Hello Everyone! :-) I hope everyone's new year is going well so far.

I have just written a poem from Ferb's perspective. I don't really want to sit here and explain what it's about, so you guys will just have to read it.

I do not own Phineas and Ferb. If I did, the show would be going on to a season 5. XD

Nobody hears me,

When I am around.

I stand silent and unseen

Within a bustling crowd.

Even though I'm there,

They only see my brother.

They don't see the one who does,

They only see the other.

But that's the way it's meant to be.

They are only meant to see

The one who's plans and dreams arise,

'Cause I work where his shadow lies.

The crowd, they cheer,

When his imagination is exposed.

Not noticing the one who worked

To make his inventions known.

And when I see his shining eyes,

I know that it's all worth it.

It doesn't matter if I'm recognized

As long as he has noticed,

All the effort I have given,

To make his dreams come true.

It's an honer to be a part,

Of something he will do.

So now you know,that every time,

I must fade to make him shine.

I will choose to stand behind,

My brother, every time.

Thanks For reading! :-)