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Chapter 4,


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Chapter 4: The Unexpected

The screen flashes from black to a picture that says "20th century Fox " and the said words are colored gold and stacked on top of another and gives an appearance of it being massive with curious lights moving at random.

"What does that even mean?" asked fGobber. "But I bet my undies that those moving lights would defiantly come in handy, what you say lad?"

"Oh, That's easy granpa Gobber," Hic started, drawing inspiration of what he saw," You only have to get a big hollow cylinder, vanity glass, and a great sized candle…"

" …Simply put 2 holes in the middle of the cylinder, each opposite of the other, put the great candle or even a torch, depends on how big you want it to be…" continued by his sister.

"…The opposite whole allows the fumes to escape from the candle or torch, while the vanity glass on one end of the cylinder, reflects the light…

"…adding to the light already showing on the other end of the cylinder…"

"…easily doubling the light coming out to that end..."

"… then add a rotating base below the cylinder…"

"…and voila! There's your replica of a movable bright torch!" They finished in unison.

The Hiccups, on their part, scribbled furiously on their notebooks, and each doing on how they are visualizing the said contraption. Unsurprisingly, the design is the exact replica of the other. They chucked a bit at the freak coincidence of it all, but then again they are the same guy after all.

The other pVikings were simply astonished at the idea of this Hiccup look-alikes and the striking detail of ingenuity of thinking of the contraption on the spot.

The rest of them merely rolled their eyes, this display can be expected of the Haddock Twins whenever they are asked to improvise and analyze something. Similar to Fishlegs' dragon stats breakdown to the most minute detail.

"Hey, people!" The Stranger called out, getting all their attention again. "Are we gonna watch what we're supposed to watch or you're just gonna gawk at those two the whole time? "

That certainly got them to look at the screen again.

Another image flashes after a moment, this time, showing a crescent moon, with a boy holding a fishing rod. Underneath it, are the words:"DreamWorks"

"Cool! Look someone's fishing on the moon!" pTuffnut shouted with glee.

"Way to go Captain Obvious, excellent observation skills, bravo." Drawled the Stranger, complete with mock applause, rolling eyes and unamused look. This however, was completely missed by the twins, all of them, plus Fishnut.

The Vikings can only facepalm at the missed point, even the dragons face-tailed themselves, which did not end well to some, like Gronckles and Boneneppers knocking themselves out for a few seconds. Other variants of the simultaneous event was, face-clawed, face-winged, even the Bewilderbeast and Night Furies made a facepaw.

fToothless made an exasperated huff that clearly translates to: 'Stupid humans…'

"Hey, if that guy can go there, we can blow it up!" Fishnut's voice rang throughout that can only mean a destructive idea is in play. And the Vikings shuddered on how they will pull it off.

"Yeah!" and the clanging of Thorson Twin helms can be heard, whatever trouble it is, just increased threefold.

When suddenly, their fears for the twins was instantly banished by a primal fear…

They didn't notice it before, given the antics of the teens and kids alike, but there is no mistaking it.

The sound of something faster than the blink of an eye…

pStoick immidiatly moved on instinct and bellowed, "Night Fury!"

"It's an ambush!"

"Take cover!"

"Duck under the seats!"

"Pray the devils do not see you!"

The Night Furies present can only look at the panic of the residents of pBerk. The youngest of the three drakes looked even smug about it. But the faces of everybody else, dragons included, look with raised eyebrows that scream: "They already see you, idiots."

The screen displays a serene ocean, when it suddenly a black blur splits it surface, something flying with incredible speed.

The collective gasp of everyone present, even the Vikings who knew the Night Fury and his rider haven't seen them go all out as the undisputed masters of the sky, as they wait with batted breath on what they know, will be a show.

The Night Fury…

"Look at the sheer speed of it! This must be 20 or maybe even +20!" pFishlegs exclaimed, extremely giddy of the show of the legendary dragon itself.

pHiccup only peeked from where he was, watching the creature and strangely, he didn't feel fear, but more of... admiration and awe.

pStoick raised his head above the seat he was using for cover, glaring at the beast that has struck fear in the hearts of his people, the abomination that must be destroyed in the soonest. A chief protects his own. But he cannot help but think, there is more to this, than this stranger just showing them the beast.

