Chapter 1: How to Change the World


"Daddy's home!"

"Me first! I'm the eldest!"

"Well I'm the youngest! I'm qualified to greet Daddy first!"

"Not if I beat you to it!"

"I'll tell you all on Mommy! I'll tell her you were being mean!"

This is what greets the Chief of Berk as soon as his dragon lands at the front of his house. After a month-long Thing, however, no one could blame him for rushing home the minute it was over to meet his overly eager children and his beautiful loving wife, who at the moment is quite content in seeing her husband and chief being wrestled to the ground by their children.

She was prepared to bet that even if they grew up and has their own families, they would not be less eager to compete to get to him first. Not that Astrid was jealous or anything, she knows more than anyone that he can be lovable to anyone. She should know, he taught her to even love herself. She could't help but blush a bit whenever she remembers "all" the ways he loved her, which, she knows will definitely happen as soon as the rest of the family turns in for the night. But for now, she just enjoys the sight of her flock of Terrors (as she affectionately calls her children) do a dogpile on their father, which was immediately joined in by a certain eager Night Fury followed later by their dragons, and not just Stormfly, but including their children's dragons. Like she said, he is quite lovable to everyone he meets, she is even starting to agree to his joke that he is starting to consider the kids' dragons as their own children.

After nearly 10 minutes trying to pry himself from children and dragons alike, Hiccup finally gets back on both feet (or foot, technically speaking) and sees his wife standing at the doorway with arms crossed, a playful smirk and a mischievous glint in her eyes. He made a beeline for her, jogging a bit, before stopping in front of her before losing themselves in each others' eyes. The moment ended half a minute later when Hiccup grabs her by the waist before capturing in a kiss that lasted for 10 seconds and leaves them speechless in each other's embrace afterwards.

"You know, if you were gonna take your time any longer to get home, I would have sent our pack of Terrors to kidnap you and bring you home." Astrid whispered in his ear.

"Really Milady? You know it's gonna leave a bad impression to all the other tribes if they see the Great Dragon Master being overpowered by a bunch of kids, right?" Hiccup replies playfully.

"Well they don't have a wife that needs constant attention on a regular basis, do they?" Astrid purred softly as she lightly (Astrid standards of course) punched him on the shoulder before settling her head on his chest.

"Who are you, and what have you done to my wife? The real Astrid Hofferson does't need anyone!" The chief said holding his wife at arms length with a mock shocked expression. Astrid groaned as she went back to resting her head at the crook of his neck and answered.

"You should know that this was your fault, you had to go and make me Astrid Haddock. Not that I'm really complaining." She added the last part softly. Hiccup gave a contented sigh, placing his chin on top of her head as they always did before. "Well then, I better go and take responsibility for it then."

"AHEM!" Faking a cough, Hic (Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IV), makes their presence known

"As much as we like to see our parents happy," Added his twin, Hicca Halla Haddock

"Do you two really need to do this right here?"

"In front of our house?"

"In front of the entire village?"

"In front of us?"

"Really?" They both finished at the same time.

"Come on kids, I miss your mom as much as I missed each of you. Isin't't that right Milady?" Asked Hiccup wriggling this eyebrows at his lovely wife. "Come on you guys, lets get inside and have some lunch, and maybe we can spend the day together, unless, of course, you "all" have something to do today?" Astrid asked emphasizing on the 'all' word.

Taking a hint, Finn suggested "Yeah, we got some stuff to do anyway, right guys? You know, sibling bonding time and whatnot... Right?" His brother, Stoick Blaze Haddock, was just about to say something along the lines of 'No we don't' when he was interrupted by a slight kick in the the shin from behind as Finn looked at Asta to ask for some help and getting his drift right away, she is his other twin after all. "Yeah guys, lets have a dragon race around the island, 10 laps what do you say?"

"You do remember that my dragon is a Speed Stinger right? He may be a former Alpha Stinger but Streak still can't fly." Hicca reminded her sister.

"Of course we will be racing over land and we will all be fair, Haddock Honor!" Declared Draco, obviously excited. "Haddock Honor!" Exclaimed everyone of the siblings.

Draco and Hicca were racing out the door, eager to get to the starting line first, followed by Hic, who was making last minute adjustments on his flight gear(a replica of Hiccup's suit) followed by Stoick, looking just as excited. After making sure her younger brothers, sister and other twin brother were outside, Asta shared a look with her older twin brother and parents, made a shrugging movement before taking off after her siblings to make sure they don't get in trouble (Which happens more often than one thought possible).

