"Brittany and Santana are infamous bank robbers that end up trying to rob the same bank. They met years ago when Brittany out smarted Santana and took all her money?"

They didn't really rob the bank at the same time like you asked, but hopefully this is okay?

When it came to robbing banks, Santana Lopez owned that shit. She made clean break in's and swift getaways and looked flawless doing it. Criminals envied her and cops could never catch her.

Santana Lopez was unstoppable!

"Keep the car running, Trouts." Santana smirked as she hid her deep brown eyes behind a pair of aviators then checked her make up in the sun visor mirror. She looked smokin' hot in a security guard outfit, "This one won't take long at all."

"Hey, look at that car right there." Sam, Trouts, pointed to a dark blue Lancer parked about six cars down the street, "I feel like I've seen that car before."

Santana squinted in the direction, "Doubt it."

"No really, check out that sticker next to the license plate," Sam added, "A unicorn, where have we seen that before?"

"I don't know?They're probably either super weird or really gay," Santana shrugged, Sam still looking wary, "Maybe both. But I don't have time for that; we've got a bank to rob. The camera delay is only running for so long, we've got like twelve minutes before it cuts. Ready, Little Lamb?"

Quinn rolled her eyes from her spot at the back seat and smoothed out the wrinkles in her uniform shirt, "When are you going to drop the little?"

"As soon as you become the mastermind of all the heists." Santana teased as she reached for the door, "Come on, lunch is almost over."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming." Quinn followed, her hazel eyes too covered by huge lenses.

Santana made her way to the entrance with Quinn following a few steps behind, but just as she reached for the handle, someone from the other side pushed the door open. Santana stepped to the side, not wanting to be smacked in the face by a brass framed door, and watched as a tall blonde walked out. She wore tight blue jeans and a simple grey v neck that just barely covered her stomach and combat boots were laced on her feet.

"Oh excuse me, gorgeous." She smirked, her arm coming up to hold the door open so that Santana could pass through the space she was making. There were black Ray Bans shielding her eyes, but there was a hint of familiarity in the sound of her voice. There wasn't any time to figure out where she had heard that it from, but she definitely recognized it from somewhere. The blonde was still looking at her with this devilish grin and if she didn't look so sexy doing it, Santana probably would've bitched at her for staring or something.

But she moved quickly though she could feel the blush rise to her cheeks as she squeezed by, the side of her arm ever so slightly brushing past the blonde's breasts.

"Jesus, can we get a move on here?!" Quinn snapped from behind them, waiting for Santana to get out of the way.

"There's more than one door, blondie!" Santana bit right back earning a delicate chuckle from the taller, hotter, blonde.

"See you around, gorgeous." She winked and let go of the door before she began her walk off. Santana's eyes stayed glued to a pair of never-ending legs and an ass she swore she would never forget. Matter of fact, that ass and those legs also looked way too familiar. She had definitely met that girl before.

"Typical, just typical." Quinn chastised, knocking into Santana's shoulder and rattling her from her daze.

"What?" Santana laughed.

"You know what, get to work."

"Right," Santana huffed and they set to work on finding the safe. They were to be in an out in no time, but as Santana typed in the code and pulled open the heavy steel door she was surprised to see nothing but dust.

"Where the fuck is the money?" She snapped as she stepped into the empty room, "This has to be a mistake."

"Check this out," Quinn said and handed Santana a piece of paper.

For a good time call. – BSP

Realization came crashing down on Santana as she read the line over and over again. She crumpled the paper in her fist and stomped her feet like a child, "I can't believe this. I can't fucking believe this."

"What's going on?" Quinn asked but Santana just shook her head.

"Mission aborted."

Once in the car and back on the road, Santana dug out her phone and began scrolling through her contacts while Quinn filled Sam in on why they came out empty handed.

"Hello gorgeous." The voice answered cheerily. Santana resisted the urge to swoon at the greeting: this was business.

"You have something that belongs to me and I want it back." Santana answered sternly leaving no room for argument. The answerer just giggled cutely in response.

"I don't think hundreds of innocent people's moneybelonged to you but nice try."

"Brittany, give me back the money or else."

"If I would've known finishing off your job would get you to finally call me back I probably would've been doing this a long time ago," She teased, her voice sounding playfully seductive. She didn't even need a visual; Santana could get all hot and bothered just by the sound of her voice, "You never called me back, Santana. Didn't I make you feel good? You made me feel so good, so good."