As the view then comes from above, there is noticeably a figure of sorts; it does not take long to notice that the ebony drake is carrying something, or rather, someone.

"What the-?" pGobber can only mumble at what he is seeing, or rather try to make sense what he is seeing.

"It's a man!"

"Who is that?"

"It's a demon!" cried Mildew, shaking his staff as if to ward off the entity. (not that it will work of course)

"Actually, he's a rider..." Said the Stranger with an anticipating smirk on his face.

As the two approach a herd of Thunderdrums, they swevered to the left, then with a quick upward jerk, narrowly avoiding one of the tidal titans, the rider moves himself into a sitting position and a millisecond later, shifts a foot pedal stirrup to move mechanical red tailfin with obvious practiced ease.


"Look at that!"

"Their movements, it's so synchronized, it like they know what the other is thinking!"

"Having too much experience on crashing if we don't do it right, does that" Hiccup commented

"Too right, but in the end, it's what makes us where we are, isn't that right bud?" the eldest Night Fury chirped in affirmation. While the youngest eyed critically the two pairs. Is it worth losing his freedom? He was free. Surely it would be better than depending on a human, they are weak, and he is strong alone... he then moved his attention back to the magic wall and see what this 'friendship' can do.

The duo do a quick barrel roll in the exact moment that a Thunderdrum made a leap out of the water.

There was whooping from the kids and the voices are indiscernible in their cheering and shouts of half heard words such as:

"Go chief!"

"Oh yeah!"

"That's major Dragon master material!"

"Hurry! Note those moves down!"

"That's my daddy!"

They then proceeded to ascend to the sky in a hurry, great wing muscles pumping a hard as they can in excitement.

"What are they gonna do?" a Viking woman asked, it was meant to be a panicked sounding one but unfortunately came out as swooning, especially at the sight of tight leather.

Then both dragon and rider leaned backward to an overhead arc upside down, before tucking in and making a high-speed dive.

"Oh... look at those curves..." drawled one pRuffnut.

"...like he's born for it..." the masked vigilante whispered to herself as if in contemplation and wonder.

The older Astrids can only watch silently... and hungrily... at the manuvers shown.

Looks like someone is gonna get lucky soon.

While the youngest Astrid is torn, the wonder and freedom of a dragon and all of the things she was raised to believe. It didn't help that the rider is making her feel... weird.

Using the momentum of the dive, they make their ascent almost as quickly, whilst making high speed upward spirals tucking in their extremities to make a singular penetrating unit.

As they reached the zenith of their climb, they simply stopped, the rider looking below to check their path clear as they both fell, the dragon's face showing delight.

The dragons of the past watched in wonder, it is very obvious that the bond- the friendship of the two exceeds and surpasses any that they have known and seen. The dragons of the present were not much better either, though they knew the rider and his mount, watching them in their purest element is enchanting. Those of the future, especially the children, were practically shaking and wanted nothing more than to just jump on their dragons and join the rider in the magical wall.

The masked figures, including the rider on the screen did and said nothing, but one did not need to see the pleased smiles behind their masks.

The two Toothlesses were sharing a look... a dare to outdo the other. And an agreement to do it when this is over.

The young Night Fury can only stare in disbelief at his supposed future self, it was an impossibility for him, was it? The young drake was having doubts, why would he be subjected to such... servitude... that was not the way of the dragons, let alone that of his species! They were proud and freedom is all they want and need, they have nothing else but that feeling and privilege.

Now this... impossibility... this is just not done, no one in the nine realms could think of this... let alone for it to happen. What happened that made this possible?

This was what pStoick had in mind as well... and as reluctant as he was he cannot deny that this rider exudes grace, power and a commanding presence that he could feel. One that he always wanted his own son to have, instead, all he had was disappointment. He has to know who this rider is. And he cannot shake the feeling that he will know soon enough.

As they fell, the dragon flipped itself upright and glided in al lazy manner somehowhat, the rider folded the reigns of his mount, as he asks him. "Whaddaya think bud, wanna give this a shot?"

"Give what a shot?"pHiccup suddenly said aloud. And to those who knew the truth, they cannot help but not how similar the voices are; some things never change.

"You'll see" was all that the Stranger had to say with a note of amusement. This caused all of the attendees to perk up, this must be something interesting at the very least.

