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Clyde POV (7 months)

"It's just a shame not to have a picture there next to where it says ravishing redhead," she laughed with that smile that made me melt every time. She was so happy, yet she somehow let a yawn escape from her lips. We were sitting in the bathroom in the Joplin apartment, me in the tub and she on the board across the top, reading a magazine that featured the two of us in a two-page spread. She was wearing a nightgown that was steadily getting smaller as the baby inside of her grew larger. "Or the cover, I want my picture on the cover. Who do we gotta hold up to get me on the cover?" she giggled. "Sugar you don't need no picture. Once someone sees your face they ain't gonna forget it." She smiled at me again, "You're just partial."

"The hell I am," I began to strum out the song I had written for her on my ukulele.

I start thinkin' 'bout my Bonnie

From the minute I wake up

"You are so in love baby"

And that feelin' is the best I ever had

"Ravishing and a song this is a fine day," she giggled.

She is in my shavin' mirror

She is in my coffee cup

I must be in love or else I'm goin' mad

She began to speak again but I cut her off, "Are you gonna keep interrupting me?" How am I supposed to sing? I got a rhythm and a flow going here". I was mocking her the same way she had done to me that night we met. She laughed as I tried to imitate her, "I understand".

I would like to write to Bonnie

Tell the girl the way I feel

But I'm better with a car than with a pen

Used to be I'm only happy when I'm set behind a wheel

Now I don't care if I ever drive again

That girl's got somethin'

Nothing scares her

Only piece of luck that's ever come my way

Can't wait to tell her

How much I've missed her

Feelin' sorry for James Cagney

'Cause he's never kissed her

Her lips met mine as we share a soft, tender kiss.

I start dreamin' 'bout my Bonnie

Just as soon as I'm asleep

They're the kind of dreams that keep you in your bed

I am makin' love to Bonnie

And that sure beats countin' sheep

Got a feelin' there are good times up ahead

She was smiling as I strummed the last chord, we shared another kiss and when I pulled back I could see tears of happiness in her eyes. When she yawned again I laughed and said, "Alright Sugar time to call it a night," "No, I want to read more," She protested, whining almost like a small child would. "Fine," As always I couldn't resist that smile, and she knew it. I climbed out of the tub and wrapped a towel around myself, then I turned back to get her. I scooped her up off the board and carried her toward the couch in the main room. After I set her down I left to put on some clothes. By the time I came back I found a picture perfect sight laid out before me. Bonnie had fallen asleep on the couch, the magazine in one hand and the other hand resting on her ever growing stomach. She looked so peaceful, so free, not a care in the world. I ran to grab the camera we had brought and snapped a picture. Who knew when we would get to develop the film but I knew I would keep this picture forever once we did. Although she knew the child inside her would never know her that didn't stop her from enjoying every moment she had with it. Keeping this child would mean the world to Bonnie, but I knew that it wasn't a possibility. If only there was something I could do.

But there was something, I needed to keep Bonnie safe and away from these robberies until she had the baby. I couldn't bear the thought of her getting hurt. I sat down at the table across from the couch, still watching Bonnie as she slept. Picked up a pencil and started to write a letter to my brother. The letter that stated I wanted him out there doing robberies with me. He needed to help me keep Bonnie and my child safe.

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