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Enter, Lightning Bolt and Rose Petals


Stories scattered through time

Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of Heroes and Villains forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts of forgotten history.

Man, Born from dust, was strong, wise, and successful. But he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness, creatures of destruction, the creatures of Grimm, set their sights on man and all of his creations.

These forces clashed and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man's brief existence to the void.

However, even the smallest spark of hope, a small shed of truth, is enough to ignite change and in time, man's passion, resourcefulness and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds.

This unique power was appropriately named "Dust"

Nature's wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness and in the shadow's absence cam strength, civilization and most importantly, life.

But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die.

And when they are gone, the darkness will return, shadows in man's hearts will spin them in turn

So you can prepare your guardians, steel your hearts and oneself, build your monuments to a so-called 'free world'.

But take heed of your Fate. There will be no victory in strength.

Soon enough, in one's point of view revealed a blue room that had a shape of what look like a pub only with a few people in the person's sight. The first person that the person spots is a bizarre old man with a long nose, pointed ears, and bulging, bloodshot eyes. He wears a black suit with white gloves. A lady, dressed entirely in dark blue with matching high heel shoes and uses black and golden accessories. It sounded like she was reciting something. And then another came into view from the left.

"But perhaps... Victory is in the simpler things that one can forget for long. One that requires a smaller, more honest soul..." A man quoted, who wore a black-collared and long-sleeved shirt under a blue suit complemented with a blue necktie. He also wears black pants with blue lines running through the sides, black shoes, and a hat of a bell boy. As he looks the person along with lady and the long-nose man, the old man introduced himself.

*Aria of the Soul

"Welcome to the Velvet Room. My name is Igor... I am delighted to make your acquaintance." He introduced himself.

"Huh... W-wait, what? Where am I!? I thought I was at the Dust shop!" the Young person sounding like a girl exclaimed.

"Do not be alarmed." Igor assured. "This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter... It is a room that only guests who are bound by a "contract" may enter... It may be that such a fate awaits you in the near future."

Female guest: "Contract...?"

Igor: "Now then...Why don't you introduce yourself...?"

"Um... Ruby Rose...?" She replied.

Hm... I see... You definitely have that nostalgic feeling our last guest had when we first met." Igor commented as he smirked. " Now, let's take a look into your future, shall we? Do you believe in fortune telling? Each reading is done with the same cards, yet the result is always different...*chuckle* Life itself follows the same principles, does it not?"

Ruby: "Fortunetelling? Oh...! O-Okay...?"

Igor began to shuffle the deck and placed several cards on the coffee table. And then drew a card, a tower stricken by lightning, from which two small figures fall down. "The Tower of the upright position represents the immediate future. It seems a terrible catastrophe is imminent."

Ruby: "...!?"

There's more... card indicating the future beyond that is... The Moon, in the upright position. This card represents "hesitation" and "mystery"...Very interesting indeed. It seems you will encounter a misfortune within the future to come." Igor explained.

"Ohh... Is it saying that something's going happen?" Ruby guessed excitingly. "I've always wanted to be a hero. Like in those storybooks."

"Hmhmhm... Such a energetic guest we have. None the less... There will be times that you won't be able to understand the situation. and that will become a great folly." Igor mentioned. Ruby's enthusiasm dropped as she heard the long-nose's statement. "Do not fret, for you can overcome the obstacles that will be laid out in the future. If not alone, you will be able to overcome it with others, such as..." Igor then reveals another tarot card that is shape of a star and has a face. "The Star... it represents inspiration and discovery. Hope and self-confidence... Such an intriguing fate. This one is quite rare..." He chuckled. "I believe that you won't be alone in this journey."

Ruby: "I... won't...?

Igor slowly blinked at her. "In the coming future is a turning point in your fate... If left unfinished and unchecked, your future may be forever lost. Our duty is to provide assistance to our guests to ensure that does not happen." After saying the piece, he noticed, from his view, another guest besides her. It seems he kept quite while he was explaining. Knowing that he recognizes the other guest, he soon realized something else. "Ah! I have neglected to introduce my assistants to you. This is Thoedore. He is a resident of this place, like myself and Margaret here."

"Hello there. My name is Theodore, but, please, feel free to call me Theo." The Bellboy-looking assistant introduced himself. "As of this journey, I'll be accompanying you. It's a pleasure to meet you..."

"Um... It's... nice to meet you... Theo?" Ruby replied skeptically. She was wondering why would she need an assistant for some reason.

"And my name is Margaret, Theo's elder sister." The Lady followed. "Unfortunately, I have to attend to my current guest. But I'm sure he will support you as you both will intertwine with each other in the future."

"We shall attend to the details another time. Until then, farewell..." Said Igor, bidding farewell.

"... Uh-huh? Wait a... minute..." Ruby was going to ask something but her eyelids began to feel heavy. She tried to keep eyes open but no avail until she snapped it open back at the place where she was. "Was I dreaming...? And... weird, I was standing up, too... Ah... I guess it's nothing." She thought as she flipped a page of a magazine.

