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(Nobodies P.O.V.)

'I cant believe this! The humans are hunting down the animals inhabiting the wood near the town!' The little goddess shook her head in disgust. 'But... then again I do owe it to Palutena and Pit to NOT go and exterminate the people,' She reasoned with herself. 'You know what, who cares?! The fact they hunt for fun?' Beside her was Phosphora, Commander of Lightening. She was bored.

'Grr... It does makes me sick. Very sick,' Viridi said and turned to her commander. 'And Palutena isn't exactly watching out for the Forces of Nature, just the Underworld Army,' Phosphora added. 'Thats it! I must take matters into my own hands. Phosphora! We're going on a little field trip...'

'Really? You're actually considering it?' She said. 'Finally, action! But why not send in the Forces?' Viridi sighed impatiently whilst striding to the gateway. 'They'll attract too much attention, Phos. And so do you, so I'm coming with. I might need to put a leash on you. Now lets go already!'

(Melody's P.O.V.)

I wake up, regretfully, leaving the dark behind and survey my surroundings. Yep, its the same wood. I stare at into the trees and got up. I stretched and decided to venture deeper into the woods. I feel a pair of eyes staring intensely at me. I look around, not only looking but listening too, for breathing or anything. Content with the fact is was my imagination, which has been playing up, I carry on with my path.

Sheesh... It started to rain. I hear thunder. Yeah, I wasn't brought up well, but I was educated. And I knew that it wasn't safe to be under a tree during a thunderstorm. But I'm kinda in the middle of a wood, so... I'll think happy thoughts. Rainbows! Flowers! Teresa! All are not present but still make me happy! But kinda sad, too. Maybe thinking of Teresa wasn't the best thing to do. The thing is, I haven't seen her since the incident, plus the fact no one. Only company was the dark and trust me it came a lot. I hear the thunder again. It frightens me. What if I get struck!? Yes, I'm afraid of thunderstorms. No big whoop. Lightening does the WORST. It starts those raging fires.

I see lightening. My head becomes lighter. I can't take the sudden flashes and rolls of thunder. I clutch my head. I know it wouldn't help but it hurt so badly. I see a flash and a tree turned into fiery inferno. I legged it. Smoke stung my eyes as I ran blindly. As expected, I bang into something. My dizziness grew as I carried on running. A small furry creature scurried up along me. I scooped it up, hoping I would be able to save it, let alone myself.. It was a beaver. Behind me the fire grew. It was as if it was chasing me. I reached a clearing. Light hit me and I felt the warmth tingle through me. My wings sparkled like snow...

(Nobodies P.O.V.)

"Pit! I'm in need of you...'

'Yes, Lady Palutena?'

'I'm afraid that Viridi has gone to the human world with Phosphera,'


'She wishes to stop hunters herself since she is willing to. But this shan't and well. Knowing her and humans do not mix,'

'Of course, Lady Palutena,'

'Oh, and take Pittoo,'


She activates the power of flight for him. Viridi, along with Phosphora are determined not to cause any disruptions by sending in the Forces of Nature. Well, at least whats left of them. Ever since the battle with the Lord of the Underworld caused the gods and humans are unbalanced. Luckily, the Goddess of Light is doing what she can.

(Melody's P.O.V.)

'Uhh... Dizzy..." I mumble as I open my eyes. I think I passed out. I smell something burnt. My clothes, they're singed. Great. Then I notice the animals. A... wolf? Oh no! I scramble backwards, back against a tree. This won't come out well, will it? The wolf comes nearer and I clench my eyes shut. I whimper as something touches me, but I feel no pain.

I open one eye and see it nuzzling my wing. So, I decide to stroke it. My hand almost got to it when there was an animal screaming and galloping. A couple of men chased after the frightened stallion. Knives in there buckles and thick hides to protect themselves, hunters! The wolf crept away, ears flat on its head. The hunters left when the stallion was brought under control. I shivered with uncontrollable fear. What I'm caught by them?

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