Finn looked at his parents before bolting off saying "Have fun you two! Whatever you are doing!" Everyone else in Berk knows to leave the Chief alone after a long journey to 'catch up with things' with his wife. They actually don't have a choice, it's either leave the chief alone or face the wrath from the heavens (literally) by a very fustrated, axe-wielding Valkyrie.

Suddenly alone in their house, Hiccup just finished processing what happened, when Astrid punched him in the shoulder again, "Hey, our eldest just gave us a whole day to ourselves, are you just gonna spend it just staring of to nothing or you gonna spend it with me?" She grinned mischievously. Grinning himself, he asked her as he carried her to their room bridal style, "Was Finn always that awkward in making suggestions to his siblings? Although he made Asta do the commands to keep them in line, but, you know, kinda like us, before, with the gang, no?"

"Believe it or not, you were much more awkward back then. But yes. He is so much like you, but then again, all of them have us in them... so are you just gonna keep stalling Babe, or are you gonna tend to your poor wife?" She says doing puppy dog eyes, while doing an adorable pout for only Hiccup to see. Setting her down back to her feet at the foot of their bed, Hiccup declared. "For you Milady, anything." He said as he knelt down and kissed her hand.

As they both lay in each others arms just cuddling to feel each other's beloved, Hiccup decided to ask the question that was nagging in his head since arriving. "Alright, how many times did you gave to rebuild the village before I came back?" Chuckling a bit, she looked at her husband's eyes with amusement and replied as she traced circles in his chest. "You will be glad to know that no, not the entire village, but we had to rebuild the forge at least twice, you can guess who did it both times." Hiccup groaned at the implications. "The twins. And when I say that, I mean Hic and Hicca, am I right?"

"Nope, its our other twins who also spend most of their time in the forge planning Odin knows what and having results which makes the whole village wish the old you was back." she replied sarcastically. "You know what Milady? You are definitely spending too much time with me, how did it happen again?"

"On your first question, I am definitely not spending enough time with you, Chief. And the second, you made me fall for you, you married me, and you gave me 6 kids that are as amazing as you."

"Awww, Astrid, come 'ere." Says Hiccup nuzzling her hair before sighing in utter happiness. "I really hate breaking the moment, but what else was needed to be fixed?" With a knowing smile she answers. "You know our kids all to well don't you, My Love?" She chuckles a bit before continuing. "Now that you mention it... Finn may or may not very nearly damaged the first portrait Bucket made of you and your dad. You know, the "Hiccup the Buff " one, while practicing his new "Axe Dance" that he had been working on for a while. And in the process, he did kind of maybe, cleave in two your first prosthetic though."

He winced a bit at the thought. Still getting over the fact that the eldest of the triplets and his most likely heir having a an obsession with the most ridiculous dance movements, which included, but not limited to, spinning using his head with both arms outstretched while holding his axes with both hands. This led to everyone knowing to steer clear of Finn in every Feast and Dance because of it. Hiccup snapped out of his mental image of his son doing the said stunt after just a second before responding, "Well, I never did like that picture anyway. As for the prosthetic, we will have a talk later. Anybody else?"

"Asta nearly burned down the kitchen again, twice while trying to try some of her 'original recipes'."

"That girl can be both amazing and disastrous in the kitchen, kinda reminds me of of a certain drink that can force even Snotlout to admit he cried..." he chided before receiving a punch in the gut. "Hey! I was just trying to bury the sadness. Kind of like what you were doing with your inventions to help." "I'm glad you mentioned that,"he smirked, much to his wife's horror

"Those ideas did lead however to blowing up every house in Berk in a span of no more than 5 minutes according to Fishlegs..." he stopped at his wife's glare. "At least you knew that moment how I felt everytime my inventions backfired like they often did often back then."

This calmed Astrid down a bit and made her feel guilty again. Sensing this, Hiccup pulled her closer and peppered her face with kisses until she was flustered with embarrassment. "Hey, for what it was worth, we did celebrate Snoggletog with a "bang " literally. And it was one sure to remember, I know I do. So, what else happened?"

Astrid settled back on her place on the crook of Hiccup's neck before going over to the next part of her report to her Chief Husband. "We had our daughter rebuild some of it I say some because I know her brothers and sister helped out whenever they think I wasn't looking. " "They do love each other, and it makes me proud." Hiccup sighed contentedly imagining the image that his children caring one another.

"Stoick on the other hand, destroyed all the training dummies when he found his Beserker Phase." "That kid never did know his own strength, I'm starting to know why my grandfather asked Dad to bang his head against a rock..."

"He actually did that, if you saw the training ring tomorrow, the big rock statue,the one the twins traded for their grandfather's skull? The one we use to have the dragons fire at? It split in two."

