7:01pm - Kitchen

Brianna opened the fridge to get some carrots. She screamed.

7:02pm - Basement

Meanwhile at the comeback battle...

"And on this corner-ner-ner-ner..." Caine echoed. "We have my beautiful, loyal girlfriend Diana-ah-ah-ah."

Diana smirked at him. Caine went over the other corner and immediately dropped his enthusiasm. "...and here we have psychotic Drake. Let the battle begin."

Drake cracked his knuckles as Diana took a step forwards, "That is such a cute sweater. I have one just like it. For my ugly schnauzer. From Baby's R Us."

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA OOH OOH OOH HAHAHAHAH!" Turk and Antoine, who suddenly showed up, laughed hysterically. Caine just rolled his eyes annoyed at their weirdness.

Drake didn't seem fazed at all and took a step of his own towards the witch. "Ohhhh... now I get why you have the obvious beard. You're the ugly schnauzer!"

"Ooh..." Turk and Antoine um... Oohed.

Diana closed the metre between her and Drake and put a finger to his chest. "No...Yo mama is."

"HAHAHAHAHA WRECKED" the boys laughed.

7:09pm - Front Yard

"Row! Row! Row!" Quinn commanded. "Come on guys, you can do it. ROW! ROW!"

Roger came by. "Uh Quinn?"

"Not right now."he responded. "ROW!"

Roger interrupted him. "Why are you talking to a garden gnome?!"


The awkward silence suddenly got interrupted from a text Quinn received from Lana.

*Meet me by the guest room in 5 :3*

QUINN's eyes widened in excitement before ditching Roger and running off to the guest room. In the process he dropped his phone. Roger looked around his surroundings carefully before picking up the phone and sliding it in his pocket.

7:15pm Basement

The comebacks had quickly escalated.

"Your step dad is." Drake snapped.

"Heeheehee" Turk and Antoine synced.

"Your dog is," Diana said.

Drake growled before touching foreheads with Diana. "Well... you know what?! I'm not going to give you a candy cane in your Christmas card."

"OHHHH" The two younger boys hollered.

"I'm not going to even give you a Christmas card, period," Diana commented before going on. "Oh and FYI your breath really stinks Drake."

7:39pm Toilet

"Come on man, I'm busting here. You've hogged this bathroom for 40 mins. Isn't that long enough?!" Howard desperately said as he pounded on the door. "C'mon, I had three bottles of beer. Hurry up!"

Little Pete silently went |3|

"Ah forget it. Maybe Turk and Penny have stopped sucking face in the other toilet. Or else I'll have to go in the pool."

Pete went •~• as he heard that.

7:41pm Living Room

Penny was actually in the living room sitting on the couch with Lisa, Zil's 'girlfriend'. Taylor suddenly bounced in and sat next to Lisa.

"Hey evil Asian counterpart of me," Taylor mocked at Penny before nodding at Lisa.

"Finally, you took forever!" Lisa said.

Taylor shrugged in response.

"Ok now that we're all here, I'd like to formally start the 'boyfriend-challenged' meeting." Penny said.

"Hey we are not boyfriend challenged!" Taylor argued.

"Um... Yes we are. I can't get Caine to love me, Zil hates Lisa and finds her unattractive and boring, and you can't woo Sam over unless he's drunk."

"Zil thinks I'm... UGLY?" Lisa suddenly blurted.

"Duh." Penny snarled enjoying Lisa's humiliation.

"I thought... He just... Why can't... I can't believe I'm ugly!" Lisa cried.

"Well this is awkward," said Taylor. "There, there."

Penny laughed but knowing she had the same problem and couldn't get Caine to notice her, she tried to control it. However she couldn't help but mock Lisa.

"Oh it's okay Lisa. Maybe this story will cheer you up," Said Penny. "Once upon a time there was an ugly man. He was so ugly that everybody died. The end."

Lisa started crying even more.

"Okay, that was just rude." Said Taylor.

Penny could only laugh harder and harder. Taylor looked at her coldly before grabbing a nearby stapler and handing it over to the sobbing Lisa. She then bounced away to who knew where. Through her tears, Lisa looked at the stapler. Then at Penny. Then at the stapler. She stopped her crying and slowly got the hint.

"Taylor, you forgot to bring the aluminium foil you imbecile!" Lisa yelled.

7:54pm A closet with a TV for some reason

After an hour of chasing him, Astrid thought she saw Sam bolt into some closet so she followed him there. Unfortunately, she was mistaken. Astrid kneeled down in fatigue and sat on the floor before noticing something behind a coat. She picked it up and realised what it was. It was a DVD case! She inserted the disc into the TV that was in the closet for some reason. It came to life and soon, a certain vampire and werewolf were on the screen.

"OMG go team Edward! But ew, Jacob's hair" Astrid ranted. "I am so glad no one is seeing me watch this."

7:58pm Outside the closet with the random TV.

0_0 went LP as he hung upside down on the roof eating vegemite with celery.