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While I originally planned a few bonus chapters for AD, I'm not exactly the best at filler and minor plans I had like Inazuma's first sortie I felt was kind of pointless and would just have been there to be dark. However, with the new Abyssals released since AD, I felt a little inspired to do something with them. Introducing Abyssal Diaries: Infiltration, a sequel to AD.

AD:I follows after the events of AD, under the same setting. It is recommended to read through at least the "Research Notes" section at the bottom of Chapter 1 of AD to know the general world setting. However, the main characters are all different. Namely, instead of a whole crew of OCs, it's just one.

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I don't think I should be writing this; in fact this might even get me tortured or killed, or BOTH, but this is the best way I know to calm myself with and I'm afraid I'll have a panic attack otherwise, so here goes. Pray that I checked correctly and there really aren't pinhole cams in my quarters.

So, I'm in. I'm actually in, the infiltration is a success. I, Cassandra Wilhelm, am now an Admiral of the Abyssal forces. Looks like they upped the security since the Iron Bottom Sound incident, I don't even know WHERE this is geographically, only somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe I can figure it out eventually, they HAVE to give me maps so I can coordinate patrol routes, right?

The journey here was upsetting enough. The specified pick-up point was back at Biscayne Bay, right at the ruins of the old Guardian Office. It has since been rebuilt as a base of operations for the Abyssals, and despite renovations it was still recognizable. Going through that place brought back so many memories, both good and otherwise, but it's only steeled my resolve further. I showed the Abyssals there the ID they sent me, boarded the sub and after who knows how many hours here I am, dropped off right in the base.

Now I'm stuck at the bottom of the ocean, and despite the base itself being plenty spacey, I've never felt so claustrophobic in my LIFE! It doesn't help that there aren't any windows neither, though I'm not sure looking out into the dark abyss of the ocean floor is going to make me feel any better. If only we had come up with this before the battle of IBS, at least I'd get a mansion on land to relieve some stress at! I mean, those bastards got a MANSION to live in while helping plot the fall of humanity, and what do we get back in the military? I'm an Admiral, and my parents' old suburban house had a classier bedroom! Lord knows the barracks all the other non-Fleet Girl staff have to live in are even worse, I've been there for a long time before I got this position.

Hell, maybe the battle would have gone more in our favor too, and ended right then and there instead of…THIS. If only I had been there disrupting them then, maybe the IBS Princess wouldn't have happened at least. Maybe I could even have appealed to Anton's better nature and got him on our side again, if I pulled the right strings he might've ended up as Bismarck's Admiral, anything would've been better than what happened. Instead, all I did was sit in my office twiddling my thumbs and acting drama all the way to the counter-raid, then let her convince me to flee like a coward while they do the real work, and now look where we are, mankind's on its last legs, I'm all alone deep in enemy territory, all the surviving Fleet Girls are imprisoned, and she's DEAD! She died for me because I ran! I should have stayed and fought! I should have done SOMETHING! I should have…

Get a hold of yourself, Cass. No point blaming yourself again, you did plenty of that already. What could you even do, pick up your saber and start swinging? On sea? Hindsight's just being a bitch, and there's…no use crying over spilt milk, right? She's gone, you can't change that, but the others aren't, and neither are you. You're here now aren't you? If nothing else, you're going to save them, before the Abyssals can turn them into bloodthirsty monsters like what they did to all those other poor girls. That's right, that's what I'm going to do, whatever the cost.

Back on track then. Since the IBS incident, the Abyss' command structure seems to have changed. Instead of all the human turncoats staying in the same base, at the very least us Admirals have been split off to different locations while the supposed R&D guys still stay together for maximum efficiency. I for one seem to be alone at this remote office, with a fleet of maybe 3 dozen strong, and some reinforcements coming in a week or so. My mission as stated by the one who contacted me from the Abyss is really simple actually, just to coordinate patrols around the ocean and send support to whoever requests it while the other commanders, human or otherwise, focus on the land assaults around the world. Maybe they don't trust me enough to let me command an army like the shameless turncoats, but this suits my true purposes just fine. Now all I have to do is earn their trust and gain access to the locations of imprisoned Fleet Girls, then find a way to free them and coordinate a simultaneous break-out around the world! The fate of all these Fleet Girls and the entire world likely depends on me! No pressure!

