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Black and White: Reach Out from the Shadows

5/27 Beacon Academy Evening

Back at the Dorm rooms, Blake and Weiss continued to argue. "I don't understand why this is causing such a problem." Weiss told her.

"That IS the problem!" Blake retorted.

"You realize you're defending an orginization that hates humanity, don't you?" Weiss reminded. "The Faunus of the White Fang are pure evil."

"There's no such thing as 'pure evil'! Why do you think they hate humanity so much? It's because of people like Cardin, people like 'you' that force the White Fang to take such drastic measure!" Blake questioned.

"People like me!?" Weiss questioned.

"You're discriminatory!" Blake answered.

"I'm a victim!" Weiss retorted. "You want to know 'why' I despise the White Fang? Why I don't particularly trust the Faunus?" Weiss questioned. "It's because they've been at war with my family for years. War, as in actual bloodshed. My grandfather's company has had a target painted across its back for as long as I can remember. And ever since I was a child, I've watched my family and friends disappear, board members executed, an entire train car full of Dust, stolen. I even had to forget about that... foreign dork of a person I called a friend so he wouldn't be targeted, I don't even know what's he's been up to. And everyday, my father would come home furious, and that made for a very difficult childhood." She stated as she stare out the window.

"Weiss..." Ruby said as she tries to understand her.

"No!" Weiss shrugged it off and approached Blake once more. "You want to know why I despise the White Fang?! It's because they're a bunch of liars! Thieves! And Murderers!" She exclaimed.

"Well maybe we were just tired of being pushed around!" Blake retorted angrily as she then realized that she slipped a personal secret as Weiss stepped back upon realization. "I... I-" She stuttered as she bolted out the door.

"Blake! Wait! Come back!" Ruby pleaded as she rush after her, but she simply vanished from the hallway, leaving her team conflicted.

*This Will Be The Day

5/29 Unknown Location No time of day


Blake groaned as she regained conscious rubbing her head. "... Where... What happened...?" Blake stuttered as she regained focus. "I remembered... *Gasp*" She gasped, recalling the Persona that looked like Izanagi. "I don't understand... was that Yu's..." She pondered but then took a good look around. She appears that she's no longer at the docks, but in a ruined building with what she see's are prison cells despite how foggy it was in the compound. Head was still spinning as she was still recalling everything up till right now. "That's right, Torchwick! I have to get out of here a find that bastard...!" She exclaimed as she proceeded onward to find an exit, unbeknownst to her that a silhouette of a child was spying on her with a grin.

*Backside of the TV

At another location, the remaining members of the Investigation Team, excluding Yosuke and Teddie, arrived at a huge compound with high wired fence with barbed wires surrounding a huge compound before them. "This looks like a prison of some sorts..." Naoto assumed from the layout.

"Knowing Blake-kun, she must be hurting from what the humans were treating her... I stutter from what she must have experienced..." Yukiko assumed with concern.

"This isn't good..." Rise mentioned to her team. "The Shadow presence is so strong in this area, I can't seem to get a good fix of Blake-kun's location" She said.

"The Shadow presence here is still a lead, at least we should investigate this place." Yu suggested.

"Ya' know? Maybe we should've brought Ted with us." Kanji mentioned with a second thought. "He could've snuff out Blake and we could get out of here real quick."

"But that would leave Ruby-chan and Jaune-kun alone, seeing how they're new to this world..." Chie responded.

"I'm confident that they'll manage on their own, they still have Yosuke and Teddie to help them." Yu assured to his team. "Just as much as we can do this."

"As usual, Senpai?" Naoto chuckled as their leader nodded in response, entering the Prison of Despair.

*Secret Base

As they enter the compound, they scanned the interior to see prison cells on their left and right. "Holy shit... this place really is a prison..." Kanji stuttered.

"Yes... it could've been you if went to far, Kanji-kun." Naoto replied, leaving Kanji speechless.

"Wait, Shadows incoming!" Rise alerted as the said shadows risen from the floor before them.

"Blake-san has to in here, somewhere..." Yu stated as he draw Raijin. "Let's cut our way through!" as they charged towards the shadows.

Elsewhere Blake continued to wander the cell block to cell block, only to take a small breather until she felt a light tremor. "Huh...? Where is that coming from...?" She pondered as she looked back. Blake walked back to the door she entered from but after she opened the door, a child appeared before her with a similarity of Blake but with a white cloth tied to her left arm, a black scarf on her neck and revealing cat ears. From Blake's shocking surprise, the child look like Blake as a child. Having to step away from the child as the young girl approaches her, Blake staggers greatly to having to look at some one like her. "What are... you... why are you here...!?" She stuttered as she tries to calm down.

"Aw, come on...! You should know who I am... don't you?" The young girl replied back.

"N-No, I don't..." Blake denied as she took a deep breath. "Do... you have a name?

"Blake! Just like you!" The young girl introduced excitingly.

"Blake... I see...?" Blake sighed with concerns. "So where is this place...? Do you know...?"

"No idea." Young Blake replied, but then grinned. "Say, let's play a game of hide and seek! Catch me if you can!" She cheerfully requested as she ran the opposite direction from the door.