"Yeah, well.." Santana coughed, trying to mask her arousal from her friends but Sam was already looking at her weird and Quinn's ear was practically pressed against the other side of the phone. Santana swatted her away and refocused, "I don't actively return phone calls of hot girls that run out on me with all my money."

"Sorry, that's just how I show my affection for women that give really good orgasms."

"Did she just say orgasms?" Quinn whispered.

"Orgasms?" Sam asked wide eyed, "Where?"

Santana ignored their remarks and snapped her fingers at Sam to keep his eyes on the road while she swatted at Quinn once again.

"And this time? You just steal my money because you wanted to be affectionate today?"

"Baby, you know I don't need an excuse to be affectionate..especially with you."

Santana rolled her eyes at pet name that she remembered very clearly being breathed against her lips while her hand worked furiously between milky thighs a long time ago, "Give back the money, Brittany."

"Beg for it."


"Come on, Gorgeous, please?"

"Britt, you don't beg someone to beg. That defeats the whole purpose!"

"Does it?"

"Give me my money; I'm not playing around anymore. We worked really hard on that job, the technical work was a pain in my ass and you don't even know what I had to do to get those itchy uniforms!"

"Awh, poor baby. I broke through those encryptions in like ten seconds and I didn't even need a uniform. Piece of cake!"

"Well, not all of us are evil geniuses." Santana pouted. She wanted to rip her hair out because Brittany was the queen of being difficult. Their banter was flirty and fun and Brittany was so sexy, but she was still very very difficult. Just as Sam pulled off the road and parked, Santana snapped, "You know what? Fuck it, I'm coming for you!"

Sam and Quinn exchanged looks of confusion; they didn't know where Brittany was or where she hung around that's what made Brittany a great criminal.

"Ooh, my favorite! Am I making you come right now?"

"Trace the call Quinn," Santana said over her shoulder, not even playing into Brittany's games anymore. Quinn quickly pulled out her laptop.

"Don't bother, I'm untraceable. You can't find me."

"Fuck." Santana breathed out as she looked down at her phone then to Quinn, "Untraceable?"

"Nothing's coming up." Quinn replied.

"But I can find you."

Just then knuckles tapped at the passenger side's window, causing Santana to flinch away. In the window was Brittany's smug face as she slid the black Ray Bans over her hair and revealed beautiful blues. She motioned for Santana to roll down the window, their phone call long forgotten.

"Hello gorgeous." She smirked as eyes danced around the cabin, "Hello accomplices."

"Brittany, where's my money?" Santana said sternly, voice low and gravely.

Brittany's smirk deepened, "With you."

"What?" Santana frowned and looked around at her friends before turning back to Brittany, "What?"

"What?" She laughed then nodded to Sam, "Pop the trunk, Trouty. Come on out, gorgeous."

Sam did as Brittany said while Santana quickly scrambled out of the car. Her eyes remained on Brittany as she lifted the trunk, the rise of her arm causing the hem of her shirt to show off tight abs that Santana's tongue distinctly ran over quite a few times. Brittany saw the sudden cloudiness in the brunette's eyes and motioned her over with the crook of her finger. Santana swallowed thickly at the sight before looking down into the trunk and sure enough-

"How the fuck?" Santana gasped and looked up at Brittany to find her laughing. "Sam! Get over here!"

"Ye- what the? How did that get there?"


"I-I don't know, I was being the look out!"

"Get back in the car; I can't even look at you right now!" Santana snapped while Brittany just crossed her arms and smiled, "What? Is this funny? Stealing people's money is funny to you?"

"It isn't stealing if you had it the whole time. I actually think you owe me an apology for accusing me of doing that to you a second time. "She said as she began to fake a pout, "My feelings are hurt."

"OH, are they?" Santana laughed as she rolled her eyes then reached up and tugged at Brittany's shirt so they were closer together. She leaned on her toes and pressed her lips to Brittany's, loving the feel of her smile slowly fighting off that pout, before she broke the quickly deepening kiss, "They better now?"

"Mm, nope." Brittany hummed, "But you can fix that, all you have to do is send them off and come with me."

Santana just laughed and shook her head as Brittany pointed to her dark blue Lancer parked just a little ways behind them, "You gonna run out on me with all my money again?"

"Not this time." She winked then linked their pinkies, "Promise."