Onto more recent and trivial affairs, I must admit, the base looks far less…"evil" than what I had in mind. While the Wo-Class took me on a brief tour, it almost felt like I was back at Biscayne Bay, with a bit of sci-fi mixed in and dangerous Abyssals walking around looking at me apprehensively instead of my cute, doting Fleet Girls…I wonder how the Abyss see their Admirals. Certainly compared to the bright smiles and salutations I was welcomed with when I was first assigned to Biscayne, the tension here is really unnerving. Casual chatter would die down while they stare at me until I've passed, not out of respect or anything just...I dunno, the way they look at me it's almost as if I'M the monster here.

As for my living quarters, it's about the same as the one in Biscayne, minus the internet and all our photos and trinkets. All things considered it's better furnished, not a difficult task to accomplish, but it actually manages to feel even LESS like home. I also don't have a secretary ship yet, the memo on my desk said she'll be arriving with the reinforcements. Honestly speaking, I'm not even sure I WANT an Abyssal secretary after trying to interact with a few of them. I'm not sure WHY I thought making unnecessary chit-chat with them was a good idea, it's not like I'm here to make friends with hostile aliens that I'm going to betray eventually, I just sort of…did, and the experience was certainly… interesting. The more inhuman of the Abyss seem incapable of speech, as expected, while the Wo and Ri-Classes are eerily emotionless. I can't tell if they can't express emotions, or literally can't feel anything, probably a combination of both. The Ta and Ru-Classes are more diverse and actually feel pretty human, but none of them seem very friendly at all, at least to me, not to mention they're just damn intimidating. It might just be me, but I don't feel comfortable having something that can kill me with a finger stick around near me all day. The Chi and Re-Classes are much more endearing and familiar to chat with, being generally destroyer age, but the Chis' masks are kind of creepy, not to mention they're not the brightest bulb in the Abyss, and the Res…well the whole kill me with a finger thing again, with extra enthusiasm. It feels so unreal that, minus their tails, something so cute and cheerful could go on killing sprees with the same happy-go-lucky grin on their faces…

And then there are the Chimeras. None here right now, they might come with the reinforcements but I don't know, it's the Res all over again but worse if that's even possible. Mutated with animal-like parts, weird powers and a distinct lack of a conscience like all the other Abyssals, they're like some kind of sick parody of their former selves, especially since they often look a LOT like their Fleet Girl selves compared to the others. Some might argue turning humans into Fleet Girls in the first place is kind of the same deal, and sure the construction process isn't the most flawless thing, possibly even INTENTIONALLY kept that way, I know the brass are dickish enough to do it, but at LEAST it's just their memories, right? They don't end up with claws or fins or tentacles or hoof-things for feet or jaw tails or whatever the hell else body horror. Wings WOULD be kind of cool though, if it was voluntary, I guess. I mean, I kind of want wings too so I can fly around in the open sky, should be fun, and a convenient mode of transportation too. Screw traffic, I'll just fly over it!

Ugh, speaking of the Chimeras reminds me of old Okada. Poor guy, having to see what became of half his destroyer division. It was a miracle Inazuma managed to keep her memories and help us take out IBS, though I wonder how sane she really was after being corrupted. Just because she remembered who she was doesn't mean her thoughts and personality hadn't been altered. Tenryuu said she got a lot more violent and angry, which seemed to be a sign, but then I remembered Inazuma's nickname and how she got it. Still, it could be possible all that sympathy in her message towards the Abyssals might just have been through rose-colored glasses. Maybe, maybe not, I didn't read it myself, Okada just summarized it for me. Now that I'm here amongst the enemy I guess I'll have plenty of chances to see for myself how "human" they are.

