What's Hell

Epilogue: Sentence

I had gone to the court to testify along with everyone else. I hated having to do this. He was my brother and enough is enough. Edward grabbed my hand and kissed my forehead. He knows how I feel, it kind of sucks but on the bright side I don't always have to talk to him out loud about what I want to say. He looked at me and then walked to the stand.

They just keep asking us the same questions over and over. My brother had described what he saw. Everyone thought he was high, which good for us he had drugs in the place he held me up. They are trying to give him life, I doubt that will happen, but they are going to put him in a high security place. He shouldn't ever be able to get out.

Edward used a lie on them and was telling them our version of what happened. The story is, I went to the bathroom and was taken and drugged, just like what really happened and then when I woke up I didn't understand what was going on other than the pain. We told them that I have never done drugs before, which is true, so it would affect more than normal. When Edward came in, I was badly beaten and out of it. My brother was shooting like a mad man, because of him being under the influence. Edward lost his composure and started beating on him after he ran out of bullets. He had started just beating him up, out of anger and defense because he attacked both of us. Then the cops came and took care of everything.

The story was pretty close to the truth, I didn't get much questioning because I was under the influence, that made me feel a whole lot better. After they let Edward off the stand, they decided that everyone was done and the jury had to go have a discussion. When the jury left we went outside. Edward looked at me and said, "the whole jury is decided that he is guilty, this shouldn't be to long." I nodded and snuggled into him. My mama and father came up to me, mama giving me a hug and daddy giving Edward a glare.

My father then looked at me and said, "how are you feeling, ready to hear about your brother?" I ignored him, I am upset with him about everything that has happened in my life. I just am tired of trying to be daddy's little girl. My mama forgave him and they are now back together. She moved back in with him, so now Carlos is home alone, but I don't think he minds with his girlfriend there.

They called everyone back into the court house so we walked in and sat down. The judge asked the jury about their decision. They decided guilty, I knew they would, there was no way they couldn't. The judge sentenced him to forty years.

I walked out and ran to our car. I was finally relieved it was all over. I looked at Edward and smiled. He smiled at me then gave me a very deep and heated kiss. I love when we have these little intimate times. We can't do anything because his sister and brother got into the back of the car and we are in the middle of town. We drove home and just enjoyed our time as a family.