Hi there, my name is Cannon (you do not need to know my last name, for safety purposes),

A crude introduction, considering how plain it is. Oh well, that doesn't matter. You may be wondering why I am writing in a journal, not a diary (don't get those two terms mixed up, I get seriously pissed when someone does). It all started on a rather normal day, I had just moved to Namimori, Japan, because of some 'matters' my parents' had to attend to (they just don't tell me anything, do they?). Pretty much whisked me up from my home in dear ol' America, and had immediately bought a house in this very bland (and I do mean bland) neighborhood. How they knew of the Japanese language? That went right over my head (I was in shock with the rather immediate move, so you can't blame me). Despite all that, we pretty much made ourselves at home, with me kept in the dark. I was then told to learn Japanese, in order to survive, and I complied (like hell I'll neglect that, I barely even knew of a single letter!). And so that began my 'journey' to what I consider the unknown, pretty cliché, don't you think?

I had went outside, on a rather nice day, in order for me to take a break from memorizing all those letters (how no one in Japan has died from all that memorization is a huge mystery to me, it's evil!), …

I reached a park, not far from where my house is, a relief to me, and immediately entered it for the sake of my peace. I didn't want to be bothered by anyone, since only knowing half of the language just isn't enough to get by, I considered on throwing out the book from my bedroom window when I had become so frustrated, but decided against it. I didn't want to pay for the damaging costs, they were borrowed from the library with the help of my parents after all. That just brings about on how I had decided a stroll outside would do me good.

For a pretty bland town, Namimori needs to be praised for its eco-friendly environment. Not a single garbage littered the grass, which was as green as spring grass. The breeze was also quite soothing with the shades that the trees provided. I could come here everyday and lie down, and stare at the fluffy white clouds that drifted across the clear blue sky.

"Almost as if someone decided to grab the scenery from a picture book," I muttered as I made my way to laie down underneath one of the many shades scattered across the ground.

It was about a few minutes after that, when I had this gnawing feeling in my stomach. Uncomfortable, but I paid no heed as I drifted off into sleep, brushing it off as a minor stomach cramp. I woke, after about five minutes, abruptly when I heard gunshots and screams getting louder. A wail rose, causing me to panic and immediately getting up on my feet. If worst comes to worst, I could gamble with the long legs I had been blessed with, and run for my life, like the devil was on my heels. However, to my dismay, I stayed rooted in my spot, dreading the end of my life. I then noticed, to my desperate confusion, that the whole area, by a large radius, was completely devoid of any life.

"Where the hell did all the people go?" I panicked.

It was shame.


Well, you see, during my panic attack, I did not see the thing that fell on top of me. But I did see the pink smoke that surrounded me. I coughed. "What the hell?"

I waved my hand around, getting rid of the smoke, it gave me a scratchy throat and watery eyes. I hope that the effect wasn't permanent… Now that I thought about it, just how did the smoke appear? Wouldn't it need a firearm to cause such a reaction? I mentally counted the ones that would give off smoke when fired, but two problems remained unsolved. One, pink smoke could not be produced to such an extent; it wasn't impossible but the minimum that would ever come out would be near to wisps, and they wouldn't be pink. Two, I had not seen a single firearm around. I coughed again. "I don't get it, how can pink smoke randomly appear?"

Once it cleared, I found it somehow hideous and for that I was glad, I breathed in the air that I dearly missed. Pretty hard not to when you were being suffocated by pink stuff. I looked down and was met with the surface of a table, and all I could think about how shiny it was, you could practically use the surface as a mirror, no joke. What was in the smoke again? Murmurs ran throughout the table, making my aware that I wasn't alone. I looked up warily and glanced at my surroundings for the first time.

For a huge room like this, it was pretty well lit, but it didn't help with the looks I was receiving. The majority of the men began whispering to each other, and some of the women were calculating me.

In all honesty, I was scared shitless.

Of course I had caught some of their conversations but I couldn't decipher the gibberish that went around. It sounded like Spanish, but the disconnected vowels, verbs and sentences didn't make any sense. So I decided to the next best thing: I shrank into my chair. Who wouldn't? The whole room began to trip with tension. The stares soon became harder, and I felt panic running through me anew. I didn't even know why I was in such a place, where was this place anyway? A lot of questions ran through my mind, but I couldn't answer a single one of them. Therefore my breathing got shallower and shallower, but I couldn't back away, otherwise the chair would fall with me on it.

A hand on my shoulder jolted me out of my trance, and I opened my mouth to scream, only to gape at the person I saw. This man, out of every single one of them present, was much kinder. His features held a smile, one that was warm, and kind. But it was his eyes that caught my attention, the chocolate brown orbs with the slight tint of orange when it was caught in the light. I briefly noted that his hair was brown.

"You speak English, correct?" He asked with that kind smile. I nodded, eyes wide. His smile grew. "Well, you don't need to worry, you'll be back to where you were in about a couple of minutes."

"W-where a-am I?" My voice cracked, glancing nervously at the other people gathered. Their stares glinting now.

"Don't worry, they won't bite." The kind man chuckled, drawing my attention towards him. The sound of his chuckle echoed in my head, and made me feel dazed. "As for where you are, you are in Vongola."

That was the last thing I heard as the pink smoke from before engulfed me and as soon as it cleared I noticed that I was in Namimori Park. Was that all a dream? The light chuckle resonated through my head and I let out a groan. "Damn, I must be tired…"


It sounded so… musical, for the lack of a better word.

I soon questioned my sexuality after that, and whether I was actually gay. Though, wouldn't bisexual come before that? Ah, my brain is starting to hurt now. No point in thinking about it so much. I don't think I'll even meet the guy anyway.

So now you know the whole story behind this whole journal thing. It was a whim, to act as some sort of evidence for me. Because I'm sure that no one would believe me. Pink smoke and all. Damnit! Now it's all making me feel depressed…

P.S. Remember to look up the term 'Vongola'