Still, even with Inazuma, I'm genuinely surprised and impressed old Okada could hold it together after that. He loved them like his own daughters, lord knows how much it'd hurt to know your daughters were killed, turned into monsters and tried to kill your other daughters, and everyone else's daughters. It's like those scenes in zombie flicks where a family member gets bit and the protagonist has to execute them, except in this case the family members already turned, and are super boss zombies that kick the protagonist's ass so there's nothing he/she can do but watch them rip the other survivors a new one. God, if that happened to my girls instead, I'm not even sure what I'd do…Well, it's kind of happened now, at a smaller scale thank god. I wonder where she is right now, my own little flagship. For her sake I hope her body was too destroyed to turn, and even if it wasn't, I pray they didn't find her body and desecrate it into god-knows-what. I'd rather she be a simple Chi or emotionless Ri than a Re gleefully murdering others while singing a happy tune.

I also pray she's the only unfortunate one as confirmed. Please let everyone else be alive and well, please let Inazuma be telling the truth. I swear I'll save all of you. I must. It's the least I can do to honor her.


Today's been my first full day at this place, after having arrived late afternoon yesterday with only enough time for the tour and a small dinner. The day started like all days should start. With breakfast in bed. To my pleasant surprise they have pancakes down here, not very good ones but, PANCAKES. I was expecting some kind of weird deep sea fish or kelp and stuff, but no, thank god, and I got a nice mug of hot chocolate too. All that's missing are some hashbrowns and I've got myself a McBreakfast. It's no mansion food but I will gladly take what I can get right now.

After that the morning was pretty lame for better or worse. The Abyssals honestly have their own business all sorted out, going out and coming back from patrols and expeditions on their own following an existing schedule. There isn't much for them to look out for neither, considering all the oceans and coastal regions are already conquered and even Witches can't get far past coast without getting attacked, their patrols are probably more like short jogs for exercise and fresh air. I'm starting to feel like they stuffed me here just as some sort of middleman, dealing with communications and menial paperwork, keep an eye on the Abyssal girls and organize operations in the off chance of emergency, like some kind of high level lackey. I mean, this does benefit me, the less I have to do the less suspicion I might end up drawing, but come on, I'm still an Admiral…

After a few hours of checking expedition reports it was lunch time already. The Wo-Class from day one brought a fish filet burger and some coffee straight to my office. Feeling particularly bored and lonely, I asked her to stay and keep me company before I could stop myself, and felt too awkward to actually say I changed my mind, even if it's just an emotionless Abyssal. We didn't really talk for awhile, she just…sat there kind of staring at me while I tried to eat, unable to taste anything but unadulterated awkwardness. Surprisingly it was her who broke the ice first.

"May I ask you a personal question, Admiral?"

"H-Huh? Sure, what do you want to know?"

Okay admittedly I probably sounded more like "Hurr? Shure, rhar do yrou wran cho knor?" with all the burger in my mouth, but she understood anyway.

"Why did you decide to become an Admiral for our side?"

I swallowed and pretended to think for a bit, before answering with the story we agreed on.

"I decided my fellow humans had become too inhumane. Strapping bombs to the new Witches and Tank Maidens just to avoid their capture and conversion like they're just tools to dispose of when they stop being useful, the general corruption, cowardice and selfishness of my colleagues and higher-ups, their shady recruitment methods, I could go on. You'd think the others would learn after what happened with Bismarck and Anton, they know what they did to cause his betrayal, but NO, they're getting even WORSE now to get more recruits for construction. The amount of blackmailing, bribing, even forcefully drafting inmates. I've tried my best to convince them otherwise, but they couldn't give less of a crap and ultimately discharged me when they got sick of my complaints. About a week later someone on your side contacted me, and now here I am. Figured the rest of humanity would be better off under the aliens than those trash."

