Hearing a knock on the door Harry glances at his watch and sighs in relief. He opens the door to reveal a platinum blonde man standing uncomfortably on the stoop. "Malfoy," Harry says.

"Is she here?" Draco asks.

"Of course she is," Harry replies leaving the door open and walking down the hallway.

Draco sighs heavily and his shoulders slump.

Glancing back at the door Harry asks, "Are you coming in?"

Giving himself a shake and straightening his back once again, Draco nods his head and follows Harry. Harry leads him to the library and says, "She's in there. She's…well, you'll see." And with that, Harry walks back to the sitting room.

Steeling himself, Draco opens the door to the library and sees her across the room looking out the window. He steps in and closes the door, never looking away from her back. He stares at her, taking in her essence as though he hasn't seen her for days instead of hours. Draco notices the slight tremble of her shoulders as she breathes in and out and his heart breaks at the scene in front of him.

"What are you doing here?" she finally asks with a slight quiver in her voice as she remains facing the window.

"I'm taking you home," he readily replies.

"Excuse me?" she responds turning to face him. Her face is covered in tear tracks and her eyes are red and puffy; she has been crying for awhile.

Draco takes a step closer to her, "You are my wife and I am taking you home."

"I don't want to go," she sniffles.

"Well I don't care," Draco says angrily moving closer to his wife. "This is between us; it doesn't involve anyone else."

"You can't expect me to just pretend like nothing happened," she says petulantly while looking at the floor.

Standing directly in front of her he says, "I'm not asking you to."

She looks up at him in confusion.

"We had a fight, okay? We fight. It's what we do. It always has been. This shouldn't be a surprise to you," he spits out in frustration. "You want to be angry? Then be angry. You want to yell at me? Then yell at me," he says forcefully. Walking towards his wife he continues, "But do not just walk out on me."

Draco takes a deep breath in order to collect himself before grasping his wife to whisper in her ear, "We are married. We made a promise to be there for each other no matter what. We promised each other that we would never just walk away. Not after everything we've been through." Looking back into her eyes he says, "Please, don't walk away from me."

Her eyes fill with tears upon meeting his. Realization hits her when she notices the fear and pain so blatant in his eyes. She grabs him in a fierce hug and nods, "Let's go home." She grabs his hand and leads him out of the library.

Harry watches them walk past the sitting room hand in hand and hears the door open and shut. Smiling softly to himself, Harry retires to his bedroom knowing that his best friend is in good hands.