"What? Hey wait!" Blake called out, but the kid didn't reply back. Just as she proceeded to go after her, she hears several voices somewhere. "What's going on!?"

"Get outta my shop, you pests!"

"You freaks don't deserve to be equals!"

"Damn animals, we should've imprison them in Menagerie."

After the voices died down, Blake realized that she had her hands on her cat ears. "W-What was I...?" Blake stuttered. Nonetheless, regained her focus and posture and went after the younger Blake.

At the same time, after cleaning up the Shadows in front of them, the Investigation Team all heard several voices afterwards,. "What the hell...? Who're those bastards calling her that!?" Kanji questioned angrily.

"A memory of Blake-kun's..." Yukiko muttered. "How sad..."

"I can't be helped. At any case, if Blake-kun truly has this feeling suppressed within, it'll be more difficult if we idle." Naoto advised.

The Team nodded an proceed, searching for Blake in every room they come across, slaying Shadows in their path, and finally descending a newly founded stairs going down. But just as they were about to entered the next room, Rise sense something. "Wait, I just sensed a strong reading in the next room." Rise alerted.

"A strong reading? Could it be Blake-chan's Shadow?" Chie wondered.

"Yeah, it could be..." Rise agreed. "Be careful.

They nodded as their leaders, Yu and Kanji opened the heavy door. As the Investigation Team poured into the room they noticed Blake entering through the door to the next area. "What the... Blake!" Yu called out to her, but the door in front of them close before his voice can even reach her.

"Hey, that was Blake-chan, right?" Chie assumed.

"Where was she going... it looked like she was in a hurry." Yukiko wondered.

"Dammit! We were so close." Kanji grunted. "So what now? think we could blast this door over?"

That's not necessary, Kanji... maybe there's a switch around here... We should be able to open it without destroying it." Yu suggested.

"Why bother...? Why would you humans and human-lovers even bother helping a freak?" Told a child's voice echoing across the hall.

"Who's there?" Yu demanded in response.

Answering the leader's question, a screen on a wall nearby emitted static before showing a child similar to Blake on the screen. "You're just probably after her because she's a member of the White Fang, aren't you guys?" She asked.

As they took a good look at the child, they soon caught on to who she is. "Huh... wait, isn't she...?" Yukiko guess the assumption.

"There's no mistaking it... that child... She must be Blake's Shadow!" Naoto concluded as Shadow Blake laughed it off.

"Wow, amazing it took you guys that quick to know what I am. Very impressive..." Shadow Blake applaud.

"That's Blake's Shadow? She so... Cute!" Kanji exclaimed.

"Will you let us through? Blake's our friend and we need to get her out of here." Yu requested.

"Request denied." Shadow Blake retorted. "Why should I let you humans in when you're obviously gonna subjugate her so easily?" She questioned.

"Hey, how can you be so sure?" Chie questioned. "We would never do anything like that to a friend!"

"How can YOU be so sure about that?" Shadow Blake mockingly retorted. "You humans always look down on us and I HATE it!" She exclaimed but then giggled and laughed. "Alright... How about you fight this big guys and maybe I'll let you in... Have fun!" She told them with a sinister smile and close the connection from the screen.

"Wha- Hey!" Chie growled as connection cut off as sound of wings flapping approaching the group.

"Shadows! Did she call for them?" Yukiko wondered as she drew her fans.

"Let's go! We need to hurry to Blake's side!" Yu exclaimed, readying Raijin.

As Blake continues to pursue the younger Blake, she heard another sound of metal clashing from behind. "What's going on?" Blake pondered as she looked back.

"Who knows, really?" The kid giggled as she runs the opposite way in the hallway.

"Hey wait! Ngh... this isn't funny!" Blake called out as she continues to pursue the child Blake. "I can't use my Semblance, just like 'that time'... What's going on...?" She wonders.

*Reach Out to the Truth -First Battle-

Several Raven Shadows and a Phantom Shadow appears as Yu, Chie, and Yukiko took the front. "Kanji, Naoto, can you get the door open?" Yu asked, Kanji agreed and had his Persona opening the door by force.

"The hell...?" Kanji grunted as Take-Mikazuchi only left a small dent. "Well... Shit. Senapai, it's gonna take a while!" He told.

"It's a strong security door. A durable one as well..." Naoto deduced.

"Do what you can!" Yu replied as he summoned Izanagi. Raven Shadows began to circle the area as they tossed Agilao's across the room with the Persona users bringing up their defenses.

"Senpais! Their weakness is lightning based! Zap'em!" Rise told them as suggested. Izanagi tossed Mazio, tossing lightning bolts at the Raven Shadows, but the Phantom Shadow received the momentum and casted Garu on Izanagi, staggering him in a downed stated.

"Ugh...! I was careless!" Yu stuttered as he felt that one. As he tries to recover his footing, the Raven Shadows retaliated and dive towards Yu. Chie and Yukiko counter by tossing Agi's and Bufu's scattering the Ravens from landing a hit as they pick up their leader.

"Alright, I've scanned the last one, wind attacks is its weakness!" Rise stated.

"Right!" Yu replied as he began to swap out the Persona on occasion... however, the Persona he had come to mind did show upon the Tarot Card before him. "... Wh-What?!"

