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The move to the new house was a success, and we had begun to settle down when I noticed that our closets (in all seven rooms, seven) were full, in according clothes to their designated individual (how they knew of our fittings was just plain creepy, stalker-ish creepy). Funny thing was that, despite the number of rooms, I had fun in looking at the symbols they used for our doors. I mean it was pretty creative (in a sense). Mine had a cannon on it (so much for obvious), Chrome's had a decorative skull on hers, there was a yo-yo for Chikusa, the vampire teeth was to represent the canines that Ken had (Chrome told me of these facts too), there was also the Japanese number six to mark Mukuro's room (although a pineapple would have probably suited the door more...), then a piece of driftwood that looked symmetrical at any way you looked at it, and finally a cartoonish frog on the last one (the designs were all exceptional, especially Chrome's, an amateur could easily tell a professional did the work).

We both were happy with the way our rooms were organized (they were pretty big too, makes sense with such a large perimeter of a house, and the spacing in between the doors). I wasn't sure how Chrome's looked like, but mine was simple (just the way I liked it to be), a bed by the wall, a nice window for viewing the front of the house, a desk by the window with a desk lamp sitting on it, the color; a faded blue, there was a comfortable wheelie chair tucked in the desk neatly. My closet had its fair share of jeans, shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants (I couldn't get any happier than this), with a few runners in boxes at the bottom. On the floor was a faded blue rug that didn't even fill up the whole floor (I wasn't complaining), allowing the wooden floorboards to show. On top of that was a low table sitting in the middle of the rug. The walls were also a faded blue, something I was starting to become fond of.

The remaining days (until Mukuro came back) were pretty lazy. I remember that I checked my bank account (the one that my parents left me), and fell into shock with the amount that had been saved up (my parents send monthly payments into the account, so the extra was quite shocking, probably insurance being a part of it, but they don't give a few thousands worth of damn anything, that just left the sender to be anonymous for the huge amount of money), I had asked the bank on who gave the huge sum of money, and they replied with the 'benefactor' excuse. I pestered them some more, and they honestly didn't know any more than I did, saying that they had seen a huge amount of money after a check-up (I then yelled at them for giving a check-up when it was supposed to be private, they apologized and promised not to look through my financial statements again, I gave a good threat for good measure to ensure that they'd keep to their word, and they happily obliged after that).

Other than myself, Chrome looked pretty settled, and that was a relief. She told me how they were living in an abandoned park before all this happened, and I was pretty glad that I could let them stay somewhere other than a dank theatre (it just isn't healthy for a group of teenagers).

And speaking of bad luck, it had to come knocking on my door...

on the day that Mukuro was to return from Europe with his apprentice of some sort. I was in the kitchen getting something ready for Chrome and I, when the doorbell rang. I placed the knife down with a sigh, sneaking a glance at the time on the stovetop. "It's a bit too early for them to arrive yet..."

I answered the door, and in all my years of answering the object I didn't have such a strong desire to slam it back on the person's face... not since that dispute I had with a persistent advertiser back in America. I felt my face going into a bland somber look. "Oh, it's you."

"That isn't any way you would treat your senior, Cannon." My lovely guest, Ms. President, huffed.

"You aren't my senior, Ms. President," I pointed out with a deadpan.

"The title says otherwise," She retorted.

I raised a brow at the notion and ended up giving off a plastic smile. "That's only because I forgot your name, Ms. President, don't bother thinking about it."

She looked pissed, but didn't pursue the subject any longer. Instead she flicked her hair dramatically, her hands on her hips. "Well?"

"Well what?" I asked innocently, perfectly knowing that she wanted to be brought inside the house. It was customary after all.

"Aren't you going to invite me inside?" She crossed her arms giving a feeble glare, feeble compared to the other glares I had been exposed to.

"And why should I do that?" I questioned. "You don't have a right to step one foot into my house, or hell, my property. Especially when you had out rightly declared that I was your dog, so run along, and preferably don't come back."

She looked like she was going to explode with all the trash talk I was giving her, and I found it rather amusing. She gave another huff, crossing her arms. "Then I guess you don't want to meet our new dog."

I felt my stomach drop. She waved behind her, and two others appeared. Catching sight of a familiar red sent my heart plummeting through the abyss my stomach had left. I looked closer and was slightly relieved that it wasn't Shoichi, I still had to make a connection with the red head since the time he had pushed me off to that bazooka.

The red head in front of me was pretty weak looking, bruises and Band-Aids everywhere you looked. His clothing was pretty big on him, considering his size. And if I were to size him up, he would be around the same height as Tsuna. I caught a glimpse of his eyes and I was pretty surprised at the unique design, it was clearly impossible to have eyes like his. I slid over my gaze to the other guy, beside the red head, and a sense of familiarity washed over me. Which was impossible, but still, you couldn't be too sure of anything with the experience I have been through. I shook my head, turning back to Ms. President. "Well, aren't you going to introduce me to him?"