4/10 Japan Airport Morning

Yu was about to heading to the passenger Airship and waved goodbye to his Mom who was sobbing very loudly. Whimsical to his expression, he had concerns about her, but none the less, his decision was made to attend an academy. It was noted on the Exchange program that they'll insure their funds and health during their stay so he was confident that he'll be okay. "Well... now that I'm waiting..." He mutter as he pulled out as small mp3 and started playing it. A long ride assured.

*Next Chance To Move On (TV Size)

A Piano ringing its tune as Yu stared into the window. The airship began take off with electric keys followed.

"He's standing right in your shoes
And you feel like you're in his too"

It opens up in the Yasogami High School's auditorium, With the Headmaster hosting the introductions with the students about the Cultural Exchange Program. The students in the room composing of Humans and Faunus, stirred up unease within the crowd since both races outside Japan were not as appreciated to each other. It also showed some of the Investigation Team in there, too.

"When did he show up right next to you
How strange that you should only notice now"

The next bit shows a Princess-like girl in all white walking out into the sun to her family's personal shuttle, whipping her side-ponytail with her uptight personality.

"The hero you thought was gone
Distant memory of a past life"

This next scene show a tall blond teenager sitting on a bench, wearing a black hoodie with a white chestplate and shoulder armor, with a sword in-sheath to his side, looking down at some papers in a worried expression. He soon up and left in concern. Then a girl red hair in a waist-length ponytail and has vivid green eyes, took a glimpse of notice of the blond teen walking elsewhere.

"He's back in force and he's leading the way
Has something changed? It's an inner strength you find hard to define"

Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji and Teddie, were sitting at a table in a local Superstore along with Alvin who was telling something regarding their leader as they looked to each other with surprise.

"But now it's here somehow
Maybe this is your"

Next scene shows Naoto at the Police station as everyone were chatting up a storm regarding the Program that Naoto mentioned, proposed an idea. Another scene show Rise talking with her manager and her other friends in their idol business, showing great concerns. Ending with Rise's smile.

"Next chance to move on
Rise up with the dawn"

The scene showed a young girl with wavy black hair, in all black with a black ribbon on her head, jumping from tree to tree in a forest as she held a paper in her hands and gazed at an Academy.

Another scene view the back of a teenage girl who wears a tan vest with a black crest on the back that resembles a burning heart. The camera came up to her side as she looked up in the sky revealing her sitting on a motorcycle as wind blew through her long blond hair.

"Next stop could be your big win
It's right there for you to grab your"

This scene displays an afternoon with a pair walking together, a happy-go-lucky, bubbly, and cheerful young girl holding the conversation while a mellow guy, wearing clothing influenced of an Eastern culture taste. He smiles as he sighs from her lady friend talking.

"Next chance to become
Whatever you want"

The scene shows the Investigation Team, though not viewing their faces, packing up for a very long trip, with suit cases, backpack and duffel bags and their signature weapons at their sides.

"The next chance to move on
Next chance to find out where you belong"

The last scene view the Investigation Team walking up to the Train Station in daylight, as they readied themselves for a new adventure to where their leader is right now, waving goodbye to their friends and family at the same time.

The last scene shows their leader, Yu Narukami as he enters the streets of Vale as if he was looking for new opportunity.

4/10 Vale Evening

The Sun has already set and was dark, and Yu was in an unknown city to him. His parents went on several business trips here and he only heard of this city. He continued down the side walk as he slips out a memo from his Mom about the place. Seeing how Yu's awareness grew so much, his Mom wanted to place her faith in him. Hence he gave him a memo and a map of the Area. "So... I'm here..." He pointed out as he placed his luggage was on the side of the bench.

He soon got a call from a friend of his. "Hm... Hel-?"

*New Days

"Helloooo! Is this Sensei?" Questioned a loud voice from the cell scroll.

"Teddie? Hey, what's up?" Yu replied sounding relief.

"Sensei! I'm beary glad to hear your voice again!" Teddie replied cheerfully.

"It's nice to hear you too. So what's been going on in Inaba?" He wondered. It's been a while since he left and Ozpin-sensei did mentioned something about his friends when they met.

"Oh! I heard that there was some sort of 'Culture Exploration Process' going on. I heard that you were part-taking this event, too." Teddie explained care-free-like.

"I sort of suspected that. It seemed like someone had us in mind." Yu chuckled. Of course the headmaster pulled some strings. It sounds like he's inviting my friends for this program. "Also, it's an 'Exchange Program'." He reminded.

"Uh... right! Once we heard that you were going somewhere, we couldn't let this golden opportunity to go to waste! Everyone's packing up as we speak!" Teddie mentioned.

"E-Everyone!?" Yu stuttered. He assumed Chie, Yosuke, and maybe Naoto would take up the offer, but the others? Yukiko has an Inn to help, Kanji's helping his Mom at their textile shop and Rise is an Idol, not to mention Teddie. "W-wait a minute, wouldn't the others be busy with their personal stuff?"

"Oh, not to worry!" Teddie assured. "We pulled some strings, made our best bear-cuses and made logical reasons. All to be with you, once more!"