"Senpai?" Naoto look back seeing Yu struggle and then had Sukuna-Hikona intervene, zipping across the Shadow's attacks. "Yu-senpai, what's wrong?" She asked.

"I'm not sure...!" Yu replied. "It happened again..." He thought as he quickly swapped to another Persona. "Quetzalcoatl!" He called forth, summoning a winged snake as it flew through the incoming Raven Shadows and at the single Phantom Shadow, blasting it with a Garudyne, followed by the Persona throwing Magarula into the air, dealing Wind damage to the other Shadows.

"Allow me!" Yukiko followed up by summoning her Persona as Konohana-Sakuya casted Maragidyne, throwing fire pillars towards the Raven Shadows, burning them on their weakness. "Our enemy is down! We must strike!" She stated, prompting and All-Out Attack with Yu and Chie, plunging themselves at the Shadows in an comical smoke and defeating the group of Shadows from their sight.

After the battle ended, Kanji manages to forcibly open the security door before them with his Persona. "Took longer than I thought." Kanji sighed.

"But now we can continue to search for Blake." Yu reminded. "Let's go, her Shadow seems to know we're coming."

Everyone nodded and continued through the facility.

Back at the studio location, where they enter the TV from, Ruby's group made it back with Weiss in toll. "So... to get out of here, we have go through this TV?" Jaune asked.

"Yep! Just go throught this TV and we're back in our world!" Teddie explained.

"Going into this TV...? That sounds so ludicrous to me..." Weiss scoffed.

"Well that's how we usually get from there to here, and visa-versa. That's how we're able to enter between worlds." Yosuke added to note as his hand went through the TV screen. "See you on the other side." He said as he went through the screen.

Weiss reluctantly pressed her hand on the TV screen but went through it instead. "... It... really did went through..." Weiss muttered with astonishment and move her own body into the TV. Jaune followed as well after Weiss.

"Alright, our turn!" Teddie cheered as he stepped forward, but then turned back to see Ruby staring off at the foggy background. "Hmm... Is somethong wrong Ruby-chan?" He asked.

"Teddie, do you know where the others are?" Ruby asked turning to Teddie who had a question mark above him.

The Investigation Team continues onward towards as voices echo through the corridors.

"What will you do now, Belladonna?" Questioned a calm women's voice.

"I..." Blake stuttered. "I can't go back now... If the White Fang continues down that path, I don't I'll be able to forgive myself if I let this slide... They won't even tolerate betrayal."

"You pests just hijacked a train. You White Fang whelps are always causing trouble everywhere, why are even asking us that?" Questioned a voice of a teenager. "If you can't do anything to resolve it without throwing punches, you'll end up proving their point, it's so annoying."

"How can you say that to your own kind!? Are you okay with being treated like animals!?" Blake questioned back.

"It isn't about how one is being treated. We're not animals, so we should not act like one, understand?"

The voices faded afterwards as the Investigation Team were unfazed. "Poor Blake-kun..." Chie said.

"We knew that Faunus are not as trustworthy outside our Kingdom, but... still..." Yukiko muttered.

"Wait, did I hear somethin' about a train being 'hijacked'?" Kanji pondered.

"The moment we heard the White Fang just now, I believe that it is accurate that they robbed a train as of recently." Naoto agreed.

Nonetheless, they proceeded onward down the next floor down, fighting Shadows left to right as they venture downward.

Blake on the other hand, continues her chase after the child with the same name as her. Shadows appeared in front of her and she cut them down as they pounced upon her. Despite the inability to use her Semblance, she still continues to chase after the child. "This is bad... These Shadows they mentioned. I have to get that kid out of here!" She thought as she cut through the Shadows that barred her path.

As she pressed onward, several voices echoed from somewhere.

"That train that's coming through here has a lot of equipment that we can use. We can get to it from the cliffs at these locations." Told a person.

"Yeah, bring the charges and kill everyone on board. No one will get in our way in our revolution. No one will look down on us..." Said another person.

Once the voices faded, Blake slowed her pace as to what she heard followed by gripping her hands. "I don't believe this... I can't believe I had to hear that again..." Blake brooded.

"Why? Weren't you in it to get back at those filthy humans?" Child Blake questioned through a speaker. "Isn't only natural the animals becomes vicious when they're cornered?"

"Wh-What? How can you say that!?" Blake stuttered as the other Blake gave no reply. "Hey! Are you listening?" She questioned. With no reply, a door opened before Blake at an end of the hall. She pressed through the hallway to get to the bottom of this. "Something isn't right... Just who is that child...?" She pondered as she continued.

The Investigation Team soon find themselves in a long hallway. "Senpai, I'm detecting a strong Shadow reading at the room far down... I think Blake-kun is there as well." Rise told them.

"Well, there's only one door, I don't get why it's isolated..." Chie wondered.

"Solitary Confinement... to keep certain prisoners separate from others, usually as punishment." Naoto explained.

"Yikes... that's deep..." Kanji stuttered in surprise.

As they pressed onward, Rise began to sense several presence heading towards the group. "Wait a minute... Something coming from behind!" Rise alerted.

