…all I can say is that I'm sorry for disappearing into a black hole and not saying a word for like two months. I'm really sorry.

"If you don't want me to scream, stop yelling and no one touch me!" Melody ordered.

"Please, don't have any panic attacks," Teresa begged.

"I don't want a repeat of before,"

Melody shook.

"I have no idea what you are saying. Panic attack? Oh, I'm panicking. I don't know who you guys are! My sister is acting all strange! Everyone wants to kill me!" Melody gabbled, then took a shaky breath.

"Oh, I'm fine. Not having a panic attack, thank you very much," She finished.

"Really?" Darkpit asked.

"You look like your panicking a lot,"

Melody threw him a sarcastic smile.

"When Teresa threw me off the freaking moon, I passed out and fell into YOUR arms. I'm the luckiest angel alive. Alive! I'm alive!" She cackled.

"And now people want me dead. Why? Cause I'm gonna bring the end to the universe!" She shrieked. Then she slumped against the wall and flopped down, drawing herself together tightly. Melody began crying softly. Teresa, upset, slowly approached her and cautiously sat next to her. Then, not helping herself, she flung her arms around the brunette, calmly stroking her head and murmuring,

"Its okay," over and over. West, confused by what came from Melody kneeled in front of her.

"It helps by crying, you know. If you keep all the sadness bottled up, you'll explode," West softly says, placing a comforting hand on Melody's shoulder.

"And that rubbish you were saying? If someone saved your life, that means your life is important. He could've dropped you into a volcano for all I know. But he didn't, even if he wasn't acting on his own accord," West then embraced the two sisters, awkwardly, but still felt right.

Then she stopped and drew back.

"What do you mean by ending the universe?" She then asked, confused.

Suddenly, a blinding light appeared right behind Livenal as a figure approached and held Livenal's arms behind his back, securing him from running off. It was Lady Palutena.

"Arlon, she knows too much!" She says, darkly. Arlon appeared from behind her and advanced towards West. Abruptly Melody stood, dragging her sister with her. standing in front of West, she shook her hair away from her eyes and wiped the salty tears away.

"If you want her, go through me first," Melody said firmly.

"Miss, please, out of the way. I act on orders," Arlon explained monotonously.

Viridi ran up towards him.

"MY orders, Arlon. Stand down!" She shouted.

"Leave them alone. Her hospitality! Remember that?" Darkpit added. Phosphora appeared besides him.

"Well colleague or not, Arlon, I'll fight you away from them," She purred threateningly, holding her hands up. Each began sparking in accordance to her anger. Her scarf began twisting and moving.

"Please, everyone. Strict orders from Zeus," Palutena casually said, walking towards Melody and looking at her sternly.

"Do you know your place?" She asked her. Melody scowled. Pit then wrung his hands together, exasperated.

"Lady Palutena, please leave them alone," He slowly asked. Lady Palutena turned to him, with a sorrowful look on her face.

"Pit, you don't really understand. It's a strict rule that humans aren't to witness Godly powers if they disbelieve," She explained, pitifully. (AN- Oh God. LOL)

"If they do, they aren't to spread anything," Lady Palutena then turned back to West.

"Your grandmother-" West's eyes widen.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!" She yelled, pushing herself up.

"I swear if you laid a finger on her-"

"Calm down. Don't shout. Your loud voice will attract unwanted people," Arlon scolded. West glared at him.

"Shut up. It's not YOUR family member, it's mine!" West shouted.

"If anything happened to this girl's grandmother, you will pay," Teresa unexpectedly spoke.

"Family is something you don't mess around with,"

"I'm fine, just gutted," West's grandmother approached West and gave her a comforting hug.

"Palutena won't hurt me as I am one of the few who still believe," She tutted.

"I expected better from you. I knew you all were selfish but still,"

Palutena shook her head.

"We are selfish. Like humans. At least we don't kill each other," She said serenely.

"No. You do, on the other hand, get away with your angel killing Hades," Phosphora interjected.

"We had to! He was a threat!" Pit countered.

"And he isn't dead," Palutena added. Livenal began turning into a snake and broke free of her grip. Then he transformed back to his human appearance. West's jaws dropped.

"You mean to tell me, YOUR'E the goddess who brought Medusa to an end?" Livenal asked.


"Damn you! You killed my mother!" Livenal yelled as he turned into a boar and lunged at Palutena. Pit intervened and pushed against his tusks.

"Your mother?! Medusa had a kid?" Pit asked loudly at Palutena.

"Small details, but yeah," Palutena nodded, carelessly.

"He was 5 months old when you took out Medusa. And 2 years old when Hades killed her,"

Livenal turned back to a snake and threw himself over Pit and to Palutena. Something protecting Palutena then forced him back.

"Lady Palutena, with all respect, shouldn't you have told me?" Pit questioned, surprised.

"I'm sorry, Pit. I had orders," Palutena said. Everyone apart from West, her grandmother, Livenal, Teresa, Melody and Arlon looked to her, confused.

"You have a master or mistress or something?" Phosphora asked.

"Zeus. The highest god, of course," Viridi muttered.

"Wait, what about you, Viridi?" Darkpit turned to his mistress as did everyone else.

"I'm a minor. It didn't matter if I worked under him at the time. Initially I work under Gaia but, well, we aren't exactly in touch much," Viridi explained. She began fidgeting with her dress and averted her eyes away from Phosphora.

"He did ask for the Forces of Nature to join,"

"You said no!" Phosphora said, more as a statement then question.

"I'm not dumb," Viridi shrugged.

"Of course I said no. He is an idiot for even asking," Viridi smirked.

"I sent him a Boom Stomper the size of a lake. I was waiting for a special occasion to let it rampage in Olympus,"

Palutena smiled.

"So it was you. I had a hunch," She laughed.

"Be happy I didn't send it to Skyworld," Viridi said under her breath.

Yeah, well. I am sorry for not uploading everything. This family is under water right now. I'm left to pick up the pieces. This is what I get for being third eldest and your older sister is away.

-Hilary the Sorry Girl