"W-Wow..." Yu replied, hearing that his friends would go so far to be with each other. "I'm glad actually. It's nice to know that we can be together again." True in form, Bonds cannot be so easily broken.

"Yep! So I seeing you, too! I gotta pre-bear myself for the trip!" Teddie said.

"What? Hold on, you're coming too!?" Yu questioned. He wondered why Teddie's coming. He thought the program was only for students.

"I know! Yosuke told me this program is only for students! Only students! But Sir Alvin stated that this Bacon Academy can accept anyone with the potential, and I have!" Teddie explained.

Yu: "It's 'Beacon' Academy."

"Oh, right. Anyways, since I have the exceptional skills, it turns out I'm adequate to join even though I'm not a student! Teehee...!" Teddie summed up.

"Teddie, Beacon Academy is still a school. You're going have to become a student if you're going to hang around with us." Yu reminded.

Teddie: "...!" Uhh..."

Even though Teddie did help us in last year's investigation, none of us weren't sure if he had ever attended school.

"Don't worry, if you need help with anything, We'll help you." Yu assured.

"S-Sensei...! *snff* I'll see you soon!" Said Teddie almost taking his leave from the call until he reminded himself of what he was actually going to say. "Oh, and one more thing! Can I ask you to pick up something for Yosuke, too?" He asked.

"Hm... Sure. In fact, I was planning on getting something for you all once you guys arrive, but... Go ahead." Yu agreed.

"Cool! Well, Yosuke's been down in the dumps after his mommy burned his favorite nurse." Teddie explained sounding smug. "She was what I call scorching hot, heehee! Just kidding!"

"A... A nurse...?" Yu replied, dumbfounded.

"C'mon, Sensei, You know what I'm talking about!" Teddie straightforwardly egged on. "His nurse magazine, with the chest examination and the bear behinds!"

"I... see..." Yu muttered, still not getting it. He assumed with was something ecchi in that case. "And... you expect me to buy him a replacement?"

Hrm? Of course, silly!" Teddie cheerfully replied. "People coming to visit are supposed to bring presents!"

"Mmm-hmm... All right." Yu accepted, he soon notice something off. "But Teddie, we're the ones that are doing the visiting, not just me."

"Ah sorry! Oh well, I'll just have Yosuke pay you back, then!" Teddie said as he also wanted to mention another thing. "Oh, also, we were planning to head out this afternoon, so we'll see you tomorrow."

Yu: "Hmm... okay then, don't let me keep you from packing up. See you soon."

"Okay! The sexy nurse is in your hands! It'll be like, 'Sensei, we have an emergency patient!' Yosuke will be so happy!" Teddie boasted. "Okay then we'll be seeing you around!" He finished as he and Yu hanged up.

Yu was quite worried. "I hope he isn't telling everybody something that would give them the wrong idea. I guess I could call again, tomorrow." He thought. He then remember to call the headmaster about his arrival and soon took about the memo that had Ozpin's number.

But just then, a gust blew away from the careless Persona User and the memo flew right next to a girl walking nearby. She pick up the paper and went to return it to Yu. She wore s a sleeveless white shirt, a short black necktie with various safety pins and a checkered skirt along with a black belt and a fancy, golden buckle which resembles a heart with wings. "You dropped this." Said the Unfriendly-looking girl.

Yu: "Ah... Thank you."

"Whatever, All I did was pick it up." She reluctantly retorted as she walked away.

Yu wondered who she was as the girl had some sort of familiar feeling he had before. He looked down to the memo a recalls the number he had to dial.

... However it went to voice-mail. If had to guess, it did seemed rather late at the time, so he left a message. "Hello? It's me, Yu Narukami. I'm here in Vale about the Cultural Exchange Program. I'll be around a shop called... From Dust Till Dawn. I'll be waiting." Yu said as he hung up. "Hmm... I wonder if they'll get the message. He pondered. He turned to the Dust shop recalling that some of his gear could use some dust. He took his stuff and went on in.

At another point of view, a group of suit thugs appeared from an alley and sees the local dust shop. "Finally another Dust Shop! Shall we take it from the top boys?" Said the suited thug with a black bowler hat with a red band a red-collared white suit, while holding a cane as they all approached the shop.

4/10 From Dust Till Dawn Evening

At the same time, Yu was soon browsing the ware a took notice of the unique lightning dust that was cut into a shape of a gem. He asked the shopkeeper about and a had a price that was expensive. It was enough unless he had most of his savings back home, so he decided to choose not to purchase it for now. "Um... if it's not much trouble, is there a magazine that have... um... nurses?" He stuttered. The shopkeeper point in the back so Yu went there and notice a girl in a red hood reading a magazine. He placed his stuff on the ground and search for the magazine his friend needed.

No avail, but while he started reading a magazine for himself, the group of thugs in suits entered. The intimidating suited thugs stared down the shopkeeper and looked around for other customers. The man with the cane and hat approached the counter flicking away the ash from his cigar. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Dust shop open this late?" He questioned as he had one of the thugs point a gun at the shopkeeper.

"...!?" Yu heard the conversation and realized that this was a robbery. "Oh no...!"

"P-please! Just take my lien and leave!" The old shopkeeper cried.

