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"Ready the horses!" Fiyero commanded, walking briskly through the halls of the castle, riding boots echoing up the curved walls, "Do not make your Lady wait!" Elphaba lifted her skirts to run after him, as he burst into their chambers.

"Fiyero, what are you doing?" He yanked an old case from under the bed, and began to throw anything and everything into it in a frenzy of fabrics.

"Packing, you must go at once, if Boq sees you, he will have you killed."

"I cannot be killed."

"Fine!" Exploded Fiyero, "He will end you, Elphaba!" She blinked at him, and Fiyero was instantly reminded that as human as she could seem, she was still nature made in a woman's image. He let out a long, hard breath, sitting heavily on the bed. Elphaba moved to sit next to him.

"I'm sorry, Fae." He said, reaching for her hand. She gave it, gripping his fingers tight, playing with the blue diamonds.

"It's true, though, isn't it." It was a statement, rather than a question. Fiyero remained silent, "I have betrayed him in the worst of ways. He will not spare me."

"No, he will not," said Fiyero quietly, "Which is why you must hurry, pack what you can, and leave, now." Elphaba stared at him.

"Why do you speak as if you are not coming with me?"

"Because I cannot, Fae, my love."

"And why not? Why can't you flee with me?" Elphaba's features hardened, into an oaken face.

"Because I took what was his."

A crack sounded in the room, and Fiyero held his injured cheek in complete shock, mouth agape.

"I am not his, nor am I yours! I am my own self, no lost ship, no possession to be fought over, no special toy and certainly no man's to conquer! I was born from the Earth, she is my only God, my only leader. Remember what I am, Fiyero. No one else ever let me forget."

A horrible silence fell between the two. Elphaba was breathing harshly, body rigid with raw anger and power. Fiyero held his raw cheek still, realising his heinous error.

"Elphaba," he whispered, "I am so very sorry." She was breathing heavily, her nostrils flaring, body rigid.

"You were thoughtless."

"I was," he agreed, "I am so sorry for hurting you."

"Heal me and come with me, Fiyero." Elphaba dropped to her knees to look upon him, his face in her hands.

"I cannot, Fae, I must face Boq like a man."

"You cannot flee like a woman?"

"That's not what I meant. You will have Avaric to protect you, Glinda to care for you-"

"They matter none if I cannot remain with you!" Elphaba cried out.


"How touching."

The pair looking in shock to the doorway, as Boq leaned against the doorframe casually.

"Please, do carry on, where were you, dear Elphaba? Oh, yes, of course, "if I cannot remain with you," truly heartfelt. I applaud you." Boq held a hand over his heart, feeling the steady heartbeat and taking comfort in the regularity of the beats.

"Boq, your quarrel is not with Elphaba," Fiyero rose, placing himself in front of her. Boq ignored him completely.

"I remember this room. Do you recall, Elphaba, our first night together? Nervous and new, not sure where to place our hands? I'll wager you know where everything goes now."

"Watch your tongue!" Warned Fiyero, hands balling into fists.

"Whatever for? She is mine, you heathen. She was made to love me, to serve me, to bear me heirs! She exists," Boq took a breath, "to love me."

"Maybe that was the intent at my birth, Boq. But I have grown away from you. You cannot own someone, as you wish to own me."

"Boq, where are you, my boy?" Came Dillamond's gravelly voice from the hall. Boq watched as Elphaba's face contracted into something akin to fear, with a cruel pleasure.

"In here, Dillamond. I've found them, in my chambers. Apt, don't you think?" Dillamond didn't seem to share Boq's bitterness, as he stared at Elphaba, his finest creation. She caught his eye, and very deliberately reached for Fiyero's hand. As their fingers intertwined, Dillamond's old eyes narrowed, and he moved his weighty staff to stand in front of him, a clear threat.

Elphaba only blinked, eyelids dipping once quickly.

"What shall we do with him, Dillamond?"

"What was done to you, my boy. One foot in water, the other in land, a spear in his back and be done with him."

"Please, Dillamond, if you have any love for me, do not harm Fiyero." Elphaba said tremulously.

"Elphaba, you betrayed your husband. You allowed another man into his bed. You killed him in cold blood. You went against your purpose."

"Then why give me free will?" Elphaba cried, "Why give me the capacity to turn against you?" Dillamond said nothing, knowing that he had created her, given her these human characteristics and desires. A terrible, heavy guilt settled in his stomach.

"I cannot kill her, Boq. I condemned her to these human emotions. She never asked for any of this, I'm sure you'll agree. I was drunk with the power to create life, near-human life. I never stopped to think about the impact of my decision."

"And Fiyero?" Boq said, his tone almost insolent.

"I cannot let him live, when he plotted and enacted your demise, my boy." Boq turned to Elphaba and Fiyero with a triumphant smile, the kind of smile a bullying child gives his victim when the teacher hands him the toy. The old Goat raised his staff, every muscle suffused with tiredness.

"Dillamond, please-" Elphaba screamed, her hand tightening it's grip on Fiyero's.

The staff fell once, and Fiyero collapsed, as if he were cloth. Elphaba cried out in heartbreaking pain, raw hurt leaking into the air around her, overflowing the room with pure agony. She threw herself onto Fiyero's lifeless body, sobbing tears of dew. Boq watched the scene with vindication, Dillamond with the knowledge that Elphaba would never return to Boq.

"Elphaba-" Dillamond said softly.

"Do not come near me!" She screeched, face contorted, fingers gripping Fiyero's clothes.

"I can make the pain go away." He said simply, and Elphaba looked at him, her breathing irregular and interspersed with hiccups. Their eyes met, creator and creation, and Elphaba nodded, once.

Dillamond reached once more for his staff, lifting it and letting it's weight bring his body down. A silver-white beam burst from the gnarled wood, snaked across the floor towards Elphaba, and surrounded her, swarming her body with blinding light. She threw her head back, accepting the light into her heart. Her body began to change, arms elongating into wings, torso compacting into an indeterminable shape. Dillamond and Boq shaded their eyes as the light exploded in an eruption of raw power.

When Dillamond opened his eyes once again, a pure white owl was flying around the room, screeching in panic and confusion. It quickly noticed Boq, and swooped, claws out. It struck his face, Boq screaming in terror, and flew out of the window, into the black night. She looked like a ghost, fast disappearing among the trees.

"She attacked me!" Boq cried, but Dillamond paid him no heed, leaning against the parapet.

"Why an owl, anyway?" Boq said.

"Because she cried like one." Dillamond answered, old heart heavy. He looked to Fiyero's corpse, and let out a sigh of old age and true tiredness. With one last look out of the window, the old Goat turned back to order their affairs.

Outside, an owl cried for night after night, her pain entwined with her Mother Earth's.

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