"Wow, one thing's for sure, that kid does't know his own strength. Did you have him rebuild all of the training dummies?" Hiccup queried.

"What do you think? I even had Asta stationed on sentry duty just to make sure he does it, though I suspect that the rest of our Terrors were there as well to help, especially the faces of the dummies had a little too much detail, definitely the work of the twins." Astrid chuckled at the ridiculous notion of anybody even putting faces on training dummies, much more so that they look exactly that realistic.

She also had stationed the 2nd of the triplets since she was th one to take after her more than any of her children, and since she has both their eyes, her glare can be seen as a glare of both Hiccup and Astrid, which can intimidate the most stubborn viking, and keep her brothers and sister in line any day, even Finn, though they seem to understand each other better and are both the same page, most of the time.

"One even looked exactly like Dagur."

"Well then , remind me to keep that one to myself. I also have to thank Stoick for that, maybe bring him along if we are going to clear part of the forest. What do you think Dear?"

"He would probably be so happy he might just do it again." She says as she gave a heartily laugh at how her youngest triplet would enjoy at the prospect of an extraneous activity just so he can really make use of his well developed muscles but he does have difficulty in assembling things, hence, his siblings helping out.

"What about our little dragon? He didn't set the whole village on fire again did he?" Hiccup asked half-jokingly, since their youngest has an affinity with dragons and is likely getting the Dragon Master title in the future and also has proven more than once that he can be just as destructive, if not more, than his brothers and sisters.

"I was afraid you were gonna ask about him." Astrid sighed before continuing. "He secretly led the other kids to explore the forest." Like all of the Haddocks, even if he was the youngest in the group, Draco Rider Haddock has the ability to lead and and rally both people and dragons. To which, Hiccup would puff his chest with pride whenever he was told that his kids are leading something, until he he hears the fiasco it leads to.

And by the other kids, she meant the other twins, Brunhilda and Hemidal, Heather and Eret's kids, who took after their father and went on to become hunters and trappers.

Snotlout's kids, Scornlout, who for some reason, hero-worships Hiccup, much to his father's dismay, and Freya, who developed a competitive sense to constantly challenge Asta, Brunhilda and Hicca for the title of being the "Fairest in All of Berk" which she loses to Asta's competitiveness and sharp senses most of the time, Brunhilda's hunting kills sometimes, and to Hicca's brilliance whenever she wants to make a point.

Fishlegs' and Ruffnut's kids, Fishnut, who seemed to have taken all of her mother's and uncle's destructive tastes that she can control her Zippleback, Demo and Lish, single-handedly with scary effectiveness, and her sister Hildenut, who may not have her father's build, but most definitely have his brain, right down to talking in whole paragraphs when talking about anything and everything.

And Tuffnut and Camicazi's kids, Tuff, for some inexplicable reason, (annoying the Hel out of his sister) named his daughter after his sister, earning her to be called 'Little Ruff', and for another inexplicable reason (a god must have heard her prayers to get her brother back somehow in revenge), she turned out to be the complete opposite of him and his sister, kind, quiet and preferred healing injuries rather than causing them, but she can use her blowdarts with poison and herbs so well, she can threaten the biggest viking with little effort. And Thornut, with whom Tuff was glad to have lived up to his name at least, the lad was as loud as Hiccup's father was, which is quite impressive, considering he didn't have Stoick the Vast's mass nor height nor width. The boy was as close as to a Thunderdrum as humanly possible which included swimming for long periods of time, even a whole day, fishing with that double-ended spear of his, and even eating raw fish at times, much to everyone else's disgust, when asked why he would simply say, "for survival reasons." he was of course a perfect match with his Thunderdrum, Big Mouth, in fact, the dragon apparently thought the lad was a Thunderdrum himself and considers him his own hatchling rather than his rider not that Thornut was complaining about it.

Hiccup groaned to himself at the implications given by his wife at their son's adventure before asking "Ooookaayyyy..." Before taking a deep breath. "I may regret asking this but, what happened?"

"Actually, it happend twice while you were away." Hiccup groaned again. "one was in the woods where they tried to explore the old Whispering Death tunnels, not knowing there was a female Whispering Death sleeping nearby, Fishnut startled her cousin..." Hiccup winced, knowing which cousin she startled and kinda felt sorry for the kids having to suffer Thornut screaming in a closed tunnel. "... and in turn waking up the dragon. Fortunately for our Draco, his brothers and sisters went looking for him as soon as they noticed he was gone and after an eventful afternoon, helped Freya tame it and she called her Vortex, which she still claims she tamed single-handedly, since Asta and Hicca manged to train their dragons on their own... you know her." To which Hiccup responded nodding knowingly.