"Like I care," She snorted. "you're hardly being courteous to me."

I nearly gave a remorseful sigh, nearly. Instead I chose to cross my arms and move to the side. "Well then, Ms. President, enter my humble abode if you dare."

"Not the way I was hoping for it to go, but that'll do." She gave a curt nod to her companions before stepping inside.

I went further ahead and called out to Chrome who was most likely in the living room. "Chrome, we have guests!"

I then led the three through the house, into the living room. Making sure to grab the red head's arm and drag him to the armchair. I gave a smile to the other two. "Please sit down on that loveseat, plenty of room for the two of you."

I was inwardly cackling at the fuming face that Ms. President had on. I then turned to the red head who was sitting down as if he was taking too much space. I could see why he had been recruited as the Student Council's dog, he was way too much of an introvert. I placed a hand on his shoulder, and leaned down. "It's fine to relax once in a while y'know."

He didn't say anything, but gave a timid nod. I let out a sigh, after straightening up. I then turned to sit on the other side of Chrome, who was analyzing our guests with some expression I couldn't quite put my finger on.

"So," I started, sitting down comfortably on my seat. "what brings you here in my humble abode, Ms. President and guy-I-don't-know."

The guy turned towards Ms. President. "Is he always like this, Kano?"

Ms. President sighed. "He's been like this since I've found out he could speak Japanese."

"I see," The guy nodded, he turned his gaze onto me and I stared back, as calm as I could, taking in his features. He had good build, and wore casual clothes, his light brown hair swept from a three quarter on his left. Dammit, what was it with me being surrounded with people and their good looks?

"I'm sorry, I don't have your name," I finally answered, cutting the staring contest short. I gestured towards the red head. "or his, for that matter."

"Then allow me to introduce all three of us." He smiled, not getting up from his seat. "I'm Hanazuki, Seijuurou,"

He gestured towards Ms. President, his smile in place. "My sister, Hanazuki, Kano, and him, Kozato Enma."

I nodded, giving my side of the introductions. "You might know me, but I'll introduce myself anyways, I'm Cannon and she is Dokuro Chrome."

"No last name?" Seijuurou said smoothly, a brow raised. "You didn't have it written down on your application either, I wonder how you got away with that."

"That is none of your fucking business," I gave a snort.

"Such a bad mouth," Seijuurou replied, and for some reason I wanted to sock him good.

I chose the civil way out, I smirked. "I'm an American, don't tap dance on my patience."

"You might enjoy it," He grinned. His presence was starting to bother me, since I was sure I had definitely met him somewhere before...

"Believe me, you won't," I returned the grin, shifting my position so that I had my arms resting on my legs, hands clasped loosely.

The doorbell decided to ring then, causing me to give a non-existent sigh. The faint bickering that came from the entrance's direction confirmed it to be Mukuro and Co. I slid my gaze to the clock on top of the DVD Player, then turned to Chrome. "Could you get the door?"

She gave a nod and left the room accordingly. Leaving me in the company of the three guests. "So, where were we?"

"About me lap dancing on you," Seijuurou didn't lose his grin.

"No, that was tap dancing on my nerve," I dismissed the thought. "now, other than that, what were we talking about?"

"Well, since we side tracked quite a bit," Ms. President spoke up. "I want to be clear on why I came here, I want you to come back in school, and it's for the right of your education."

I leaned back into my seat, calculating the worth of yelling at her. "I thought I had already told you that I am withdrawing from the mundane school of yours."

"But if the government finds about your lack of grades, they will confront you." She stood her ground.

"That's what other schools are for," I pointed out. "and there is a reason why online schools were created."

It wasn't my first time taking an online course, I had taken one in America so I could finish the whole subject earlier to make room for other subjects that might come in handy for me in the future. I shifted a bit. "So recruitment is off limits, I won't go back to that school."

I paused, then smiled. "Even if you beg me for it."

I had to wonder if I had grown a sadistic side with all this amusement streaming in while watching the myriad of emotions cross her face. Ms. President decided that enough was enough. "Fine, be warned that I will give words to every University and College out there to make sure your studies come to a standstill! Seijuurou! Let's go!"

"What about Enma-kun?" The brunette asked, getting up from his seat.

"Leave the dog! We have no use for him!" Came the yell from Ms. President.

Seijuurou sighed, turning to face me. "Well love to stay and be with you, but I have to leave."

He gave a small bow and left, catching up to his sister. I heard the door close behind him and I slumped on my seat. "God damn them,"


Oh, right. I had another person here. I turned to look at the teen in the arm chair. He became rather fidgety under my stare.

I sighed and sat upright, giving a kind smile to him. "So you're Enma, right?"

He nodded, and I continued my questioning. "They didn't do anything to you, right?"

"N-no," He stuttered.

I gave a nod, allowing myself to drop back down onto my seat. "Do you need to contact someone, Enma?"

"Y-yeah, that would be grateful." I heard him mumble.