That was what I came up with when the plan was first made, and I've been acting it out since IBS. I made sure to make myself as verbose as possible about my apparent disagreement with central's methods, even arranging meetings with my superiors just to argue and protest, some of them weren't even in on the act, reactions ranging from confusion to outrage, and ultimately leading to my planned dismissal. It was necessary, we knew there were spies amongst us, all we had to do was fool and use them to our own advantage. I guess Drama Club worked out for me, because sure enough, they were convinced and I was scouted.

To be honest, it wasn't all made up. Every good lie needs a grain of truth. Or a whole pile for that matter. Perhaps blowing the poor girls up in an emergency is better than letting the Abyss get their hands on them, perhaps blackmailing innocents into enlisting as new Fleet Girls and their variants is the only way to get enough manpower, but that doesn't make it any less…WRONG. Just necessary to save the rest of humanity. One might even argue if we started doing all this earlier we wouldn't be in this state, and I can't argue for sure they're wrong, but what's the point of saving humanity if we have to give up our human decency to win?

The Wo-Class didn't say anything else after that, and soon departed with the leftover trash after I was done with my meal. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, and after some spicy tacos for dinner, alone this time, some early rest. Theoretically things will get a little more hectic once the reinforcements come, these first few days are just for me to get used to the place, so I may as well get as much rest as I can while I can.

Compared to my first day at the Guardian Office this has been a breeze, with all the daily basics already sorted and all the troops already trained before I even got here. In a way I even admire their autonomous discipline, it took so much nagging to motivate the destroyers to train or go on expeditions at first…I was probably just too soft, but the last thing I wanted was to go all drill sergeant on them, I had enough of THAT myself. However, working stress aside, the emotional stress here is far worse. It's not like the Abyssals have been bothering me, but that just adds to the coldness in a way. When they'd come keep me company in my office, do exercises together, or watch the sunset with me; actually bonding with the girls was the only highlight of the job for me afterall. Hmm, maybe I'll try being more proactive with socializing tomorrow. My encounter with Wo wasn't that bad.

Wow, it's latter than I remembered, I should probably get some shuteye. "Good morning, commander, it's the start of a new day! Let's work hard together today as well, yes!" I wish I could wake up to that just one last time.


Before I knew it, the first week had already ended. I'm no closer to finding the locations of their Fleet Girl prisons, though at least I know precisely where the base is now, and the reinforcements will be arriving any second, including my new secretary. As if that didn't make me nervous enough, the memo even said she'll be a "surprise" for me. Surprise? What the hell does that mean?! Some new super deadly prototype Chimera just for me or something? Whoopee, it must be my birthday…

Alright, let's keep my mind off that for now. That's why I'm here writing, right? The past week has been surprisingly pleasant all things considered! I've been keeping my nerves under control and starting small talk with the Abyssals, and the few times the other was willing to maintain conversation it was actually kind of fun, and a bit of an eye opener.

I've made friends with that Wo-Class in particular, if you can call us "friends", and we've been having meals together whenever she's not out on a patrol or expedition. It was a mild surprise to learn she actually had a name, Woverly, which is like Waverly but punnier. Really it's to be expected, their class names are just things we made up to identify different Abyssal species with, they couldn't possibly refer to each other like that. Hell, I'm grateful I don't have to refer to them by numbers like Wo #3, Ri #5 or something. I was more surprised the names were so human for alien cyborg zombies. Heheh, that IS kind of what they are, alien cyborg zombies, sounds like something out of a cheesy B film, right next to the Manclams and Giant Space Lobsters, though after the IBS Princess the later isn't so unbelievable anymore. Come to think of it, the Nu-Classes DO kind of look like Manclams, with their heads and all…Anyway, I'd have thought their mysterious alien superiors would've named them something like Xa'Ulrimm or Ezri Dax or something, but according to Woverly the Abyssals usually name themselves or each other, not their commanders, and since they used to be human, their vocabulary's primarily human as well. Quite a few of them make names based off the class names our military assigned them, as a sort of parody I guess.