"Shshshsh... calm down, we're not here for your money." The cane and top assured and darted his eye seriously. "Grab the dust" He ordered. One of the henchmen brought out a case that Dust canisters and they all spread out and took the raw dust from several dispensers. "Crystals. Burn, Uncut." He demanded in detail.

Things were going to heat up. Taking on a group of armed thugs is way different than dealing with Grimm and Shadows. At any case, knowing that trouble like this is going to happen he had to defend himself. While they were busy, Yu took out his Katana and kept it sheathed. Ready to knock them out and somehow save the shopkeeper. But when he looked to the other corner of the store, The girl in red kept reading, even in a situation like this. "Psst... hey... it's dangerous... Psst...!" Yu tried to reach her but she ignore his plea. That is until a thug notice the customer in the back.

"Alright kid, put your hands where I can see 'em!" The thug ordered, drawing his blade. Yu was shocked that a thug sets his sights on the girl, ignoring the demand. Annoyed even more, the thug approached the girl trying to get her attention. "Hey, I said, hands in the air! You got a death wish or something!?" He questioned as he got her attention, it revealed to Yu and the thug that the girl had black hair with red tint and has Silver eyes like Yu's. With the exceptions of the detail, they both can tell why she was ignoring them. The headphones she was wearing.

Girl in Red: "?"

Yu: *Facepalm*

The Thug pointed out to take her headphones off. "Yes?" The girl asked as she took off her headphones.

Suited Thug: "I said, hands in the air! Now!"

"Are you... robbing me?" The girl asked.

Suited Thug: "YES!"

Girl in Red: "... Oh..."

The suited thug was getting tick off by the girl in red, unable to notice Yu from the side. This prompt Yu to surprise him surprise by thrusting his sheathed weapon behind the thug's knee, staggering him. "Hey!" He couldn't react to the katana batting him away adding the Girl punting the thug at the same time.

"Oh boy..." Yu sighed and turn the girl. "I see that you can hold your own. Wanna work together for now?" He asked the girl. She somewhat nodded yes as a pair of thugs appeared before them.

Suited Thug: "Freeze! Both of-"

Immediately, the girl was charging at the suited thug and broke through a window with Yu following suit, doing the same with the other thug.

The rest of the other thugs inside the store were dumbfound not knowing what happened until they see Yu with his sheathed Katana readying himself in his fighting stance and the Girl in Red readying her weapon, spinning it around and pointed at the thugs with her tip of her scythe planted in the ground.

Once the girl clicked her music player off, Yu stares at the weapon, seeing how advance it looks compared to any weapon he saw.

Yu: "Wow... Nice scythe...! Is... that also a gun?"

Girl in Red: "Yep! Thanks."

While the two were complimenting their weapon the thugs inside the store we baffled. "... Okay..." the man with the can and hat mumbled. He looked at his henchmen signaling his orders. "Get them!" He commanded. Soon enough, the rest of the thugs poured out, a total of six.

Two thugs made an attempt to strike at Yu and Girl in Red, but Yu went into a fighting stance and jabbed his pommel hard into one of the thug's stomach causing him to blunder his mobility and sending him away with a hard kick into the nearby garbage cans. The girl in Red, jumped onto her scythe, balancing herself as she spins around and launched a punt to a thug's face followed by gracefully landing as she readied for her next move.

Yu continued to keep his blade sheathed in combat as another thug approached and attempted to strike. He parried it away followed by a backwards round-house kick, staggering the thug and did a round house from the back, shoving him to the girl in red as she choked her scythe and pulled a trigger, making her spin so fast, and sent the thug flying, spinning into the air then continued her movement as she pounded a thug into the ground.

Two more thugs exited the shop took our fighters on. One took on Yu and clashed with each other until he swung Yu's weapon out of his hands, spinning right over them. Yu used some martial arts move on his opponent until his weapon landed in his hand, followed by slamming his sheathed Katana on the thug's forehead, instantly KO'ing him.

At the same time, the other thug had a SMG on the girl. She dodge bullets, using her Gun-scythe, propelling its wielder, with each bullet, zipping across everywhere until she boosts her way right at the thug sending him aloft and finally pinned her scythe into the ground, redirecting her trajectory and deliberately kick the thug back, in front the man with the can and hat. Through their rhythmic motion, they defeated their opposition and left them with one more foe.

"You guys were worth every cent. Truly you were." The standing thug complemented as he puffed his cigar. "Well Red and Grey-head. I think we can say that it's been an eventful evening."

"So are you going to surrender?" Yu questioned sternly.

"Meh, as much as I love to stick around..." The thug dropped his cigar, putting its ember out and then pointed his cane at them and a scope appearing from the point, "... I'm afraid this is where we part ways."

Yu/Girl in Red: "!?"

The thug fired a blast and Yu tossed himself to the side while the girl jumped over head, using her Gun-scythe to propel herself up. The blast destroyed the surface on impact. "That... was dangerous..." Yu thought as he sees the girl in good condition. He and the Girl pointed their sights back at the thug but he disappeared. "You okay, shopkeeper?" Yu asked.

