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Road of good intentions 1: Kiamo Ko

"Elphaba?" The elderly Nanny questioned the green-skinned woman who all but flew past her. The unnamed woman did not stop. It was as if she were answering the call of some higher, or lower, power. Perhaps she was. She paid no heed to the small boy who cowered on the staircase. There was no response even when he followed some strange compulsion to make sure she returned safely from her tower to him.

In the dining room, Nanny had no such desire to follow the fearsome woman. She had a vague sense of familiarity surrounding the unidentified figure. Old and dotty as she was, Nanny didn't recognize it was her young charge who had grown up in harsh conditions and undergone some irrevocable changes. An expected despair would have gripped the old woman if she'd been able to know the other.

Since birth, the green girl had walked a road of good intentions. She aspired to fly high and match the greatest in renown. Nearly did, too. But they'd all known the looking glass of her childhood had been dark and clouded. That was the reason she would have smiled almost knowingly to see where the other woman stood. The thought ay have crossed her mind that perhaps she had flown higher than any of them would have imagined. Risen into the dark night of moral esteem. Nanny would see that the young woman had ascended into a realm that, despite being darker, was clearer than the light that blinded everyone else in Oz.

At that moment neither woman could see the true identity of the green-hued female, so neither commented.

The Witch cut an imposing figure. In the rounded tower of Kiamo Ko, she was all sharp angles. She paced around the room, suddenly feeling cramped and constrained but, having no desire to move. In a fit she tore the hat from her head and flung it from her. Sharp nails raked through her raven hair, freeing it from its tight knot. It swung as she did and fell to frame her face. The mess of her hair served as an external indication of the state of her mind. Realizing this, the Witch whirled around and gripped the window pane hard enough that her fingers began to bleed. She swayed a little, part-way out the window. Staring down the long drop. Into hell.

She screamed his name.

His name burned her lips like water. A suitable accompaniment to the long, thin welts forming on her face from her eyes. The agonizing note was the first time she had expressed his loss out loud; she had been silent in her ears at the Mauntery and Sarima, in denying her forgiveness, had also withheld therapeutic closure. Oversized Sarima and her sisters and the children she had borne him. Dead and gone and with them, the Witch's connection to her lover. As with him, there were no bodies over which she could mourn. Bodies that could make their deaths real and release her from her obligations to her life. Oh if she could be so lucky. One more disaster she could add to her generous supply. What it ultimately came down to was: she had failed him.

That was the fact that ultimately broke the Witch. She spun from the window and flailed wildly for the Grimmerie. In her hands it fell open and the Witch chanted the words in utter desperation, reading the words through the burn in her eyeballs that made her want to gouge them out. Sure enough, the words blurred before her. With a wicked screech the useless book was violently pitched to the opposite side of the room.

Nothing left to hold on to, the Witch crumpled to the ground. In a pool of her own burning tears, she simply could not care about it. Once more, she screamed for him. She vowed that never again would his name taunt her lips, though he would continue to haunt and hurt.

Liir stared at the crumpled form of the Witch from his hiding spot near where she'd thrown that strange book of hers. But he could not see the Witch. He could see only the woman. Elphaba, was the name Nanny had told them belonged to the woman. Nanny had also said that the title 'mother' belonged to this figure who dominated their lives.

The boy had found it exceedingly difficult to reconcile 'mother' with 'Wicked Witch of the West'. Until now. Or, more correctly, he realized he didn't have. She'd always been protective of him, to the point of killing Manek – he'd overheard her rambling to Chistery – and he now knew every threat to boil him had been a misguided way of showing affection. The title of Wicked was incorrect. Liir had a sudden insight the woman had known she was walking a path of brokenness, but had ended up shattered.

Here was the crux of the matter. The woman on the stone floor had nothing and no one left. Even Liir had been cold to her of late. He saw how cruel that small inaction had been. She mourned the loss of her lover. His father? His coldness and the death of Sarima had severed all her ties to the only good thing in her life. She was stranded, alone in the castles despite being there with Nanny, not that she counted for much anymore, and himself.

That left him alone as well. Not only could he no longer have the father he wished for, but he was about to lose the mother he needed. And who needed him. This fear in his mind, he ran forward.

But he skidded to a stop just shy of her. Nor did he reach out even a finger tip to hold her. He did not know how to. She had never taught him. He paused, peered at her and prayed it would be enough.

She had sensed his approach. She had willed him to take that last step. Even pleaded with all the gods she could think of. Finally she had sought the spirit of the boy's father. All to no avail.

Even so, he had rushed the air back into her starved body and she inhaled deeply. Her bony shoulders shook with the effort. It was a temporary reprieve, she knew, unless she could grasp the boy of hose origins she was vaguely aware. But Frex had never taught her. It seemed a physical incapacitation. It was another failure, the consequence of which, she would deal with later.

Strange, was always the description given to her eyes. Never had the description been more apt than when she finally raised her head. They shined brighter than ever before and their depths were just as unfathomable. It was almost as if the depths were more visible, like a cover removed from a well. This cover was what had made them safe to look into. Now the cover was removed, anyone who looked could fall in and be in danger of becoming as lost as she was.

The woman shifted into the Witch as she pulled herself onto her haunches. It was an animalistic posture and gave her a vicious, primal quality. If he was an animal, she was caged. There was little else in the world as dangerous. Even a dam wall about to burst was, at best, only of equal power. She watched as this realization dawned in Liir's eyes; the boy was directly in her path. Pity coursed through her and she paused so suddenly, she physically jolted. This was a chance for her to make good.

The boy had closed his eyes, she saw, in anticipation of her onslaught. It was unavoidable, but it would not hit him. The Witch swept past the small boy on the floor. He felt the rush of air and heard the door slam, but that was all.

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