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Ryoma was just sitting in his room when his mind kept going a mile per hour.

'Why cant anyone see just really see the me be hind the mask' he thinks as he turns toward his desk.

'Im done feeling sorry Im tired' he thought as he began to write.

A boulder

thats what they call me



nothing can push me over the edge

well i have news for you

even a boulder can break

it hurts to hear words mean words

it hurts to see the gestures

but i learned

never give in

never show what you really think

so put up a mask

put on smile

banish those thoughts

and become a 'boulder'

as i slowly crumble

im still somewhat solid

so obiviously nothing will push me right?


even a boulder can break

Ryoma put the paper aside and walked to his window.

'even a boulder can break, crumble, and be pushed but that doesnt mean i have to let it happen' he thought.

"i will live i will have my life be ruled by me" he whispered.

'boulders may break but mine stays strong even if it crumbles a little at a time.

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