The team readied themselves for what may come and braced for an attack. As the prescence got closer, a sound of gunshots rang louder as the presence has gotten closer. What appeared was a lone Shadow hitting the wall as it float back up as it faced the opposite direction, only to be cleaved by Ruby and her Crescent Rose.

"Ruby-chan!?" Rise stuttered with surprise as they see Ruby appear and the Shadow dissipates.

"*Whew* That was close" Ruby sighed with relief. "Hey guys! How are ya doing?" She waved at them as she approached them.

"We're doing well, but... why are you here?" Yu asked. "Is Weiss-san..."

"Don't worry, We manage to rescue her from her Shadow. I think she's able to summon a Persona now." Ruby told them.

"Well, that's a relief. Great job, Ruby-chan!" Chie praised.

"Heh heh... thanks..." Ruby replied as she looked a little exhausted.

"Ruby-chan are you okay? You look tired." Yu wondered.

"Yu, I was worried for you guys and Blake, I can't just leave my teammate here. That's why I came here." Ruby answered. "I did sorta use my Personas to get here, using something called... 'Sukukaja'...? That's a weird name." She explained.

The Investigation Team were perplexed upon Ruby's recklessness and determination. "I understand that you're worried for Blake-san, but if it gets too dangerous, make sure you get Blake out of here. You don't look so good, so I'm taking point on this, is that alright?" Yu told Ruby. She nodded and followed to Blake's location. But as they continued to walk through the hallway, they hear voices from somewhere...

"So why did you even bother to join them, attend Beacon and go all lovey-dovey and friendship, when all you're good at is running away?" Shadow Blake questioned.

"What are you talking about!? I didn't-!" Blake stuttered with a frightened tone.

"Then what the heck was that?" Shadow Blake continued.

The voices faded as Ruby and the Investigation Team felt more serious. "We have to hurry!" Chie told them as they proceeded to the next room.

Suddenly, more Phantom Shadow appeared behind them. "More Shadows are coming from behind us." Rise stated.

"Geez, they really don't want us to get to Blake...!" Chie groaned. "Yu-kun, Leave them to me."

"Chie, wait, you're gonna stall them?" Naoto questioned.

"My Senpai ain't gonna do that alone! I'll stay with her." Kanji boasted as he cracked his knuckles. "If anything, wouldn't you guys relate to Blake? She'll need all the help from someone like you guys." He said.

"Kanji-kun, Chie-chan, be careful." Yukiko requested as the proceeded to the room.

"Alright, let's see who could get the most Shadow kills." Chie suggested.

"You're on!" Kanji replied, as they engaged the Shadows.

They finally enter the room where Blake and her Shadow were. "Blake-san!" Yu called out. What they all saw before them, a small cage with a child-like Blake sitting on it gleefully with a visual screens everywhere that showed Blake's past endeavors and recollections.

"Yu? Everyone?" Blake turned around to her friends. "How did you...?"

"Oh wow, your so-called friends are here! This is quite the perfect opportunity for them to stab you in the back, right? Especially in numbers!" Shadow Blake suggested as she snickered.

"Shut up, they would never do that!" Blake exclaimed.

"Blake! You're okay!" Ruby said with relief. "What's going on?"

"I... I can't understand this kid!" Blake told them as she pressed her headache. "She keeps saying stuff that I wouldn't do... She's not making any sense!"

"'What I wouldn't do?' 'Not making sense?' Now that's so silly." Shadow Blake laughed off. "You can't even hold your frustrations yet you're really good at running away, just like that time?" She assumed as she snapped a finger, viewing a conversation a couple nights ago.

"Wh-What?" Blake stuttered.

*Edge of Madness

"Wow, you are such an idiotic optimist. You think humanity would even change when the White Fang changed dramatically?" Shadow Blake questioned with a serious expression. "That Heiress bitch is right, you know? We're nothing but a bunch of liars, thieves, and murderers. Did you honestly thought working with them would help our kind, make our lives better, gaining equality between us and humanity? All that is nothing but a disappointing lie!"

Blake stuttered. "That's not... I thought-!"

"You tried to hide this fact, but you would refuse to let the humans trample over our kind. All you've tried to gain, achieve, and hold, all of that would fall by one little slip-up and your only option is to run into isolation." Shadow Blake taunted. "You never gotten anywhere, it's back to square-one for us, you know this to be true deep down, You can't trust anyone.

"SHUT UP!" Blake yelled. "How on Remnant could you even know what I had to go through, what 'I' had to suffer!?" She questioned angrily.

Shadow Blake giggled uncontrollably. "Oh, whoopsy. I forgot to mention something about me." She mentioned as she then jumped off the cage and glared at Blake. "I am Blake... Blake Belladonna. I was there from the beginning, when you were bullied by the humans as a child, the part where you join the White Fang, taking part of multiple rallies, witnessing them killing humans, destroying shops and buildings..." Shadow Blake continued tell everything as she approached Blake as she froze in fear, struggling to step back. "... Hijacking a train and betraying your so-called boyfriend, now this..." The Shadow look up to her old self in a wicked smile. "I'm you. A two-timing coward who only thing she good at is leaving are own shadow behind..."

"N-No... Y-You can't be..." Blake stuttered as she shook in fear.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you..." Shadow Blake said lending her cat ear.

