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A New Player, Year 6

Eye of the Storm


Unspeakable Knowledge

Harry stared at the red robed man as he lead him, Draco and Faykan down through the now packed and very busy tower of Orthanc. Broderick Bode would point out select individuals as they passed, and several would bow or offer their greetings to Faykan. Harry had heard of the missing Unspeakable, and remembered the visit to St. Mungo's when he had actually seen the man vividly, but it still didn't explain why he was here, or what was going on to have all these people at Faykan home.

It was Draco that finally voiced the obvious question that hung between him and Harry. "Mr. Bode… uh… how did you get here?"

It was Faykan who answered, "Oh, that was my doing," he said, stopping and turning to the two boys, "When we visited Mr. Bode last year in St. Mungo's, I gave him a portkey to Orthanc that would activate if he was in any danger."

"It activated as the plant that someone sent me for Christmas attempted to strangle me, I think it might have been a cutting of Devil's Snare…" Mr. Bode added.

"But, why did you want to save Mr. Bode specifically Faykan?" Harry asked.

"Simple reason Mr. Potter," Bode responded, "I am Lord Alatar's contact between himself and the Department of Mysteries."

Harry's heart felt a pang at the mention of the place where he had lost his godfather, but Draco picked up the line of the conversation. "The Department of Mysteries?" he asked in confusion, "Why would they be interested in Faykan?"

Mr. Bode started to chuckle, "You're asking why the independent section of the Ministry that investigates the secrets of our magical heritage would be interested in an eight thousand year old Istari? I would think that it would be obvious, the sheer knowledge we could recover from the past would bring magical Britain into a new golden age."

"And… in the meanwhile," Faykan interrupted, "They keep me informed with the Ministry's inner workings and research projects. Occasionally I offer my advice as to what would most help the magical community, and they assist me when I need the Ministry to be... oblivious, to what I'm up to."

Harry and Draco shared a grin at those words. There was probably a lot that Faykan wouldn't want the Ministry to get wind of.

"My lord," Bode said, turning back to Faykan, "The King of Rohan wishes to speak with you, and there are several reports that need your attention as well…"

Faykan brushed him off, "Yes, yes, I'll get to it in due time, but first I need to get my guests settled, and pick up some things from Gringotts. After that, I will gladly meet with the Lords of the Mark."

Mr. Bode bowed respectfully, and walked away, turning into the staircase at the end of the hall and making his way downward.

"I'll only be gone a few hours, and then we can organize what we will do over the summer," Faykan said before disaparating on the spot with a loud crack. Harry and Draco looked at each other; confusion etched on their faces from the abrupt departure of their friend, then shrugged and headed for the guest chambers that lay midway up the tower.