The dragon's eyes widened for a second before morphing to one of annoyed resignation and a huff that definitely voiced it.

"Toothless..." the rider said in an attempt to assure his friend, "It'll be fine." He then moved his leg to switch into a position before pulling a lever to lock it in place.

"What happened to his leg!?"

"Is that really a leg?"

"It's nothing I've ever seen before except...maybe..." trailed pGobber's voice. He knew his apprentice had the knack of making the most complicated things. And his Hiccup flair is a bit hard to miss. Maybe he'll ask about it later.

The dragons, on the other hand, noticed the tailfin... and their wonder only increased. Who helps a downed dragon?

"Ready?" he asked as he loosened his shoulders just as his draconic friend did the same when suddenly...

Ok, here we go, here we go..." muttered the rider from among the audience. Clearly he is yet to do this stunt too. His older self gave him a pat on the shoulder and a jerk of his head telling him to see it for himself.

The rider then closed his eyes and fell sideways and plummeted downwards headfirst, shouting in elation as he fell. The dragon dived alongside him as well.

The Vikings gasped at the sheer nerve and daring. A few of the women fainted, half in nerves and half on swooning.

What are you doing?! Are you crazy?!" shrieked Astrid. (Yes, shrieked, she is still a woman and according to research and husbands, it is an inevitable fate to befall any man, no matter how prefect or ladylike the said female is.)

"He wasn't already?" fAstrid can only respond dryly on her past self's exclamation.

"That boy is giving me so many grey hairs, I'll look like Golthi by the time he becomes Chief" muttered Stoick, who was trying to recover from the near stroke he had at his son's daring.

The music is likened to the racing heartbeats that is likely shared by any who are looking.

They are all watching with batted breath, no one dared to make a sound and all you hear is the music that seemed to coincide with the pounding of their hearts as they watch the rider fall and seeming without a care about it.

"My son..." whispered the masked vigilante to herself, not for the first time wondering what would have been should she stayed, if she faced the village, if she stayed strong for her boy, then maybe she would have been part of this, she would have been able to see her boy become the strapping young man whose grace in the air is unparalleled, as if he was born to be the master of the skies... indeed, maybe he is.

As he was dropping in great speed, the rider angled his body in such a way that he was twirling as he went down whilst exclaiming with excitement. He looked toward his reptilian friend as he whooped. "Yeah!"

With it, the kids also cheered, getting infected with his joy and excitement.

"Is that awesome or is that just totally wicked?" Finn couldn't help but shout in despite himself.

"Both!" the Haddock twins shouted in unison.

The dragon looked toward his human and flashed a gummy grin whilst letting his tongue flail in the wind in a hilarious fashion.

Everyone laughed at the silly expression that the offspring of lightning and death itself was showing. The two elder Night Furies shamelessly sported their gummy grins and a choking noise that is unmistakably their version of laughter, while the youngest buried his head in shame and from within his dark scales, one may see some redness if one observed closely, not that anyone can.

"How did that happen?" pFishlegs asked aloud, "I swear he had teeth just now."

"Actually night Furies have retractable teeth that allows them to safely fire their plasma fire, since it is which is quite destructive and prevent them from suffering internal injuries and allow them to still eat without hindrance." His adult counterpart answered without a beat and a mad scribbling ensued from the younger version to jolt down the information as soon as he can.

They were starting to see the sea (LOL pun) between the clouds; the rider suddenly pushed his arms through some leather hoops on his legs and suddenly pulled...

"What the-?"

"What in the nine Realms is that?"

"By Odin's remaining eye!"

"Loki's tricky twisted staff!"

Revealing a set of leather wings...

A sudden punch was from a certain valkyrie, followed closely by the sudden capture of lips from the small opening of the faceplate.

At the same time, the dragon opened his own wings and they both glided in the wind. The rider's flight seemed to waver a bit but a quick activation of a button, sprung a mechanical fin on his back, and with it his flight stabilized.

Looking back to his friend, the rider saw that the dragon was watching him with interest and wonder. Now looking forward to pay attention to his flight path, the drake launched some plasma bolts, and using the updraft, they were increasing their altitude and maintaining their gliding. The rider gave another whoop of pure happiness that seemed to echo to the soul.

