

It was all too much.

Then both of the thumbs transformed into tongues. The one between her legs had never ceased its work and now there were two lapping away at her nipples as well. She managed to look up at Elsa just in time to see her move her lips into a pucker and instantly, Anna felt suction, on all three points where there had been tongues before. Now Elsa was suckling both of her nipples and her throbbing nub all at the same time, while the phallus of ice inside her passage continued to pump in and out of her.

"Fuck!", Anna howled, "Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuck!"

Her words caused a small smile to play around the corners of the Queen's lips.

Somehow, Elsa was managing to control all she was doing to her, all at the same time, by just having physically done it once. Because now the Queen was just sitting placidly while her ice ravished Anna's body. Elsa's posture remained relaxed, her left elbow resting lightly on the arm of the chair and her left hand splayed out, facing in Anna's direction while she sat calmly watching the effects of her handiwork on Anna. The only thing betraying her sister's stoic demeanor was Elsa's face, which was the picture of concentration, brows knitted together intently. But her eyes were darkened with absolute lust as well.

Anna felt a huge scream building and threatening to tear itself loose from her throat just from the degree of simulation she was receiving alone. She clamped her hand over her mouth and muffled as much of her outburst as she could, tears flowed down her cheeks, she was so close to orgasm, she was about to go insane. What Elsa was doing to her was almost torture, the most agonizingly pleasurable torture she hoped to ever know.

Anna managed to look at her sister once more only to see Elsa's right hand trail down her body, between her own legs to stroke herself. She stared transfixed as Elsa continued to use her left hand to control everything her ice was doing to Anna's body while she stroked herself with her right.

Elsa began to moan and grind her hips against her groping fingers. Then Anna watched and she slipped them back and penetrated her own self, her fingers plunging deep up inside her. Then, she pulled them from between her legs and inserted them into her mouth, sucking on them hungrily.

And that was it... Anna felt her whole body explode, she had taken all she could take, held her climax off as long as humanly possible. The orgasm exploded from between her legs, bolts of sensation shooting like lightening to every extremity. It felt for a moment as if she would faint.

She heard Elsa gasp and she realized she was masturbating herself again, into her own climax... Anna's current state of trembling release hastening the Queen's own. Elsa's climax caused her ice to stop its assault on Anna. It ceased motion while Elsa vibrated against the chair in her own orgasm as Anna's finally crested and she slowly came back to herself.

Elsa gazed up at her through half lidded eyes as her climax receded. She made one small, swift motion with her hand and all of the ice that was underneath Anna's clothes was whisked away. Then she grinned over at the younger girl.

"So, did you enjoy my little enticement, my dear Princess?"

Anna struggled to get her breath, her voice coming out in a husky, rattling croak. "More than you can imagine!"

"So… does this mean I'm forgiven for this morning's nastiness?"

"I already forgave you for that, remember?", Anna panted. "But, if this is what happens when you get jealous, by all means, remind me make you jealous more often, my Queen."

At this, Elsa chuckled. "Don't push it, Princess.", she said with feigned ire.

Anna giggled. "Don't worry, your majesty. I was only kidding, of course."

"Oh, of course.", Elsa nodded good-naturedly. "You will also note that you're still fully clothed. No one is the wiser.", the Queen grinned.

Anna gave her a look. "Sooooo?"

"Soooooo, my sweet sister, the remainder of today's meetings could be a whole lot of fun! ", Elsa winked mischievously and it sent a fresh wave of excitement through Anna.

Could Elsa really do that to her while they were in the rest of the meetings? The very idea caused her to flush bright red and she heard Elsa chuckle.

"Got you wondering now, don't I?"

Anna nodded, still trying to get her breath. "Oh big sister, I had no idea just how kinky you were until this moment!"

"Oh I've had just years to think of all manner of libidinous methods I could use to please you, little sister. This is only the beginning.", Elsa said, standing and doing a swoosh motion over her body with her left hand, creating a gorgeous new ice dress.

"No ice undies, I'm assuming?", Anna asked coyly.

"You would be assuming correctly. I never wear them anymore anyway.", Elsa admitted with a salacious smirk.

This revelation alone caused Anna's heart to speed up and sent new jolts of arousal sailing through her groin.

"And, for now, I suggest you leave yours off as well... for obvious reasons.", Elsa told her and that caused the feelings to ricochet all throughout her even more, causing her whole body to throb and pulse.

"Now," Elsa said coming over and hooking her arm through her sister's, "let's get back to those boring meetings. But first... a little something to tide you over until tonight."

Elsa ran her fingers over Anna's lips. They were still moist and sticky, fresh with Elsa's own essence and Anna could smell her sister's distinctive scent on them. It made Anna whine with renewed desire. Elsa took pity on her and allowed her fingers slip inside her sister's mouth where Anna dutifully sucked the remaining juices off thoroughly. It caused Elsa to moan in pleasure as she gazed into Anna's eager eyes. When Elsa finally removed them, Anna couldn't resist letting her tongue dip out and lick off all the residual remnants.

This made Elsa smile. Then she leaned in and gave Anna a long, deep French kiss. Anna could again taste Elsa's own sweet nectar still on her sister's lips and tongue, and it was delicious.

"I'm going to make you so happy, my Princess!", Elsa sighed, "Now, to the meetings!"

She let her index finger glide across Anna's jawline and under her chin, her fingernail scraping underneath as she pulled it away and gave her a sly wink. Then, she pushed past Anna, out of the servant's entrance and into the hallway.

Leaving her sister panting for more.