"You... are not... ME!" Blake shouted as she pulled her Gambol Shroud and shot her Shadow.

"B-Blake-kun!" Yukiko stuttered as a gunshot rang through the room.

Shadow Blake staggered backwards from a supposed shot to the head, but she then gradually laughed insanely. "I'm not you... huh? Oh, how I always wanted to hear that!" She laugh so hard until her body was engulfed by the black aura enveloping the Shadow.

"Here goes nothing, get ready everyone!" Rise stated as Yu, Yukiko, Ruby and Naoto, readied themselves.

*I'll Face Myself (Battle)

A giant hand immediately appeared and caught Blake and threw her into the cage, locking her up with chains lifting the cage up. "Uagh! Uhh..." Blake stuttered as she hit the iron bars hard enough to make her pass out.

"Blake-san!" Naoto called out, but no response.

The rest of the aura vanished as a giant panther-like beast with a black bow on its head appeared in place. "I am a shadow... the true self..." Shadow Blake stated. "I will no longer trust anyone, especially to a bunch of foolish and arrogant humans!

"For all those years of torment. It's no wonder how much rage she must hold." Naoto commented as she loaded he gun. "Still, there is always the light of many things that are worth living.

"Blake-kun, we'll save you. Not as a fellow Faunus or a human-loving traitor, but as a friend!" Yukiko followed with summoning her Persona. "Go, Konohana-Sakuya!" She commanded, lobbing and Agi at Shadow Blake. However, the fireball went through the Shadow's image fading out. "Huh? An afterimage?"

"Heads up!" Rise stated as Shadow Blake immediately appeared through the afterimage, pinning down Yukiko's Persona. "Whoa, it's like Blake's Semblance!" She stated.

This is going to be tough!" Naoto stated as she summoned her Persona. Sukuna-Hikona zipped across Shadow Blake's face as it distracted the Shadow from damaging Yukiko's Persona, also allowing Yu and Ruby to summon a Persona.

"Dis!" "Anzu!" They called forth, Yu summoning a demonic tempest bird as Ruby summoning a balled priestess. Anzu rushed forward in an attempt to strike the Shadow, but manages to avoid the attack and jumped away off of Konohana-Sakuya. Ruby had Dis to use Diarama on Yukiko, recovering her health.

"RRRRAAAAAAAAGHHH! You will not get in my way!" Shadow Blake Roared as she cast Masukunda on everyone followed by pouncing on Anzu pinning it down along with slicing the Persona with her claws and crunching it her fangs.

Yu grips his chest as he then withdraws his Persona, Ruby swaps her Persona with another and then pointed Crescent Rose at Shadow Blake. "Something I came up with, Yaksini!" Ruby exclaimed, shooting the Tarot Card of the Empress at the Shadow, shooting a blast of light as it takes form of the Persona. Shadow Blake manages to reach a deadlock at the Persona's blades.

"That neat! Ose!" Yu followed up, summoning his Persona. Shadow Blake saw another Persona approaching and had to deal with two Personas with twinblades.

Shadow Blake manages to parry both of them a gripped them both from the torso and slammed them together, dealing damage to them both. "Try all you want, Humans, but I will kill you all! I will splatter you blood everywhere!" She told them off, laughing all the while.

"Say what you want, but WE'RE not hear to fight you." Yu replied as he began to swap his Personas

"How so?" Shadow Blake wondered with amusement.

"We're not?" Ruby followed in confusion.

With no reply, the sound of chain breaking off and falling metal rung as it revealed that Yukiko and Naoto took the liberty to free Blake with Konohana-Sakuya carrying her. "Wha- You tricked me!" Shadow Blake turned to Yu.

"Senpai!" Naoto signaled. Yu nodded as she and Yukiko brought the unconscious Blake to the door.

"You despise humanity that much? Then ventilate it all on me." Yu exclaimed at the Shadow.

"... And me!" Ruby followed up. Shadow Blake roared and proceeded to engage the two Wild Card users.

"RRRAAAAAAAHHH!" Shadow Blake roared as she rush forth as shadowed images began to multiply.

As the Shadow took action, so did Yu and Ruby as they swapped back to their initial Persona and charged forth. Izanagi slashed away and thrust its blade at a shadow, cutting down the numbers as Soma did he same by hack in and reaping her share in half. Yu and Ruby also took action wielding Raijin and Crescent Rose as to their own Persona, despite the number of Shadows they defeat, more would only appear as the Persona Users vigorously continue to fight. "The numbers hasn't dwindled it increasing by the second." Rise pinpointed, scanning multiple readings.

"Guess we'll have to add more to our numbers. Sukuna-Hikona!" Naoto stated as her Persona returned to assist, zipping across the room as the Persona slices through and confusing several shadows, allowing Izanagi and Soma to strike more accurately.

Despite the numbers decreasing, Shadow Blake continues to resist. "You damn humans! You'll never understand the suffering my kind had to go through! You'll pay, every last one of you!" She roared.

While Shadow Blake has her fixated sight on Yu and Ruby, Blake soon awakes. "Blake-kun, you're okay!" Yukiko exclaimed with relief.

"Yukiko... and Naoto..." Blake stuttered as she looked up to them.