"This is amazing!" the rider crowed as to continue to fly side-by-side toward the clouds.

That was awesome!"

My dad is the absolute best!"

"Our dad. You mean."

"Yes, yes, yes, he is your father too, but can we just concentrate on how unbelievably great he is?"

"That's the understatement of the century..."

Wait! That was your father?!" pStoick asked with no small incredulity.

"A younger version of him, yes." The little blonde girl answered, pointing at both versions of her father still wearing their helmets with the visors down.

"So who is this 'Rider'?" pAstrid asks, as she must know, he must be someone great, to not only marry her, but have her completely all over him like that, and that to her is quite an achievement. She honestly doesn't think he would be from Berk. For one, he doesn't fight dragons, he rides them; and on a friggin' Night Fury for all the name of the heroes of Valhalla. Just who is this man? When will she meet him? How did she become the women that is in front of her? Will she have her own dragon –wait! Where did that come from? She simply huffed at the idea, that will definitely not happen to her, dragons took her Uncle Finn, destroyed the Village more often than most Vikings bathe, granted that does not often either, and she will earn her place in the village and the only way is to kill as many dragons as she can; they will get no mercy from her. But still... who is this rider that the whole thing seems to revolve around? And what is Hiccup's role in it? That other mystery man said Hiccup will be important, and now that she thought about it, she doesn't see another Hiccup except the one from her time.

Could it be?

No, it's impossible...

The thought made her stomach twist...

Hiccup will die... most likely sacrificing himself. Though she doesn't show it, she knows of his looks. She knows he's noble and hardworking, albeit everything backfires in his face and ... wait... how did she get her thoughts to this point? Right, no Hiccup in the future... the thought saddened her, of all the boys, the was the cutest, although she will vehemently deny that statement as long as she lives, and probably be the one she won't mind marrying, if anything she won't have much trouble with him at home.

For now, all she can do is look at the rider at the magical wall... Who is he and why does he seem so close to both Astrids in the future, closer than most couples in Berk, closer even, judging by the kids surrounding them.

But this Rider, again, is an enigma. A puzzle that she is right now, dying to find out just what makes him, himself. She figured that she'll find out soon enough. If anything, the stranger did say that all will be revealed. She'll just have to wait and see for herself...

The screen then showed a red colored number: "2"


"This is a series actually, I will be showing you four movies of the future and this is from the fourth with the title "How to Train your Dragon 2" you will understand soon enough." The Stranger simply said before disappearing and reappearing on the platform in front of the magical wall. The guy does have a thing for dramatic flairs.

"Vikings and Valkyries! I will mow reveal the identity of the Rider! What will be shown is the absolute truth, as will the Riders with us will show as well... So I must ask everyone to keep calm"

However this was for naught, as the Berkians from the past are getting noisy and restless, a reveal meant it will be someone they know... but who?

The rider then suddenly took off his helm, revealing longer hair with some braids in it and a more mature face but undoubtedly the same forest green eyes and that patented crooked smile of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.

Jaws dropped.

More than half of the women fainted, even those from the future; both of them, but not before feeling some increase in temperature in their faces... and somewhere else. (y'all gutter minded men and women all know where I mean and I'll leave it at that this is rated T after all...)

Meanwhile, the older Astrids gave a look at each other before both nodding and then proceeded to ripping their husband/boyfriend's helmets off respectively and attacked them with such ferocity, no one would mistake their respective claim and they knew it. fAstrid was more... fierce then her younger counterpart, who still was attempting to suck the poor boy's soul out of his mouth and she looks to be succeeding. The future children slowly stepped away from the couple, even though some of them haven't had The Talk yet, it became a well known thing in the island: "When the chief and his wife start kissing, never interrupt and start running."

As this display of technical man-rape is going on (yes, I know rape is a too heavy word for this, but I can't find something else to fit it, sorry to those who are... appalled by the term used) in an attempt to avert their eyes, especially those from pBerk who the word shock was a bit of an understatement to say the least; fell upon their version of the currently making out couple.

pAstrid was as red as a flaming Nightmare along with pHiccup who is watching the make-out session with wide eyes and brain furiously working to burn into his memory for later... study, so to say, watching himself kissing and being kissed back by the girl of his dreams and daydreams is quite... intriguing (Wriggling eyebrows and winking) to say the least.