It also turns out while Abyssals do eat metals and drink petroleum, they prefer preparing them into food shapes first instead of just biting down on crude chunks unless it's an emergency. According to Woverly they taste better that way. Maybe it's some subconscious effect from past human habits? Either way, watching the Chis and Res walk around holding metal sandwiches and fuel oil in soda cups is pretty amusing, and adorable. Also, back in high school, we used to insult the cafeteria noodles by calling them wires for being so hard and tasteless. Down here, that applies to a much more literal sense, no comment on actual taste and texture. Huh, now I feel like eating some noodles myself…homemade Mapo noodles…dammit I'm getting sentimental again. Speaking of food, apparently they've been importing stuff from captured cities for me and the other humans who work for the Abyss, including fast food. I have literally been eating McBreakfasts. So where the hell are my hashbrowns? Woverly says they just go missing from the kitchen fridge, someone's probably stealing them. Apparently despite significantly lower nutrition values compared to metals, Abyssals CAN eat human food. It's hard to imagine some Abyssal raiding the fridge for human junk food, but there you go. Ah well, considering they've been preserved for days already, they can't be that delicious anyway…I will be the bigger woman and look the other way. Aren't I mature?

Oh boy, Woverly just knocked on my door, the reinforcements have arrived. Welp, time for greetings. I sure hope they're something simple, but as the memo said, I'm likely getting a surprise whether I like it or not. Alright, here goes nothing, wish me luck, me!

The tall brunette quickly hid her diary in a secret compartment she carved in the drawers, adjusted her glasses and exited her quarters. The port, the port…that was to the left, right? No wait that's the docks, right is right. She hasn't left her office much beyond the day one tour and occasional trips to the mess hall for socializing attempts, so the base structure was still a bit confusing.

She heard the excited chatter before she even entered, and she could see from the second she opened the door that things were definitely going to get MUCH more nerve-wracking from here on. 3 Demons could be clearly seen across the port, one resembling a giant teethed clam, the other two more ship-like, with multiple drone flight decks. No doubt the ones surrounded by ecstatic Abyssals were their respective Princesses. Like groupies surrounding rockstars, Cassandra thought. She remembered when her destroyer division would do that to her after returning from a mission, trying to get her to praise them or just give them some attention…what, was she feeling jealous or something? Get a hold of yourself, she muttered before going closer. A few Chimeras, including Phoenixes for air support. There was a Ne-Class too, their existence revealed during the counter-offensive after IBS. She's pretty, Cass had to admit, but those twin tail things coming out of her stomach were HORRIFYING, like alien parasites, even worse than the Res' jaw tails! Then there was the little girl riding on top of one of the Princesses' shoulders. She's…she's so damn YOUNG! Even the youngest destroyers at least looked like they belonged in junior high, this cute little kid looks like she should be in primary school! How is this even possible? Did the military really turn a girl THAT young into a Fleet Girl then got her sunk?

While the Admiral was still deep in thought about the existence of limits for the military's dickishness, the little Abyssal had spotted her first and waved hello with her fluffy mittens, causing the rest of the crew to turn towards her as well.

"Ah, is our new Admiral…here." The Princess with the side ponytail looked the brunette over, disappointment written all over her face. "I must say, I had fairly high expectations of you,, whatever."

"Oh geez, you could've at least TRIED to be subtle. Do excuse Yorky, Miss Admiral, that simpleton's just been hoping for some hunky beefcake for a commander instead of a woman, shameless perv isn't she~" The one with the sweater and big armored boots shrugged nonchalantly.

"Shut your whore mouth, and for the last time, stop using that name, insect. It sounds like a dog."

"But isn't that how you act in front of any handsome enough men, YORKY?"

"Buzz off before I squish you like the bug you are!"

"Oooh, still think you're so much tougher just because you're a little older? Wanna try your luck right now, YORKY~? I'll make sure not to embarrass you too much in front of the Admiral!"

