What if Haruhi never joined the host club but on accident bumped into Tamiki Suoe. New found friendship, new found love.

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Haruhi woke up this Sunday morning at 7:30 am. She hadn't started school yet at Ouan High School.

Haruhi got out of bed and got dressed she made breakfast for her and her dad. By the time she was done it was almost 8:15. her dad just woke up.

He sat down and ate his breakfast. Haruhi just finished and went to her room to do whatever she wanted. Around 11:00 her dad knocked on the door

" Haruhi I have to go to the market will you please come with me" " Okay dad but only this once okay" " yay Haruhi get ready were going to leave in ten minutes".

They left

" Haruhi I'll only be a few minutes so you just wait in the car" " fine."

Haruhi reclined all the way down so you couldn't see her through the window.

Then when all of a sudden she heard people knocking and pushing against the car when the back door open.

Don't panic Haruhi, Haruhi thought.

Haruhi slid down the seat so she was crouching next to the seat.

Haruhi looked around for something but found nothing. Dang dad where are you when I need you

Suddenly Haruhi hit her head "ouch" "what was that, shhhhhh listen" all of a sudden Haruhi's breath got rapid.

In seconds the door near Haruhi opened and one of the thugs took Haurhi by the collar of her shirt to get a better look at her

"what do we have here a girl" " let me go" " are you bossing me around girl" by this time he had shut the door behind them. He shoved her into the car door and started kicking her. What they didn't know was that Haruhi has been taking martial arts. She took his foot and twisted it.

The other thugs held her down so she couldn't move. She tried to struggled but is was no use they were in an ally way alone. For some reason Ranka parked back here Haruhi didn't know and right now she really didn't care.

" hey let her go"

Haruhi looked up to see a ash blond. He was somewhat tall with a sweeter on and jeens kinda cute. Haruhi what are you thinking.

Next thing she knows he's hitting those thugs and after a little beating they ran away. It was like nothing happened the car wasn't dented nothing stolen. One thing was different was Haruhi had a few bruises but that was all.

" hey miss are you okay" " ya i'm fine thanks for saving me"

He had a very lite blush but Haruhi didn't seem to notice

" don't worry about it. What were you doing here by yourself" "well I was just waiting for my dad to come back from the grocery store" " oh are you sure your okay I mean somebody can get very traumatized by something like that" " I think I'm okay uh I don't know you name" " oh I'm Tamiki Suoe" " Haruhi Fujioka" " nice to meet you" " you to" she said

" Haruhi who's this boy" " hey dad this is Tamiki he just saved my life"

Tamiki coudn't even talk he just stared in a daze at Haruhi's cross-dressing father

"Oh okay. Wait a minute what do you mean saved your life"

After a little explaining he nodded and said we should leave. Haruhi just nodded and said by to Tamiki

When they got home they walked through the door.

" Haruhi are you sure you're okay you didn't say a word the whole way home" "no I'm fine just a little shaken about what happened don't worry" "well I need to go to work I'll be home before you get home for school tomorrow bye" " bye"

After Ranka left Haruhi ran into her room and started crying. She couldn't get over if Tamiki weren't there what could of happened. She stayed like that for a while.

Time skip (next day)

In the morning Haruhi got up and made breakfast.

After eating she got ready to go to her first day of school.

She found a note attacked to her new uniform, "dear Miss Fujioka sorry to tell you but there were no more girl uniforms but we gave you a guy one. Sorry for the inconvenience"

" wow I can't believe I got off the hook, I saw those girl uniforms, there ugly"

After getting dressed she left for school.

Time Skip (first class)

"class class settle down we have a new student her name is Haruhi Fujioka"

"Hello" said Haruri

" hey Hikaru didn't the boss say something about a girl he met named Haruhi do you think that's her" "I don't know Kaoru it could be her but the king said she looked poor, so I don't know if she would've been able to make it into the school why don't we ask Kyoya when we get to the club" " okay"

"Miss Fujioka you can take the seat in-between Hikaru and Kaoru"

She just nodded and went and sat down.

" hi i'm Hikaru and this is Kaoru" "hello" Haruhi said shly. They crept her out a little.

After school Haruhi looked for a place to study but every library was busy with chatting students none were quiet.

" mom I just want to study with peace and quiet" Haruhi looked out the window she saw a beautiful fountain.

" Nobody is down there maybe I should go study down there"

A little later Haurhi Fujioka was studding near a fountain in peace and quiet.

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