Shopkeeper: "Yes, thank you..."

After seeing to the old man, Yu returned to searching for that thug. He and the girl soon spots him climbing a ladder in a nearby apartment building nearby.

"You okay if I got after him? The girl asked the shopkeeper. He agreed and she left to peruse him.

Yu attempt to follow, until the old shopkeeper gave him the gem-looking dust to him. "Are you sure?"

"On the house. Please help the girl." The shopkeeper requested. Yu nodded, wrapped his weapon on his back, and followed the direction the scythe-wielding girl went, pursuing the thug in question.

Yu went into the alley only to see the girl use her Gun-scythe to lift herself up to the rooftop. "So she uses her gun part to rocket herself. That's cool." He muttered, as he had to use the ladder the thug used.

As the shopkeeper gazed away, a lady came into view wondering what's going on. "...? *Groan* Don't tell me..."

At the rooftop, the Girl in Red was able to catch up with the thug with the Cane and Hat. "Hey!" She called out to the thug.

"Tch... persistent..." The thug muttered. As the girl readied herself for anything, an aircraft appeared before them.

The girl wasn't expecting that as its headlights beams down upon her deliberating her sights. Yu manage to reach the top only to find the thug boarding the aircraft. "End of the line, you kids!" He turned around, facing them, he then tossed a Fire Dust crystal at the girls feet followed by pointing his weapon at it.

Knowing the elements of the dust, Yu desperately tried to reach her form the incoming blast. "H-Hey! Look out!" he yelled, rushing to her aid, until a Huntress stepped in.

The Dust exploded. With the laughing, but cut it short as he sees them still standing. The Assistant Glynda appeared before them with the purple glyph, blocking the attack.

Yu: "...! You're...!"

"Mr. Narukami..." Glynda briefly greeted as she check her glasses. She looked back to the aircraft and cast several purple arrows at the aircraft, preventing from escaping. The aircraft staggered and shook its passenger.

The thug was rocking everywhere and went to the helm. "We got a Huntress!" The Thug warned the driver. They switched places as she stepped off and the thug took control.

The aircraft was about to pull out until Glynda lobbed a purple orb above the aircraft, forming a thunder cloud. With the caster flicking her wand down, sharp hail soon fell upon it. Several icy hail puncture itself onto the aircraft even one of it almost got the current pilot.

Soon enough another person came to view onto the deck. Her face wasn't recognizable by her outfit. Glynda assume that this person is going to be formidable.

The lady's hand flashed and cast something on her sleeve as it ignited, sending a bolt at the three. Glynda successfully blocks the blast only to splatter some substance behind them. The caster then ignite the substance on the under Glynda with a flick of her arm. The Huntress avoided the blast and used the debris in form of a javelin. The foe countered back flicking fire bolts at the lance, destroying it, then Glynda redirects the debris back again.

The Thug pilot shifted the aircraft and avoided the severe blow as the projectile slammed overhead but Glynda redirected the flying debris back with two more forms of flying projectiles, causing the aircraft to shake more. However, the lady used some sort of spell and blasted all of the projectiles turning them all into embers.

Given the chance to retaliate, Yu drew his Katana and attached the Dust crystal right away and the blade instantly charged with static knowing what to do with it. He channeled his Aura into his weapon and began to lob moon-shaped lightning bolts at the aircraft. The girl in red also shot her rounds at the lady on the aircraft as she miraculously blocked them all off by her hands. She then casts a strong spell as under all the three without Yu and the girl realizing quick enough. Glynda immediately sent the two forward with her semblance as she move out of the way from being in range of the explosion.

As they recovered, the aircraft soon departed flee to who knows where. As the tense atmosphere, began to cool down Yu turned to Glynda who was gave him back a stern look. "I... see you got my voicemail, Goodwitch-san..." Said Yu as he tried to make up and excuse.

The girl, however, came up to Yu side and gazed in Awe at Glynda Goodwitch. "You're a Huntress!" She exclaimed followed by squealing like a fangirl "Can I have your autograph?" She asked with sparkles in her eyes.

Yu sweat-dropped as he figure out what will happen next.

4/10 Vale Police Department Evening

Yu and the Girl in Red were sitting in an interrogation room, being scolded from the Huntress. "I hope you both realize that your actions tonight will not be taken lightly. You both put yourselves and others in great danger." Glynda stated angrily as she paced around the room.

Girl in Red: "But they started it!"

Yu: "But we DID struck first..."

Girl in Red: "*Groan...*"

"If it were to me, you'd be sent home... with a pat on the back..." Glynda continued calmly with the girl relieved, but then the Huntress glared at the girl. "... And a slap on the wrist." She added slapping her riding crop hard on the table. *SLAP*

"Eeek!" The girl flinched greatly as Yu froze in fear.

"But... there is someone here who would like to meet you." Glynda mentioned as it got their attention. Ozpin entered the room with his mug and a plate of cookies.

"Yu Naurkami... So you made your decision of attending, I see." Ozpin deduced.

Yu smiled whimsically. "That's right, Ozpin-san. I also heard from my friends that they're joining too?" He mentioned.

