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Two years after Tamaki and Haruhi's confession they got married. Very beautiful wedding.

Four years after Tamaki and Haruhi's confession they figured out that Haruhi's was pregnant. Everyone rejoiced, and had a party.

Five years after Tamaki and Haruhi's confession they had their fist child. Her name was Tatsky Suoh. A cute little baby with dark blonde hair, and the eyes of her mother.

Seven years after Tamaki and Haruhi's confession little three year old Tatsky, and her little infant baby brother Johico were playing around when Tatsky asked a question.

" Mommy" " yes Tatsky" " Well I wanted to know how did you and Daddy first know you loved each other?"

Just then they looked at each other recalling what happened those years. Kyoya or how Tatsky called Uncle Kyoya laughed.

He remembered those days.

" Well" Tamaki started. He really couldn't wait to tell her about what Haruhi and him went through with the help of the host club of course.

As for the rest of the host club. They were around dropping in sometimes. Hikaru and Kaoru are still single. They roam around the world looking for what keeps them interested.

Mori and Hunny were both married to girls that used to come to the host club. They are neighbors to each other of course. Actually Mori has a little boy, and Hunny has a little baby girl.

Kyoya was engaged to a lovely lady he met on a vacation.

That was their life now. They all have grown to love it, but the sweet memories of the host club still live within them. None of them will forget it.


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