"Yorktown, Hornet, enough." Just as the two Princesses raised their fists (in Hornet's case, her knee) for a brawl right then and there, the last Princess, wearing a majestic white dress, raised her own and swiftly sucker-punched both in the face, knocking them to the ground in a single blow. The little girl riding on her shoulders cheered while the last Princess standing calmly turned towards the jaw-dropped Admiral, who was just standing there trying to process the spectacle. "Please accept my sincere apologies for their disrespectful dispositions. Allow me to introduce ourselves, but first, please take this."

It took a few seconds for Cassandra to recover from the bizarre encounter and hesitantly accept the electronic tablet. "Oh…uhh…sure, go ahead."

"My name is Middia, though I am referred to as Midway Princess by your former colleagues. These two young ladies are Yorktown and Hornet, known to your kind as the Aircraft Carrier Princess and Aircraft Carrier Water Princess respectively. As for this little one here, her name is Hoppou, known as the Northern Princess."

PRINCESS?! "Is something wrong, Lady Admiral?" "N-n-no, of course not! Please continue." Cass tried to keep her calm, but nothing could hide her cold sweat, and she wasn't even paying attention while Middia introduced the other Abyssals. That kid was a PRINCESS CLASS?! How is that even possible? Now that she's heard their assigned codenames she also remembered them now, all of them powerful new units encountered during the Abyssal counter-attack, all at least on par with the infamous Battleship Princess, and the one known as Northern Princess had even sunk one of the Big 7 all on her own! This small child sunk a Big 7?! And she's here in this base now?! It took a moment for her to remember she was technically the commander of these fearsome monsters right now, but if ever her ruse was found out…

"…and this Ne-Class' name is Neko. You can find any additional information you require within the data tablet, and if not, you are most welcome to ask us."

That finally snapped the Admiral out of her thoughts. "A-ah, understood, thank you Midway-ah, Middia. You may all head to the barracks and unpack your belongings at your leisure."

"Hey, Middi, aren't you forgetting someone?" Hornet asked, dusting off her sweater. "I thought you were just saving her for last but…"

"Ah, yes, the new arrival. She is the least experienced amongst us, and has unfortunately suffered from physical disabilities that baffled even our research department, but headquarters was quite firm on that she take up the role of your secretary. Her name is Luna, and I am uncertain of her designation by the humans, likely having none as she has never been on the field before. Don't be shy now, come out and introduce yourself properly."

It was only then that Cassandra noticed one last Abyssal, who had been hiding behind Middia the entire time. With a moment's hesitation, the last Abyssal rolled out from behind the Midway Princess, Middia's massive frilly dress enough to have hidden the wheelchair-ridden girl.

"H-Hi…I'm Luna, yes…I-I'll be in your care from now on, co…commander is something wrong?!"

The admiral in question had fallen to her knees, tears rolling down her face, a conflicting expression of joy and surprise at seeing an old friend thought lost, but also horror and regret at seeing her in this state.


"Commander? COMMANDER!" They all rushed to her side, but she had already passed out.

Data File Excerpts

Name: Yorktown

Designation: Aircraft Carrier Princess

Found wandering the area near the Iron Bottom Sound wreckage along with Middia, the Midway Princess. Analysis suggest she is the Abyssimilated Kaga of the Japanese 1st Carrier Division, after being sunk during the Battle of IBS. Named based on the shape of her demon resembling an actual warship.

While she can activate her aura like other Princesses, she also enters a "berserk" state when she does so, with significantly heightened aggression and mental instability along with power. She has been known to detach her Demon's two flight decks and use them as swords in this state.

Notes: Emotionally attached to Middia, though the feelings don't seem returned. Carried over from their lives as Fleet Girls perhaps? Also, advise sending her to female superior so she can focus on her duties instead of flirting.

