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Bones 1: Fragile

With her head down and her hood up, Elphaba Thropp managed to be entirely unremarkable. The green girl knew that would all change the instant she took the travelling cloak off. Made out of coarse black material, it was nothing special. But Nanny had given it to her in a rare moment of kindness the old woman herself probably didn't entirely comprehend. Aside from concealing her unusually tainted skin, the young woman seemed to disappear into its folds entirely. At least that's what it felt like to Elphaba who could barely stay on her feet for being jostled. Slight as she was, her thin frame was not to be confused with weakness. Fine though her bones may've been, she was undeniably strong.

Finally the headmistress of Crage Hall, Madame Morrible, appeared. Here goes nothing, Elphaba though and slid the hood off her head. The reaction was instantaneous. All the other girls jumped away from her in much the same way as her father jumped away from someone who mentioned the pleasure faith. Elphaba rolled her eyes and bared her teeth for good measure. After a moment she relented with a sigh. She removed her cloak completely and draped it over one arm. Strangely, the other girls' fear seemed to dissipate somewhat upon their realizing how skinny she was. Even the primped and pampered little socialites though they could handle the anomaly who had suddenly appeared in their ranks.

"No, I am no sea-sick. No, I did not eat grass as a child. Yes, I was born this way. Any questions?"

There was an awkward silence after the green girl delivered her tirade. The other girls shuffled off into room pairs, carefully avoiding Elphaba who drifted to the darkest corner at the back of the room where she was promptly forgotten. Out of the immediate scrutiny of the rest of the cohort, she finally released the breath she had been holding. Her position at that moment was fragile. She was not openly welcomed, but neither was she under direct attack. That could change at any moment.

"Ladies!" Madame Morrible had taken centre stage. "Welcome to Crage Hall. Whether you are here to study law, logic or linguification I, and the other professors, have the greatest faith that…some… of you shall succeed. Sign-ups for my sorcery seminar will be available based on the individual results of students judged at the end of this semester. Quickly, off to your rooms to settle in."

With that, the illustrious Madame Morrible swept from the room in a gust of wind that Elphaba questioned the naturalness off. At about the same time, something else swept in that was decidedly artificial. This was enhanced by the fact that most of the upper class girls had left, leaving only Elphaba and a few Munchkins.

The blonde was so petite that for a moment, Elphaba though she might be a Mucnhkin. An over grown Munchkin, admittedly, but still a Munchkin. This notion was soon dispelled by the air of superiority emanating from the girl. It was a distinctly Gilikinese trait. The petite young woman looked around, flicking her blonde curls, as all the other girls filtered out. She crossed milky arms and tapped a slender foot. It was the only indication of her fear. Her upper-class face gave away nothing. Though significantly shorter than the still unseen Elphaba, the Gilikin had soft, feminie curves and no jutting bones. Even so, the blonde looked equally as fragile, and probably was, reasoned the taller girl.

"Two girls left!" Announced Madamde Morrible, who returned to the room as Elphaba slowly emerged from her hiding spot. "No Ama's, I'm sure there'll be a group room for you somewhere."

"Oh no! Madame Morrible, I am Galinda Uppland… of the Upper Uplands. That simply won't do!"

"Why ever not?" Galinda stepped closer to the headmistress, who looked as if she were about to recoil, and began to explain something in earnest. If nothing else, the silent girl mused, the blonde had a talent for theatrics.

"Well, in that case," Morrible stated a moment later, "you and Miss Thropp, granddaughter of the Eminent Thropp of Munchkinland, can share a room. Your Ama, when she recovers can surely manage two distinguished girls such as yourselves?"

Aforementioned Thropp did not miss the headmistress' cruel smile before she left in another suspicious wind. Galinda, who had perked at the mention of a title, turned to face her new roommate. Years of society training was the only thing that stopped the blonde, who was wondering if she'd caught some insanity of a lower class girl, from screaming. The atrocity merely blinked her large, brown eyes.

By the time the girls walked to their rooms, amid whispers of Galinda's goodness and status as a martyr, the loathing between them was palpable. They stood by their respective beds, staring at each other. Elphaba's head was reeling with all the things she couldn't stand about the other girl. In an effort to calm her mind, she began to list them; blonde, her voice, every little trait however small.

Galinda thought her roommate exceedingly peculiar and registered her pulse as rushing with how much she hated the other girl. She too began to list the offending qualities; her face, her clothing, in reality, she loathed it all.

Both girls shuddered with exhilaration at their flesh crawling. Elphaba, the more aware of the two, realized the silence was a fragile ceasefire.