"Are you well? Right now, caution is advised." Naoto stated as she sent her Persona to assist Yu and Ruby. Blake turned to Yu and Ruby at to her surprise fighting against Shadow Blake. She froze as she staggered upon the sight of her own Shadow a monster like beast before her.

She had mixed thoughts until Yukiko snapped her into focus. "Blake-kun, it's okay! They're capable of dealing with you shadow, so don't worry."

"No... It's not that... but I..." Blake stuttered.

"Blake-san, we know for a fact that you had this animosity against humanity. But not all humans are like those who look down on you." Naoto consoled her as she commanded her Persona against Shadow Blake, leaving an opening for Izanagi, striking the shadow with its blade.

"We all have our own resentment for many things, you're not alone on this, Blake-kun." Yukiko assured.

*I'll Face Myself

"It's not that, you guys!" Blake stood up immediately to Yukiko's and Naoto's surprise. "I know that not all human are scum. It's that I wanted to help make a change, for Human and Faunus to co-exist. But no matter how much I've tried, no matter what I do... It's all wasted to chaos and dissent. All I can only do is run and leave shadows. I... can't do anything..." Blake explained as she gripped her hands tightly.

"There is so much wrong in the world outside our Kingdom, we can't just stand down and idle. Inequality, corruption, especially discrimination... Funny story there, my superiors looked down on me not because of my faunus heritage, but because of my gender." Naoto relating her tribulations.

"Are... you serious?" Blake questioned.

"It's true! Try not to tell anyone, but Naoto-kun is a young detective who helps the authorities. Her family has it good with the police." Rise told her. "Although, not all the adults in her department doesn't like the fact that a 'child' is capable of doing anything."

"Um... Please don't say anymore, Rise-san." Naoto begged, despite her and Blake giggling, she continued. "The moral of my tale, you're not alone on this. If you need to run, then do so, but make sure you make it up for your fears that haunt you. Otherwise, those who hold dear to you, you won't be able to face them so easily. For their sake and your own." She told her.

Blake was conflicted, seeing how Naoto was right in all of that. Despite the hardships she has been through, Naoto has a point, she wasn't the only one in the world who thinks like them. She then turned to Ruby and Yu as they and their Persona's clash with Shadow Blake. She took a deep breath and pulled her bow off, revealing her cat ears.

"Oh, how cute!" Rise exclaimed with amazement.

"That is your Shadow that you have to face. Do you have your resolve? To reach out to your Shadow? Questioned Naoto.

"I have to, don't I?" Blake replied with a weak smile as she walk towards her Shadow.

"RRRRRAAAAAAGH!" Shadow Blake roared as she tossed away Izanagi at Soma, even Yu and Ruby back-stepped away as the battle reaches its peak. Shadow Blake began to feel tired as it started to limp. "Wh-What!? How can this... be!?" She cried out.

"Uhh... hey... could this mean...?" Ruby wondered as she turned to Yu as he could guess.

"Yeah, it must be that." Yu replied as he and Ruby turned back to Blake without her bow.

"Hah... ha ha ha ha hah...! What do you think you're doing...?" Shadow Blake questioned. "You need that to hide who you really are."

"I know that won't change anything, I can run from many things, but I can't run from this, can't I?" Blake retorted as she gripped her hand that holds her black bow.

"Blake, those ears..." Ruby muttered as she stares at them. "It's so cute!"

Blake was surprise to hear that from her even Yu agrees. "I'm sorry if you had to hide this from us, but please rest assure, my friends are not like those who call you names. You actually look cute, even without your bow." He assured.

"Ruby... Yu... *sigh* thanks." Blake sighed with gratitude.

"W-What!? No... The-They're lying! Those humans are like all the rest! They... can't be trusted!" Shadow Blake yelled as she struggles to stand up and retaliate.

Blake looked to Yu and turned to Ruby as they began to end this fight. Yu had Izanagi bring down Shadow Blake with Ziodyne, pressing her down while Ruby had Soma launch Blake at her shadow, wielding Gambol Shroud, launching her like a bullet onto the Shadow's forehead. Shadow Blake tries to shake her off but the sharp impact on the head to the beast like Shadow causes to wear her out. At a certain timing, Blake jumped into the air and cleaved her own Shadow with her weapon.

With one final roar, the Shadow dissipate and reverts back to its human form as Shadow Blake begins to cry, and gritting her teeth. Blake reflects upon her Shadow like facing a mirror, her memory of what she was as a child, remembering her past. Soon enough Blake kneeled down and gave her little shadow a hug. "I really am you, just as you are me. I may be scared and run away all I can, but I won't run right now, knowing that I have friends who's willing to understand me. We'll face it together, okay?" She consoled her shadow, giving Shadow Blake peace of mindas she then faded in a blue aura.

The strength of heart required to face oneself has been made manifest...

What appeared above in Shadow Blake was Nekomata-like figure with a black roguish outfit with a hood and a red scarf on its neck, a necklace with a crown figure attached to it and had with two blades on its waists. As the feline ninja disappeared and the Tarot Card of the Hermit Arcana in place and floated downwards in front of Blake as she glint a light flash from her.

Blake has faced her other self. She has obtained the façade used to overcome one of life's hardships, the Persona Cait Sith.

