I've been wanting to write a Guardians/Doctor Who crossover for a very long time now, and I finally did it! I don't know how long it's going to last, but I'd like to keep it going for a while. So enjoy and let me know if you want me to keep it going!

-Steph xx

Peter Quill

"Rocket! I told you to make a left at the Aeron Asteroid Belt!" Peter shouts over the blaring alarm and leans forward to check the navigator on his ship's console. "Now we're going to have to go around again!"

"You did not say left!" Rocket shouts back. He tightens his grip on the controls and glares over at Peter. "I specifically remember you saying right!"

"I am Groot." The gigantic tree creature leans over Rocket's shoulder and frowns at him.

"Like you know!" Rocket snarls and turns the wheel hard to the right. Groot goes flying into the side of the ship barely missing Drax and Gamora.

"We're losing power," Peter mumbles to himself and for the first time since this whole thing started he feels unsure. His ship has never completely given out on him before. There have been a few close calls but never during a chase and never while there were people he cares for on board.

"Rocket, we're losing power!" Peter repeats louder so everyone can hear him over the alarm.

"Don't you think I know that?" Rocket makes a hard left, aiming the ship towards open space.

"Rocket, we cannot afford to get lost in open space!" Peter says. "The navigation controls are fading and we won't have enough power for communications!"

"Let alone to maintain oxygen levels," Gamora adds grimly from behind him. Peter turns around and looks at her. She's maintaining her usual stern and calm demeanor but Peter knows Gamora well enough to tell that she's nervous. She's clutching the armrests tensely and refuses to look at him. He turns back around because that's hard to look at, especially when this crapstorm they're in is all his fault.

The Nova Corps sent the crew and him on a small mission to investigate an idle ship in Xandar's air space. When they got there they carried out the usual procedures in confronting a potentially hostile ship. But there was no response to their signals so instead of retreating, as is procedure, Peter insisted they investigate. His team trusts him so they followed him onto the ship.

It wasn't hard to break in, what with Rocket's incredible lock-picking skills, but the trouble started once they were inside. They had just stepped into a dark hallway when the lights snapped on and a horrendous guttural voice sounded throughout the ship.

"State your intentions and you will be exterminated," the voice stated.

"Um, don'tcha mean or you will be exterminated?" Rocket said, chuckling. Gamora shot him a glare for joking around at such an inappropriate time.

"No," the voice replied, evidently not amused. "You will be exterminated regardless of intentions. You have 10 seconds."

"Hey, now, wait a minute!" Peter shouted urgently. "We're here with the Nova Corps. We come in peace! We come in peace!"

"Nova…Corps?" The voice seemed to think for a moment. "We have no record of any Nova Corps in our files. You will be exterminated."

"Peter, I think now is a good time to run," Gamora said, tugging on his jacket sleeve.

"Fleeing is futile," the voice said. "We will find you, Star-Lord."

"What? Star-Lord?" Peter said. "How do they know my—?"

"Peter, come on!" Gamora dragged him by the hand towards where they had broken in, but the owners of the ship had already sealed the exit.

"I gotta blast a hole in it!" Rocket shouted. "Masks on!"

The group donned their breathing masks and Rocket cocked his favorite plasma cannon. "Hold on, everybody!" he shouted and fired one skillful shot at a small porthole. One shot shouldn't have worked, but you know Rocket and his weapon alterations. They were immediately sucked out into space.

Peter made it to the ship first and quickly collected his friends. But he wasn't fast enough. By the time Drax had climbed aboard, the mystery ship was lit up and heading in their direction.

"We have to move, now!" Peter told Rocket.

"On it," he said and jumped into the drivers seat.

"We can't go back to Xandar." Gamora said, buckling herself in behind me. "The Nova Corps' forces are too weak for an attack right now. And we don't know how much of a threat these people are."

"She's right," Peter said. "We'll just have to shake 'em."

"I got this," Rocket stated confidently and switched on the main thrusters, but before he could take it out of hover mode a massive boom shook the ship.

"They are shooting at us!" Drax said angrily.

"I am Groot!"

"Just buckle up and shut up everybody!" Rocket moved the ship forward at a sudden speed that forced Peter back into his seat. The enemy ship followed closely behind, firing at them the whole way. They made a few more hits and soon the shields were completely gone. The warning alarms came on a few moments later, notifying them of the apparent damage the ship had endured. Peter checked the gauges. Not only were the fuel reserves dwindling, the oxygen levels were dropping and the navigations were becoming spotty. He thought about calling Nova before communications cut out, but he couldn't risk the enemy ship identifying their location. Gamora was right, ever since their run in with Ronan last year Xandar's security has been less than prime. The Nova Corps lost a lot of men in that battle.

Peter shuddered at the memory and turned his attention back to the situation at hand. "Head for the Aeron Asteroid belt just north of Helion," he commanded Rocket. "Then make a left. I'll see if I can call for help from the Helians."

"I do not like them," Drax commented.

"Too bad, buddy, they're our last hope!" Peter called back.

That's how they ended up here, skidding towards open space in a battered ship running low on fuel and oxygen. Peter can't help but blame himself and think that this is how it ends. After only a year of service the Guardians of the Galaxy are about to be "exterminated" by some stupid mystery ship in the middle of nowhere.

"It's not open space!" Rocket assures.

"It sure as hell looks like open space, Rocket!" Peter says.

"Trust me, Peter. I know where I'm going." Rocket looks at Peter and nods.

Peter sighs and occupies himself with transferring as much energy into the thrusters as possible. "You have like five minutes of fuel left. Make the most of it."

"You got it, Star-Lord." The group only ever called him by his alias when things were getting serious. Most of the time he drew a sense of pride from it, but today it made him feel sick.

