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Aang had always had a crush in Katara, he had this since he was 4 when they met in kindy.


Aang has always been alone. An outsider. No one wanted to be his buddy or his friend for that matter. On this hot Wednesday Aang was sitting alone on the end of a slide, eating his ou he and drinking his Apple juice pop top. He did this everyday. The other kids acted like the slide was infected because it was his regular location.

Aang was putting the last part of his sandwich in his mouth when he saw a shadow creep over him. He looked up to see a adorable little girl with beautiful sea blue eyes, lovely tanned skin with brown hair.

she looked at him with a big smile "hi, I'm Katara"

"H-Hi Katawa, I'm Aang"

"Hi Aang! Why are you by yourself?" Katara asked as sweetly as a four year old could ask anything.

"cause the other kids don't wike me" Aang looked down

"well I do, your my friend now" Katara beamed

"Weally? Yay!" Aang jumped up and down, he was estatic

aang moved to the side of the slide so there was more room "do wou want to swit down?"

"yes please" Katara replied

end of flashback


but now they were both 17 and Aang had never told Katara how he had felt. He wanted to tell her soon, the longer he waited he knew other Boys would come swooping in. He knew that Jet already had his eyes on her. Aang never liked the way Jet looked at girls, to him they always looked like s piece of meat, he would say them and then leave the left overs for the dogs. Today was the day everything was going to change, he was fling to do everything in his power to see if Katara liked him as someone more then a best friend

it was a Monday afternoon, 4:13 to be exact. school had finished an hour and 3 minutes ago and he was at kataras until his uncle Gyatso could pick him up, so about another 2 hours. Katara had excused herself from her room to go to the bathroom and to make a phone call, leaving Aang sitting on Kataras bed. While Aang was patiently waiting he saw kataras laptop was unlocked had a Facebook chat open called girl talks, this grip included herself, Suki and (until she left the convosation) Toph. He wa desperate so he opened the chat and read the messages

Suki- any luck yet?

katara- with what?

suki- you know exactly what

Toph Beifong left the group

Katara- do you mean Aang?

suki- yes I meant Aang, has he asked you out yet :D

katara- ugh no, I'm waiting and waiting but he never asks, maybe he doesn't like me that way :(

Suki- I dunno, well next time you see him just tell him how you feel

katara- alright I will, I'll do it tomorrow after school

Suki-YES! Finally! Anyway gotta go meeting Sokka at some sword place xD he's so cute lol

katara- okay cya x

suki- bye x

suki logged off yesterday 3:46

katara logged off yesterday 5:03

Aang looked absolutely suprisss and yet happy. But he didn't want to give away to Katara he read the messages so he would wait for her to tell him.

eventually Katara had returned, she sat next to him and looked at him

"Aang there's something I need to tell you"

"alright" Aang replied smiling. This is it!

" Well ever since kindy I have, ughhh... I've been in love with you" Katara muttered, but it was just loud enough for Aang to hear.

"Katara I love you too"

katara leaned forward, gently touching her lips to his, Aang of course responded. H put his hands in her waist while she out hers around his neck. This was a day they will always remember.


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