Right after acknowledgement Blake immediately felt her legs giving away, which Yu and Ruby caught her by her arms. "We got you, Blake." Yu told her.

"Yu..." Blake muttered as she turned to Ruby who smile. There's so much that I need to confess... I-"

"Don't worry about it." Rise assured as she Yukiko and Naoto came up to them. "If you don't want to say it right away, we'll be waiting."

"We all have our personal secrets. If you can't tell us everything, we won't bother you about it... As long as it isn't that dire. Your secret is safe with us." Naoto included.

"Alright. Let's go home!" Ruby suggested

As everyone in the room agreed, Chie and Kanji suddenly burst into the room. "Aw man, did we miss everything!?" Chie groaned.

"Shit, that took longer that I thought..." Kanji sighed heavily. "Uh... wait, did you guys...?" Everyone nodded as Kanji groaned, but then look at Blake with here Cat ears laid bare. "Wha... Th... That's so cute!"

"Yeah, no kidding. You actually look cuter without the bow." Chie agreed.

Blake stuttered as she felt embarrassed, yet Naoto took it upon herself to return her Bow. "I believe this is yours? Cute or not, you're a huntress. As long as you have this, you won't be able to catch unnecessary attention that doesn't have anything to do with our place at Beacon."

While some of the groaned, Blake giggled about it and smiled. "Thanks, everyone."

5/29 Beacon Academy Evening

Outside the TV world, in the teacher's lounge, Yosuke, Weiss, Teddie, and Yang were waiting patiently for the rest of their group to return as Jaune already went back to his team. Soon enough, Ruby, Blake, and the rest of the Investigation Team finally arrives. "Ruby!" Yang exclaimed as she went to hug her by surprise. "Oh thank god you're okay!"

"Ow! Yang! That... hurts" Ruby stuttered in pain.

"I was wondering where she was." Yosuke wondered with the assumption. "Welcome back partner."

"Same here." Yu replied back with a fist-bump with each other.

Just then Weiss walked up to Blake in a defiant expression as everyone remained silent. "Uh, Look, Weiss, it's not what you think! She explained the whole thing, you see, she doesn't actually wear a bow, she has kitty ears and they're actually kinda cute..." Ruby explained rapidly to Weiss.

Despite Weiss's silence, Blake spoke her tale. "Weiss, I want you to know that I'm no longer associated with the White Fang. Back when I was with-"

"No, stop." Weiss interrupted. "Do you have any idea how long we've been searching for you? Two days! That means I've had enough time to think about this, and within these days I've decided that..." Weiss took a deep breath as she prepare to say her answer. Blake and even Ruby, Yang and the Investigation Team waited patiently. "I don't care!" Everyone had a sweat-drop. "She doesn't care" She says. "You said you're not one of them anymore, right?" She questioned.

Blake felt skeptically confused. "No, I-I haven't been since I was younger-"

"Upupupupup! I don't want to hear." Weiss interrupted once more. "Look, all I want to know, is that the next time something this big comes up, you'll come to your teammates and friends. Not some... stranger, like that Monkey... dork."

"... Meh, close enough." Yosuke chuckled.

Blake felt relieved as she wiped her tears. "Of course." She agrees.

"Everyone in the room are to see how the two were able to make up. "Yeah! Team RWBY is back together!" Ruby cheered as Teddie and the Investigation Team did the same subsequently.

Elsewhere, Headmaster Ozpin sent a message to a dusty old crow. Immediately afterwards, he received a call from another named "Soul" on his scroll. "Soul, it has been a long while, hasn't it?" He greeted.

"It's Souji now, Souji Narukami. I thought I've told you and the others that by now." Souji replied in a disappointing tone.

"You are still a strong 'Soul' to me. It sounds like you're doing well." Ozpin replied.

"*sigh* I'll cut to the chase, why is my son enrolled at Beacon?" Souji questioned.

"Your son showed promising results, his combat capabilities is that of a huntsman." Ozpin answered.

"I heard from Seta and dug some information about you 'requesting' to observe my son, I was asking what are you doing bringing my son outside Japan?" Souji questioned in serious tone.

"It was because of a certain hunch. We will need all the help we can get in the coming months and your son is quite an excellent leader." Ozpin noted. "I also hope to show your son the kingdom that you were born and raised in."

"You bastard..." Souji grunted. "You guys know that I no longer want anything to do with that Kingdom. One mess after another and the discrimination hasn't changed. How can you forget how I was banished in the first place?" He question in a calm and serious manner.

"I can say the same, Soul. I recalled you were pardoned after that incident. I don't believe anyone of Vale would hold a grudge against you, anymore." Ozpin assured.

"I understand that I can go about my business in your Kingdom, but my home is in Japan. I didn't even want my son to take an interest in this line of work and now this..." Souji sighed depressingly.

"Soul, you must know that your son has the combat potential just like you. He even bears the silver eyes, just like your sibling. Those from a certain fairy tale, you should know how that goes." Ozpin mentioned.

"... Like her...? Hey, my nieces are enrolled too, correct." Souji guessed.

"Yes, Yang, and even Ruby Rose. She also attending Beacon Academy." Ozpin answered.