"By the name of all the gods of Asgard!"

"Freya's ever bouncing bosom!"

"Loki's polished horny helm!"

"Madre Maria pro Dios los Santos! I expected this sometime a bit later rather than sooner, guess I spoke too soon... and them kids weren't kidding of them being... affectionate and expressive." The Stranger's face was flushed at being witness to the... display. And as much as he wanted to witness some lemonade goodness from the couples, this is rated T, and this is titled The Kids are Watching, so I must assume there are kids reading as well so... I'll cut this borderline lime short. Problem? Bitin? Let me know what you think in the reviews and I might give a one-shot or a series of M ones-shots, by request of course. And yes, you just walked into a shameless plugging.

Bite me.


And the screen goes black once more showing the numbers "2014"

This last part was ignored by everyone, so no explanation was given, they are way too focused on the fact that hiccup is the incredible Night fury rider that they saw, as well as the nosebleed inducing make-out session with THE Astrid of all people and that is not counting the fact that they have 6 children and they don't seem to have plans to stop anytime soon...

"Hiccup?! You are the Rider?! And not only are you are married to Astrid, but also siring 6 children with her?!" pStoick was the first to ask with no small amount of wonder for confirmation of something no one on Berk would imagine in their wildest thoughts that would even dare possible. Many know Astrid bows to no man and they'd be extremely lucky to get to even touch her once... his son however, had that same Astrid be the one touching him if that passionate display is to go by anything. It is unreal, it will take a miracle to do, but apparently, miracles and such happen to Hiccup if the magic screen is anything to go by.

The future chief only rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. He didn't expect praise from his dad, especially at this point in time, he would be hating dragons, and him... "Ah, well... yeah... but the six was totally unexpected but welcome to the family..."

"Actually, make that seven chief..." Astrid cut in suddenly, "... maybe even more, depending on how many babies your son put in me this time..." she finished with a coy smirk, her sudden announcement then led to a rare event.

fHiccup was speechless.

When he snapped out of it... which took a while, he could barely get words out of his mouth.

S-s-sseven?! Wha- how- whe- y-yyy- you mean?"

"Yes," Astrid gave a rare soothing smile as she lovingly touched her soon full belly, "I checked with Golthi a week ago, remember what happened before you went to the Thing babe?"

At this point, the chief is now reduced to a blabbing mess, unable to make coherent thoughts, let alone words.

Moreover, this carried over to the other Hiccups, apparently some things never change indeed.

And so another unprecedented event occurred: The Triple Daddy Fainting Act.

"You'd think after hearing it thrice, he'd get better, no?" fAstrid asked her younger counterpart, to which just shrugged and answered "Nah, I love my Hiccup just the way he is, and I still want to get to keep all of this to myself."

"You just gestured to all of him." The older teased her

She simply smiled softly and looked at her love; indeed she wouldn't trade him for the world... none of them would.

pAstrid looked on to the utter bedlam madness that is unfolding before her eyes. An hour or two ago, she was getting excited to be joining dragon training; to finally prove herself to the whole village that the Hofferson name is not shamed and become the best Viking in the whole archipelago. But now, not only will she be married to Hiccup, HICCUP of all people and not only is she popping children like her worst fear of becoming and Hiccup himself riding a Night Fury of all things, no, the most unbelievable of it all was that she was happy with all of it...

...Really truly happy...

She could barely remember a time after her uncle Finn died that she smiled like that... that got her thinking... as she spied the prone form of her future husband who is sporting a ridiculous grin, husband Hiccup... that's gonna take a while to get used to but then again maybe, just maybe, this future wouldn't be so bad.


The three Hiccups were brought back to consciousness as the stranger was on the platform once again, catching the attention of the masses.

"Wow! That went even better than expected, what you people and dragons saw is what we would call a teaser, just a glimpse of the main show, and if you like that, then you are gonna absolutely love this..."

Now Vikings and Valkyries of all ages! Now is the time for the main shows, now witness everything unfold. I present to you "How To Train Your Dragon", and this, this is where everything changes."

And with a Cheshire grin, he disappeared in a flash of bright lights and sparks as he went back to his place in the middle row, all ready to watch the show.

Once again, the room darkened, and the gigantic wall lighted up once more...