Star-Lord. The creepy voice knew his name. Why did it know his name?

Rocket keeps the ship moving forward at a steady speed. The enemy ship trails behind, no longer firing at them, almost as if they know Peter's ship is on it's last leg and are just waiting for it to die so they can do what they want to him and his friends. But Peter's not going down without a fight. When this ship stops he'll defend it and his friends with his dying breath. If he can save just one of them it will be good enough. He'll never admit that out loud, however.

"What is that ahead?" Drax asks, pointing at a dark space a little ways from them.

"That is a black hole, big guy," Rocket says.

"Well, why are we heading towards it? Shouldn't we be avoiding it?"

"That's a good point," Peter says. "Rocket, why are we nearing a black hole? Those things are deadly."

"Do you have any other ideas?" he snaps.

"Are you seriously suggesting that we enter a black hole in hopes that it will drop us off somewhere safe?" Gamora says.

"Do any of you have a better plan?" Rocket demands. "I'm trying to get us away from these jackasses tailing us and this is the only thing I can think of."

"How did you even know there was a black hole out here?" Peter says.

"I've been around! Look, guys, we don't have a lot of time. Are you with me or not?"

"Do we have a choice?" Gamora says tersely.

"Not really."

"Fine. Let's go." She makes eye contact with Peter for a split second and then returns her gaze straight ahead.

"Carry on, furry one!" Drax says and nods in Rocket's direction.

Peter shrugs. "I'm in."

"I am Groot."

"All right. That's all I need. We're goin' in crew." Rocket speeds toward the growing mass of black matter. About three kilometers away he shuts down the controls and it starts to draw them in itself.

Peter takes one more glance back at Gamora, Drax, and Groot, and then stares into the stormy blackness as it consumes them.


Rose Tyler

"Doctor, where are we?" Rose rests her elbows on the TARDIS control console and stares up at him.

He pulls the navigation screen out of its nook and examines it. "We are, Rose Tyler, somewhere in the middle of….nowhere?" He frowns and examines the screen more closely. "That's not right. Rose, can you get my glasses please?"

"Sure." She reaches into his coat pocket and pulls them out. "Would you like me to put them on you as well?"

He smirks down at her. "Yes. Please."

She places the glasses on his nose and pats his cheek. "There ya go."

"Thank you."

She turns away from him and walks to the other side of the control console to hide the blush on her cheeks. "No problem, Doctor. So I'll say it again, where are we?"

"We were supposed to be nearing Alumium, but it seems we've drifted towards a…whoa."

"A what?" She walks back to him and peeks over his shoulder. "Doctor, a what?"

"A black hole," he says and looks at her with knitted brows. "Did I mention anything about visiting a black hole?"

"Not that I recall."

"Hmm." He replaces the screen and twists a few knobs on the control console. "Not a problem. I'll just get us back on—"

Rose is thrown onto the ground as the TARDIS jolts around violently. The lights flicker and Rose can feel her stomach drop as the TARDIS spins repeatedly like it sometimes does in the Time Vortex.

"What's happening Doctor?" she shouts at the Doctor. He is gripping the controls for balance while furiously flipping knobs and pressing buttons.

"I don't know, Rose, just hang on!" he calls back. He goes on pressing buttons for a few more seconds and then the TARDIS finally stabilizes.

Rose lets out a relieved sigh and stands up. She brushes herself off and stumbles over to the Doctor. "What the heck was that?" she says.

The Doctor shakes his head. "It's so odd. It appears something flew out of the black hole and crashed into us, disabling the stabilizers and sending us flying into it ourselves."

"We're in a black hole?" Rose perks up, suddenly intrigued. The Doctor has taken her to many planets and many different times, but he's never shown her a black hole before.

"Well, not in one per se. More like, hovering on the outskirts."

"What crashed into us?"

"Not sure, but I've captured it in the TARDIS' pull. I think it's another ship."

"Another ship? Like another space ship?"


"Well if it's another spaceship there are probably people on it. We've got to help them, Doctor!"

"Right you are, Rose Tyler." He starts pressing some random buttons. "I will transport them into the repair deck."

"Brilliant, meet you there?"

The Doctor puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head at her. "I don't think so. You're not going in there alone. What if they're bad people?"

"I can take care of myself, Doctor!" Rose says and turns away from him. Ever since the time he almost lost her to the collapsing 'Satan Pit,' as he calls it, he's refused to let her alone. Rose likes the protectiveness most of the time, but sometimes she wishes he would give her more responsibility.

Rose has made it halfway to the hallway when the Doctor joins her. "Did you do the thing?" she says.

"Yes I did. The ship should be sitting safely in the TARDIS repair deck…or the swimming pool. I always get those coordinates mixed up. Let's hope it's the former."

Rose laughs and takes the Doctor's hand. "C'mon, we'll get there faster if we run."

"I like the way you think, Rose Tyler." He squeezes her hand and together they run through the deep hallways of the TARDIS to what the Doctor likes to call the "repair deck." Rose thinks of it more as a tinker room where the Doctor likes to play with his weird little mechanical toys and build models of the fighters from Star Wars just to prove how scientifically elementary they are.

When they get there the Doctor leans against the door and gives Rose a stern look. "Whomever or whatever is in this room could be very dangerous. Are you sure you want to do this?"

They share a look for a brief moment before simultaneously bursting out into laughter.

"Just open the darn door!" Rose commands.

So that's the first chapter of I don't know how many. I'm not even sure if I'm going to keep this story going, so if you would like to read more I'd really love to know :)

Also, this is my first time writing in third person so if there are any mistakes and I revert back to first person I'm so sorry!