"What? She skipped two years already!?" Souji exclaimed. "Ozzy, I hope you know what you're doing..."

"And you said you no longer want anything to do with our Kingdom." Ozpin chuckled.

"Dammit Ozzy..." Souji grunted and then sighed. "Look, just... make sure they're okay. I know I'm never home as much but to lose more of my family..."

"You have my word, that your son will become a fine huntsman and your niece as a huntress." Ozpin assured. "Speaking of which, are you still doing with that certain case?" He wondered

"Certain case...? You mean... yeah, I am." Souji replied.

"Soul... It's been more over twenty years, are you going to be alright?" Ozpin asked.

"Hmph... I'm more worried for my son. I'll be fine. I guess I'll see you around. Seta's gonna pay a visit sometime soon, so enjoy yourselves." Souji finished as he hung up. Ozpin then stared into the night sky, thinking about what the future may hold.

Special Ending! *Dazzling Smile

A Guitar streaming as the screen descends as rose petals fall as the screen show Ruby from the side as Yu walked into the picture
Then the next scene shows Yu playing a Bass on the left with Ruby playing a guitar on the right, eventually Marie in the center with the light flash over her as she begins to sing

Sokonoke no sora ni,
mayoigo no watashi,
kimi wa aruite iku

Marie sings as the background screens shows the pedal falling then blinks to several images of Team RWBY and Team NYCA, Yosuke and Weiss, Chie and Blake, and Yang and Yukiko.

haritsumeta kotoba,
haritsukike no kokoro,
yuki ga someru made wa

The next screen shows Yu looking at the distance and Ruby looking up in the sky, and then backs away showing the two hunters back

If I tell, you show me how to love
I show you how to live,
bukiyōna Distance

The next one shows Marie with Yu and Ruby respectively as the Camera rolls right to left, and then to couple points of view.

miage teta kimi no Dazzling smile,
sakurairo somete

This scene shows Ruby looking at a petal as she catches it in her hand, following by a gust of wind blowing away the rose petals on the ground.

I just say, you show me how to live
I show you how to love, kon'na negai Emotion

The rose flew a flicker as the Rose petal in Ruby's hand change into a Fool Arcana as the petals pass the screen, followed by their weapons on them with Ruby's Crescent Rose and then Yu's Raijin, then came their friends into view at a corner of the screen.

mioroshita machi no Memory,
akaneiro somet

The Leaders turned to their friends, Yu smiled and went to then followed by Ruby as well, and now the song ended with the said screen showed with Marie, Yu, and Ruby finishing up with a bang.

5/29 Unknown Location Evening

Within an industrial zone Torchwick enters abandoned factory... along with the sarcastic man. "Man, you really messed up REALLY badly. They're gonna chew you up." The sarcastic man laughed.

"Shut up, Adachi." Torchwick retorted as he placed a briefcase on a nearby table, sighing heavily.

"How very disappointing, gentlemen." Said a female voice as a metal sliding door opened, much to Torchwick's surprise.

"Oh, hey, we weren't expecting you guys soon." Said Adachi as three shadowy figure enters the room revealing the female with ashen-black hair and bright amber eyes.

"We were expecting more from you two, especially from a newcomer like you, Adachi." She told them and turned to Adachi.

"Don't look at me like that, Cinder-san. We weren't expecting interference from some brats I knew." Adachi complained.

"Besides... you were the one who suggested working with those stupid mutts from the White Fang." Torchwick replied nervously.

"And you will continue to do so." Threaten Cinder as she produced fire on her hand. "We have big plans for you two. All we need is a little cooperation. She said as her eyes glowed brightly.

Adachi sighed seeing how her threat meant little to him "And you said 'Little' cooperation." He mentioned as he scratched his head.

A/N: And... that's finally a wrap for Vol. 1, and I can now reveal that Adachi is now working for them. How did he get out of Prison? such a mystery. And I mentioned the relation between Yu and Ruby... oh boy...

So there's Blake Shadow and Persona... I hope this could work out.

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I might even change the Title for some reason. Should I continue this or maybe I can go to my other project.

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Nonetheless, I thank you for reading thus far and I hope to work on the next Volume. For now, R&R


Omake Skit: Magician's agreement.

Jaune left the Teacher's lounge and went back to his Team. However, Yosuke opened the door.

Yosuke: "Jaune!"

Jaune: "Yosuke? How's it?"

Yosuke: "What, you're not gonna flirt with Weissy-chan?"

Jaune: "Well... You and Weiss seem so close, I don't think I should bother you two."

Yosuke: "Dude, we're not holding a relationship with each other, you can still try."

Jaune: "Yosuke... you sure?"

Yosuke: "It's fine, dude. I wouldn't hold it against you. She's just stubborn, that's all."

Jaune: "Huh... Alright, thanks."

Jaune and Yosuke bumped fists.

*This Will Be The Day - Jeff Williams

*Omen - Shoji Meguro

*Backside of the TV - Shoji Meguro

*Reach Out to the Truth -First Battle- - Shoji Meguro

*I'll Face Myself (Battle) - Shoji Meguro

*I'll Face Myself - Shoji Meguro

*Dazzling Smile - Shoji Meguro, Shihoko Hirata