"More or less." Ozpin replied and then turned his attention the girl in red. "Ruby Rose... You... have silver eyes, too..." He said, staring the girl named Ruby down.

"She has sliver eyes, too? Huh... small world." Yu thought as he also notices their similar eyes color.

Ruby: "Uh..."

"So... Where did you two learn to do this?" Ozpin questioned her as Glynda viewed a video of the two fighting the thugs on the street.

Ruby: "S-Signal Academy."

Yu: "I... self-taught myself on that one, sometime before..."

"Hm... Very good..." Ozpin commented on you and reviewed Ruby. "Ms. Rose, they taught you to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever to design?"

"Well, one teacher in particular." Ruby replied.

"I see..." Ozpin pondered as he place a plate of cookies on the table for them to eat.

They looked down to the plate of delicious cookies and Yu took one first. Once he started eating, Ruby ate one and then more with a predator in her eyes. Yu sweat-dropped and felt dumbstruck as she ate all the rest of the cookies when he only had one.

"It's just that I've only seen one other scythe-wielder of that skill before..." Ozpin continued, reminiscing. "... A dusty old crow..."

"Mmmm! hats muh unculf!" Ruby exclaimed with her mouth full. None of the other didn't know what she was saying.

Yu: "Um... your mouth is full..."

"! Sorry..." Ruby responded, swallowing the cookies and wiping the crumbs off. "That's my uncle Qrow! He's a teacher at Signal. I was garbage before he took me under his wing."

"Wow... He sounds like a better uncle than mine..." Yu thought as she continues to talk highly about him.

"And now I'm all like...!" Ruby then mimicked some martial arts move and accidentally whacked Yu.

Yu: "Ow...!"

Ruby: "Er... sorry..."

"So I noticed..." Ozpin commented as he placed his cup down. "And what is an adorable girl such as yourself doing at a school designed train warriors?" He questioned as he sat down on the other side of the table.

Ruby then calmly answered honestly. "Well... I want to become a huntress." She answered.

Ozpin: "You want to slay monsters?"

"Yeah. See, I only have two more years of training left at Signal and then I'm going to apply at Beacon!" She continued relentlessly. "You see, my older sister is starting there this year, she's trying to become a Huntress, and I'm trying to become a Huntress so I can help people." She pointed out and continued to add more info. "My parents taught us to help others, so I thought, 'Hey I might as well make a career out of it!' I mean, the police are alright, but Huntsman and Huntress are so much more romantic and exciting and you know!" She finished with enthusiasm in her tone.

"I can tell that you really want to attend Beacon..." Yu commented amazed about her dream.

Ruby: "I know, right?!"

The pair of adults were silent with Glynda worried for her and Ozpin had something in mind. "Do you know who I am, young lady?"

"You're Professor Ozpin. You're the headmaster of Beacon." Ruby answered.

Ozpin: "Hello."

Ruby: "It's nice to meet you."

Yu thought about it and Ozpin asked that same question when he came to visit, too. That would mean that he's gonna invite her, too!?

"You want to come to my school?" Ozpin asked her in small talk.

"More than anything." Ruby replied.

Ozpin and Glynda gave each other the look and she gave up and allowed the Headmaster to do his thing. "Well, okay."

Yu guess as Ruby had excitement in her expression. "In other words, you're going to apply her for this year, right?" He guessed as Ruby was caught off guard. "I had that feeling since you asked me the same question before."

"Hmhmm... You've guess correctly." Ozpin stated, impressed by Yu's deductions. He stood up want he and Glynda made their way to the exit. "You are free to go, Ms. Rose. Tell your family the good news." He said as he left.

"*Sigh* Tonight was truly an eventful one, indeed." Glynda sighed as slipped a form to Ruby and turned to the Persona user. "We have a shuttle to the Academy along with your belongings that you left at the Dust Shop. We are leaving right away." She explained as she followed.

Only Yu and Ruby were left in the room. Yu was about to leave as he turned to Ruby, still surprised by the immediate grade skips. "I... Am I really going to attend Beacon this year? I still had two years left..." She pondered as she stared down at the form.

"... Well you did pretty great back there." Yu prompt to comment. "I doubt I'd would've manage without anyone's help." he mentioned scratching his head.

"Hey... Um... your name is Yu, right?" Ruby asked. "You mention that he did the same with you?"

Yeah, I just got here from Japan tonight. I'm here under the 'Cultural Exchange Program'. It looks like we're gonna be attending the same school this year, too."

"Ohh, a foreigner? Awesome! Then we're classmates!" Ruby cheered.

"Well... for the introductions, I'm Yu Narukami, I guess I'll be seeing you around, then." He introduced himself, offering his hand.

"Ruby Rose! Nice ta meet you, too!" She also introduced herself, shaking hands.

Their silver eyes crosses each other and expect great things to come.

4/11 Beacon Academy Daytime

The next day, Yu was now wondering around the Main Avenue waiting for a group he had in mind. It prompt to give his friends a call, too.

Yosuke: "Yo! How's it going, partner?"

"I'm fine. They allowed me to use a room at the Academy. So I'm waiting around." Yu replied.