Name: Middia

Designation: Midway Princess

Found wandering the area near the Iron Bottom Sound wreckage along with Yorktown, the Aircraft Carrier Princess. Analysis suggest she is the Abyssimilated Akagi of the Japanese 1st Carrier Division. Originally named Pearl, based on her oyster-like Demon, but renamed herself after hearing her designated codename from the human military.

Her Demon's most unique feature is its incredibly resilient shell, making it a nigh impenetrable fortress for the Princess to hide in while unleashing swarms of drones and cannonfire. For some reason dislikes doing so however outside of emergencies.

Notes: Despite her lady-like demeanor, she has a HUGE appetite, and so does her Demon, especially after any serious activity. If you don't have a huge stockpile of resources to match, don't send her on non-emergency missions!

Name: Hornet

Designation: Aircraft Carrier Water Princess

Found during the early stages of the counter-offensive. Analysis suggest she is the Abyssimilated Shoukaku of the Japanese 5th Carrier Division. Named based on the shape of her demon resembling an actual warship.

Her Demon is similar to Yorktown in terms of appearance. However, it is more powerful than Yorktown's in almost every way, as is Hornet herself in contrast to Yorktown, despite being "younger". Also in contrast to Yorktown, who excels at upper body strength, Hornet excels at lower body strength, able to deliver devastating kicks.

Notes: She seems to have some kind of feud going on with Yorktown, after beating Yorktown in a practice match. Advised to keep the two together, hopefully they'll learn to get along…eventually.

Notes 2: While it's not actually confirmable, events during her first sortie imply that Hornet seems to have inherited the same "curse" from her Fleet Girl days. If a VIP needs to be escorted, send her, her new armor can take the punishment she attracts.

Notes 3: Aircraft Carrier Water Princess? Seriously? That's what they named her? That goes beyond uncreative.

Name: Hoppou

Designation: Northern Princess

Found near the Mediterranean Sea following the events of IBS. An unprecedented specimen, she appears to have been a regular human child who drowned when a plane crashed in the ocean for unknown reasons, near the site of an old battle which left dozens of Abyssal Destroyer and light cruiser wreckages on the ocean floor. It's currently unknown how it occurred, but the remaining nanites from the wreckages fused with her body, resurrecting her as a Princess.

Instances of normal humans becoming advanced Abyssals without first becoming a Fleet Girl is rare, much less a Princess class. This occurrence was likely due to her genetic code having an incredibly high compatibility with Abyss technology. If she had survived, grew up and become a Fleet Girl instead, it's likely her power would far surpass even the Big 7. As it stands, her maximum capabilities are currently just below Middia.

Like herself, her Demon is the smallest installation-type documented yet, and lacks any mobility functions, resembling living equipment more than an individual creature. While possessing two heads, both are connected and seem controlled by the same mind.

Notes: She's taken Middia as a motherly figure, so it's best to deploy them both to the same base. Rather fond of model planes, bribing her with one is an easy way to make her cooperate.

Name: Luna

Designation: None

Found near the shores of Biscayne Bay two weeks after conquering the area. Analysis suggest she is the Abyssimilated Harusame, flagship of the division originally stationed there. Named herself.

Another unique specimen. She is naturally missing everything below her thighs, and no amount of regular healing methods can restore them. She didn't suffer such a disability as a Fleet Girl or human, so currently the cause is unknown. The research and engineering departments have taken the chance to make modifications on her, and thrusters have been installed where her legs cut off, giving her limited flight capabilities. These thrusters are fueled directly by her Abyss Energy, and allow for hovering and low altitude flight. However, to avoid scorching the floors, she is to use a custom-made wheelchair while indoors. Prosthetic legs have been equipped for cosmetic purposes, but due to the thruster modifications already installed, the prosthetics are non-functional and merely decorative.

She is also the only one of her kind, a Princess with destroyer specifications. Not only that, she is the only Princess with two Demons, normally attached to her sides. Each is only capable of movement in water, similar to regular Abyssal Destroyers, and have been moving Luna for her prior to discovery and retrieval.