What's Hell


Why is my life such a Hell. I am in the hospital again from my brother, Adan. No one care. That is a lie Carlos does. He tried to stop him but when he broke his leg it all when down hill from there. Carlos could't reach me to stop him from hurting me anymore I feel bad everytime something happens he gets hurt trying to protect me.

I think I should concentrate, this woman is talking to me i guess it is kind of roude to ignore her. "Who did this to you?" Again I already answered this question three times today, not to mention the other time that it has happened to me before. "It was my brother Adan, he is mean he has done this to me a million times. Why do I have to keep telling you this?" She looked at me astounded. I have never spoken to anyone this disrespectfully. I knew what I had to do, "I'm sorry I just had a long day is all." She just nodded at me, she knows every detail of what has happened to me today.

I wonder what will happen, last time this happened they took us away. We didn't get to come back to our parents for another three months. I didn't have to worry about my brother because they took him to an obedience place. I was upset when i had to go back to him. I wanted to know what was going to happen i just had to so I asked, "Am I going to be taken away again." She frowned at me and said "I'm afraid you might have too, you aren't safe there we gave them a second chance but it didn't change anything." I yelled without thinking, "know you can't they didn't do anything to me it was my brother can't yall just take him away I love my parents."

I was upset even though it was safer, I have conflicted feelings I loved my brothers, including Adan, even though he attacks me all the time. My family means everything to me. My mother is the most loving person in the world. She tries to cook, good thing i learned through books because I swear I would not be able to taste her food I would die. She tends to shop to much sometimes too much. She is to the point that we would sometimes go without necessities like power. I think she doesn't care though but i know she loves us.

My father, he is a different story, he always yells at me that is all he wants to do. If he doesn't yell at me then he yells at my mother about me. He says things like, "why is she here she needs to be with that jackass of a father of hers." My mother screamed and it scared me she never shouts out like that, "why do you think she isn't yours, i have never cheated on you ever." After that he left. He was gone for four days after that. Mommy cried for hours after that.

Next is my brother, named after my father, Carlos the fourth.I love him the most. No one would stand up for me except him. They would just say "they're children they are going to fight." technically I never started it so is it fighting. I don't believe so, I just wish it was just the two of us, and not Adan.

Then there is my half-sister Rebecca. My father had cheated on her and that is what caused there divorce. She is nice her mother, not so much. I don't know what is wrong with her I think she is mad that my daddy got back together with my stayed with all of us for a month and then disappeared. No one has heard from her since. Selena tried to stand up for me once it didn't work well. Adan almost killed her when she did that. She didn't come back with the rest of us, but her adoptive parents allow us to see her once a month. They have brought her every time I am put in the hospital. They try to convince me into letting them adopt me. Sometimes I have to stop myself from saying yes.

Finally is Adan. He was fine at first when we were young, but he was always a little mean. He didn't really do me to bad until the first time I had to go to the hospital when I was five. I think he is like this because my parents never disiplined him. I think it is because my father thinks I''m someone else's and my mom is afraid of what will happen if she says something. I'm afraid Adan will actually try to kill me instad of tremendously hurting me.

I came out of my thoughts when I heard Mrs. Livian telling my parents. "You can see her because this will be the last time you can for a while if not forever." I almost started crying when I heard that.