"The second exploration to Dragon Island happend without incident, it was the return trip that made things... interesting. Apparently, Scornlout found a "Stone of Good Fortune" and kept it for himself like his dad did, back when we were kids, I think you know where this is going right?" Her husband did a facepalm before shaking his head in understanding what happened next as his wife continued.

"Naturally, the Changewings attacked the village before our quiet Little Ruff found out and paralyzed Scorn with Streak's stinger venom using her blowdarts and managed to give the Changewings the egg back and not only that, she managed to train and bond with a Changewing she named Seek, and so now, you really can't find Little Ruff unless she wants to be found or Asta or Heather's twins find her. Oh, and before I forget Babe, before the Changewings did come to the Island, Fishnut dared Scornlout to launch himself from a catapult to prove it was really a "Stone of Good Fortune", it does makes sense, now we know why he was so confident in flying without a dragon, "She chuckled at the memory for a bit along with her husband having the image in his head before she added. "And it was pretty entertaining while it lasted. I'm just sorry you missed that. Maybe next time Babe."

"I guess that must have put Snot's mind at ease to know that his son took after him after all, in a way at least." Hiccup commented on the striking similarity of the situations between the son and the father back in his younger days.

"Well, that's about it for the most interesting things happened while you were away, aside from the usual complaints from Snotlout and the rest of the villagers of course." Astrid said as she concluded. And not a moment too soon, since he heard the creaking of their front door to announce the arrival of their flock of Terrors. Sighing to himself that their 'alone time' is done, before getting up and getting dressed and Astrid followed suit. But before going out, he catches his wife by the waist, before pulling her close until their foreheads were touching. Smiling seductively that Astrid knows was reserved for her alone, he said nonchalantly. "How about we go to the Cove later after our evening flight so that you can meet the Alpha." "I didn't know there was a new Alpha around here," Astrid responded, feining innocence, but her eyes were a dead giveaway that she knows exactly what he meant. "But it seems a very important issue especially for the village, I guess we will have to go." She then narrows her eyes with an evil grin. "Just make sure he comes and lives up to the title, 'Dragon Master'." She added in an almost purring tone, before breaking off and proceeding to the Living Room to greet her children. Her husband followed immediately after her.

"Hey Mom! Hey Dad!" A nasally voice greets them right away, announcing their eldest Finn Ander Haddock. "Sorry we were kinda caught up a bit from the race, since Asta kept asking for a rematch its always tied, again, mostly with Draco and/or Hicca, once with me or Stoick or Hic" "Well its a race and there should always be a winner, and there is no winner if it is a tie!" Asta came in looking at her brother as if he was saying the most preposterous thing in the world. "It's not our fault we are all children of the best Dragon Riders in all of Berk sis." reasoned Stoick.

"Yeah sis..."

"...does it really..."

"...have to be..."

"...a competition..."

"...with you?" The second batch of Haddock twins responded, finishing each others sentences, granted they can talk normally by themselves yet they still do it, which nobody really knows if they really are thinking the same thing or just do it to annoy people. "Yes! Why else do we keep on having those races if not to know who is the best? Right Mom?"

"Did I really sound like that back then?" Astrid asked her husband in the corner of her mouth, it's how they communicate between themselves, to which Hiccup responded likewise.

"If you only knew, she is actually much more calm than you were back in the day."

"Then I'm so sorry"

"We'll talk later, alone."

"Oh... I like that"

"Sissy..." Finn, in an exhausted annoyed tone. "We do that because we are Haddocks, we were born to fly on the backs of dragons, exploring new lands, training dragons, going in speeds that can make anyone as green as Scornlout when he tried your version of Mom's Yaknog..."


"The point is, don't you want to be challenged not by one, but 5 excellent Dragon Riders? Just think about how you can improve and beat anybody else so simply? What do you say? Huh? Sissy?"

"Besides," Injected Draco, "The dragons are pretty tired and that will not make it a fun race, right?" He is now sounding like calming an irate dragon, which in this case, is not that far off.

"Fine, you win." Asta slumped her shoulders in defeat before sinking to her seat. Then suddenly sitting up straight again with a glare that is equivalent to both their parents' at the same time. "But next time, I will win! Mark my words! I, Asta Storm Haddock, will definitely win the next race and Odin help you if you are even thinking of throwing off the race! Got it?" She demanded before collapsing back to her seat. "Sure, Sissy." The rest of them responded wearily but with a hint of relief in their voices. Asta only responds to 'Sissy' if it's from her siblings, anyone else, Scornlout found out the hard way, gets pounded royally.

