[Here I go, beginning yet another story when I should be focusing on school. But life is far too short to actually commit to essays and sleep-deprivation. So I begin a new fic, entitled Blodeuwedd. This is a Welsh folk tale, dramatised by Saunders Lewis (one of the best dramatists the Welsh language has seen), about a woman made entirely from flowers. In fact, Blodeuwedd's name literally means 'sewn from flowers', since blodau are flowers and wedd is a form of gwau, which means to sew. Basically, Blodeuwedd was created to be Llew LLaw Gyffes' wife, since his mother had cursed him three times so that only she could give him a name, he would never receive arms from anyone but Arianrhod herself, and that he would never have a wife from man. So Llew's uncle, Gwydion (a wizard. How convenient, right?), chained flowers of the oak, broom (broom! How fitting!) and meadowsweet to create a woman, and baptized her Blodeuwedd. She was created to love Llew, but she also had free will. And we know how that can mess up a good story.
Elphaba will be Blodeuwedd, and will still have green skin. Boq will be Llew Llaw Gyffes, since Llew doesn't really love Blodeuwedd; he's more in awe of her. Fiyero (of course) will be Gronw Pebr, the soldier with whom Blodeuwedd has an affair. Rhagnell (Blodeuwedd's handmaiden) will be Galinda, and Gwydion will be Doctor Dillamond, since Gwydion loved Blodeuwedd like a daughter, was her mentor and was most proud of her of all of his creations.
This story will obviously AU, Elphaba will not be allergic to water, and I will use their Wicked names. If anyone knows the story, please don't ruin it for the rest, there's a wonderful twist at the end.
Happy reading my lovelies, and review with your thoughts and questions!]

Dr. Dillamond led Boq into a tenebrous clearing, with shadows swirling among the twisted roots and branches. The old Goat's gnarled staff made steady, comforting thuds in the moss, a heartbeat of magic. As Boq was brought to the very periphery of the clearing, he shook with fear, knowing the extent of his guardian's power.

"Dillamond, I implore you, I have no need of a wife!" he pleaded, panicking as he watched him assume a strong stance, ready to cast spells upon Nature herself. As much as Boq loved Nature, he was wary of the consequences their actions would have.

"My boy, you need an heir, to defeat the last of your mother's fates for you. Allow me to help you, Boq." Boq stepped back, recognizing his guardian's made was made up.

As the darkness around the mossy path twirled, Dillamond planted his staff in front of himself, and gripped the wood with both hooves, channeling every inch of his power into the ground to perform his bidding.

The very earth began to rumble, as Nature reluctantly bent to Dillamond's will, spurting roots and flowers upwards into the midnight sky. Moss and earth, flora and petals spun in a dizzying spiral into a coccoon of pure, earthly magic. The Goat's arms shook with effort from controlling the immense power he was manipulating. As Boq watched on, enraptured, Dillamond began to chant.

"O'r ddaear hon, creuaf. O'r blodau rhein, creuaf. O enaid a phwer Natur, byth fu ei hoes, gweuaf ferch, ferch a fu i garu fy ngward ar hyd ei hoes. Ni heneddi hi, ac ni farwa hi. Rhowch i mi, o Natur Fawr, yr hyn a fynnwn!"

From this Eartg, I shall create. From these flowers, I shall create. Oh, soul and power of Nature, long may she reign, I sew a girl, a girl to love my ward for all her life. She will not age, and she will not perish. Give to me, oh Magnificent Nature, that of which I ask!

Blasting his staff into the ground, the coccoon glowed with pure-white light, the essence of nature rewriting itself to Dillamond's wishes to form the role he wished fulfilled. As the Goat stared into the depths of Nature's light, his pupils became thin slits, reverting back to his pull on Nature, being one of her own fauna.

Slowly, the luminescent coccoon faded from the white brilliance into a cool jade, and behind the swirling petals and leaves, a slender female form was visible, arms raised, almost in worship. The green light brightened as the woman's head tipped back, and her arms spread out wide, absorbing the remains of the coccoon into her heart.

Both the woman and Dillamond collapsed to the ground, and Boq was torn between running to his guardian or his future wife.

Wife. The word tasted strange in his mouth, sounded strange in his mind.

Just as he reached the old Goat, the curious woman moved heavily, shifting herself upwards like a puppet without strings. Then Boq saw his supposed wife in the dappled moonlight filtering through the trees.

Hair like black spiderwebs, like the night sky, hung in a glossy curtain over her back, tickling the curve of her spine. The woman was as green as grass, fresher than spring leaves, with slender curves and rich brown eyes, like disturbed earth, flecked generously with mica and stardust. She was slightly damp, the dew not yet dried upon her skin. She was also as naked as the flowers of the dawn.

The spirit of spring in a body of flesh.

She turned her large brown eyes upon him silently, and looked as Boq stared at her. Their eyes met.

Just then, Dillamond let out a feeble bleat, and pushed himself to his feet, aided hastily by Boq. The Goat looked upon his creation and smiled widely, proud.

"My girl! You are here, the essence of Nature in a female form!" Hastily moving over to where the woman was still sitting, Dillamond noticed petals and leaves hewn into her hair, that were unlikely to be removed. There was something twiglike about her skinny fingers, and her willowy body was Nature made corporeal.

The green woman stayed silent, simply staring up at her creator.

"Can she speak?" whispered Boq, coming up behind Dillamond, wary of the woman.

"Yes, I can speak," the woman answered slowly, in a curious accent. Her voice was deep and smoky, like a smouldering campfire, and she blinked slowly as comprehension dawned upon her face. Dillamond watched her wondrously, like a new father.

"Yes, my girl. You are real, you are Nature in a female body, made to be with my ward, Boq." he helped her up, and drawing her over to a babbling creek, dipped the point of his hoof in the water and brought it to her emerald forehead. The woman's eyes closed as the Goat traced cross onto her skin.

"Rise, Elphaba, woman of the spring, and breathe in your new life." pronounced Dillamond, kissing the spot within the centre of the cross.

Elphaba opened her eyes.

[There we go! The very first chapter! I'll admit, I borrowed a few phrases from the play, but the spell Dillamond chants is entirely my own. I needed it to be in Welsh, just to honour Saunders Lewis. Thank you for reading, and review with questions or requests or your opinions, as long as they're constructive.]