"That's great! So how's Vale? Did you manage to catch some great sights of the city?" Yosuke wondered.

Yu trailed off when he responded. "Not exactly. It was already dark when I arrived so I couldn't. Plus, there was some things going on, and I got involved by accident... It was... an eventful night."

"Ohh... care to share the details?" Said Yosuke expecting something juicy.

"Uhh... Well... Let's just say that it was an eventful night..." Yu repeated as he explained most of everything that happened last night.

"Whoa... So you and the girl, Ruby, worked together to beat some thugs that were robbing? That kept you busy, huh?" Yosuke sounded, figuring out what to say. "And wow, that Ruby girl has a scythe that doubles as a gun? You think it's like one of those tools from the Kirijo Ironworks?"

"Yeah... I don't know about that, it seemed custom made. Anyways, I hear she's enrolling at this academy this year, so we can meet her." Yu mentioned.

"Awesome! We're in an aircraft heading to the Academy so we'll meet you there." Yosuke stated. "It's good to see you again, partner."

"It good to hear that." Yu replied. He also reminded himself about something Teddie mentioned. "Oh, right... sorry to say, I forgot to pick up your souvenir." He mentioned.

"A souvenir? Don't even worry about it, man." Yosuke assured.

"You sure? I thought you were really looking forward to it. Those nurses..." Yu muttered to him.

Yosuke: "N... Nurses?"

"Yeah, Teddie asked me to get it for you." Yu nodded. "He said you were crushed that they got burned..."

"Huh...? W-Wait, this is all..." Yosuke stuttered as bombshell started to tick.

"I didn't know you were into nurses..." Yu chuckled.

A-Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! Shut up! Stop! Stop! That's enough!" Yosuke shouted over the cell scroll. "Dammit, you're trying to wind me up, aren't you!? Stay at Beacon for life, you jerk!"

"But we're all under the exchange program together. Well, I'll see you guys around." Yu replied as he hung up. He's looking forward to be with his friends again this year.

On the aircraft Yosuke hung up his cell scroll too and returned to the group.

"The hell's that about, Senpai?" Kanji asked skeptically.

"N-Nothing! A-Anyways, our Leader's already at the Academy." Yosuke stated, then darted his eye's at Teddie in his costume. "You and I are gonna talk later...!"

Teddie payed no attention to him as he was staring out to the city below. "Whoa...! So this is a foreign country..."

"You might as well pass as a foreigner. You don't even look like a native back home." Chie remarked about Teddie.

"I wonder how everyone back at the Inn will manage without me... N-not that I'm home sick or anything..." Yukiko pondered.

"I'm confident that they'll be fine. We cleared the fog over, so Inaba should be fine." Rise reassured.

"We've accomplished our towns safety. For now, if we can gain knowledge about our looming threat against the Grimm, the more better we can protect our town." Naoto stated.

They continued their chattering as they also listened to the local news. "... The robbery was led by nefarious criminal Roman Torchwick, who continues to evade authorities." the News reporter explains, viewing the criminal. "If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the Vale Police Department. Back to you Lisa."

"Hmm... Roman Torchwick..." Naoto pondered. "He definitely good when he covers his tracks."

"... The more I think of that bastard, I definitely see that cop in him." Kanji muttered.

"You mean Adachi-san? He was formerly a cop who was behind the case." Yukiko mentioned. "I hear this... Torchwick person has been a bad person to begin with."

"*Shiver* Now I'm starting to think if they both actually work together." Chie followed. She also shook up, thinking about it.

"Meh... It's nothing like what we can't handle!" Teddie stepped into the conversation. "If anything that Torchick-dude is no threat to our bear-tastic might!" He boasted.

"I still... WE still worry for you, Ted. For once in your life, you've never attended school before. If your serious about following us, you'll need to take learning seriously." Yosuke told Teddie.

Teddie: "*Groan*..."

The News continued with a next segment. "In other news, the Saturday's Faunus Civil Right's protest turned dark when members of the White Fang disrupted the ceremony." Lisa reported.

But as the she was add more to the report, an women appeared in place of the screen. "Hello, and welcome to Beacon." She greeted.

Teddie: "Ohh... Who is that lovely-"

"My name is Glynda Goodwitch." She introduced herself, answering Teddie's question. "You are among a privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future Huntsman and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such task, and it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world." She stated her speech and screen shut off.

Glynda speech was inspiring among the Persona Users. "Huh... you weren't kidding by accomplishments, Naoto-san." Said Yosuke.

Naoto was thinking of something else, during the speech."I have to say... I wonder why the Headmaster specifically chose us to part take in this program. If anything the TV world shouldn't be known to many."

"Maybe our cooperation with authorities somehow must of been known. Maybe that's why Alvin-san must of putted a good word for us."

As the pondering continued. Most of the other students started to go up to the windows. The Investigation followed suit, seeing a great view of Vale.

Teddie: "Wwwoooooww...!"

"I guess this our home for a while... Now that I think of it... I think there's a Junes District around here..." Yosuke thought out loud as he pointed down below.

"There's a Junes here!? How would you know that?" Chie asked and then it hit her. "Wait don't tell me, have you been to Vale before?"