"So, Dad, what happened in the Thing? What did you do there?" Draco asked like the excited 6-year old that he was.

"Well, you know, the usual," Hiccup responded nonchalantly. "They Asked me to tell them the story of me meeting Toothless, the first Snoggletog with the dragons..." He hastily added sensing his wife's glare. "Don't worry Dear, I conveniently forgot to mention 'certain' parts of that story." Before finishing "And then the one how me and Toothless beat Drago and Toothless became Alpha." "So basically, the story how Dad changed the whole viking world." Stock concluded.

"Thank you, for summing that up." The rest of the Haddocks deadpanned at the same time, then a pause before bursting into fits of laughter as they always did whenever they say that phrase at the same time.

"But seriously, Dad," began Hic,

"We really want to hear it again." followed by Hicca

"The story of how you met Toothless"

"And how you changed all of Midgard"

"Please?" both chorused and put on pouting baby dragon faces, and if that alone wasn't enough, the looks on the rest of the Haddock children made it evident that arguing is pointless.

"Fine, just dont blame me if you fall asleep dead bored of that same old story..."

"Then allow me to tell the tale, or better yet, as you used to tell your wife, Great Dragon Master, 'Let me show you'."

"Who said that?" They all asked as they tensed up, getting ready for anything.

"ME!" And with a "POP" a figure suddenly appeared, covered in smoke, right in the middle of the room.

Only taking a second to recover, many things happened at once:

Hiccup and Draco took out their respective Dragon Swords, Inferno, Smoulder and Burner in sword mode and set them alight, pointing at the figure. (A/N: Yes, Dear Reader, Hic replicated Hiccup's Dragon Sword, twice, and gave it to his little brother, and yes, Draco dual wields them and of course Hic made a few tweaks on them. What they are, stay tuned.)

Astrid dove any rolled immediately to the wall holding her prized Gronkle Iron axe, and was then ready to strike.

Finn (who was sitting on the floor that time) did a back roll before whipping out his dual axes and was ready for anything as well.

Asta jumped back a bit before slamming her Gronkle Iron arm guards together like she was blocking a hit, causing the hidden twin blades in the arm guards to pop out (kind of like Wolverine's, only a single claw with the shape and size of a Roman short sword) and got into battle stance.

Stock simply took out the war hammer he keeps in reserve since he can't use his preferred Pole axe inside the house, with an anticipating grin in his face.

Hic took his version of his father's Ornate Shield and set it in crossbow mode in a span of two seconds, thanking the gods he put an arrow in advance already, and put the sword mode on stand by in case he misses and may need it.

And Hicca deployed her collapsible Gronkle Iron Shield that normally looks like an oversized arm guard(works like the shield Percy Jackson receives in the first movie). And setting the secondary feature to be able to shoot short sharp spikes with deadly accuracy, also thanking the gods that she put a spike in the chamber in advance, as well as getting ready to throw additional spikes, since she can throw them just as well.

After a beat, Astrid commented nonchalantly, not taking her eyes off the figure. "See, I told you those surprise attacks I gave you all the time would pay off." Finishing in an I-told-you-so voice.

"You know, I would have laughed at that, if not the fact that I seem to be at the soon receiving end of your weapons..." And the doors burst open and all of the dragons in the household faced the mysterious figure with slit eyes and barred teeth, growling threateningly. "...and dragons." Hiccup finished.

"Wow, thank you for summing that up and reminding me, I wouldn't know what I would have done if I conveniently forgot about the dragons as well." The figure commented sarcastically, a pause before adding. "I would love to end this right now, this is not the time nor place. But let me assure you, I will most definitely make it so, shortly."

And with a snap of his finger, everything went black...

A/N: So sorry guys, Chapter 2 is still in the works but I can guarantee that you will know why the title is "The Kids are Watching" may sound a bit cliche' once you figure it out and yes, Hiccup and Astrid do have 6 kids, the first 3 are triplets as I may have mentioned, the next 2 were nearly identical twins and the last one was a single baby. Iwas deciding to put their profiles as well as the other OC's on chapter 2 or put it in a seperate story. Please let me know what you want and I suspect that you guys are wanting to ask some questions and requests on some of the kids' misadventures like what happened during the Dragon Island adventure, how Scornlout found the Changewing egg, what hapened after he was launched on the catapault and how Little Ruff saved the day and such. I may consider putting one-shots about the Gang with/or thekids based on requests you give. A novice Author such as myself does need a bit of boost to know people want to keep reading my stories. Hope to hear from you guys soon! -The Viking Stranger