I'm sorry, but i don't have the strength to keep writing stories anymore.

Of all the stories, this is the one i wanted to finish the most, and i'm very sad that i can't finish it.

Ordinarily I'd just delete the story and not bother with an author note like this, but i didn't want anyone to waste their time waiting months for an update that will never come. I know this isn't what any of us wanted but i hope what i've written below gives you some closure to the story.

What i had planned:

Chichi is captured by Blaze and instead of being killed, is taken to a snowy land ( Mt Paozu). She is stripped of her clothes and is forced to walk through the lonely forest until she freezes to death. Her feet, toes, and fingers turn black and Chichi falls to the snow, soon to die from the cold, but a man wearing a blue yukata with wooden sandals walks into view before she passes out.

Chichi wakes up in a little house,warm, hugged tightly against a man, whom is as naked as she is. When she lifts the blanket she spots his tail, and recognizes him as the Monkey God ( Goku). He's beautiful, but Chichi had heard horrible stories about how he destroyed villages in his giant monkey form and she's afraid. She gets out of bed, picks up the knife left carelessly beside the bed, and raises it over the sleeping Monkey God. He's too beautiful and innocent-like to kill, so Chichi steals his clothes on the floor and leaves the little house. Goku opens his eyes and smiles, happy that Chichi had passed the test and didn't try to kill him.

Chichi finds the nearest village, but no one treats her like a princess. She has no status anywhere, and some think her to be a prostitute since Goku's large blue yukata is too loose and shows too much of her chest. Goku finds her in the forest again, and laughs as she screams and tries to flee from him. Goku apologizes for laying beside her in bed, explaining that it was the only way to keep her warm. He mentions Chichi's mother, and tells her that he and the Ox Queen had been childhood friends. He is immortal and would like to be good friends with Chichi, too, something the Ox King wouldn't allow when he had been alive. Since they're friends, Chichi then asks Goku to help her get revenge on the fire demon, Prince Blaze. Goku agrees.

Helping Chichi get revenge doesn't prove to be easy, since Goku misunderstands her request and sets out to train her to become a stronger fighter so she can win back her kingdom herself. She explains that she wants HIM to fight for her, but Goku says he can't since the shrine they have outside of her kingdom keeps him away. If she wants him to fight, they need to find someone to break the seal that barricades him from her kingdom. . . so they journey to the nearest temple where they meet Krillin and other monks.

Goku abandons Chichi at the temple.

She trains with the monks. If she wants their help, she needs to defeat one in a fighting match. Months pass; She becomes stronger. She loses in her spar against Krillin and everything feels hopeless. Goku had never abandoned Chichi like she thought, instead he had shapeshifted into one of the monks, and he offers to re-challenge Krillin in Chichi's form. He wins, and Krillin agrees to go with them to the shrine. Before going back, the trio run into bandits along the way, and Chichi meets her dad's loyal guard, Yamcha, again.

The bandits subdue Goku by grabbing his tail. Krillin and Chichi are no match against the bandit's leader ( who isn't Yamcha). Yamcha is surprised and happy to see Chichi alive, and realizes that he isn't happy with the other bandits. He goes against the leader, gets beat up, but manages to free Goku, whom saves everyone by beating the bandits with his power pole. Yamcha, unfortunatley, gets a huge bruise from the power pole, which satisfies Chichi and all is forgiven between them.

Goku, Krillin, Chichi, and Yamcha rest at his house, and Goku introduces them to a young Muten Roshi. Goku leads Chichi to a beautiful spring and tells her it's the fountain of youth. If she drinks from it, she'll be immortal, and will be able to live with him in his house forever. Chichi tells Goku that she'll think about it.

Later that night she meets Goku in her dream, and he's eager to know if she's ready to drink from the fountain of youth ( so impatient!). Since it's a dream, Chichi kisses Goku. He reciprocates the kiss and soon they're naked on a bed of gold, making love. Strangely, when Chichi wakes up, Goku is smiling and blushing as if he shared the same dream. He doesn't ask her if she wants to be immortal, and they set off. Chichi makes a mental note to drink from the fountain of youth when they come back.

Krillin fights the low rank fire demons at the shrine while Yamcha and Chichi sneak back to the castle, which is surrounded by a giant wall of fire. Yamcha performs the Kamehameha wave, clearing a path for Chichi. She goes into the castle alone and fights against Blaze. She holds her own for a while, but it's clear that Blaze is stronger. Like Goku, he's also immortal, and tells her that he can only be killed by another immortal. The castle had originally belonged to him, but The Monkey God defeated him. Goku had lived in the castle for a while before abandoning it to let the humans take over. He visited the area often, chasing Blaze away whenever he resurfaced. The Ox King was jealous of the Monkey God's friendship with the Ox Queen, and arranged to keep him permanently away by building the shrine. He kept his kigndom safe from the fire Prince's wrath by making a deal to give him their firstborn daugher- - Chichi.

To be extra cruel, Blaze has the Ox King brought in, whom is barely alive. The Ox King sadly nods his head, telling Chichi that what Blaze had said was true. Blaze is about to kill the Ox King when Goku finally arrives. He has fun fighting Blaze, but doesn't seize the opportunity to kill him. Blaze surrenders the castle. Goku and Chichi walk out of the castle, reunite with their friends, and all is happy until Goku looks up at the night sky and sees the full moon.

Goku dreams of Chichi. She apologizes for not drinking from the fountain of youth like he wanted. They kiss and hug. To thank him for helping her get back her castle and honor, Chichi hands him a baby boy. Their son. The baby wails, and Goku awakes to find the baby in his arms. Yamcha, Krillin, and the Ox King are surrounding him, battered and bloody. In his giant ape form, Goku had killed Chichi, the fire demons, and Prince Blaze.

Goku kisses his son goodbye before handing him over to Krillin. Goku explains that he can't live with himself for killing Chichi, but there's also no other Immortal god around strong enough to take his life, but there's still something he can do. Goku screams, and his entire body vanishes in a strong explosion of ki.

The Epilogue:

A young man wearing a pointed bamboo hat, wooden sandals, and a blue yukata, is invited to join a friendly group of travelling performers for a meal around their fire. One of the older men tells the story about the Monkey God, how he had exploded himself into pieces, growing new beings from his body parts.

"Vegeta was born from the evil in the Monkey God's heart," The old man said, poking a stick in the fire." Brolly sprouted from the insanity inside the brain, and some say they've found another, a young boy who may have been born from the Monkey God's left arm."

"How do you know which body part they grew from?" The young man wearing a bamboo hat asked, slowly chewing his bowl of rice.

"For one, they have tails. . ."

"Many of Brolly's children have tails," The young man pointed out.

The Monkey God's children each shared the same physical trait- - a spherical birthmark with a star on it. Brolly, the half-monkey king who was in the middle of defeating all the other gods of the world, ordered that every person with that birthmark be brought to him. It was rumored that Brolly was trying to make himself whole again, so he could have the full strength and powers the Monkey God posessed when he was whole. It was also rumored that Vegeta had threatened to kill every person on the planet if they mentioned the new found boy to Brolly.

The young man thanked the travellers for their food and walked into the night, unwrapping his tail from his waist and using the tip to remove his hat as he walked. Out loud, he wondered if he should pay Vegeta a visit and meet the new boy ( trunks).

i wanted to make a sequal about the Monkey Gods Goku left behind, centering around Trunks,Vegeta, and Gohan. I hadn't thought very far with the sequel so I have nothing to leave behind for that. The epilogue just explains why I titled the story "Monkey Gods."