I sighed, getting up from my seat to fish out my cell phone from my pocket. I took it out and handed it to him. "Here, you can use my phone since I don't have a house phone… apparently."

I tended to have gotten quite lazy when I brought up the subject for debate. So I pushed it off, telling myself that I would not buy a home phone unless I seriously needed it.

Enma took the phone muttering a thanks as he dialed his number, and I left him at that, while I returned to creating dinner for the rest of us. I was pretty sure that they would all wake up and come down to the kitchen and scrounge it for food. I was not going to have a messy kitchen, so cooking was the best option for now. I had finished placing all the ingredients in the large frying pan to fry, when Enma stopped in front of the bar counter sliding my phone across it. "Thanks for letting me use your phone, my family would be here soon."

I smiled. "No problem, make yourself comfortable."

"Thanks," He mumbled.

It was a while with the silence enveloping us, I had gotten a good chunk of dinner ready as well. Letting the rice steam in the pot I turned to face Enma, leaning against the bar counter. "What brings you here in Namimori, Enma?"

"H-Huh?" He looked up with that ever worrisome face he had, before looking down again. "O-Oh, um, well it wasn't long since I only came here last week."

"I see, that would make sense," I nodded. "then I'll give you a word of advice."

Enma looked up, looking at me expectedly. I continued, giving a slight smile. "I say that you should move to the other side of Namimori, where Namimori Middle is located, I can't guarantee that the bullies would not chase after you, but what I can guarantee is that you won't be stuck with a hard headed woman that would treat you like the scum of the Earth."

He blinked, and I shrugged. I wouldn't blame it on him if it sounded weird. "You would also meet a bunch of my friends who go to Namimori Middle, they're way more friendlier than anyone else I have met."

"O-Ok," I smiled when he gave a small nod. Poor guy, he must be feeling out of place right now.

"Don't sweat it, you have a phone?" I asked, busying myself with the dinner on the stovetop.

"N-No…" He muttered dejectedly.

"No worries, I'll give you my cell number, and feel free to call me anytime you wish," I paused re-thinking that sentence. "actually, not just any time, you know especially not at like twelve dead in the night… not unless you're having some crisis that you need help in resolving right away."

"R-Right," Enma gave a smile and I smiled in return.

The doorbell rang, and I turned down the heat on the elements; then making my way to the door. I opened it and blinked at the sight that was at eye level to me. I mean… who had D cups in Japan? I looked up and was met with a sharp gazed woman, seemingly glaring at me. I gave a smile. "And you are?"

"I'm Enma's Guardian, he said he was here," Her gaze sharpened. "where is he?"

"Oh, Enma!" I nodded in understanding. "Alright, wait here, I'll get him for you."

I turned to head back to the kitchen, and rummaged in a close drawer for a Post-It note and a pen. Quickly scribbling down my number, I ripped it off, I met up with the red head by the bar counter. I handed him the Post-It. "Here's my number, remember to find a house on the other side of Namimori, now off you go, some lady with huge boobs is waiting for you."

"You mean Adelheid?" Enma questioned, with a slight tilt of his head.

"That's her name? Gee, it even sounds scary…" I muttered, wasting no time in ushering the red head towards the entrance. I didn't want the woman to go berserk on me, thank you very much. I watched how Adelheid started fussing over…

Enma before they had gone off. I returned to the kitchen making sure that nothing bombarded them (namely Ms. President and Seijuurou), but I was pretty sure that Adelheid (still think it's a scary name) would scare them off with that ice cold glare of hers…. You know I just remembered a quote that I had found somewhere… something about it being near a loved one that your bust would grow bigger… Honestly, that's something for the girl population to understand, not me.

As I had expected, it was around ten when they all had come downstairs to find something to fill their stomachs with (I felt like I was in a pen filled with hungry lions with how they were acting). I told them to take a seat at the dining table that had (thankfully) enough room to fit everyone (it was a round wooden table, big enough for all of us to have our space while eating). I had also noticed two new faces (would explain the two rooms, even though I was expecting one new person), a girl with short red hair and a boy that had cyan colored hair (what is people and their hair color? It also reminded me of Kikyo…).

I learned that the girl's name was M.M. (again what is wrong with them and all these small pieces of information? It's not like some random person is going to up to you demanding you to spill your name!), a haughty girl who loved money over everything else (because, as the saying goes 'you can't buy your happiness unless you have money'… actually no, I made that up on the spot…). The boy was the one who was going to be Mukuro's new apprentice, a boy that had a huge emotional problem (meaning that he hardly gave way to any emotion, and talked like the dead), his name was Fran.

I mean, even the Vindice were able to show emotion despite being like dead zombies! … Hold on, that didn't come out right…

Anyways, I have yet to see how they actually are… hopefully they aren't retarded (like Ken)… hopefully.

P.S. Mukuro asked about the renovation, and since I was too tired I told him that some sadistic fairy granted it, for free too, he gave me a weird look but took the story… he should count himself lucky that he wasn't smacked with a book