"Atlas, actually. Me and my Dad went with his boss to represent Junes at one pointed." Yosuke explained.

"Junes Representatives?" Naoto wondered. "Ah, that was about several years ago. You guys were having several deals in foreign lands to improve business?"

Yosuke: "That's right. Though, there was one company that was becoming competitive with us for some reason."

Naoto: "The Schnee Dust Company, is that what you're talking about?"

Yosuke: "Pretty much. Anyways, maybe I could get a part-time job there..."

"It looks like and new adventure's gonna hit us." Kanji assured.

"Maybe we could probably capture that criminal!" Yukiko guessed excitingly.

"Yeah! We've been through something big so let's step it up!" Chie explained bolstering their confidence.

Right after they nodded, a blond teenager bumped into Kanji who started to look sick, as if he was about to vomit. "Wh- Geez, Ted! If you're sick, throw up in a restroom, dammit!" Kanji yelled.

Teddie: "What are you talking about?"

Kanji look towards his other side of his shoulder, seeing Teddie in his costume. "What the- Wait, if you're there, then-"

"Bluurragh!" The blond teen from the other side, threw up

Aaaaauuugh! Agh, dammit! My uniform!" Kanji yelled as the vomit splattered onto him.

"N-Noooooo! My fur is going to smell and stain!" Teddie panicked.

Rise: "Eww... gross! Don't come near me!"

The rest of the group also complained about it along with nearby.

"Oh Gross, Yang, you have puke on your shoes!" Ruby exclaimed to her relative.

Yang: "Gross, gross, gross, gross..."

"No! Get away from me! Get away from me! Get away from me! Get away from me!" Ruby responded as she panicked in terror.

What could this year hold for them all?

*This Will Be The Day

Guitar rolled their sound as the screen views Ruby on a knee looking at a grave.

"They see you as small and helpless; They see you as just a child."

Ruby then see a person in a white cape, similar to her red cape, looking out from the cliff.

"Surprise when they find out that a warrior will soon run wild."

The screen then slides into the frozen woods to the left with a person in a black long coat, looking at Yu from behind as he then raises his hand and crushes his tarot cards.

"Prepare for your greatest moments;Prepare for your finest hour.
The dream that you've always dreamed is suddenly about to flower."

The next segments show his friends. Yosuke in a clean clear room, putting his headphones on, Chie, in a forest, channeling her strength in her Aura, and then followed by Yukiko sitting on a boulder a wind picked up her hair as the camera views upwards.

"We are lightning,"

The screen, afterwards, then goes outwards viewing Grimms and then Shadows, followed by Roman Torchwich.

Straying from the thunder,

Four silhouettes appears and zooms into one's glowing eyes.

"Miracles of ancient wonder. This will be the day we've waited for."

The camera circles around Yu, Ruby and their companions surrounded by Grimms and Shadows and the leaders nodded at each other and charged both ways with their designated teams, towards their enemies, as to the Persona Users summoning their Personas.

"This will be the day we open up the door.
I don't wanna hear your absolution;
Hope you're ready for a revolution.

The camera then zooms below until they see Jaune looking up to a statue of his inspiration. Then a hand goes on his shoulder as it reveals to be his teamates, Pyrrah, along with Nora and Ren. And a knuckle on the other side showing Kanji fist-pumping, along with Naoto, Teddie, and Rise together then the screen views them all as they then glanced upwards as the camrea did the same.

"Welcome to a world of new solutions.
Welcome to a world of bloody evolution."

It shows Ozpin and Glynda looking out into the sky followed by Alvin and his Black Fang allies facing the opposite side, ready to take on another group.

"In time, your heart will open minds,
A story will be told,

And victory is in a simple soul."

This dark panel view Ruby facing the camera as Yu behind her turning his head around to the screen with his glasses on, Weiss in her readied stance on side of the screen and Yosuke at the other side readying his weapons in both hands. Then Blake placing her hand on the weapon on her back with Chie clenching her fist with her unique gauntlets equipped. Yang, opening her eyes as Yukiko whipping her fan above her chin.

And then the camera screens outwards viewing everyone, including the Investigation Team as Yu and Ruby ends it in their victory pose as the screens goes all black and white.

A/N: Well... Finished the introduction or something like that...I still need to figure out what kind of Persona that I should give Ruby... maybe something looking like a female Jester with a scythe or something? I'm still skeptical for the rest of her team's arcana and Persona, too.

Weiss of the Moon Arcana

Blake of the... Hermit?

Yang the Chariot Arcana

And as for Team JNPR, I was thinking Jaune's Arcana could be the Emperor, Nora of Strength, Ren as the Temperance, and Pyrrah as... maybe Lovers? Maybe Empress? Hmm...

This Fanfic may take long, not with all working and gaming, But I'm still working on this as a fan of both series. Though, I hope I got the Arcana reading, at the beginning, correct... R&R please, your critics are necessary.

*Next Chance To Move On (TV Size) - Shoji Meguro

*Aria of the Soul - Shoji Meguro

*New Days - Shoji Meguro

*This Will Be The Day - Jeff Williams